Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kingdom Crackdown

I wondered how long it would take for the law to crack down on the Kingdom of Atooi, and sure enough, cops arrested leaders Dayne Aipoalani and Rob Pa on Tuesday, according to a report in today’s Garden Island. And more arrests are reportedly planned of other Kingdom members.

It seems Rob and Dayne were busted on charges of obstructing government operations, disorderly conduct and simple trespass stemming from the Superferry demonstration at Nawiliwili Harbor on Aug. 26, as well as allegedly impersonating a police officer because they flashed their Kingdom credentials.

How fascinating that the shakedown occurred at a planning commission hearing, allowing KPD to not only make the arrests, but a very public statement that any attempts to assert Hawaiian independence will not be tolerated.

I can see why the cops and county might be worried. After all, the Kingdom of Atooi wants to get rid of ice, encourage more citizen participation in decision-making and follow sensible land use planning.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I really liked your article about Henry Noa and the reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom. I am curious about the Kingdom of Atooi. I look forward to learning more about this group.Mahalo.

jonathan jay said...

Back in the 60's it was not the black berets, the leather jackets or the dark glasses & guns that got the FBI so jacked up about the Black Panthers - it was breakfasts for poor inner-city black kids before school. Posture and rhetoric is one thing. Providing needed social services -their 'most revolutionary activity'- unacceptable!

And so it is with the 'Polynesian Panthers' Stopping 'ice' in the community - that is supposed to be the cop's job. If they aren't/can't do it, and Atooi is now on the beat, then what do we need the cops for...? Hmmm, good question, what DO we need the cops for? And so it goes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it was the drug dealing and the murdering of federal witnesses that got the FBI so jacked up about the Black Panthers.

Anonymous said...

okay, sounds like you need to look up "COINTELPRO"!

Anonymous said...

The Kingdom of Atooi (Geshunheit!)

I'll bet Monaco or Lichenstein could beat Atooi (Geshunheit!)like a red-headed step-child in a war.

How long would Atooi (Geshunheit!) last "alone" before some other real country ate them up?

Wasn't the Kingdom of Attoi (Geshunheit!) an attraction at Disney World Epcot Center?

I'll bet even the Marshall Islanders and Microneisans would rather stay put (as territories or pretectorates of USA) rather than be citizens of Atooi (Geshunheit!)

I'll come up with more later...

Anonymous said...

the point isn't whether or not you or I like the approach of any particular sovereignty group - that is, if we're not Kanaka Maoli ourselves.
When something is stolen, the only proper reparation is to return it. This isn't rocket science. The self-determination and land-base of the Kanaka Maoli was stolen. Alot of people got really rich off that theft. Time to give it back, even if it's difficult.

Anonymous said...

All nations exist because some people took something from other people. It is NOT time, nor will it EVER be time, to give ANYTHING back.

How bout we give Texas back to Mexico, or give financial reparations to decendents of slaves, or...etc etc.

Let social darwinism take its course.

jonathan jay said...

Give Turkistan back to the Turks?
Give Anatolia back to the Anatoles?
Give Asia Minor back to the kids?

try go dig a hole for yourself if all you want to do is badger.

My Momma taught me: NAWAF - never argue with a fool. It demeans the both of you, they are better at it.
'You' shall receive no further responses from me. No like humbug.


Anonymous said...

The world has moved on.

The "Kanaka Maoli" are a footnote in history, about as relevant as the Souix.

The point is to understand who is winning and allign oneself with that group.

It is not within my philosphy of the universe that capitalism or the American way of doing things will maintain for the next 100 years or so.

ps -

I thought the "Atooi (Geshunheit!)" thing was pretty funny. It played well in my focus groups.

I'm an equal opportunity abuser.

Anonymous said...

pps -


"It is not within my philosphy of the universe that capitalism or the American way of doing things will NOT maintain for the next 100 years or so."

Anonymous said...

how long wold it take you to "let it go" if I came and took your house from you, kicked you out to the sidewalk and changed the locks?

what kind of impact would it have on your finances and those of your descendants? What impact would it have on mine?

Something tells me you haven't asked any Kanaka Maoli or Indian people whether or not they are "relevant."

Jonathon's right about NAWAF but I couldn't help it! Anyway, I'll stop wasting my energy on this guy now...

Anonymous said...

History is full of stories of people who've had to "let it go" and successfully survived the transition. Freed slaves. Concentration camp survivors. Refugees from any number of large and small wars. And then, there are the millions of stories about "rising from the ashes" following personal/private trauma.

These people never asked for "entitlements" or "reparations". They picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and made something of themselves with brains and hard work.

They didn't blame "the man" for their inability to survive and thrive. They didn't blame anyone or anything. They simply adopted the "new reality" and moved on.

Now, these are the people I admire.

I agree with "anon" in that people should move forward, not trying to regain the past.

Joan Conrow said...

Dear anonymous, re: your comment "I'm an equal opportunity abuser." This is a peace and love blog. Anger, despair, frustration and annoyance are acceptable. Abuse of any kind is not. Mahalo.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the United States government have a treaty of perpetual peace and friendship with the Kingdom of Hawaii? What does perpetual mean for the U.S.? The Kingdom was a recognized peaceful and independant nation.

What the Kingdom of Atooi is doing is what the United States should be doing. Or is being honorable not in their dictionary?

Anonymous said...

I hate to burst everyones bubble, but since I know Dayne personally i am posting anony. Dayne I understand what u are trying to do. Unfortunately you have your history so messed up. I am a true Royalist, loyal to the Restoration of the Kauai Monarchy lines. Right now, there is a line of Kauai ohana, they are the official recognized de facto Royalty. The Ohana name is Kawananakoa. Unfortunately for u, you are not in line for any throne.

THe biggest problem i have with your particular claims are twofold. First, you are claiming direct decent from Kam 1. Only if u are a descendent of Kam 5 could u claim this.
There is a reason why 2 other dynasties succeeded the Kam lines to the throne. The number one reason being there were no live heirs.

THe second HUGE problem I have, is not only your using the Captain Cook mispronunciation of the word "Kauai", into "Atooi", but u are claiming the word means "The Light of GOd."
This of course is entirely false. I'm not sure who is teaching you these things, but i truly am sorry, neither one of these things are true.

Do you see the name "Atooi" on any documents by the royalty? Chants? Moolelos? Meles? anything? How about in the Kumulipo? No, the first place u see it, is on a mqap drawn out by cartographists from Captain Cooks voyages.
THese same individuals, claim that Oahu is "Owhyee, Maui is Mowree, Hawaiii, is Havaiki, and so one. Phonetic mispronounciations by english speaking people that cannot speak the polynesian language.
THe meaning of Atooi being "The LIght of God? Please. THis is a Christian name, and menaing. the word Atooi, means nothing.
If you were to pro[perly translate that meaning into proper "Olelo, it would be "Kukui o Akua Nui No."
THe LIght of the Highest God.

One word would never translate into a sentence in the Hawaiian culture, or even in English for that matter.

Do you find the word Atooi in the Hemolele Baibala, the 1838 version of the bible?

If the word "atooi" truly means the light of God, then it should appear numerous times in the text.

It does not.

None of this mjeans there are not Alii alive today. THey are, and proper recognized ones. If u are interested, there are lists online of the proper geneologies and lines of the true reigning Ohanas. You will be happy to note, however, that the recongnized ruling lines are Kaumualii lines of course.

Kamehameha lines would never be the lines of Kauai. Kamehameha was an usurper, a minor Moi Cheif, welevatied by his prowess on the battlefeild and not his birthright. OUr Kauai lines are much higher than his. Hence your difficulty in claiming Kauai as your Kingdom.

I suppose u could claim "Atooi" as your kingdom. Perhaps in your surrounding neighborhood.

When we do have the restoration of the Monarchy, and you have the opportunity to meet the heirs apperent, I hope that you will be couteous, and bend your knee to your cheif. THen perhaps he may see clear to elevate your status.

Sincerely a freind.
In solidarity with your cause, just nbot your methods

Anonymous said...

fak all u madafakaz dat talk shit about kingdom of atooi and us hawaiians, go bak mainland, hawaiians get rights too and u fakas took are land and are queen, so fak u! dis is hokumalamalamaokalani from kalaheo i rep kukona, manokalanipo and da rest of na alii aimotu o kauai.

jonathan jay said...

mahalo for your spirit, hokumalamalamaokalani, i am proud to be your neighbor.

Unknown said...

no problem, i iz not one guy that belive in talkng cuz da whiteman always goin win, but i get mad when they disrespect are culture and talk bad about are rootz, but in order to be pono gada be pono with all things even da whiteman, i no we neva goin get are land and are kingdoms back but no need make us look shame and be like i took yo land gave you sickness and killed of yo people, they say hawaiians goin be extinct in 4 genarations but i say bulls shit cuz on da west side i get plenty 100% hawaiian friends, e ia no hotu, ma ta wahi o kalaheo, i ke oni o manookalanipo, pa mai ta makani oahamanu, paliku o kawaikini, ku i ka piko, ka i ke koko, ku i ka ha, oia ka!!! dis hokumalamalamaokalani and im out