Thursday, February 14, 2008

Musings: Dark Ages

Green and gray were the dominant colors when Koko and I went walking this morning. Green, because that’s what the landscape always is where I live, and gray because the inland mountains were buttoned up tight in clouds that hung low and thick.

Ran into my neighbor Andy along the way, and we walked back together, talking politics. A couple of days ago we were debating whether to attend next Tuesday’s caucus. Neither of us has ever been, but my sister, who lives in Colorado, got involved there this year, and an Oahu source who called to chat last week said he was looking forward to the caucus there, even anticipating it as "fun."

Anyway, since Andy was drafted to help sign up people for next week’s Democratic caucus in Lihue, I might tag along and check it out. Apparently they’re expecting a big crowd.

It does seem the election is capturing people’s attention. A reader sent me an email saying, “You know, I think this is the most exciting election in my lifetime, and I'm 82!” And I was surprised to learn my Mom, who traditionally votes Republican, finds McCain too reactionary and is leaning toward Obama.

Since I don’t have a TV, I’ve missed all the stumping on the mainland, but a friend sent me a youtube link, with 462,129 views, of Obama in New Hampshire.

I was struck by the footage of people — so many of them young — lined up for blocks in the snow to vote, and also by his comment: “You can be the new political majority. You lead this nation out of a long political darkness.”

Yes, the Bush years do seem to have been a sort of Dark Ages, and I find it heartening that people still believe in the process, even though it was heavily tainted in the prior two presidential elections.

I haven’t heard too much about who is running for what locally, except that Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho is leaving the council to run for Prosecutor, so her seat will be up for grabs.

It’d be nice to see another five or six council members step down, but that ain’t gonna happen.

Who knows, maybe somebody really good will come out of the woodwork and not only run, but win. Somebody who is also preaching a message of change. Somebody who can help pull Kauai out of its own dark age.

Maybe. But after observing two decades of elections on Kauai, I’m not holding my breath.

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Anonymous said...

another election coming up is the BOD for KIUC. an exciting candidate to watch(and would make a strong council candidate as well) is ben sullivan. ben brings a new perspective of change for our utility coop to invest in the community input process as well as the notion of alternative energy schemes. ben's work as chair of apollo kauai is a testament to public education and outreach regarding developing efficiencies and alternatives for our energy needs