Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Musings: Oh Joy

Oh, joy. It's an election year. 

Sob. Burp. Sigh.

Predictions: The Donald will eventually self-destruct and Bernie Sanders doesn't have a prayer. So that leaves Hillary Clinton as the next president.

Moving on to Kauai County, Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. has another two years, which makes him irrelevant, both in general, and in terms of this discussion.

Justin Kollar is going to be re-elected as prosecutor. Why? There's no compelling reason to defeat him, and challenger Lisa Arin isn't offering anything better. Plus he's gonna have a little baby to add to his campaign trail appeal.

As for County Council, all the sitting members can run again, and unfortunately, they all likely will. But surely some can — and will — be defeated.

Councilmen Mel Rapozo and Ross Kagawa, the top vote-getters last time, are again assured of easy re-election, as is Arryl Kaneshiro, who has shown himself to be earnest and thoughtful.

But rather than rest on their laurels, it would be nice if they could use their popularity, and four-vote majority, to actually pass some meaningful legislation this year.

JoAnn Yukimura should bow out gracefully. I don't want to denigrate her years of public service, but 'nuff already. It's become painful to watch her in Council meetings, especially when she and Mel lock horns. Net result: She has zero effectiveness. Mason Chock and Gary Hooser are her only pals, and even those alliances are strained, considering how Hooser threw her under the Bill 2491 bus.

Hooser has announced his desire for re-election, but after perusing his most recent blog, it's pretty clear he doesn't give a shit about his job.

Titled “2015 rocked – A short candid review of the good stuff going on in my life during the past year ;)” Hooser's blog post covers, in this order: his kids getting married, crashing the Syngenta shareholders' meeting in Switzerland, serving as president of HAPA, “doing” two Grateful Dead concerts, going to the beach and watching Baby Hoos (Dylan) play soccer on Sunday afternoons.

Only then does he bring up his actual job — serving as an elected member of the Kauai County Council. Hooser offers this description of his term to date:

Had an interesting year on the Kauai County Council. Would not call it particularly productive but it was never dull. Though I tried really, really hard, it seems the 4 man majority that controls the agenda had other ideas. Two of the worst of those ideas was a repeal of the “barking dog ordinance” and new rules forbidding Councilmembers from asking questions during public testimony.

Gee, his enthusiasm for his job is palpable. Yawn.... And let's not forget his contribution to the inanity: the fireplace ban bill.

Why, pray tell, would you want to re-elect someone who admits he's totally ineffective and considers his commitment to the voting public and taxpayers less relevant to his life than watching his adult son play soccer, but slightly more meaningful than eating pecan pie in Georgia?

Hooser also takes credit for what he estimates is a 20% reduction in the seed companies'  footprint on Kauai. Oh, yes, Da Hoos is more powerful than global commodity prices. Not.

There's only one reason why Gary wants to be re-elected. Actually, make that two: Easy money and good benefits; and use of the County Council letterhead and title to advance his HAPA agenda.

Mason, meanwhile, took to The Garden Island with a mealy-mouthed, namby-pamby piece about how the Council isn't really working together well. He writes:

Like many organizations, we lack the commitment to building a healthy organization that problem-solves in a collaborative way.

No shit.

Though Mason uses the universal “we,” it's clear from his piece that he considers himself, a “leadership development practitioner,” above the petty dysfunction of his colleagues. Hence his proposal:

I have suggested that our council convene informally to work through these processes with the hope of bringing clarity, agreement, and action toward how we do business. Instead of governing as a team for the best interests of Kauai, we are in constant competition with each other. This can often result in ineffective political compromises that serve no one.

First, the “sunshine law” makes it tough to “convene informally.” Second, why doesn't Mason start setting a good example by demonstrating his leadership skills day-to-day in the Council? Most of the time, he just sits there like a bump on a log.

And has Mason forgotten his own role in creating the current competitive, dysfunctional climate on the Council? By which I mean his ethically questionable decision to fill Nadine Nakamura's seat on the Council for the sole purpose of overturning the mayor's veto of Bill 2491. His stance undoubtably played well with some voters, but it didn't endear him to Mel, Ross and KipuKai Kualii, who were on the other side of the issue and now comprise, with Arryl, the majority voting bloc.

That leads us to KipuKai, whom I really want to like. But I was uneasy about his ethics the last time he was on the Council, supporting former Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri in her misdeeds while his employer, the YWCA, was getting money from Shay's office.

Now he's involved with Kumu Camp, a downscale visitor accommodation project in Anahola that has irked residents and apparently skirted wastewater rules and regs. KipuKai is one of the developers, along with Robin Danner, who appears to be the author of a lovely missive sent on behalf of the Anahola Hawaiian Homestead Association.

It included an assessment of a state archaeologist's presentation on burials:

One of the smartest briefings we've seen, and totally educational on the burial process, which is not to stop development, but to care for our iwi kupuna when they are found.

Yeah, just dig 'em up and move 'em. No problem.

In fact, the AHHA board decided to notify DHHL and SHPDf inadvertent burials are located anywhere along the northern or eastern coastline, whether on Hawaiian Homes or not, we are happy to develop an awesome re-internment site at Kumu Camp!

I kid you not.  

Danner goes on:

Kumu Camp Report included a discussion about Pat Hunter Williams continuing her hateful lies about Kumu Camp, and her efforts to close down our campground.  Not a pono gal, as she has never come forward to speak with our board, or our President Kipukai Kualii, only to rant falsehoods about our people in blogs and such.  Its [sic] clear this non-Hawaiian doesn't know the HHCA very well, and that we as homesteaders we have a right to our trust lands for nonprofit and mercantile purposes.  She continues to lie about burials there, spreading misinformation about the Kumu Camp EA, and falsely claiming that there is some type of food operation.  The woman is pushing a petition to close Kumu Camp down and to deny native Hawaiians our right to operate the campground.  Pilau.  

Whoa. And people say I'm harsh. At least I'm accurate — and I put my name behind what I say, rather than hiding behind a community group.

In any case, this association does not reflect well on KipuKai. Will he distance himself between now and the election, or dig his hole deeper?

Ultimately, it all depends on who decides to challenge the incumbents. Chief Perry will soon be retiring from KPD, giving him plenty of time to again hit the campaign trail. Luke Evslin could probably win, but I'm not sure he has the stomach for the job.

Who else is out there?


Anonymous said...

If Perry retires and Michael Contrades (half cop half mafia shot caller) becomes Chief, I am a dead person and the rest of you on his list are dead or gonna get set up for faux charges. Best Believe Dat.

Anonymous said...

Good blog post Joan. The council has almost always had a 4 man majority ,where at least 4 of them , no matter who they are, agree to a large extent. It is not a conspiracy or weird, just a normal occurrence. In the present council, it is 4 members sharing like values, with Mason not sure what his values are, or his loyalties, is it the peeps who got him in office, or his local roots,regardless he seems very conflicted and doesn't usually help the council conflicts. Joann seems to have early old age memory problems, and works to undermine herself every chance she gets. It is a shame the only way to cut off her endless commentary and questions was to impact the rest of civil discourse as well. This council should use their majority to enact some good policies besides wasting so much time on dogs and useless stuff. Gary, well, why does he even want to be on council except it gives him a good enough salary he can bullshit elsewhere for free.
There must be some good leaders out there. I don't think its Felicia, she would be another Joann, maybe worse. I challenge your readers to start thinking who could run and win and start nominating them. I start with you, whoa that would liven up the group!!

Anonymous said...

10:29 What are you talking about? Like Chief Perry, Mike Contrades is one of the good guys, and no one is getting any false charges against them.

Anonymous said...

clinton will probably be disqualified for mishandling classified information, so will the dems elect sanders with his 90% tax on the 1% ?? probably not, maybe thats why omalley is sticking around......so will the dnc compel biden, gore or maybe kerry to jump in late ? trump or cruz on the repub side and both would probably beat whomever the dnc comes up with...im thinking the next potus will be reepublican even if clinton manages to get on the ticket because if she does , it will confirm the corruption and selective enforcement of the doj, fbi, state dept. and obama

Anonymous said...

Hoping Arthur Brun runs again.

Anonymous said...

You people really don't know or are just plain stupid.

Can't help ignorant sheep.

debra kekaualua said...

Yahoo Joan, RIGHT on POINT, especially dannerinians and her 'speaking for all Hawaiians' while lap dancing in the oval office under that famous Lewinsky table. She is expecting to become Chief of her very own anahola tribal corporate reservation, and American who does not have blood quantum to qualify in any of the ops that anahola was offering THE COMMUNITY. Robbing and Jaded Danners now their hui and Kipuka are the worst more corrupted than our council and those clowns. SHEEPLE and corporate lunatics. Meanwhile, Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii authored by Francis Boyle a highly experienced International Attorney, that finally put the guts of all that is manifesting Truth and Integrity. A jaw whopping 190 pages. Filled in all the blanks I had. Aloha, keep blogging

debra kekaualua said...

I've been eating DANNER breakfast lunch and dinner for three years and have never in my activist history seen anything like this particular agenda Pilau, no HEWA!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the crazy "mafia man" posts here every week about some huge criminal only he knows about?

Anonymous said...

He will and he will get in this time.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. It should be "gag" instead of "burp".

Chuck Lasker said...

Part 1 of 2 part comment:
I truly hope that having a baby is not all it takes to get support for prosecutor on Kauai. As far as your statement, "Justin Kollar is going to be re-elected as prosecutor. Why? There's no compelling reason to defeat him," you must not be looking very hard. All it takes is looking at what Kollar promised, and if he has delivered on the promises he campaigned on, the issues he campaigned on. Let's look at that for a moment.

Midweek article

"Midweek: What would you do to retain staff if elected prosecutor?"

"J.K.: That’s a very important issue in our prosecutor’s office … You’ve got police who stay in their jobs for 20, 25, 30 years. You need to build a team of attorneys who are going to be career prosecutors. Judges on this island, and defense attorneys, have been here a long time. You’ve got to have deputy prosecutors who can go in there and stand toe-to-toe … You have to make them feel like they can put down roots here, which means treating them well in the office, and making them understand as long as they’re working hard, they’re going to be supported, they’re going to get the tools they need to succeed."

Ten of the 13 deputy prosecuting attorneys on staff when Kollar took office have resigned. Another came and left. The office now only has two deputy attorneys with real trial experience. Kollar ran on retaining staff, and has failed to do so.

Is it really a problem? Well, Kollar has no deputy that has been the lead attorney on a murder trial, yet there are 3 murder cases currently pending trial. Kollar has only 2 deputies with real jury trial experience. That's a problem for many reasons, most especially because it emboldens defense attorneys to push for sweeter plea deals, knowing the prosecutor's office will avoid court at almost any cost. Criminals know, too, that their odds of serious consequences for crime are much lower when there's a weak prosecutor's office.

Chuck Lasker said...

Part 2 of 2 part comment:
"Midweek: Would there ever be a situation where you would be the lead attorney in court?"

"J.K.: Absolutely. The prosecutor is responsible for management, but I believe the prosecutor shaould have a court presence, a positive court presence. If they’re going to take cases, they should go and work on the cases, not just show up for a high-profile sentencing here and there, or show up when there is high drama on the calendar. But be there — it is just a smart management thing. You can see how the judges are acting, how the attorneys are behaving in court. You have to really have the heartbeat and dynamic because you are the manager, so you should do to court. ... To me, being the prosecutor is about more than going to conferences and seminars and public events. It’s about doing the people’s business in court, and to do that effectively you need to go to the courthouse. You don’t need to spend all your time there, but you do need to be a presence. Otherwise, the judges and attorneys start to wonder where is this person?"

Just check Kollar's record. He's tried two cases, a misdemeanor and a class C felony, and lost both. He's not in court. He ran on the promise of being in court more than the previous prosecutor, and he has failed to do so.

You wrote, "and challenger Lisa Arin isn't offering anything better."

First, reelection shouldn't be the default. If a prosecutor fails, he should not be reelected. Even so, Lisa Arin, the alternative, has more than twice as many years of experience as a practicing criminal attorney than Kollar. Arin was a Public Defender and a defense attorney for over 14 years, which is extremely valuable as a prosecutor. She worked as a deputy prosecutor for 6 years at the Kauai Prosecutor’s Office until last year. And she has significant actual trial experience of over 50 jury trials, and handled the most serious cases including murder, sexual assault and robbery.

To me, experience is certainly offering something better.

Ultimately, the question that should be asked about any prosecuting attorney's administration is, are you safer than when Kollar took office?

Anonymous said...

You're a good little slave.

Anonymous said...

Karma: Kauai gets what we deserve.

Kollar is a bitch boy for KPD but Shaylene was a Kauai Mafia Barking and Biting DOG.

Chuck Lasker said...

By the way, Luke Evslin would be a fantastic Councilman. Has anyone asked him if he's interested?

Anonymous said...

Chuck, you are right on point. The facts don't lie. Check Kollar's travel records. Check his court appearances. Check his management failures. Too bad Joan won't look into Justin's shortcomings as she did with the former Prosecutor.

Joan Conrow said...

Justin's shortcomings are not so nearly as egregious as the former Prosecutor's. Yes, he's lost staff, but he hasn't had a host of EEOC complaints associated with it. And while Lisa has had some trial victories, it's my understanding that some of her convictions were overturned on appeal.

I don't think anything Chuck has outlined is sufficient to boot Justin. Look at what Shay did, and she still got a lot of votes.

Joan Conrow said...

PS: I did check his travel records, along with other elected county officials.


He spent $1,725.40 on airfare in the first six months of 2014, and $2,493.78 on air travel for second half of 2014 and first two months of 2015, for a total of $4,219.18. Car rental for that same 14-month period totaled $413, and per diem of $797.38.

His travel was all inter-island, attending an access to justice conference, trainings on elderly abuse and impaired driving, the opening of the Legislature, testifying on a domestic violence bill, a law forum hearing, meetings with the Hawaii Prosecuting Attorneys Association and a session at the Hawaii Supreme Court. Grand total for 14 months: $5,429.56

Chuck Lasker said...

"I don't think anything Chuck has outlined is sufficient to boot Justin." I don't see elections as firing the incumbent. The idea that the incumbent has the job and electing someone new is firing him is what keeps people in office way too long. I look at each election on its own, who is the most qualified, the best candidate, for THIS election. We should make our choice by comparing candidates side by side, not giving one a leg up just because he is there already. But we all have our methods of choosing. For me, "not as bad as Shay was" is just not enough of a reason. You may be right, though, that the electorate here might keep Justin, just because he's already there and hasn't committed any crimes or cost us a million dollars in lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Arin maybe did trials as a defense attorney in Southern California but when it comes to trial prosecutions she handled only a handful in her 5+ years at OPA. Of those, they either ended in mistrials or got reversed on appeal.

And everyone loses staff in Hawaii. The difference is, most of the ones who left Justin's team did so for personal reasons and have nothing but good things to say about the office

And for the current staff, at least 8 are longtime prosecutors or people who have done lots of trials right here in Hawaii. I know politics is politics but let's get things straight.

Anonymous said...

You should check the Prosecutor's Facebook posts from his first year in office. He traveled a lot more back then.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joan Conrow for Council

Anonymous said...

"Are you safer than when Kollar took office?"


Anonymous said...

Another sand lot wangster for council? WTF you locals are so stupid.

Coming from someone who was born and raised on Kauai.

Anonymous said...

Joan I guess you are not a very good fact checker or are you deliberately misleading everyone? Justin has gone on many trips to the mainland all paid with grant funds! Your a face book friend of his and you have not noticed his many posts at one conference or another when you were "fact checking"?

And as far as the claim of experienced trial DPAs still remaining in the office, besides I count 2.

Anonymous said...

6:54 get the hell off the island I love the locals you're stupid!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding 10:23? KPD brass are all Shay supporters. Justin has no support over there.

Anonymous said...

i don't know who TF Chuck Lasker is but I'm guessing he's not a lawyer or court employee, which means he's getting his talking points from the Arin faction and parroting them. Yawn.

In any case, I'll wager that Justin's the only elected prosecutor in Hawaii that spends much time in both District and Circuit Court. He's not perfect but I see him in the courtroom working hard and supporting his people.

Oh by the way both Justin and his first deputy are doing just fine with the active murder cases they're handling, which adds up to a lot more murders than Arin ever prosecuted here (zero).

Anonymous said...

He almost blindly followed Shay's path but the KPD's manipulation back fired.

It would have been WORLD news had he filed charges.

And if you all thought Abiatello and Bynum's lawsuits was costly; the unforeseen would have been at least 10X that amount.

He was Jake Delaplane LUCKY.

Joan Conrow said...

7:21--I prefer to use actual public records documenting funds expended rather than anecdotal info gleaned from FB posts.

Anonymous said...

Joan, Perhaps you should expand your "fact checking" to grants or here is a novel idea, ask him, Justin is it true that you have been taking trips to to the mainland on state, county, or grant funds? How many did you take last year? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

8:42...Just fine you say. I guess it is just fine to keep letting active murder cases be continued. That is Justin and his First DPAs brilliant plan of action on handling all the serious cases.Don't believe? Watch.

Anonymous said...

Joan, you rely on FB and blog posts to crucify Hooser. Justin's FB posts with pictures from all his travels are not anecdotal or hearsay. They are factual comments coming from Justin himself. I love your blog Joan, but please be fair and consistent.

Joan Conrow said...

Yes, I do use Facebook posts.

But when documenting travel, I find that checking actual expense records is a far more accurate method of ascertaining what went down. And yes, I did include grant funds in my calculations of his travel.

Here's a novel ideal for you. If you are consumed with such burning curiosity, and are his Facebook friend, why don't YOU just ask him what you want to know? Or would that expose you as a member of Lisa Arin's campaign?

Anonymous said...

Case in point being that they have created a coup.

What and who this coup is; you go and find out.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of disappointed in Justin for I supported him when he campaigned against that evil bitch Shay.

I guess anyone would have been better than Shaymel.

But I hope he learns and exceeds the standards if he wins next election.

Anonymous said...

Joan get your head out of the Hanalei sand and stop playing Ostrich with your friend Justin. Last year Justin went on at least four--some say as many as six--trips to the mainland curtesy of tax payer funds and you are covering for him or maybe you are deliberately playing see no evil so you can pretend you don't know.

Go ahead, hide behind your claim that you looked but didn't find, when you asked but did not like the answer. The truth will out.

Joan Conrow said...

Joan ConrowJanuary 7, 2016 at 9:18 PM
The period of Justin's travel that I reviewed covered all of 2014 and the first two months of 2015. Nothing excessive there, as documented by public records.

Since then, he took one trip to the lifesavers conference in Chicago, paid for by the state DOT. I believe you also attended, Melinda Mendes, and your participation truly was a waste of taxpayers money since you shortly after quit the OPA in a fit of temper. He took another trip to Chicago paid for by the state judiciary. On the way back from the DOT conferenced, he presented at a two-day event in Sacramento. There it is. That's the extent of his mainland work travel. Take it or leave it, Melinda. It's not excessive.

Ya know, instead of worrying about my head, you might want to get yours out of your ass, because it's really clouding your view of reality.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most of the top candidates, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has a long history of speaking out against big corporations, factory farming, and the Biotech giants. Unlike another candidate running on the democratic platform Hilary Clinton who fully supports GMOs, Sanders believes that the biotech companies are “transforming our agricultural system in a bad way.” He says that he stands for the right of the people to know what is in our food (through mandatory GMO labeling that he helped pass in Vermont, an effort that the GMO giants are trying to block through the DARK Act) and supports family-owned and organic agriculture.

During a private dinner event on December 27th, Sanders spoke about how to make sure our food is healthy and our farming is ethical, as well as other big issues that his campaign stands for.

“The debate should be – how do we make sure that the food our kids are eating is healthy food. And having the courage to take on these huge food and biotech companies who are transforming our agricultural system in a bad way,” Sanders says

Chuck Lasker said...

I have two words for you, Joan, regarding Kollar and Arin. Intellectual honesty. Everyone here can see your twisting and turning to deflect and manipulate "data" to fit your pro-Justin narrative. My question is why? What skin do you have in the game, that you're willing to be anti-like in your responses?

Joan Conrow said...

And how exactly am I doing that Chuck? I reported previously what I got from public records. In response to these comments I asked Justin about more recent travel and posted that. How am I manipulating data?

Joan Conrow said...

And btw, I personally really don't care who is elected prosecutor. But I do not like being badgered by Melinda, who is too chicken to post under her own name, into carrying out her grudge match against Justin.

Anonymous said...

Justin will be reelected. He hasn't committed any crimes and he hasn't been sued.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Joan. You are more than happy to use rumor and innuendo with other public servants but with Justin you say I am not going to believe it is pure rumor or innuendo. You justify for him at every turn but no you don't care what happens in the election...right.

Anonymous said...

Rumor or reality?

Justin is continuing the Galas trial until after the election...
Justin is continuing the Magayanes trial by pulling the baby daddy card...
Justin will offer a plea agreement to a less serious charge to avoid doing a murder trial in Manuel

Joan Conrow said...

I'm wrong about exactly what, 9:40? You cited rumors about Justin's travel, I asked him directly and got an answer that didn't jibe with the rumor.

Like I said, I really don't care who is elected Prosecutor. And as I've also said, I don't see anything about Justin that warrants the sort of investigation that I did with Shay. If Lisa has a good platform and qualifications, she should get the word out about what makes her bette. And a word of advice: she might want to distance herself from rabid ax-grinders like Melinda, who are actually working against her campaign, especially with me.

Chuck Lasker said...

Manipulating data is not always altering it, Joan. Data can be manipulated by leaving information out, or choosing a specific time period that fits your narrative, like "all of 2014 and the first two months of 2015." Then you take that small data set and make broad claims like, "His travel was all inter-island," knowing good and well that people will think that meant his entire term.

And when you got called out on it, did you admit your mistake and correct it? No, you relented and added more trips, as if it was no big deal you'd left them out, yet you still only added trips from another limited time period, then disingenuously said, "That's the extent of his mainland work travel." That is what I call intellectual dishonesty.

Even while relenting to the pressure of being more honest about Justin's travel, you were so unhappy you got called out on something, you threw in irrelevant, petty personal attacks against a Kauai attorney you happen to disagree with. I wonder who that sounds like. Rhymes with Loser.

"Ya know, instead of worrying about my head, you might want to get yours out of your ass, because it's really clouding your view of reality." - Would any adult call that a rational response?

Joan Conrow said...

Chuck, you are starting with some incorrect assumptions that I believe are based in your own stated support for Lisa.

First, I wrote that post about travel in March 2015, and I chose a time period that allowed me to compare two people who were already in office, Justin and Bernard, and the newly elected Councilmembers. I provided links to the documents so people could see exactly what his expenses were. There was no attempt to hide or manipulate anything, and his travel during that time was all inter island. When I clearly stated the time period I covered, why would I assume that "people will think that meant his entire term?"

I had not planned to do any thing more on anyone's travel, but in response to repeated comments raised on this post, last night II asked Justin to fill in the gaps from March 2015 to December 2015, as people were saying that he made 4-6 mainland trips last year. I reported that, and where he went. That was the extent of his mainland work travel last year, so there was nothing intellectually dishonest about reporting that.

Justin's baby was born yesterday. I'm sorry if you're unhappy that I didn't press him to recall every trip he took from the time he was elected.
There was no mistake made on my part, and so no reason to correct it.

As for my response about get your head out of your ass, by that time I was sick and tired of anonymous whiners complaining that I wasn't giving them information they wanted and alleging that I was trying to cover something up or had my head in the sand, like I was deliberating ignoring something bad about Justin. It's not my job to drop everything and answer every question somebody has about a candidate -- especially when I know damn well it IS coming from Melinda and members of the Arin campaign B.cause who else even cares?

You're the one who is being intellectually dishonest, Chuck, in trying to make something appear more than what it was and assign motives that frankly aren't there.

Anonymous said...

My predictions? Bernie will win this one as the American public finds its way out of its reality TV stupor. Incredibly it will be close, with the Donald as his Republican opponent come November. Trump will do nor more to self-destruct than any of his fellow debaters.

Neither Mel nor Ross will garner as many votes as last time; the longer people watch them in action, the wiser they get about how power hungry "lap dancing scandal" Mel is and how simple Ross is upstairs. Unfortunately, they will bot continue to "serve" and confound.

Arryl may be the top vote-getter this time around; he is slick, however unfortunate the way he leans toward the old plantation-era mentality of luna and working class.

Mason, Gary, and JoAnn will be all re-elected, much to your chagrin, Joan. And your language will no doubt become even cruder.

KipuKai may be (justifiably) on his way out again, but likely to be replaced by Arthur Brun, who appears to bring nothing to the table but a pro-GMO stance.

Felicia may surprise you this time around, and I'd love to see some fresh faces with brains to match come to the contest, if for no other reason than to provide a contrast to the same old, same old, especially the Gang of Four voting bloc. Tiana Laranio comes to mind.

Joan Conrow said...

"Felicia may surprise you this time around, and I'd love to see some fresh faces with brains"

You mean she's finally grown some brains?

Anonymous said...

6:06am Your predictions are a joke. You must be an arrogant Transplant that supports Hooser. Felicia has no chance, and she knows it. Hooser, Yukimura, and Chock are all out too, just watch.

Anonymous said...

Tiana is too busy selling pyramid scheme "nutritional" supplements and shakes to care much about politics I'm afraid.