Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Musings: Don't Buy It

The stars, in that dark time between moon set and sun rise, have been spectacular lately, brilliantly arrayed between a line up of planets, well-worth some neck-craning to take it all in. This morning, it was Triangle that caught my eye, pointing the way to a meteor falling in a silver flash toward the black hulk of Waialeale.

Returning to the house, both dogs and a blanket gathered near to ward off the chill of impending autumn, I open my laptop and scan what passes for news: two-thirds of Americans polled are willing to give up some freedoms in the fight against the terrorist bogeyman; fears of another recession — caused in large part by our expensive war against terror — cause stocks to fall; fears of anything related to the supposed home of terror prompt Texans to boot a Brazilian-born Al Jazeera journalist from a high school football game.

Ugh. I don’t want fear influencing my day, undermining my life. But it’s a steady stream that’s being fed us, especially with the tenth anniversary of 9/11 on the approach, and our government is taking that opportunity to beat ever harder on the war drums: ”we must stay in Afghanistan or risk more attacks!”

I don’t believe it, and like 99 percent of what’s being sold us, from policy to products, I don’t buy it.

So I shut my laptop and went back outside, where the day was waking up and applying a layer of gold gilt to towering columns of cumulus and all the mountains were exquistely clear and thin streaks of pink clouds stretched out, like arms seeking an embrace, from both the summit of Makaleha and the eastern horizon, and there were the dogs and me, walking joyously right smack in the middle of all this beauty, perfection, complexity.

Back at the house, I checked on my new garden: two beds that look like fresh graves, encircled with the dog pens to keep out the chickens, covered with chicken wire to deter the doves.

It was only Friday that I sprinkled in the seeds, covered them lovingly with the soil that I’d dug and worked and then worked some more, and by Sunday the arugula had already sprouted, followed yesterday by daikon and this morning, lettuce and kale.

I looked down at those little starts, the wheel of life turning in my own back yard, the promise of abundance fostered by my willingness to provide a bit of support and care.

I looked and saw the results of directing my energy and attention on love, and not fear.

Yes, energy flows where attention goes.

What would you like to bring into your life today?


Anonymous said...

Aloha. We foget, yeah, how cosmically insignificant we are and the center of our own universe at the same time. Aue, what we going do about dat? And we rarely remember we are all made of star dust. And dat da sky begins at our feet. I going try bring depth to my day.

Anonymous said...

Fear is a common tactic to control "the masses" and keep repeating the lies over and over again, so that the "sheeple" will believe.

Its all about control of money and power. The politicians are not worried where their paycheck comes from....

Also....by focusing on the people who died during 9/11...a smoke screen to cover up those in our government who were responsible for letting these "terrorists" through our radar screen of checks and balances of information. CIA/ FBA do not communicate nor get along....as a result 3,500 plus lost their lives.

Smoke and mirrors....BS and Hype. Many are cashing in on this war. Follow the money and you will see who controls this country.

What if we did not spend money on wars and killing people? What would our country be like?

Dr Shibai

Anonymous said...

"What would you like to bring into your life today?"


Anonymous said...

aloha joan,
good to see you back in the garden; remember the seed exchange is coming up this weekend. good luck w/the starts. let me know if you need some huli or cassava. aloha aina,.....jt

Anonymous said...

To be awed by nature in a garden, in that state of contemplative amazement at the abundance of life, is to be like Buddha.

Battling darkness all the time makes us dark. But when we bask in the light, and contemplate on nature, we give her energy and, in turn, we lighten the world.

Good - you in the garden.
And everyone should be nice to an animal today.