Thursday, October 11, 2007

Musings: An Outsider's View

The Los Angeles Times ran an article the other day that delves into the unrest over a surge of development, and other recent rapid changes on Kauai, that helped fuel the Superferry protests.

It’s the kind of story that would never run in a Hawaii paper, but it did a pretty good job of expressing the frustration that a lot of folks are feeling. KCC instructor Dennis Chun expressed it well when he said the Superferry was the target of mounting fear over the ongoing loss of so many things that make Kauai so dear to those who love her.

The writer obviously got an earful riding around with Kaiulani Huff, who is not known to mince her words. He started his piece with a comment that she wanted to “crack” a couple of tourists who were pushing her to move her truck so they could back out of their parking space at Kee, a place that has to come to symbolize how the recent explosion of tourism has overwhelmed so many of the island’s natural places.

The reporter quoted several people who agree, as I do, that the ferry’s next voyage will be met with even more opposition, despite the threat of federal jail terms, fines and CPS investigations.

Yet the Legislature and the governor continue to collaborate to figure out how they’re going to exempt the ferry from the law — and they may not even allow any public testimony on their actions.

Are they giving any thought to how citizens might react to this sort of ramrod approach to governance? Or is Lingle confident she and her “unified command” can suppress any dissent, even if it requires violence against the people of Kauai?

I feel deeply troubled that Lingle and the legislative movers and shakers are either ignorant, or disdainful, of the mounting tensions on the island over this issue.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do Joan and for telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I am from Kona and I wish the superferry would disappear. Thanks Joan for keeping us informed. Josephine

Anonymous said...

Hawaii is the only populated archipeligo (sp?) without an interisland vehicle ferry.

While I don't want the whole state to become like Honolulu, neither do I want to stop progress until all negative aspects can be eliminated. Reduce the negatives as much as reasonably possible...that's all I ask.

And eliminate the "cultural" tripe such as "subsistance" gathering (!!!), fishing, etc. Get a job, people!! We're trying NOT to be a third-world "subsistance living" kind of place.

I have lived on the Kona Coast for many years now and strongly, strongly support the HSF.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kona resident with spelling impediment:
I love tripe. You should try tripe stew. Go to your hunting and gatering place (KTA or Safeway and get the ingredients. Our archipelago has lots of subsistence gatherers who would love to give you the recipe.

Anonymous said...

I read the LA Times article and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The local media and the politicians have done a great job of misdirection. If not for people like you the truth would never be told.

Anonymous said...

This kind of anti-HSF thing gives "locals" a bad name...well deserved.

I sincerely hope the legislature changes the law to give "compliance" to the HSF.

That will put the Kawai and Maui tree huggers panties in a twist.

The protesters won't have a legal leg to stand on....jail time for sure!