Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Racial Discrimination in Kauai OPA

Erin Wilson, a victim witness counselor who was fired last November by Kauai Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho, was given a $75,000 payment to settle claims of racial discrimination.

Wilson's is one of two EEOC complaints involving racial discrimination by Iseri-Carvalho and the Kauai Office of the Prosecuting Attorney (OPA).

In her complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Wilson alleged that the real reason for her layoff was racial discrimination by Iseri-Carvalho, according to a press release that Wilson distributed to media today.

Wilson also alleged in her EEOC complaint that she was subjected to harassment through emails from the OPA administration, offensive posters that were openly displayed in the OPA office and anti-Caucasian comments made by an OPA co-worker.

As previously reported in this blog, Wilson moved from Colorado to take a new, federally-funded position as victim witness counselor with the OPA in August 2011. Iseri-Carvalho fired her four months later, claiming there was insufficient work.

Iseri-Carvalho recently came before the County Council seeking approval to apply for grant funding to support the victim witness program, citing the high demand for services.

The press release states:

After being notified of her impending layoff, Wilson received an email from Police Chief Darryl Perry, acknowledging her “hard work” and being “an asset to KPD in assisting victims” and that her impending layoff was “wrong.”

Perry has since politically aligned himself with Iseri-Carvalho, although he has not formally endorsed her re-election bid.

Although the Kauai County Employee Handbook requires 90 days' notice, Iseri-Carvalho gave Wilson just two weeks notice, according to the release. Her employment ended the day before Thanksgiving.

The release also states that Wilson believes part of the reason she was terminated is that she was seen with Justin Kollar, Iseri-Carvalho's political opponent, during a dinner with mutual friends. 

Shortly after she was laid off, Wilson returned to Colorado. Wilson had to relocate her six- year-old son to Kauai and then back to Colorado during the school year, the release states.

Wilson is one of 28 employees to have left OPA since Iseri-Carvalho took office in December 2008, according to the release.

The Kauai County Council approved the settlement in June. Wilson was represented by former state Attorney General Margery Bronster and Honolulu attorney Andrew Pepper. HGEA representative Dale Shimomura also assisted Wilson in her claim.

Wednesday morning update: Civil Beat has an article today reiterating the EEOC claims story I reported Sunday, for those of you who were seeking more "proof." But still nothing in The Garden Island.

Note: Personal attacks on Erin will not be allowed in comments.


Anonymous said...

I commend Erin Wilson for her bravery to come forth and tell the truth about the PA abuse of power.

Kauai apologizes to Erin Wilson and to her famly. The corruption has been identified many a times before and the book KPD Blue proves this rogue group of powerful people believed to be Kauai's Mafia also called the GOB do exist.

It's time for the FEDS to use OCDETF and RICO charge Kauai's Cosa Nostra.

Anonymous said...

$75,000 is a nuisance claim pay off.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened by Erin Wilson's departure from the Prosecutor's Office. On her last day at OPA, there was no acknowledgment of her leaving, no farewell lunch, nothing. And this was someone that Shaylene was laying off - not someone being fired for poor work performance. At some point in the day, Erin must have realized the OPA administration was not going to announce to the rest of the staff that it was her last day, so Erin made the announcement in an email to the entire staff.

Never in my life have I seen an employee being treated like this on her last day, by an employer.

It was telling that nobody in the office had the courage to approach OPA administration to ask why a lunch wasn't being organized for Erin on her last day.

Life behind the orange curtain.

Anonymous said...

What did she expect after acting so wierd and videoing other employees and being bizarre and confrontational? She herself admitted there wasn't enough work for the counselors. Now she's a martyr for the Bynum, Conrow mafia.

Anonymous said...

You might be a little edgy and maybe even document incidents of discrimination, if you felt you were being wrongfully terminated.

Anonymous said...

Pitiful example of no class and no aloha...the one who promotes herself as being pono. Give me a break. Problem with politicians is they're so arrogant that they think that the public is too stupid to see past they're campaign rhetoric. They count on the public to be uninformed and to vote like it's a popularity contest in high school. That being the case, Shay wins over some haole newcomer. If we vote based on integrity, professionalism and leadership, Shay is the looser.

Anonymous said...

The Bynum-Conrow mafia? Mafia martyrs? Shay's compassion really shines through. By firing her before she started Christmas shopping, Shay probably saved that single mom a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Civil Beat also has an article on this. Now it seems plausible to me that the county settled this to make Shay look bad. Rather than fight the claim like usual, they quickly paid it.
Joan, do you know what other departments have had claims filed against them? and does the county routinely settle or defend?Lots of departments in this county are rough on women workers. Being Haole and smart can be a real liability when working in county offices.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...
What did she expect after acting so wierd and videoing other employees and being bizarre and confrontational? She herself admitted there wasn't enough work for the counselors. Now she's a martyr for the Bynum, Conrow mafia.
August 28, 2012 10:38 PM"

Who are you talking about? Wilson?

Anonymous said...

aha. slowly it ekes out.

Anonymous said...

The council must approve all settlements.

Anonymous said...

7:21 AM - do you really think a majority of our County Council paid $75,000 just to make poor innocent Shay look bad? Seriously!

Anonymous said...

$75,000 here and there sure adds up quickly. Wake up! It is money that you and I will be paying for! YIKES!!

Anonymous said...

What is the true cost of Iseri-Carvalho?

Anonymous said...

What is the True Cost of racism against the Haole?

Cancer of the Aloha Spirit?

Dr Shibai

Anonymous said...

"no personal attacks of erin wilson will be allowed."

Why don't you add in your comments "personal attacks against Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho, Jake Delaplane, or any other individual on this island that supports them are strongly encouraged and will never be deleted or monitored in any way."?

I'm a white person. My race conquered the Hawaiian nation against their will, violently, and caused the deaths of most of them. I don't blame the ones left alive for not liking me or any other white person.

Before anyone goes jumping to conclusions, why don't we go find out the EXACT conduct of racial discrimination that occurred against Erin Wilson, so we can judge whether she was really discriminated against or whether the County is simply being a doormat for lawsuits like always.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like whether a majority of our council is choosing to just give away money for no good reason. Right!

Anonymous said...

The ways that people try and justify completely disgusting behavior from people with tremendous power and knowledge is just shocking.

What, oh, she was just discriminated against a little? is that ok? Would that make it better?
It's Shay's office. She is in charge of it. She owns it. If she wants to collect the paycheck, and take credit for the conviction statistics she talks about, she gets the blame for the lawsuits, the botched prosecutions, and the self inflicted conflicts of interest, and the bad press.

Also, really, stop whining about about Joan. It's her blog, she can write about what she wants, and set the rules that she wants. Don't like it? Don't read it. Go start your own blog, and get over it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Anonymous at 7:21 AM:

What happened to Lisa Ellen Smith at the planning department? She is Caucasian and smart. Suddenly she left. She is still on island. She was the staff planner for the fiasco at Lepeuli. Wonder if she spoke up against what is going on and got silenced? At one point Michael Dahilig took over that project directly and she was out. Wonder if she will get a settlement too?

Anonymous said...

What sucks is that she relocates from the mainland, takes the job, gets laid off 4 months later due to lack of work and now Shay wants more money to grow the program to reach the youth. In the meantime she moves back to the mainland w/ her young son. The EEOC doesn't go after frivilous cases and this is one of 4? Sounds like a pattern of behavior, not an isolated incident. Shay's inability to maintain a professional work environment (inappropriate posters, racist comments) says a lot about her leadership (or lack thereof) ability.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Dahilig apart of the sexual harassment scandal at the lihue courthouse? Was there a lawsuit in that case?

Anonymous said...

The Keiki POHAKU program will be as corrupt as the POHAKU program. It will be another way the little kids are groomed to take advantage of Kauai's corrupt Judicial system. The kids that will probably be given this get out of jail for free program will be the connected kids. It's just like the POHAKU program the PA cherry picks the family, friends, and people who want to join their club and the rest will have tp go through the judicial process. It's a cake program for relatives of criminals.

Anonymous said...

How did Mel and Kipukai vote?

Anonymous said...

That is why there are no stats or reports on the POHAKU program. There are no third party independent agency compiling the information on all of the major factors for which the program was created to show the people of kauai the success and or failures. The OPA says trust what they tell us because it's what's good for yah. The PA refuses to produce factual paperwork in support or to defend the POHAKU program, the program she created-the name ONLY ask SJP for patent rights or just ask Jake the SJP representative"The truth!!! You can't handle the truth!!!"

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that the people in the POHAKU program was repeat offenders and related to some top officials, and that's why SHAYME is hiding the info.

All the repeat offenders in the TGI arrests logs for same crimes makes you wonder if they were pohaku members. These people are related to people in top positions on Kauai. Didn't anyone wonder why so many home robberies, home invasions, atm machine thefts, drugs, weapons, crimes and these names were the same people that you saw a month ago. How can these people be free to roam Kauai and commit more crimes when after one or two offenses these people should be locked up before trial. Was this a combination of pohaku and gravy plea deals and were they related to top officials? I think so

Anonymous said...

If she pissed Shay off by telling her to obey the law, she probably would have been fired the day before Thanksgiving regardless of her race.

Anonymous said...

I think the serial rapist/killer on Kauai would have been the first POHAKU client, just ask the people on the west side of Kauai. What a travesty this POHAKU program is.

Anonymous said...

could we hear some actual accusations of actual racism at opa justifying the breathless headline implying there is racial discrimination at the ops?

This is so weak. "Wilson alleged that the real reason for her layoff was racial discrimination"... followed by exactly zero claims that would give us at least something to judge as racist or not.

This does not rise to the occasion, Joan. Give us more.

Anonymous said...

Well, lemme see here. Erin is a mainland haole who is laid off with two weeks' notice the day before Thanksgiving when she should have been given 90 days. Hmmmm. And Chief Perry says she's a hard worker and that what Shay is doing is wrong. Hmmmmmm. And this is one of four EEOC claims. Hmmmmmm. And the EEOC is requiring OPA to go through training (ironic that the Prosecutor has to be trained on lawful behavior but sadly not surprising). Hmmmmm.

Is that all you have? Weak.

Anonymous said...

Chief Perry also said Lauren Kagawa had superficial wounds, death was unattended, and most likely a drug over dose. Now you ask her family and friends the truth about how badly Kagawa was beaten beyond recognition and looked like she was choked or read blogs discussing murder.

Never Forget! Always Remember! The cover ups of all of Kauai's murders and deaths made to look like suicides.

Moore was in hiding then was found, served with papers to appear in court, all of his info was updated soon after located he gets killed. Who else was involved in his murder? I believe that not only the people who are going to court was involved. They set up another failure by giving it to a inexperience prosecuting attorney who has already been identified as being incompetent. It seems like the murderer is in the POHAKU program, just pay 200 dollars and get off of first and second degree murder charges.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you getting the full picture yet? Settlements occur because they don't want to change the existing culture of discrimination, hate and sexism.

Anonymous said...

Hrmm, Joan can set the rules however she wants, don't like it, don't read it...

Gee, maybe that attitude is the reason none of the crap written here makes the Garden Island Newspaper. Yea, i think it is. You wanna call yourself a journalist, you have to play by the rules.

Anonymous said...

Which journalistic rule says you have to allow personal attacks against an EEOC claimant in comments?

Anonymous said...

Erin Wilson had a reputation in the Prosecutor's office for doing good work.

Anonymous said...

Chief Perry thought so.

Anonymous said...

And, Iseri-Carvalho is lead in Hilario Murder Case?? Delaplane is Shay's mouth piece.

Hilario, and his associate, set-up and guns down a white witness, Aureo Moore. This was in the middle of the day, Anahola.

Vinnie's father, Vicente Hilario, Sr. was witnessed at Anahola Whaler General store bragging aloud, while waiting in line to make a purchase, "That was my son who killed the ha'ole!"

Iseri-Carvalho is over this case. Vinnie, the killer of the white witness, didn't learn his lesson. He found smoking weed while incarcerated.

Pals threatening witnesses, and anyone who speaks openly about Vinnie killing Aureo Moore.

Come on Shay, make a statement to to press, and community, that you are going to do your due diligence to make certain all witnesses are kept safe, or stiff and swift consequences will be taken by you, the Prosecutor of this case.

You can begin with Hilario's immediate family, including his father, Vicente Hilario, Sr.
He carries illegal firearms.

Next, Vinnie's uncle, Joel Rapozo, who has been threatening witnesses in Anahola, and all over the island.

What are you waiting for? We've not heard the first word out of you.

Why should Vinnie change? He's treated like a king by the local corrupt who have taken charge of the judicial system. This includes Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho.

Shay's milk-complexioned puppet, Delaplane, has blood on his hands too.

Vinnie will walk unless the Feds step in. When Vinnie walks, who will he, and his thug associates, rape and/or murder next?

Get these deviants out of our judicial system, or every POS will come out of the wood work, vollying for position.

Like its not already happening. A prostitute, drug dealer, w/ THREE YEAR ORDER OF PROTECTION against her (almost killed victim) says, with a dirty little smile on her face, "Things will never change."

She believes this enough to get a paralegal degree, then give false report to KPD, lie to judge after dragging her once probation officer to court that her pimp, Carl Richie, and judges, went after, first. Paralegal degree prostitute not dressed in court attired, but as prostitute.

Prostitutes publicizes PO as an informant for KPD, and continues to harass and threaten PO.

Paralegal degree? Going on to gain degree as an attorney? Chilling.

Reminescent of Richie and Alves.

Alves heinouisly murdered an informanat. Imprisoned for life. No chance of parole.

Is the prostitute/paraleagal attempting the same with the female probation officer? The prostitute and her partner almost killed one female. Will this prostitute try and kill the PO, like Alves killed, like Vinnie killed? This female attached to Carl Richie, too.

Murderers, pimps, prostitues, drug dealers, bigots, and white collar criminals.

EEOC settlements just scratch the surface.

Anonymous said...

I hope the owner of the posters realizes that the person to blame is OPA administration - not Erin Wilson. OPA administration, had they acted properly, would have instructed him to take them down without delay. There would have been no need for Wilson to formally complain about them had they been taken down right away.

Blame poor OPA leadership.

Anonymous said...

the owner of the posters is Lohi Lawrence Jordan and he knows exactly what he is doing.

Joan Conrow said...

Yes, I deleted those comments about a deputy prosecutor because I didn't think it was appropriate for OPA administrators to be revealing confidential information about one of their employees.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joan for respecting the privacy of that OPA employee and not allowing OPA administration to risk more taxpayer funds in new lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

if i were a opa administrator, i'd probably have a lot more juicy stuff to reveal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah juicy stuff about Shay.

Anonymous said...

The department of justice needs to prosecute Shay and her gang!

Anonymous said...

Call 808-566-4300, duty agent sqd 5. These people are all connected in Kauai's judicial system.

Anonymous said...

The truth is coming out:

According to Civil Beat, “[t]he EEOC did not find cause in Wilson's complaint, but the county agreed to a $75,000 settlement.”

(A no cause finding is an EEOC determination of no reasonable cause to believe that discrimination occurred based upon evidence obtained in investigation).

Anonymous said...

The EEOC did not find "no cause". It did not find "cause" either. The case settled before it got to that decision. People blogging that the EEOC found cause (in Wilsons case) are wrong. Other bloggers quoting about findings of "no cause" are equally misleading. There was no such finding either way.
Now what about those other 3 EEOC cases, was cause found in any of them?

Anonymous said...

Dateline MSNBC should do a story on the Shayme disease.

Anonymous said...

Everyone of her supporters are infected with the Shayme Disease.

Hilario will walk because he is in Shaymes Pohaku program, relative to a friend is a friend of mine and will be protected til the end. That's the reason the pohaku program was created because they needed to find another way to protect their own.

Anonymous said...

Hyperbole. Stop it.

Anonymous said...

Honorarium. Top it.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that after all this talk about Shaylene, Mel Rapozo has escaped completely free and clear..but he is the biggest part of the problem..


Anonymous said...

Kauai can have the left coast haoles the suck on the states,and counties teat.
The mainland haoles need to go to Florida, for a third of the price, with reduced racism.