Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New on PIKO: "Pile of Pohaku"

PIKO has a new post, Pile of Pohaku. It's the latest installment in the ongoing chronicle of the scam that has allowed developers to transform modest beach homes into lavish vacation rentals, while bypassing federal flood insurance rules.

Read it and weep, then check in Friday (ran out of time, so had to delay it a day) for part two of this particular segment.


Anonymous said...

All this under Ian & Imai's watch...f*#kn outrageous!

Anonymous said...

This is just pure fraud! Someone needs to go to jail. Send this to the appropriate authorities!

Anonymous said...

Wow...just wow! Wonder why everything including the Kilauea project is being contested since Ian and company were running the show?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great but depressing report Joan.

As some people believe......unless there are people rioting in the streets and burning one pays much attention in government.

Dr Shibai