Saturday, October 9, 2010

KKCR Radio Show Link: Brescia & Shorelines

Here's a direct link to my most recent KKCR radio show. In the first hour, Kaimana and I discuss the origins of the controversy over the Joe Brescia house, and interview Camille Kalama of Native Hawaiian Legal Corp. about the recent developments in the litigation against the State Historic Preservation Division.

In the second hour, we discuss Kauai County's shoreline bill, as well as shoreline preservation and coastal hazards, with international coastal expert Thorne Abbott.

Mahalo to Angus, our engineer, for taping the show and for ace webmaster Laura Christine for posting it on the KKCR archives.


Anonymous said...

This column has been fairly divisive over Breschia and other burial issues...why does your radio program only include one viewpoint? Why not ask Brescia's attorneys or the archelogists to show up? At least it would be more balanced (not "Fair and Balanced, Fox sucks). Thanks.

Joan Conrow said...

Point taken. I just assumed they wouldn't want to participate, but I should have at least asked. In the future, I will.

Anonymous said...

Case is over!
Opinions of Brescia's lawyers and archaeologists are in the court docs. for all to read. No need to do a redo...

While it doesn’t always follow its own rule, the Hawaii Supreme Court has held:

A cardinal canon of statutory construction is that this court cannot change the language of the statute, supply a want, or enlarge upon it in order to make it suit a certain state of facts. This is because we do not legislate or make laws. It is a cardinal rule of statutory interpretation that, where the terms of a statute are plain, unambiguous and explicit, we are not at liberty to look beyond that language for a different meaning. Instead, our sole duty is to give effect to the statute's plain and obvious meaning.
State v. Mueller, 102 Hawai'i 391, 394, 76 P.3d 943, 946 (2003).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joan for these links! You are terrific! Keep up the great work!