Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Musings: Divine Retribution

The sky was so spectacular this morning that it literally took my breath away when I went outside and looked up. The moon, rising later each evening, was still bright and high overhead, alongside Venus, and glowing stars were scattered across wispy fan-like clouds. On the eastern edge, there was a hint of apricot-pink.

Returning, I got my icing on the cake: mist rising from the pastures. To borrow the first line from an article I wrote for the current Spirit of Aloha magazine, I’ve got this thing about mist….

I never tire of walking the same route, because each day it’s so different, and on heavenly mornings like this, I feel immersed in a sort of prayer.

I’ve been wondering if the prayers prayed at last Friday’s candlelight vigil at Nawiliwili Harbor had any effect on the inability of the state DOT to get the barge at Kahului Harbor repaired in time for Hawaii Superferry to meet its Dec. 1 projected relaunch. It seems as good an explanation as any.

I find it so ironic that HSF, after claiming it couldn’t hold out much longer if others, like environmentalists, continued to cause it delays, is now having to wait another five days for its champion, the state DOT, to fix the storm-damaged barge used to load vehicles on and off the ferry.

The Advertiser article on the delay led with a pitying statement: “The Hawaii Superferry just can't seem to catch a break.” But somehow, I don’t think the latest setback is going to generate much sympathy among folks on Maui and Kauai.

There's kind of this sense that they have it coming, what with all their penchants for half-truths. The company's bogus “community outreach” efforts on Kauai are just the latest example. The Garden Island finally picked up on that story today, leading with this observation: “After publicly announcing efforts to ‘reach out’ to Kaua‘i, Hawaii Superferry officials have yet to point at specific plans, prompting concern among legislators who say they expect more than empty promises.”

It also contained this little nugget: “Lori Abe, Superferry spokeswoman, could not offer comment on the community outreach issue but did say via e-mail that [CEO John] Garibaldi was off island.”

That’s all rather interesting, seeing as how the Star-Bulletin ran a story on Nov. 24 that included this quote: ““The specific goals (of the community outreach program) is to put everyone in a better place,” Abe added. “I think it’s all been positive.”

Mmm hmmm. Yeah, right.

It’s stuff like this that prompted David Dinner, president of 1000 Friends of Kauai, to tell The Garden Island: “Everything they’ve said — the whale program, speed, use of fuel — they’ve never even said an accurate date they’re coming. They haven’t responded in an ethical way. So we have come to expect that. It’s too bad, too, because when I deal with others my expectation is they’re going to give us the best and an honest response.”

Funny, how Superferry gets sympathy from the media, but those who oppose the way it does business get snarky comments, like the cynical jab from the Star-Bulletin’s Mary Adamski, who wrote about the candlelight vigil: “Could there be plotting behind the praying?”

I don’t think there’s much hope of clearing up the many misconceptions that are held about those who have spoken up against Hawaii Superferry and the governor’s strong arm tactics to get it running.

But we can still pray for peace — and divine retribution.


Anonymous said...

Where do you live? I want to drive there when I get to ride the super ferry on its first trip.
k den, uncle buck

Anonymous said...

And, finally, the all-powerful cycle of life known as DABDA (denial, anger, bargening, depression, acceptance)has reached its preordained conclusion.

Acceptance of the reality of HSF is here. Some pray for the "hail mary" pass that could end it in it's infancy....bankruptcy or winter weather related inabilities to dock...but it's grabing at straws.

The military will keep HSF running. More and more people will like the ability to move freely across the entire state with their vehicles and mobile business and fun stuff.

Who knows??? Maybe mainland visitors will rent motorhomes and travel all the islands in a month's vacation. That sounds like fun! Maybe even a business I'd explore.

I'm just glad the "opposers" of today weren't around when air travel started. They's probably militate for continued canoe use.

At any rate, we're in a new reality now. "Highway" H4 now exists. Adapt to the new reality.

Anonymous said...

at least the anon hsf public relations people commenting above are getting paid.

Joan Conrow said...

Who said anything about acceptance? As we say here in the country, don't count yer chickens before they're hatched.

Anonymous said...

Yah, I heard about the chickens.

Have you heard about "the writing's on the wall"?

Time will tell, but my money is on the HSF for the long-term.

Care to wager?

Anonymous said...

The SF will NOT survive on just
passenger traffic. There's going to have to be a regular military component or a financial subsidy of some sort

Anonymous said...

As I listen to the great rolls of the Thunder Beings, I am reminded again of the Higher Law at work in all things. Thank goodness for those who hear Spirit and allow the Love to flow. Kaua'i rules.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming some military use, of course. More power to them!

And as to the "great rolls" etc etc (the grasping at straws hail mary pass thing)...let's now all join hands and sing Kumbyaa...that will kill HSF for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think the joke is on Gadfly and the rest who have so much hope for HSF. Like I said before, once people start puking from sea sickness and once HSF raises its rates SOON (it can't survive on peanuts, you know) we will see a lot of depreciated interest in such clumsy vehicle. But the best part is the one with the military. Not only will the military keep HSF running, but both will help put Hawaii on the map for target practice with North Korea and any other country who hates the US. Good fun, no? Singing Kumbaya won't help by then.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if the military DOES come in, then we'll get to argue about the adequacy of HSF's environmental disclosure under FEDERAL law.

Anonymous said...

I'll be moving to the island before New Year 2009 and many Kaua'ians might feel I shouldn't even *have* a comment about the SF, but knowing my life will be impacted as well has kept me following the story for the last year.

I believe the SF will succeed. I believe there will be PLENTY of folks who use it, even without the military coming near the thing. I believe people will pay, despite any future price hikes.

I am also dismayed by the SF's existence because it *is* going to bring people and activity Kaua'i would rather not have in its midst.

Here, in San Diego, it is common practice for the cops to send "undesirables" to neighboring towns via the Trolley. When I mentioned the SF to a group of cop friends, they laughed and said they would just toss the homeless person causing annoyance onto the ferry and ship them off to Kaua'i! Damn the cost. If someone who doesn't even have any contact with the homeless or law breakers in Hawai'i thinks how easy it would be to clean the streets of their beat by shipping them off onto the ferry, then how long do we think it will take the cops on each of the islands to do the same? Not long.

It seems arrogant of me to say, "I should be allowed to come, but keep them off," but that isn't what I am saying at all. I *am* saying that those that want to come to Kaua'i can come by plane or cruise ship and then spend money into the economy by renting cars, eating out, staying in hotels, etc. Letting people come in one day and out the same day (or the next) is going to bring a HUGE amount of traffic, noise, pollution, etc. all with relative little pay-off for those that came to Kaua'i to "get away from it all."

Just thought I'd poke my head in the discussion.

Anonymous said...

I remember after 9/11, Kona had a huge influx of paranoid transplants from the continent. Everyone was "jumping ship" to get to Hawaii where we are so full of "aloha". Then when the military came around for comments on the draft EIS on the strykers and Pohakuloa expansion, a whole bunch of these paranoid cowards showed up at the meeting to support the military. You should have heard the haole minister's prayer. All full of fear and paranoia. Sick. So now that the military is building up and putting Hawaii on the map for target practice, I like see what these cowards are gonna do now. They are so detached from their roots, they can't even see the larger picture ahead of them.