Monday, October 7, 2013

PIKO looks at TVRs

Something new on PIKO — the special investigation into TVRs is back before the Council on Wednesday.

Just a little something to consider as the Council prepares to deliberate on Bill 2491 — yet another measure the Administration is not keen to implement or enforce.

Because again, it all comes down to political will.


Anonymous said...

This is really disgusting. 20 out of 25 were renewed?! Something is seriously wrong. And Al Castillo's opinion that these illegal TVR's should be permitted is wrong too.

Anonymous said...

RICO charges on all of these criminals.

Laureta and Valenciano- offspring of Kauai Judges... Oh yeah we all know how this is going to be played out.

Castillo is worst than Delaplane, but who is behind his madness?

Phruck the GOBAG!!!! Phrucking Criminals.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Joan,

This welcomes you back, I hope!

20 out of 25 renewed? What a surprise! I'm surprised they didn't renew all 25 !