Monday, March 28, 2011

Musings: New Beginnings

This marks the one-thousandth post for Kauai Eclectic, which seems a fitting time to move in a slightly different direction.

So let me introduce you to PIKO, my new site. It’s different than Kauai Eclectic in that it will be all original writing, which means no aggregating or linking and opining, and it will cover only island-related issues, with an emphasis on Kauai. In addition to new reporting, I’ll also be posting some previously published articles in an effort to create a partial repository of my work, as well as some prose pieces and poetry.

I’ll still be posting on Kauai Eclectic when I want to muse on any subject — including something I’ve posted on PIKO — and share my observations on nature.

I’ll always link from Kauai Eclectic to new posts on PIKO, and PIKO posts will link to Kauai Eclectic for those who want to comment. The PIKO site won’t accept comments.

I hope you enjoy PIKO, which can found at, and I also hope you’ll continue to visit Kauai Eclectic.

And always, mahalo nui for reading and sharing.


Anonymous said...

I love how the Piko text reads with the gentle irony of Michael Moore's narration in "Capitalism: A Love Story."

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is the guy trying to put the Kilauea Pavilion!!

Sandhya said...

Wow! Congratulations on your new site. You sure know how to tell a story, "From the Piko." Thanks for your reporting.

irk said...

Re: "Winner and Losers"
Piko is a winner!
congrats on the kinipopo.

life anew
the seed
buried under

(read up)

Anonymous said...

best of luck joan, mahalo for sharing : )

Anonymous said...

You'd never see that story in the Garbage Island. Excellent first article, Joan! Corruption or incompetence, you decide.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of building code violations on Kauai.Always has been...always will be, That is the "local" style here on "Dumb Island".