Friday, February 8, 2008

Dem Pesky Rudders

According to the Superferry's PR firm, McNeil Wilson, the boat is "taking advantage of the off-peak travel season to [move] up its annual drydock for maintenance and recertification by the U.S. Coast Guard to make permanent repairs related to the vessel’s auxiliary rudders, which will enhance passenger comfort. The Alakai will be drydocked beginning February 13 for approximately two weeks... with service expected to resume March 3."

Dick Mayer of Maui makes note of the "very interesting coincidence" that Feb. 13 happens to be the same day the Superferry Oversight Task Force is scheduled to meet on Maui and conduct a Kahului Harbor inspection.

Now, it seems, they'll have nothing to see.

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Anonymous said...

You know I noticed they are calling this the "off-peak" season. They have not had a full year of operation in Hawaii, so they do not know what their peak and off-peak seasons are. For the rest of Hawaii, this is the peak season. If by "off-peak" they mean that their ridership has been extremely low since Feb.5th, after coming back early from the auxillary rudder damage, then that would be accurate. Aloha, Brad