Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Musings: Scraps

What could be more stunning than Waialeale, totally free of clouds, a navy blue hulk against a shell pink sky? Well, maybe purple cumulus clouds edged in orange neon rising from a sea that looked like smoky glass, and felt like warm silk when I dove in.

I really don't want to dive into covering murders, but I did a bit of checking around after reading the comments left on my recent post about the jail term handed down to ex-cop Joseph Genaro Bonachita. He broke into South Park creator Trey Parker's Kauai home while stalking Lauren Kagawa. She was found dead in her driveway on Aug. 17, 2009.

I learned the Office of Prosecuting Attorney's “cold case unit” is continuing to investigate her  death. Sources also confirm the 27-year-old woman showed no signs of being beaten or choked, as some commenters alleged.

KPD closed the case in March 2010, with Assistant Chief Roy Asher saying an autopsy and toxicology report attributed her death to a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. Still, her body was dumped in her driveway, just one month after she had secured a restraining order against ex-boyfriend Bonachita, saying he had choked and sexually assaulted her, and she feared for her life. Back in 2010, Asher said the cops didn't know who left her there, so apparently a few stones remain unturned.

Who knows. Maybe one day we'll find out what really happened. Meanwhile, the OPA's cold case investigators are still working on the island's other unsolved murders.

On a brighter note, Forbes has named Kapaa one of the prettiest towns in America. Yes, you heard me. Our scruffy little Kapaa, in the national limelight. I loved the description by National Geographic Traveler writer Andrew Evans, who apparently was wowed after Kamika Smith of Smith's Tropical Paradise took him on a tour:

It’s a very Hawaiian town with traditional ukulele makers and fish taco trucks parked under the palm trees,

Yup, nothing says Hawaiian quite like a fish taco truck. 

Speaking of things "Hawaiian," Civil Beach and Huffington Post launched their HuffPost Hawaii site today. If you check out the blog roll on the left, you'll find a post by me: Truth a Casualty in Kauai GMO-Pesticide Debate.

Because nothing quite says Kauai like a good feisty scrap.


Anonymous said...

Kagawa's 'unattended' death is very sad. It's possible that there simply wasn't enough evidence to press charges. If, for example, an ex-cop was in someway involved, they would know how to clean the scene. I don't think anyone buys that some type of foul play wasn't a component.

Anonymous said...

Kapaa town would be a lot prettier if the sign ordinance was enforced. Have never seen that happened. The old "Garden Circle" is apparently moribund and the fact that enforcement of the ordinance lies with the planning director tells the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

I believe what her family/friends are saying and writing about Kagawas death. It was a Murder and for anyone to believe what KPD is putting out is naive.

Joan, you once believed that a councilman was a great guy until you found out more about him. It is the same way with Asher. If other cops don't trust him then you better watch out.

We all know who covered up the serial killer's identity.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday Kauai Police Department will have some real detectives.

Anonymous said...

Is the OpA cold case murder unit doing something about the Nola Thompson case?

How about the Dickie killing? Wrong death suit=negligent manslaughter.

The young boy and Dickie getting killed by cops in less than 2 years- you can kiss that accreditation goodbye! The boy and Dickie had no where to run and the scene was contained. The Blind leading the blind.

Guess they never heard of negotiating a peaceful surrender and exhausting all protocols before going in like dirty Harry- guns blazing.

KPD is a complete failure-zero confidence with dirty cops.

When the good cops start turning in the syndicate cops that's when KPD's reputation will change.

Too bad next in line for the throne is a powerful syndicate!

Anonymous said...

If what I heard was true that a lady (FBI agent's relative) was attacked and almost killed near olohena at the time of Nola Thompson's death at loop road then I wonder if the serial killer got her too.

Anonymous said...

Dirty cops, corrupt politicians, a practically non existent forth estate, low voter turn out and a look the other way electorate. Paradise's dirty underbelly.