Thursday, February 19, 2009

Off and Away

Well, my Mom's service is on Saturday, so I'm headed out to Denver tonight on the red eye, and not the crip kind. I never like those long flights, and it was harder to gear up for this one because of what's waiting on the other end.

But it's one of those big life passages, and so I'm going. Five of my six siblings will be there, and as a dear friend said this morning: "It'll be good. It'll give your `ohana closure."

I hope so. Took Koko out on the trail to get a good Kauai fix before I went, and could actually see the water falling down Makaleha, with some of it blown by the wind. What a place. Needless to say, it fortified me.

Thanks for all the condolences and kind words and support.

Remember -- just let it all go. 99.9% of it is bullshit, anyway.


Anonymous said...

best wishes

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest Life Passages we go through. My heartfelt sympathy.

Anonymous said...

When my father passed and my brothers and I planned his service, I realized that it really is for the living that we have these rituals. It is a source of comfort and a time to reconnect w/ family and friends. It is a time to grieve as well as celebrate the life of someone so important to us. Safe trip and aloha nui to you and your family. Kaua'i will be here when you return...maika'i no Kaua'i, hemolele i ka malie. Fine indeed is Kauai, so perfect in the calm.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now, we are thinking about coming to Kauai to live and I happened upon your blog, Our family has been in Denver since Wed for my dear grandmothers funeral service her funeral was on the 20th.
Blessing to you and peace.