Friday, June 13, 2014

Musings: Road Show

I'm on a great road trip through the Southwest, which had me perfectly situated to watch the full moon rise over the red rocks of Sedona.
Meanwhile, the citizen news feed from Kauai continues...

First, I was directed to this link to a video of mayoral candidate Dustin Barca apparently beefing with Sol Kahn on the beach.

And someone else checked on the traffic court records of both Dustin and his opponent, Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr., discovering:

Dustin had 12 traffic cases between 2002 and 2014, all minor, but at least two speeding cases of 20 or more mph over the speed limit and one crash.

Bernard, on the other hand, has eight traffic cases starting in 1996.

Seems that neither candidate is a stranger to traffic court….

Correction: It appears the "citizen journalist" inadvertently collected traffic data for a Dustin Barra. In checking court records myself, I could find no citations for Dustin Barca. I apologize for not scrutinizing the information more carefully prior to posting it.


Anonymous said...

It is not fair to check arrest records. Next you will say that there are two serious arrests for Dylan Hooser and these are not manini traffic tickets. Dylan's are real crime America, an arrest is not proof of guilt, but it can be proof of a good lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Just a guess, but since he has been Mayor, bet he hasn't gotten any more tickets. ;)

Anonymous said...

6:18am, really? It's not fair? Did you not read how many infractions he had? come on now! you obviously don't live in reality. PLUS, it's all public record on the state's website ecourt kokua. I don't want a mayor that can't even obey the traffic laws here and be a threat on our roads. get real 6:18

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Dustin Barca doesn't have a high school diploma, chases monk seals off the beach so he can paddle his canoe on his campaign trail, scraps on the beach with Sol Kahn, can't follow traffic laws, doesn't know Robert's Rules of Order, is clueless on union negitiations, and would have to be our leader in the event of a disaster (El Nino year) ... yep, those are the qualities that I'm looking for in a new Mayor. All this candidate is really doing is taking his one-trick pony ... clean air, land, and water ... and running with it. If that's all it took to be an effective leader he might have a shot, but there's a whole lot more to being CEO of our government.

Anonymous said...

There are so many laws. Look up anyone and you will find violations.
The State and Council pass laws all the time.
A good new property tax law is Bynum's anti-Seed property classification. I hope this passes and once specific activities are open for additional taxes we can go after real estate offices, cattle ranchers, McDonalds and all other types of businesses that a whacky group of seven decides are bad. Right on, Tim, keep it up, there are lots of bad businesses out there and I think it is good that you and your other "lawmakers" go after them. Shucks Tim, maybe you can even pass a law that requires office holders to tell the truth and actually serve the people....

Anonymous said...

To Joan
I have to change the subject- hoping you 'll do another article on it ....

Who specifically benefits from changing the existing
shoreline setback ordinance, anyway?

And to Ross Kagawa,
We know the shoreline is not just a "North Shore" issue! Shish......

Boy, when council members get snotty, it reminds me of how preturbed they got when we questioned illegal vacation rentals - and then acted "flabbergasted" when they proven wrong! And of course, they passed on the blame to past lawmakers.

And now we're back to the shoreline!!!
How many times do we have to say it?

Anonymous said...

Barca rips! He'd probably beat Bernard in a surf contest, although I've never seen the mayor surf. What more do you want?

Anonymous said...

1. What is barca's work history? Does he know how to manage 2,000 employees and their department heads, in addition to a County budget?

2. What is barca's education? If he only has a GED, SORRY, not qualified in my eyes.

3. What are these political involvements he's been in that his website claims he's been active in? Only thing I know of is the March.

4. What are his solutions to the issues posted on his website? He doesn't list any.


Lastly, to all of you that complain about the current mayor being seen at parties, GUESS WHAT, he was asked to attend. There's a request form at the mayors office for organizations to fill out when they'd like the mayor to attend their event. So it's not like he's seeking out these events, he's being asked to attend too ya know. It's pretty clear barca doesn't know that A LOT of people will be asking for his attendance at events should he win as mayor. What is going to do, say no? ya right

Anonymous said...

So by default Carveiro and Lake are the real interesting picks for Mayor of Kauai.

Mayor Carvalho has bankrupted Kauai and to hide that fact he increases taxes on everything he can get his filthy hands on and the county council is not innocent on their collusion to raise taxes without proper representation. The Mayor and council has increased nearly 200 jobs new county jobs without any of the county services having validated themselves as being an improvement for the citizens of Kauai. The highlighted examples are in the water department, parks and recs, and customer service(?) dept in the county. That being said has anyone seen any improvements in services in those areas. Kalaheo water outage about a month or so with both pumps broken. Parks and recs is in shambles like the roads on Kauai. Customer service rep in the county is a title that seems as redundant as all of those secretary positions/assistants. It means that 1 out of every 45 man, woman, and child on Kauai is a county worker. A 200 million dollar county spending budget within a year or two year(s) away on the pace we are going. That means it cost $3,000 per person a year to pay for the county welfare system. Unborn children are being taxed by this administration to keep up with hiring their incompetent family and friends. Will it ever STOP?

It's a shame and a sham that only 4 years after the fact that we have DOT look at Kauai's dangerous roads. If the incompetents haven't fraudulently wasted 4+ years and counting on the highway going from the old lihue mill bridge to puhi, Kauai's roads would have been attended to.

The Mayor wants to highlight his action with aloha on the bus ridership rises but what he fails to mention is the students at KCC are illegally charged $20 per semester for bus passes whether you ride the bus or not. This hidden fee for about 1500 students is a scam just like the extra solid waste fees people pay each and very month.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I could never vote for anyone with a traffic ticket. Perfection is SOOO under-rated isn't it?

Dawson said...

"Barca rips! He'd probably beat Bernard in a surf contest, although I've never seen the mayor surf. What more do you want?"

Thanks a heap, 11:27 -- now I can't get this tune out of my head:

I could wile away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain
And my head I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain

Oh, I would tell you why
The ocean's near the shore
I could think of things I never thunk before
And then I'd sit and think some more

I would not be just a nothin'
My head all full of stuffin'
My heart all full of pain
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only had a brain

- The Wizard of Oz

Anonymous said...

9:25AM: The fact that the biotech/chemical companies (PLEASE stop referring to them as seed seed is being packed, sold, or shipped on Kauai) enjoy the benefit of ag-dedicated tax rates on lands they use, while using those lands for profit-oriented open field experimentation with poisonous, restricted use pesticides does not bother you? You must not yet have been tagged by an outrageous property tax increase to cover our ballooning county budget while BASF, Syngenta, and Pioneer pay pennies in tax and laugh all the way to the bank. Think clearly. You may hate Bynum, but his proposed legislation is pretty darn close, if not spot on. Why shouldn't these companies pay into the county coffers rather than certain politician's "campaign contributions"? Because the guilty politicos are willing to take less than the amount the property taxes would rise!

Anonymous said...

Crappy legislation proposed by bynam. Hemp, not for human consumption/ therefore would not be able to receive ag rates. Flowers do not produce food. This is shortsighted and will help end agriculture on Kauai.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you that many have been hit by the County's run amok spending. So why give them more dough? Why target a particular business? Remember, if they get your enemy today, they can get you tomorrow.
This tax bill is a short thrust by Bynum as he gathers his stuff and leaves politics in shame, in shame, in shame. Nothing will change his greedy legacy.
His bill won't pass. Gary Hooser will be conflicted out due to his new role as President of an anti group.
Jay can not vote for it, because he needs west side votes. Chock will vote for it, Yukimura might,.
By the way, Bynum and your ilk should read the definition of what Ag is......plant a seed, grow a plant.
There are many Ag uses t do not have an " ultimate consumer" whatever that is.
The council needs people who care about all of Kauai, not just moonbeam mainland controlled anti-GMO antics. Get rid of Yukimura, Fistees Hooser/Bynum and their li'l concubine Chock.

Anonymous said...

The term concept "seed company" takes away the true intent .....sell chemicals, control the food, and exploit the uneducated, pollute the world.....and make BILLIONS!

Zero Seven

Anonymous said...

9:25 Fact. The SEED companies do export seeds.
As Marx and Der Fuhrer both said " tell a lie, often enough, they will believe it". The Fistees lie, find out what you are talking about before you open your pie hole.

Anonymous said...

Your blog as well as Luke's must be saying some pretty important stuff for others to spend so much time and energy dissing you.
So Kauai has devolved into this ugly behavior .
My question to Dustin(who I do like) is even though the words there say they are not associated with the Barca campaign, since in fact they are your supporters, do you support this kind of ugly personal attacks on what people think? If those people are your supporters, it is not enough to disassociate legally, is that the kind of politics you stand for? The sharing of ideas whether you agree or not should be useful discussion and lead to better outcomes.
So please show us Barca is not willing to embrace employing the dirtiest mayoral run of all time. If you are a leader dude, get your campaign stuff off of a the hitblog that tells everyone to STFU. Otherwise no amount of disclaimers hide the fact it is in large part all about promoting you .

Anonymous said...

Long before they were "seed" companies, they were chemical companies. What better way to sell more chemicals than to develop plants that can withstand being drenched in your product?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, Dawson! Maybe I should have mentioned his MMA prowess, too. Hot surfing and ass kicking. What more do you want?

Anonymous said...

People have lots of balls posting negative attacks under cover. Hard to take the comments here seriously anymore,on both sides of any issue.

Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with "chemicals"? Chemicals and innovation are responsible for our excellent health, extending our lifetimes and for giving us the high standard of living we enjoy. I don't give a damn if the seed growers are "chemical" companies. You're ignorance is immense as it is disingenuous. Why don't you come up with some proof that they are actually harming the land. But you can't so you lie and attempt to disparage like children. Only stupid people believe your rancorous bullshit. Sadly, there are several of them on our County Council.

Anonymous said...

Sophomoric antics continue to be the tactic of choice for the anti-GMO crowd:

Anonymous said...

Wtf is wrong with chemicals? Used properly, nothing. But only stupid people would rely on the chemical companies' assertions that it's all safe and we have nothing to worry about.