Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lessons Not Learned

One has to wonder, what is the point of going through this long, drawn-out dog and pony show in the Maui court — the Kauai proceedings begin tomorrow — when the Legislature is already plotting ways to override any decision unfavorable to the Superferry?

Oahu lawmakers, who greatly outnumber representatives from the Neighbor Islands, apparently are ready to pass legislation to let the ferry run if the Maui court says it cannot until the Environmental Assessment is done. The only question, it seems, is whether their pre-emptive strike should occur before or after the Maui court rules.

It’s unfortunate that Gov. Lingle and so many of our lawmakers have failed to learn the core lesson of the Superferry debacle. And since they don’t seem to get it, I’ll spell it out: state officials must follow our environmental laws, not seek ways to circumvent them.

Meanwhile, despite attempts by Lingle and Oahu radio talk show hosts to vilify Kauai residents as rude, “un-Hawaii like” (whatever that is) surfer rebels and outlaws, folks over here aren’t buying it.

We know what we are, and we know what really happened at Nawiliwili Harbor and the Convention Hall.

I guarantee Lingle would get a much warmer reception if she came to our island as our governor, rather than the strident, scolding, inflammatory leader of some ridiculous “unified command.”