Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Musings: Following Up

I finally had an opportunity to talk with Kauai Police Chief Darryl Perry about a few things that have captured public attention lately, starting with the widely circulated email that convicted rapist Waldorf “Wally” Wilson was seen in Puhi.

The chief said police had received a report of a possible sighting of Wilson, but upon further investigation could not confirm it. “It was maybe someone who looked like him, creating this windstorm of concern among the community, which I understand,” the chief said.

Chief Perry said he then asked persons with the state Attorney General’s office, which is charged with sex registration enforcement, to visit Wilson’s employer to determine if he had been off island. The employer verified Wilson had been showing up regularly at work. The AG staff also went to Wilson’s home on Oahu, where they spoke with him and verified he is still living there.

“We have no information that would be contrary to the fact that he’s still on Oahu,” Perry said.

As an aside, Wilson has fully served his sentence and is not on parole or in any way barred from visiting Kauai, where he has family. Even though he is on the Sex Offender Registry, he does have the right to travel interisland.

I then asked Chief Perry about concerns that visitor Nola Rebecca “Becky” Thompson, whose body was found in a streambed behind Wailua Arboretum, had actually been murdered.

“I’m sure there was no foul play,” Perry said, noting that the autopsy report showed no blunt trauma and no sexual assault. “All evidence shows she was the only one out there." He gave me some other details about the suspected cause of death, but out of sensitivity to her family, asked that I not share them publicly.

We then moved on to the case of Amber Jackson, who was found murdered in Kealia in July. While the Chief declined to provide a lot of details since the investigation is still under way, he did say the police are clear on two things: “The murder of Amber Jackson is not linked to any serial killer. The deaths of Becky and Amber are not connected.”

Perry said he hoped the information would help quell rumors and ease public fears, even though he knows not everyone will believe it.

“You always get those guys who say, oh, they’re covering up, but nothing could be further than that from the truth.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joan for this really important story. It's unbelievable the garden island has not written a story like this, although I'm pretty sure that no one on that staff could actually write something that concise and sensible.

Anonymous said...

True dat.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable the garden island has not written a story like this

How did the Garden Island supposedly fail? By not passing along a rumor that proved to be false and then correcting themselves without ever admitting actually committing journalistic malpractice?

That the police said the autopsy of Becky Thompson revealed no foul play is nothing new. The Garden Island reported as much back on September 13.

Anonymous said...

When the Mayor's assistant starts the rumor and sends it from a county email, one cannot blame any press for biting.

Anonymous said...

"How did the Garden Island supposedly fail?"

The whole island was talking about it. They could have written a story dispelling rumors like they did about the kapaa murders but they left everyone hanging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your follow-up. Yes, it is sad that the Garden Island Newspaper doesn't do any investigative journalism!

Joan Conrow said...

Just to clarify Anon. 4:33, to my knowledge, the original report went out on a personal email account, not the county's email.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by his statements, keep on investigating the facts and don't take his word as a matter of fact. Boycott The Garden Island Newspaper!!! They didn't report the Meth addict shooting on the North Shore of Kauai and there is 100's of stories in which they won't touch because this newspaper serves Kauai's Cabal and the great Tourism Industrial Complex.

Anonymous said...

KPD is doing everything humanly possible. TGI is reporting earnestly and ethically.

Speculation is natural particularly when community is worried about serious safety concerns of female members, and want to understand what might be required to keep safe.

This is the type of interview and public information that the Mayor should leave in the hands of the chief of police.

Clear and precise update from KPD Chief Perry. Thanks for alleviating some concerns.