Saturday, January 28, 2017

Musings: Cultivating Hate

I got a text last night from a farmer, a kind and good man who has spent his entire life in agriculture. He was in a state of despair after watching Hawaii News Now regurgitate Center for Food Safety propaganda about pesticides:

Just saw the dog and pony show on the evening news put on by the antis, tears and all. Didn't help that the station showed irrigation sprinklers while talking about spraying.

It really upset me to see it. It put me in such a funk. I'm beginning to really hate these fuckers!

Sadly, that's the reaction of decent people when they see frauds and demagogues like CFS director Ashley Lukens repeatedly spew their distortions and lies— all while pretending they actually care about agriculture and people. The antis are so bent on pushing their own agenda that they totally ignore the harm and distress they're inflicting on real farmers.

Unfortunately, ignorant and/or hoodwinked TV news “reporters” like Rick Daysog, Keahi Tucker and Mahealani Richardson contribute to this dynamic with sensationalized, inaccurate reports.
Daysog never mentioned that Ashley is a paid lobbyist working for a group whose raison d'ĂȘtre is destroying GMO agriculture. He never noted that seed companies already have voluntarily agreed to both disclosure and buffer zones. Does he not know this? Or did he ignore it because it didn't fit the narrative that CFS fed him?

Daysog opened with a crying wahine, whimpering "my son is not a lab rat." But he never tells us why she might have these fears, or who she is, so we can judge her credibility. It's a blatantly manipulative emotional ploy.

Daysog then featured big body bully Klayton Kubo — a guy who makes his living exposing himself to toxins in paint — making all sort of BS claims about “where you think that dust is drifting and the overspray? Coming right on us, my son, my neighbor's kids.” In fact, dust samples taken from his home and others in Waimea Valley have never revealed any ag pesticides.

And Daysog and Hawaii News Now blatantly deceived viewers by talking about pesticide spray and drift while showing irrigation sprinklers — creating the false impression in viewers' minds that this is how pesticides are applied. Do they not care about accuracy? Or are they deliberately trying to mislead?

The station leads with Ashley saying the conversation has shifted from the danger of consuming GMOs — a nonexistent danger that reputable groups like National Academy of Scientists put firmly to rest — to the danger of producing GMOs. Because that's an area where she can stir up all kinds of fears, and raise money for CFS. 

Mehealani Richardson intones: "Our top story tonight: Growing push back from families tired of not knowing what chemicals are being sprayed in their communities." Which families, exactly? Certainly not those working in agriculture.

Then Keahi Tucker chimes in with a flat out lie: "Hawaii's big ag companies have been resisting pressure to disclose the pesticides they use..."

Bullshit. Did Hawaii News Now miss the Department of Ag announcement that seed companies voluntarily agreed to disclose? And again, why is the focus only on ag chemicals, when termite and pest control companies use more than anyone?

Daysog doesn't give ag a chance to counter these claims until he's more than half-way through his 2:39 clip — after all the tears and false accusations and misleading footage.

He then features Kona Sen. Josh Green stating, “Glyphosate's toxic. It's been banned in a bunch of countries.” Daysog never challenges Green's claim.

But in fact, only Bermuda, which has very little agriculture, has banned the use of glyphosate.

In Malta, “products containing both the active substance glyphosate and the co-formulant POE-tallowamine, which exacerbates the effects of glyphosate, were being banned. This includes some of the most commonly used commercial pesticides, including Roundup and Roundup Max, but leaves the door open to pesticides that contain glyphosate only.”

Sri Lanka last year relaxed its ban, announcing “the importation of ready-to-use products containing glyphosates would again be permitted.”

Colombia first banned, then reinstated, its use on the illegal coca crop.

Other European countries have banned it for non-commercial use, which doesn't include agriculture.

So is Josh Green — who has announced he's eying a run for governor — pandering, lying, ignorant or simply sharing “alternative facts?” 

And that's what gets me, and the farmer, and so many others. Even as the activists decry the “alternative facts” spread by Trump, they're doing the exact same thing. And even as they claim to be engaged in a movement rooted in “love,” their lies, deception and unfair, dirty tactics are breeding hate.

The antis, who have shown themselves to be largely devoid of introspection and self-awareness, need to take a good look in the mirror. It's never easy, especially for narcissists like Ashley, because it's not a pretty reflection. But until they do, and adjust their behavior accordingly, they're no better than the propagandists and demagogues they march against.


Anonymous said...

If the report would have been 3-4 years ago then it would have had substance but as of right now it's dated.

Anonymous said...

saw the story on the news, so much alternative facts....yes, Kubo is a painter by trade...he posted a picture awhile ago on FB of himself with the respirator mask during a painting job he was doing....who is the one spraying poison? LOL

Joan Conrow said...

As Kubo rails against pesticides, has he ever thought about the communities where the paint is manufactured, or the impact on Kauai when he disposes of the products he uses, or, as you note, his own role in "spraying poison"? It's always point the fingers at others with these guys, while never examining their own actions.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, ms. joan....and when you rinse your equipment, paint brushes etc., where does it go? Poisoning the ground

Anonymous said...

Klayton is a bully. He beat people up in parking lots and now he's a saint? Come on. As like Dustin Barca too. Violent bullies. Don't give in.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is a liar. Only Joan and Big Ag/Chem/Pharm tell the truth.

Unknown said...

Watching the Hawaii News Now clip: Hawaii has it's own Kellyanne Conway drenching us with alternative facts. (Is the new hair dye a coincidence?) Is Ashley auditioning for a biglyer stage for spreading manure? Maybe Western Region bullshit director as a stepping stone?

Anonymous said...

So ironic, everyone is being brainwashed by lobbyist Ashley and her Washington lawyer bosses to think the "evil big chem companies" here (seed growers) have so much power and influence. HA! If they did, do you really think they would be beat up so much by the likes of Klayton Kubo and his small-time ilk?

Heck, they can't even hire a decent PR company to sit down with the media to educate them and the public so we can move on from this distracting, disingenuous, time and energy-wasting, confidence-undermining, local economy-threatening crap.

Anonymous said...

Really surprised a once-credible journalist like Rick Daysog would put out a ridiculous, slanted report like that. Shame on him and the station.

Anonymous said...

HNN doesn't give a shit about accuracy or fairness. Or news.
They want drama. Just drama.
And kittens, puppies, bunnies and the rest of the cutesy shit they fill the morning show with.

Anonymous said...

HNN, after all, is a FOX affiliate - auwe, so much for alternate facts!

Anonymous said...

Have you actually met and been in the presence of Ashley Lukins? Quite sad, actually. To fathom that she gets (non) news worthy attention, such as by Hawaii News Now examplifies the sad state of lazy journalism. As mean as the comments are about her and her movement, it only plays into her claim of being a "victim" of viciousness.

Ashley, you reap what you sow. You think of yourself as progressive? Well, about as progressive as Trump, sowing divisiveness, unsubstantiated claims regarding GMOs and pesticides (paranoia), magalomania snd narcissism. Really don't get you posting pics of yourself and family - what is the message really? Sad!

Anonymous said...

Um no actually KHON is the Fox affiliate. HNN is CBS/NBC. Lazy journalism and filling air time on a slow news day isnt an exclusive franchise of Fox.

Anonymous said...

Where, oh where has journalism gone - gone to hell with Hawaii News
Now? Do the reporters (Rick, Keahi, Maharani) really believe that nonesence they report on? What a sorry state of affairs!

And what's with the Ashley Lukins makeover hairdo-do - channelling Trump?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you mean KHON has now gone the way of the Garden/garbage Island Newspaper (which only newsworthy section is the obits!).

Anonymous said...

Josh Green is the biggest flake in the State, bar none. I am so tired of this hand wringer. GO AWAY.

Anonymous said...

Watch Dummkopf Donald cultivating hate. Herr Trump is a pro.

Anonymous said...

"GMO critics push for more pesticide transparency" What about their transparency? Come on Ashley, show us your donors!

Anonymous said...

The antis are seeing a resurgence, even in the media. Now, they're not only railing against farming, they're railing against everything that built America and made this country great.

Steve Bannon and Joan have it nailed: MEDIA, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

Joan Conrow said...

Dear 9:03,
No, I am not saying, Media keep your mouth shut. I'm saying, Media, be accurate and fair, and don't give demagogues of any political persuasion unchallenged access.

Anonymous said...

Joan, Transparency is best, I agree. You have said you have received no benefits from companies. But I am still not clear about your relationship with Cornell. Have you received any benefits or perks from them? It is good to reveal all since you expect others to do so too. Thanks for being honest with us.

Joan Conrow said...

As I have stated many times, I have a professional contract with the Cornell Alliance for Science. Our funding sources are fully disclosed on our website, which I encourage you to peruse. You may just learn something!

The Cornell Alliance for Science is an initiative based at Cornell University, a non-profit institution. The Cornell Alliance for Science has no affiliation with any biotechnology industry organizations. In the interest of transparency, all of the funding organizations, along with the total amounts accepted, are listed below and is updated regularly: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $5.6 M / American Endowment Foundation $5,000 / Ian Gazard $5,000 / The Triad Foundation $2,500 / John Hilliard $2,000 / John Crary $1,000/ Surveillant LLC / John Friedrich Behringer $1,000/ Professor Larry P. Walker $1,000

Oh, and since we're on the topic, my work with the Alliance has nothing to do with my blog, which is a completely independent and personal initiative -- despite an insistence otherwise by Gary Hooser, Felicia Cowden and others who are perennially misinformed.

Now that you know so much about me, why don't you come clean and tell us who you are, and why you're so obsessed with my finances? Who pays you to troll my blog? And maybe you could focus a little of your diligence on HAPA and CFS, which do not disclose their funders. why? What have they got to hide?

Anonymous said...

9:03 you agree with Steve Bannon? That Trump's lies should go unchallenged? Does First Amendment mean nothing to you? Do Trump's conflicts of interest bother you? Are you okay with his banning Muslims except from countries where he does business? Or with his looking the other way when Russia manipulates American elections? Now, more than ever, we need a vigilant media that calls out the likes of Trump and Bannon.

Anonymous said...

Joan, You say you have a professional contract with Cornell, but fail to explain what financial or other benefits you receive from that contract. What are the terms of that contract? Is that information available at the Cornell website you have provided? Mahalo.

Joan Conrow said...

I'm sorry, but I don't disclose personal financial information to anonymous trolls. Meanwhile, still waiting for your disclosure! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Joan, You are the one offering "anonymous" status to commenters. Here is a good idea. Why not eliminate "anonymous" comments and only allow those with real names? That would greatly improve the quality of your blog. Anonymous commenters appear to be of two basic types. Those who are abusive, offensive and snide, often to other commenters. and hiding behind the facade of anonymity. And those who are polite and respectful, but not willing to be personally abused by anonymous commenters. Requiring all to use their names would possibly lessen or eliminate this sad state of affairs. What do you think?

Joan Conrow said...

I think, why didn't you use your name? Some people do.

Anonymous said...

How about the TGI arrest logs that's 4-6 months behind.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are fun.
Besides, many of these Anonymous Folks are purty well known...and Joan's blog lets them be free.
Everyone reads this blog. It is informative.
Trolls may lurk, but Ms Joan is fair and free with her moderation.
Peace on earth, except to the NS busy bodies, Fistees and other liars.

Anonymous said...

The HNN people are paid to act on TV. That is what they do best to get the attention of the public. Sad to say at the expense of the "farmers". Bullshit sells. Truth not so. Love being anonymous............

Anonymous said...

Every negative issue on Kauai or the rest of the State like the Airport protests are led by Hippy Haoles who act like they know what's best for The Locals. It's so fricken irritating the Zukerberg protests, etc. it's all just getting nuts. Locals need to unite and say F-these clowns move back to the mainland we don't need your bulkshit.

John Kauai said...

Speaking of hate, just in case folks aren't following what's going on across the country.

Shooter sent Facebook message to Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos before gunfire at UW protest, police say

Democratic Party Scrambles To Catch Up With The Anti-Trump Wave

Trump: McCain and Graham 'looking to start WWIII’

This story is about at least 50 State Department employees who declare that Trump's muslim ban is playing into the hands of ISIS and is going to cause many more problems.
BREAKING NEWS: Full Text of Draft Dissent Channel Memo on Trump Refugee and Visa Order

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on a California court's ruling that despite Monsanto's efforts to prevent it, the state can list glyphosate on the Proposition 65 list of chemicals that are known to the state to cause cancer? California's desire to list glyphosate as a carcinogen is based on the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer characterization of the chemical as a “probable human carcinogen.”

Anonymous said...

I was born here and my father was born here during the WWII he couldn't enlist because he was too old and he was a farmer so he provided food for the war effort here on Kauai for the troops that came here without lines of supply set up. He was profiled during the war as was followed wherever he went. He was an American first and i never heard him utter a single word about him being local.

Kalani Ohelo back in the seventies said that local was used by non Hawaiians to feel like they belong in Hawaii.

"Local" is a belief system that is at it's root racist.

I believe that Zuckerburger is in his rights to the quiet title process but if it works out that the Rapozo's and others have a chance at honoring their roots by claiming their inheritance then all power to Zuckerburger. If I was him I would be proud and feel honored to have the Andrade family as my neighbor as well as the descendants of the Rapozo Ohana and others. Preserving history is not only preserving the physical structure or preserving the story or voice but it is also preserving the use. A Kuleana correctly preserved will also preserve the family using the Kuleana.

I have farmed all my life so I am a blue shirt all the way but at the same time what family hasn't been touched by cancer or some other form of illness. My mother told me before she died that she felt sorry for the us because their generation had good food.

Fear of pesticides in our environment is well founded and should be of concern to us all.

I hope my pidgin shows in my writing because i am proud of the way i talk. I was raised with pidgin as my first language and I am proud that it was born in a time when different races came together to understand and work through their differences in order to build a better life.

I am all for the women's march. I am all for concern about pesticides in our environment and I agree that Gary and company has done a huge disservice to our community but I won't be joining any locals against transplants movement.

Anonymous said...

10:54 AM
Yes John, The progressives have lost their collective minds now that Trump is actually enforcing our laws...

Funny how they never change the laws to prevent this but Obama and the Dems instead made it easier for Trump by doing everything they could to invent new powers to skirt the existing laws.

Anonymous said...

5:03 good for you that you accept all the Haole bullshit going on, I'm local and I ain't like you so tough shit.

Anonymous said...

Hate vs. Love. Some hate to love. Some love to hate. Daniel-san, must look deep into your heart to find the answer. There is more fear of rejection in love than in hate. Easier to use escort service.

Anonymous said...

Everyone always wear a respirator.

"After Frank Durr died in a straightjacket in 1924, workers at the
DuPont Deep Water plant thought they knew what killed him.
They figured it was the same thing that killed William
McSweeny—whose sister called the police for help after he went
home sick from his work at a similar Standard Oil facility, then woke up the next
morning violently insane. He died in a straightjacket, too. Fifteen others did as
well, and the dead men shared one more feature: They all had worked in a House
of Butterflies—a building for tetraethyl lead synthesis—so named because its
workers were known for brushing hallucinated insects from their bodies. "

Alternate facts we got them!