Wednesday, February 10, 2010

KKCR: Drug Law Reform

The topic of my radio program this week is drug law reform, with a special look at the bills now before the Hawaii State Legislature. It will air from 4-6 p.m. HST Thursday on KKCR (FM 90.9, 91.9, 92.7 or as live streaming audio.)

My guests will be James Anthony, an Oakland, Calif. Neighborhood Law Corps attorney; James Gierach, a former Cook County (Chicago) prosecutor — both members of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) — Maui Sen. J. Kalani English and Jeanne Ohta, executive director of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii. They'll be calling in at different times throughout the show, and we'll also be taking calls from listeners. (808-826-7771 or tollfree 866-275-1112.) So join us!


Anonymous said...

mahalo joan for your excellent contributions to our community radio. sounds like another top shelf program; looking forward to hearing the conversation.

can you link the bill numbers and testimony opportunity in a future post. mahalo nui,...........jt

Anonymous said...

"Doctor Says Medical Marijuana Laws Hurt Teens"

as the above is arguably against "the narrative" here, will it too be summarily deleted a-la fox news?


Anonymous said...

It may be drugs, but I just think it's refreshing to see Joan come out in support of something once.

Anonymous said...

Mahalo Joan for mentioning prescription drug usage problem as a potential "demovitator". These corporate drug pushers are free to operate freely using the mass media to "medicalize" everything from "restless leg", and "the blues" to "sleeplessness". Most of the contraindications are worse than the "dis-ease". Current drug laws are not the solution they are the problem. Most of the population walking around "with tombstones for eyes" are taking persecution drugs. Most of the people that are in jail or prison are minorities. Prison "industries" is the new slavery.

Infuriating Liberal said...

Joan is in favor of a lot of things. She is in favor of common sense, logic equity and fairness.

You go, girl!!

Anonymous said...

The pot smokers belittle the prescription drug users. The prescription drug crowd wants pot illegal. Cant we all just get along? What about those of us who need prescription drug AND pot? Lots of both.

Seriously, though this drug was is just retarded. Its the reason no one respects the cops anymore - with them having to enforce laws that a majority of people disagree with. I mean no one, (except for maybe a 20% holdout of old drug-warrior reefer madness types - and maybe some social misfit doctor in Boulder) really think pot should be illegal. I'd bet that every single prosecutor on Kauai has used it numerous times, but they can still somehow go to court and ask for jail for the grower/importer.