Saturday, December 29, 2012

Musings: Matter of Perspectives

While admiring the pretty pink pastels of a streaky winter sunrise, I happened to glance down and saw the dogs similarly mesmerized by the view at their level: a smashed toad encrusted with feasting flies.

It's all a matter of perspective.

As America continues its feeding frenzy for guns — some dealers are so backlogged they're not even accepting new orders — it struck me as utterly bizarre that in this nation, you can order 32,000 rounds of ammo on line and have it delivered to your door. But unless you live in Colorado or Seattle or certain states with medical marijuana laws that are less punitive than ours, you can't legally buy a fricking joint, which would actually make most people less inclined to want to use a gun.

That's why,” said a friend.

Not to mention that you can slap your Rx for oxies on the counter at Longs, but where the hell are you supposed to get the medical marijuana you're legally entitled to with a blue card when you're too scared to risk a Green Harvest raid to even exercise your right to grow it?

Still, I heard the cops can't take anything out of your yard without a warrant,” I told my friend.

Don't the cops just do whatever they want and leave it to you to sort it all out later but by then the plant is already dead and worthless because they ripped it out of the ground too early?” he replied.

Compare that to California, where those with a medical mj recommendation can peruse an on-line menu with more than 25 varieties of cannabis — including Maui Waui [sic] — hash, wax, cookies, candies and ganja butter and have their order delivered to their homes.

Sales tax is added to all purchases.

Imagine what that could do for the economy of Hawaii. No need prostitute the public lands or bump up the GE tax.

So why, in Hawaii, are we less afraid of guns than accessible medical marijuana? It is actually easier to get a gun permit in the Aloha State than to get a medical marijuana license (blue card). Plus you have to pay $35 for a blue card, but a gun permit is free, even though it certainly requires significant police time to run the background check.

Anyone with a brain knows that guns are far more dangerous to police than medical marijuana. Yet over and over we see law enforcement in this state vigorously resist any effort to establish dispensaries or even move medical mj from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Health, must less decriminalize or legalize the herb.

But have you ever heard a cop or prosecutor in this state complain about people being able to buy a gun at Wal-Mart?

Have you ever heard a cop or prosecutor question whether someone actually has a legitimate need for a gun? Yet they repeatedly question the validity of medical mj prescriptions that are written by a physician.

And though Keith Kamita of DPS had his knickers in a serious twist when the number of medical marijuana permits jumped from 7,593 to 10,454 within a year, have you heard him, or any law enforcement official, utter a peep about the “staggering 2,652 new guns [that] were approved in November alone,” just on Oahu?

Nope. They're all strangely silent as people amass arsenals that could so easily be used on them, not to mention the rest of us.  

Meanwhile, the number of registered guns on Oahu has risen from 13,182 in 2009 to 23,643 as of Nov. 30.

So you tell me. Which do you think is the biggest threat to the safety and security of these Islands? Marijuana? Or the steadily increasing number of guns, including assault rifles, in this state?

And they call it call it “reefer” madness.


Anonymous said...

What people don't realize is that legalizing marijuana in Hawaii would cripple the organized criminals way to make a super ferry load of untaxed cash.

If you recall when the state introduced a bill to decriminalize possessing a small amount of marijuana the Shayme prosecutor and her minions went all out to protest such a thing. Why is that when she was promoting her programs as a way to help people of a favorable ethnicity.

Well look at this, if you decriminalize some marijuana laws then you would create a loss of profits for criminal organizations on Kauai. They would lose sales of illegal guns. The courts would lose their cash cow. The PA new program wouldn't be needed so petty marijuana possession on Kauai would save charges of 200 dollars to off shore accounts. Jobs that combat this minor offense would not be needed. People who have medical marijuana cards would not be harassed by some cops that are on the take and are there to protect the monopolizing criminal families. So that means attorneys and court fees aren't funneling in like a money laundering scam to defraud the federal government tax payers. Many jobs would be lost, too much money would be left out there, and so you are starting to see the big picture. We have bigger drug and criminal problems that do more harm than having a little bit of pakalolo.

They know that if such a law is passed that their supplemental untaxed income of illegal sales of marijuana will be gone until they devise a plan to monopolize the market of legal sells like they already do now with illegal sales. Think about it!

This group of people on Kauai already have created a criminal protection program. The powers have their slaves do what they do to make profits for the families. You see people who have been arrested 6-10 times in the last couple years on the street and wonder why they're not in jail doing time. While others that you see that should have been arrested and sent to prison get off clean and left alone.

You have to question what in the heck is going on around here on Kauai. Once you start understanding the intricate details of the problems that we face then you will see who is in position that is the root of the problems. The most dangerous people on Kauai serve openly without fear of being caught and prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

How is it even possible that marijuana is LEGAL is 2 states, but having a bud in a plastic bag can get you 5years in a Hawaii jail?

Anonymous said...

I agree totaly! Between the courts and the police dept. (Anyone wonder why they are right next to each other?) They are in cahoots with each other. It's a legal racket. They spent millions on those buildings just so the cops and judges could eat lunch together and conspire against whoever dare threaten their political views. Don't believe me? Sit outside the court and observe the foot traffic between the two buildings. It will literaly scare the logic out of you.

A judicial complex? The public defender is located back in town. So don't believe you're going to get truth and justice. It doesn't exist here.

Even some law enforcement officials I've spoken with (the good ones), all agree, its all about revenue generation. What a racket. That's why they won't go for marijuana decriminalization. They make money two ways, when you buy it, and then when they bust you. I tell you it's a legal racket. It's got no revelance to truth and justice. Only civil obedience.

Don't ever go to court. Ever wonder why there are so few doctors? Lawyers eat them up.

But not to worry, the whole system will soon fall flat. Nothing based on such lies could sustain itself for too long.

Anonymous said...

10:31 AM:

I donʻt understand what you are saying here: "Why is that when she was promoting her programs as a way to help people of a favorable ethnicity."

Could you please clarify?

The picture is bigger than Kauai. You are fixated on Shaylene...still, but it has nothing to do with her.

You have made a lot of statements that do not really connect. Maybe write back before you take that hit instead of after.
I was really trying to make some sense of what you wrote but nothing was a complete thought.

Anonymous said...

I am a lame person but even I understand what the person was saying that there is a organized criminal network that controls Kauai. That this group of people will do any and everything for their greed for wealth, power and control. These people are in high powered positions and Shaylene is in cahoots with this mafioso. The one thing that a lot of people aren't paying attention to is that they groom unqualified people in judicial positions to protect this national crime syndicates. That there is a powerful and deadly militia that a dangerous man who works in the court runs. You can go figure out the rest or just collect the checks that will silence your loyalty.

Anonymous said...

There is an organized drug/crime syndicate on Kauai, I have experienced it on the North Shore. The cops (some) are in on it. Even Green Harvest is involved.

Perhaps...legalizing pot in Hawaii would lower the prices,and make it more available...and put the cocaine and meth businesses out of

Good Christians would not be buying guns.

The gun business is BIG fueled by fear and right winged wackos.

Selling guns is good for the economy stupid!

Anonymous said...

"Good Christians would not be buying guns.

The gun business is BIG fueled by fear and right winged whackos."

You gotta be joking, because those two statements are truly comical. And by "right winged", are you saying they can fly, these "whackos"?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's that they're missing their left wing so would be flightless or could only fly in circles.

One Nation One Law 50 said...

It is only a matter of time before Marijuana becomes legal in Hawaii and in most other States. At some point the Feds will back off just like they did with alcohol and prohibition after enough States decided to make alcohol legal despite Prohibition. The critical number is probably around 15-20 States so we are a little ways off.

Anonymous said...

1:25 PM: lost. so lost

Anonymous said...

The state of Hawaii is the syndicate and all islands are part of. It controls the streets, the legislature, the policies, etc, and even outside gangs get tossed if they arenʻt conforming. As long as the MAIN syndicate is provided for. The judicial selections have nothing to do with Shaylene you dweeb.
Some of you here are showing your lack of ʻrootsʻ in the contemporary Hawaii (STATE).

Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook as state terror

Anonymous said...

6:03 PM: wow. You thinking in such a confined mindset.
On Oahu, there are two sets of cops, HPD and HPA (at least used to be) HPA is Hawaii Protective Authority=use your imagination.
It is not just Kauai. What, you think this isnʻt worse on other islands?????
It is all the same machine.
Yep, the judges are dirty. In fact years ago I knew some task force officers begging for anything on judges. That used to be a big one; take down a corrupt judge but now things are so weirdly different....

Anonymous said...

"Nothing to do with Shaylene" 10:31am 12/29. Get real! It has a lot to do with Missy!

Anonymous said...

You people are all nuts. Please go back to CA.