Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Musings: Freedom Fragments

It started with a black hole, chock full of impossibly brilliant stars, bored clean through a quilted thicket, and then hours passed before Koko and I went back out again, this time to grayness and cool gusty winds that sprinkled rain drops loose from the trees. As we walked, an orange disc appeared, murkily, on the northeastern horizon and then it blazed into gold and before long there was a sort of fire happening in that corner of the sky against a backdrop of soft lavender with pearly swirls.

And then it went white — all white, bled white, bleached white, sun sucked into dense clouds leaving only paleness, and a faint fragment of rainbow in the south.

We still have a few faint fragments of freedom remaining to us; heck, you can opt for a pat down rather than the radioactive full body scan now being inflicted on passengers at the Lihue Airport. Or maybe, if you’re unlucky enough to have a few napkins in your pocket, you’ll get both. Aloha!

If you don’t like it, well, you have the freedom not to fly, and that’ll teach you to oppose the Superferry. After all, as one person noted in the Star-Advertiser’s comment section:

i dont think that this is a constitutional issue. its for the safety for ALL Americans

Yeah, even those who haven’t done anything wrong and still somehow got on the Department of Homeland Security’s terrorist watch list, resulting in a shake down, delays and more than a little stress for a hapless Kauai surfer wrongly targeted while traveling with the latest WMD — surfboards — between those two radical snake pits of Kauai and Samoa.

If you’re a gay or lesbian, Gov. Lingle just might decide today to give you your full complement of civil liberties. Or then again, she just might decide to burn your ass, because she knows you ain’t gonna vote Republican, and so you’re of absolutely no use to her.

One thing we haven’t lost, though, is the freedom to have it our way, whether at the fast food counter or on the world stage. That’s why we’re sending warships and Marines to Costa Rica and solidifying our ties with that terrorist nation, I mean, valued ally, known as Israel.

So in honor of that freedom, and all the guys and gals who are playing the RIMPAC war games to keep us safe — garage door openers and Waianae beach bogdowns be damned — here’s a little video to remind you just how damn lucky you are to live in the US of A.


Anonymous said...

Radioactive??? A bit of an over reaction I believe:

from the article:
"The amount of radiation from backscatter screening is equivalent to two minutes of flight on an airplane, and the energy projected by millimeter wave technology is 10,000 times less than a cell phone transmission," a TSA website says.

You have a problem supporting the war on hard drugs in Central America?

Working your garage door manually for a while is a small price to pay for the vigilance our freedom requires.

I loved that vid. I like things blowing up. My sentiments are embodied in one commenter to that vid:

"Satirize all you like, but remember that pussies and assholes get fucked by dicks, never the other way around. "

You really are an unhappy person in this country. Too bad. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe Mr. Anonymous everything the government tells you?
You gotta be naive, watch too much TV, or do not read much.

Sheeple.......just follow along and trust the government run by Big Corporations, and believe everything they say.

The inmates have taken over the insane asylum! ....and they do not give a damn about the little guy unless he does not pay his taxes...i.e. Katrina, Gulf Oil Mess, etc.

We need the military to protect the corporations under the guise of freedom.

Just see who benefits financially from the war. Do some homework on your own and do not believe everything FOX feeds you. The fox is on FOX TV.

Anonymous said...

As it turns out, the company I own benefits from the war and pretty much everything the government promotes.

I know the truth, and the truth sets my fee.

Anonymous said...

"I loved that vid."

you obviously didn't notice it was an anti-war video.

Anonymous said...

I just loved seeing us blow things up with our way-cool aircraft.

The rest, not so much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't the mean, intolerant right wing people have their own blog to spew their "poor thing" and "sucked into it" bullshit? If they weren't so ignorant it would be worth reading. Their comments are just plain embarrassing - talk about "poor things!" I really have empathy for them - which ironically, is something they obviously don't believe in.

Anonymous said...

, you must be the unhappy person... who the f..k are you to call everyone else unhappy, when in fact, it is you, is is so unhappy, you spend your life writing comments

Anonymous said...

I agree that the full body scan is too much, esp for Kauai, but put yourself in this scenario:

You may fly one of two airplanes. Airplane A requires passing thru security while Airplane B has no security and no rules at all.

Which one would you choose???

Anonymous said...

Full body scans...no real radiation issue...you'll get more radiation during your flight to the mainland than the scanner.

As to "invasion of privacy", you're living in or leaving from a vacation in Hawaii...probably were on the beach. Women in skimpy bathing suits show more than the "chalk outline" thing produced by the scanners.

In this age of shoe bombs and tighty whitey bombs, scans or pat downs are the new reasonable reality.

Anonymous said...

Lingle vetoing HB44=1.99

Lingle leaving office=priceless

Anonymous said...

"You may fly one of two airplanes. Airplane A requires passing thru security while Airplane B has no security and no rules at all.

Which one would you choose???"

Ahhh...Airplane B?
~Mohamed Terrorist~

Anonymous said...


- Achmed the Terrorist

Anonymous said...

should have been "Achmed the Dead Terrorist"