Sunday, December 23, 2007

Musings: Remember the Dream

Went down to the beach yesterday in the very late afternoon and washed my crystals in the salt water, beneath that bright, full tonight moon. The air was scented with limu exposed by the low tide, and overhead, in a lavender sky, a few straggling boobies headed north to sleep on the cliffs below the Kilauea lighthouse.

My journey to the ocean with a bag full of minerals was all part of that year-end deep clean that started on Friday and likely will continue through today. It’s not a fun process, but I like the end result, and it’s a good use of this rainy weather.

While wiping and sorting and listening to Hawaiian songs about sovereignty and reggae songs about love, I got to thinking about the many issues that are facing us, the best way to use my gifts, that process of guiding my life toward its highest purpose.

Last Sunday I called my friend Camille Copeland on her intuitive guidance KKCR call-in show (it airs noon to 1 p.m.) and posed that very same question. She urged me to first remember the source of my gifts, and reminded me that when those gifts are activated “you don’t have to worry, because what comes from that high place will take you in the right direction.”

She went on to say, “There is nothing else you’re going to be doing except moving to your totality. You can’t get off track. You can get caught up in the excitement that comes from releasing that gift, but constantly come back to the source. You can’t second-guess the gift and its utilization. Just notice if the energy is shifting, and be ready to move in that direction.”

Her words came back to me as I cleaned and listened to the poignant messages of the songs that were playing, and I was reminded that many others feel as I do. Many others do share the same dream/vision of social justice, peace, living in respectful harmony with our Mother, and they desire to align with those of similar hearts and minds.

I took great comfort in that realization, the recognition of that deep connection, and as I knelt at the water's edge, washing stones, it became clear to me that my particular role is to forge links, foster associations. People want, and need, to know that they’re not alone, especially when they’re blazing a trail, treading a faint path, so far out in front that they often walk alone.

If the Superferry controversy had any value, it was to remind those of who seek a different way that we are definitely not alone, and the need now is to keep reinforcing that in every possible way. Everyone doesn’t have to agree, or do everything together. Each of us just needs to do our part and keep reaching out to others, offering support and encouragement, while remembering the dream.

And since there’s always someone out there who can express my sentiments more succinctly, I leave you with this quote, which seems especially apropos in this time of trying to capitalize on the energy sparked by the stance against Superferry:

”If you want to build a ship don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”
-Antoine-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupery


Anonymous said...

Yeah, remember the dream. Home rule, honesty, and openness would be nice. A co-worker asked me last night, "So what's so bad about the Superferry?" I said, "Well, you probably don't have time to hear everything I could say, so I will just say that 1) The whole Superferry issue has been intentionally misrepresented to the people, and 2) It's going to kill whales documented or not. That misrepresentation overruled home rule, honesty, and openness in government. Aloha, Brad

*** said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't know many particulars yet but I did get a report that there quite a few protesters backing up Kai`u when she went to do her program at KKCR this morning.4 cop cars wwere there but no arrests.