Sunday, June 15, 2008

Musings: In Search of Truth and Justice

Will the concepts of truth and justice ultimately prevail when it comes to the issue of Hawaii’s self-governance?

That was the foremost question on my mind when I left Nawiliwili Park yesterday evening after watching the orderly workings of the Reinstated Hawaiian Nation’s Legislature — it passed a resolution opposing weapons of mass destruction in Hawaii, among other actions — and listening to several inspiring speakers.

It was on my mind because the two words came up often in the Nation's speeches and deliberations, and it seemed to me that the Reinstated Hawaiian government is grounded in those very same concepts, which America supposedly holds dear.

Those who have been deeply involved with moving the Nation toward international recognition for more than a decade are banking on the belief that truth, justice and the rule of law will ultimately allow them to prevail in their effort to free Hawaii from 115 years of American occupation.

One of those believers is Dan Hempey, a Kauai attorney who has been representing the Nation for the past five or six years.

“People will respond to truth and light,” he told the Nation’s Legislature and other onlookers. “People want to be spiritually pono. People support you but are afraid of what they might lose. Show them the justice of your cause and you will win the most powerful tool of all: public opinion. A sovereign nation that has been stolen must be returned. When you act out of resolve and faith, you can shine the light on injustice.”

Prime Minister Henry Noa concurred.

“They’re not going to give you your country back,” he told those who were assembled. “It all comes down to how we’re going to take our country back, how we’re going to peacefully reclaim what is ours. It is by law that we will achieve our goal. We have achieved all the requirements under international law to be recognized as a sovereign nation.”

So how is the Nation pursuing that process of reclaiming its lands and reasserting its authority to govern them?

First, there’s the ongoing case involving its initial claim to Kaho`olawe. On July 31, 2006, Noa and two other nationals were arrested by the state and charged with entering a restricted area. Nation strategists saw Kahoolawe as a good place to start because it is unoccupied and has special status, which was conferred upon it when the U.S. Navy returned the island to the State of Hawaii, specifically to be held in trust for a sovereign Hawaiian nation.

The idea was to get the matter into court, where the Nation could argue that its nationals can’t possibly be charged with trespassing because they hold claim to the land. It’s taken some 18 months for the motion to dismiss to move through District Court on Maui, with a ruling expected any day. If the Nation loses the motion, the case will go to trial.

Hempey said the process could take six years, if rulings are appealed. But it creates a forum where the legal basis for the Hawaiian Nation, including testimony of experts in international law, is entered into the judicial record.

“Whatever the judge rules, you’re proving a Hawaiian nation is emerging,” Hempey told the crowd.

Meanwhile, Noa said, the Nation is moving forward to further establish its claims to land and jurisdiction. It has erected ahu — stone structures that he said are “spiritual and physical symbols of our action” — on Kahoolawe and at a number of sites on so-called “ceded lands” on Maui. The Nation also planned to build ahu at Nawiliwili park and Salt Pond on Kauai today.

“Like the U.S. staking its flags, its our way of staking our claim,” he said, noting that a similar action is planned for Oahu. “I believe you cannot keep stolen property forever, so I will report to the police department that this is property is stolen, and can you assist us in reclaiming it? That is what’s coming down the pike.”

The Nation also has begun serving county officials on Kauai and Maui with formal notice of human rights violations against Kingdom nationals. This action is base on the premise of United Nations Article 15, which holds that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his or her nationality.

“Our government has advanced to the point of being able to hold the de facto government accountable for its actions against our nationals,” he said.

The Nation also will be asserting its right to travel by issuing license plates this year, and will be forming its own constabulary.

“We’re reclaiming our nation in a very civilized fashion,” Noa said.

In the meantime, John Gates, a member of the Lakota Nation who has moved to Hawaii to help the Reinstated Hawaiian Nation, warned those assembled against ongoing efforts to dismantle the independence movement. He pointed to the state’s current legal efforts to regain control of the so-called “ceded lands” following a state Supreme Court ruling the state could no longer sell or transfer those lands, and the federal government’s attempts to push through the Akaka Bill, which would give Hawaiians the same status as Native Americans.”

“That’s the farthest thing that you want, that model,” said Gates, noting that on his reservation, there’s 70 to 80 percent unemployment and the infant mortality rate is several times higher than the national average. “We’ve lived with the treaty process that have been broken since 1868 and that’s what’s coming your way.

“Don’t let anyone foist a creation of Congress upon you,” he said. “That is not true sovereignty.”

If you’re interested in the Reinstated Hawaiian Nation and the legal and moral principles behind it, I urge you to read the article I published in Honolulu Weekly.

And if you’re at all concerned about the concepts of truth and justice, I urge you to begin educating yourself about America's overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, its subsequent annexation of the Kingdom and the many ongoing efforts to right that wrong. It’s fine to be concerned about the occupations of Iraq and Tibet. Just don’t forget that Hawaii is occupied, too.


Anonymous said...

I've lived in Kona my entire life, born and raised. Although my parents moved to Kona from the mainland back in the early 1970s.

Nonetheless, I really have hard time seeing how these sovereignty groups could turn back the clock. Heck there isn't a firm consensus among these groups on what exactly should be done.Some groups supports support the Akaka billl, some support a return back to the monarchy.

In my opinion, I would not support
Hawaii breaking away from the United States. That is akin to treason in my opinion. I would do everything in my power to stop this
if it got that point.

Anonymous said...

Legally speaking, it is immaterial if a consensus exists or not among Hawaiian groups on how to proceed with sovereignty. Both world and federal authority acknowledge that the annexation was, and still is, illegal -- the central point around which you will definitely find Hawaiian consensus.

Calling Hawaiian sovereignty "treason" smacks of the Orwellian linguistics used to describe Iraqis opposed to their occupation as "insurgents."

I realize that it is very difficult for those who have never experienced significant governmental transitions to imagine such a thing. But it does happen. People in Fiji, in Slovakia, in Guyana, in South Africa and all the other countries who won their sovereignty in the post-European-imperial 20th century can imagine such at thing quite easily.


Anonymous said...

Treason? Then the whole State legislature is guilty of treason. Better kill them. The law that envisions a sovereign Hawaiian nation getting (at least some) of its land back has been on the books for decades. What you fear so much is already happening.

Hawaii Statute § 6K-9 says that "the State shall transfer management and control of the island (Kahoolawe) and its waters to the sovereign native Hawaiian entity...".

The U.S. stole a nation. Just like Iraq tried to do to Kuwait. We had a treaty to protect that nation at the time. There is no debate about this. It is fact.

Why is it that when any other thief takes something (and confesses) they have to give it back, but when the U.S. steals something, its media-educated citizenry think giving it back would be "treason."

Better start doing everything in your power - its already here.

Joan Conrow said...

It's not a matter of "turning back the clock" but of picking up where things left off when the U.S. came in and stole Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I dispute the fact that its "already here."Last I checked, Hawaii is still a part of the United States.

In my view, it is absolutely treasonous to EVEN DISCUSS breaking
away from the United States. On top of that, you can bet your bottom dollar that the US government would do everything in its power to block this.

I would bet my salary for the next year, if breaking away from the USA
was put to a popular vote, it would
be soundly defeated.

Joan Conrow said...

Aaron, I think you need to educate yourself on the definition of the word treason. It means 1) the betrayal of a trust and 2) the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or his family.

Now how does that apply to Hawaiian independence?

Anonymous said...

The US Constitution states that:
"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

Discussing a sovereign Hawaiian nation is hardly treasonous. It's protected by another section of the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

However, all citizens of the USA, of which all Hawaiians are by dint of holding a drivers license, social sec number, passport possibly, pay taxes, etc, by definition owe allegence to the USA.

It comes with the "implied contract" of citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Joan,currently Hawaii is part of the
USA. But there is some groups that wish to have Hawaii break away from
the USA. To me, that is treasonous
act. Especially since I would bet most people in Hawaii would want to
remain a part of the US.

I detest the fact that these groups
are trying to make decisions for everyone. Even for people who want Hawaii to remain a part of the US.

If these groups hate the US so much, maybe they should renounce their citizenship and eligibility
for food stamps, welfare,unemployment, etc. You can't bite the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure any Native Hawaiian on food stamps would happily trade in her food stamps for the return of the ceded lands. Hmm, get stolen lands back or get free rice .... Which to choose? What a stupid comment.

H.R.S. §201.5 says that "The aboriginal, indigenous people of the State retain their inherent sovereign authority and their right to organize for their common welfare." So, your feeling that Hawaiians organizing for sovereignty is "treason" is nothing more than your ill-informed idea. What they are doing is protected by State law.

110 years after the U.S. and the rest of the civilized world abandon racist notions of manifest destiny, you still cling to it. America should control all of the ceded land because its America - and no other reason is necessary. You know, blind nationalism is not patriotism. Its just blind nationalism.

awolgov said...

Well just to emphasize a few facts, the patriotism of these ʻbreakaways from the U.S.ʻ is not is patriotism of one to their nation. The Hawaii National exists. The Sovereignty exists, in fact it is inherent and can never be taken away. The land exists, the whole Hawaiian Archipelago. And now the Government exists...after an exile of 115 years, it was reinstated in 1999.
INTERNATIONAL LAW: A Nation is comprised of 4 elements: 1) the citizenry 2) the territory 3) the sovereignty 4) the government.
All I can say is, youʻd have to be blind not to see that Hawaii is not the (de facto) illusion that has been created for you to believe but a de jure, nation/government whose citizens should rightfully reclaim what belongs to them...the whole car - not just the hubcaps. And as far as the consensus topic, please stop; matters of this nature are not decided by public opinion or online polls...a nation has the RIGHT to reinstate itself. There is a lot of educational material, Mr. Stene, should you be interested in learning the facts.
Thank you, Joan, it is definitely not a matter of turning back the clock; reinstating the nation is as progressive as it gets!

Anonymous said...

"But there is some groups that wish to have Hawaii break away from
the USA. To me, that is treasonous
act. Especially since I would bet most people in Hawaii would want to
remain a part of the US."

It is treasonous in other countries, but not the United States of America. Also, treason should not be defined by the popularity of the action.

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is this, I was born and raised here in Hawaii. I will fight until my dying breath if there is any attempt to break away
from the United States. You can bank on that!

Anonymous said...

"It is treasonous in other countries, but not the United States of America. Also, treason should not be defined by the popularity of the action."

Bull... explain to me what happened in the Civil War of 1864 ?

Anonymous said...

You might re-read the history of our founding. The original document was the Articles of Confederation which was replaced by the Constitution. Both of these documents were/are clear: the united States was a voluntary union of the then existing states.

If you carefully read the Federalist and the anti-Federalist papers, together with the US Constitution, you will find ample evidence that the founders intended that withdrawl from the union was always an option. It was never to be considered treasonous...that is until Lincoln decided it would be.

The war bewteen the states destroyed any vestige of a voluntary union and has left you with the erroneous opinion that secession is treason.

RS Weir

Anonymous said...

Aaron: you sound afraid. It is natural for some people to fear change. But because you fear it does not make it wrong. It is a shame that you were born and raised in Hawaii but are totally clueless about the oppression of the Kanaka by the United States. The RHG is a peaceful group looking to reclaim the islands through law, not force. You sound like you are ready to bear arms and shed blood - sad, yet typical. What do you really think will happen to you if the Hawaiians gain sovereignty?

Granny Yo said...

Sorry Mr. Stene, Kanaka Maoli never lost so there is no fight.

As for treason, the history records show that the club members of the Provisional Government and the Republic of Hawaii (both social clubs) committed treason against the U.S. so please do not talk to Kanaka Maoli about treason. How can we commit treason against a country that we are not a part of anyway? You will ask me for facts, I will tell you, come to a class. We have classes every Sunday on Maui from 9am to 12noon at the Cameron Center. Afterwards a scrumptious lunch is served.

We are in the envious position, Mahalo nui nui loa to our visionary King Kamehameha III where we do not have to "fight" or "reclaim" anything. We never lost anything. It's still here in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. We don't need to "reclaim" our land, it's already been claimed with Royal Patents, Court Certificate of Titles (LCAw a de facto term signifying that we are wards of an institution), and Royal Patent Grants.

Food Stamps, Welfare? Hmmmm....the tides are turned on you again. The U.S. has been using the monies from our Hawaii Treasury for 100+ years. Trillions of it. You my dear U.S. citizen are on OUR welfare, foodstamp roll. We will not cut you off. Not like how you say they will cut us off. We are not of that kind of spiritual mentality.

Do not worry, as Kanaka Maoli vest up their paperwork the property you are on might come into question. We are not in fear (as you seem to be) and will not kick you off, we may however ask you to pay rent for the use of our land and if the owner of that property is really full of Aloha maybe will not ask for back rent.

There are many things Mr. Stene about the private corporation called the United States (not the de jure United States where the treaties with Ko Hawaii Pae Aina are still honored). That corporation is not "of the people" or "for the people." That private corporation is all in it for themselves (a few wealthy individuals). Have they ever bothered to teach you about UCC-1, that you don't need to pay taxes, that you can pay off your mortgage through the UCC-1? They do it all the time (the wealthy) why do they not teach all of you to do that? Hmmm.... You are better off here in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. We will teach you.

We need to reclaim nothing but our minds that have been brain washed and indoctrinated for 100+ years to make us believe we have to "fight" or "reclaim" when we don't. Our land is still ours and here, our money is still here. Proof positive is the fact that Mahealani and John are assisting (not helping, helping signifies the other person is helpless)100's of Kanaka to pay off their mortgages. In fact they have so many they're booked until next summer.

Another proof positive? Why does the private corporate U.S. Military pay us $1.00 a year rent on property the U.S. supposedly owns? If they own it they don't need to pay rent. For space in the Philippines they were paying 2million (someone please correct me if I'm wrong on the amount, I can't remember EVERYTHING from the class).

Another proof positive, why do they always have to make us come to court for Quiet Titles when they supposedly own the land. Do you see any United States Patents in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina? No.

Another thing, every time the de facto entices a Kanaka Maoli into a Court they collect a deposit on you in the form of a bond.

Want to know more? Come to a class, Sundays, Maui, Cameron Center, 9am when we give out Palapala Koe Nae, class starts 9:30am until appx.
12noon. For class information go to --->>> Ko Hawaii Pae Aina

Find out how we (a whole bunch of Kanaka Maoli) are halting developments in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

It is my firm belief that Hawaii becoming a independent nation once again is not in the best interests of all the residents of Hawaii.

Sure there is some people that want to
return Hawaii back to an independent nation. But it seems they want to force their opinion on everyone living here.

I say put it to a popular vote.If the majority of Hawaii's residents want to be an independent nation, so be it. Until then it is put up or shut up time.

Granny Yo said...

If we shut up then we lose the land, the money, and people who have no lawful right to it will continue their abuse of our land and continue to use our money to fund the private corporation the U.S. military. Why would we want to do that? Shutting up is not an option for Kanaka Maoli. If you mean put a vote to everyone here in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, that's a no go. It is solely up to Kanaka Maoli...period. Put out? Well, funny you should mention that. Many Kanaka Maoli are actually becoming de jure citizens of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, getting rid of their straw man.

Study up on how to become a de jure American. It is enlightening. Currently your birth certificate is in all caps making you a corporation not a human being. Don't worry, you still have your original birth certificate that shows you're a human being at the hospital you were born in. It's very interesting what extent this private corporation will go through to make money from not just Kanaka but you as well. It's also not something to not fear. They are dangerous, very dangerous, but just because you side for them does not mean anything to them. You are but a mere pawn to them. Get the picture? This is not fun and games for us, this is a culmination of evil being perpetuated upon loving people all over the world for hundreds of years. People who cannot conceive of that kind of evil thinking that these "office of persons" seem to be so comfortable with. Do you think for a minute that I don't think of the safety of my children? Don't you think I would shut up if I could? Cower, bow, stand under? Like I said, this is not fun and games. There is a bigger picture all around. And you are a part of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not standing up for the corporate machine. I'm looking out for the best interests of the ENTIRE population of

It is not right in my opinion that only
one part of the population here votes to break away. Everyone should vote on this.
Especially since everyone here will have to bear the consequences of breaking away from the United States.

Anonymous said...

Well, Aaron, if you're so big on the idea of majority rules, what about the fact that a majority of Hawaiians signed a petition opposing the annexation to the United States but they were totally overruled? Now its just time to set things right.

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that the citizens of Hawaii, native hawaiians included, voted overwhelmingly for statehood in 1959?
While I agree that "treason" talk is inappropriate, Aaron is surely right that all the people in Hawaii need to vote on independence from the US. It's hardy "just" to correct one racially-based injustice (the overthrow) with another (only kanaka maoli get to vote on independence). The kingdom was not a racially-based government. Making its "replacement" racially-based is not progress.

Anonymous said...

Kanaka Maoli did not overwhelming vote for statehood. Please do your due diligence. There are classes held on Maui at the Cameron Center most every Sunday from 9am to 12noon at which time a scrumptious lunch is provided. There you will learn about the 6 missing transfers of jurisdiction.

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina does not belong to the private U.S. Corporation, nor does the de jure America. We do however, honor the treaties between Ko Hawaii Pae Aina and the de jure America.

Again, the racial issue is to throw everyone off course. There is a bigger racial issue at hand where many people are dangerously attacked and that would be the White Supremacy Group. The White Supremacy Group would never let me in even though I have white blood. Why? Because it is "tainted" with brown blood.

Denmark also has a land patent system, only Denmark is not a strategic military location so the lust for that country was not as strong as the lust for our country, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina. I would never, ever accuse them of racism if they did not let me have their land. Ever. Racism is not the issue here. Racism is "your issue" not ours.

I lived on Guam for a long time. I have a daughter that is half Chamorro. When I went to apply for the free land they were giving away I could not qualify. I did not have Chamorro blood. There is no getting angry over that, I just made a decision to return to Ko Hawaii Pae Aina because I am Kanaka and this is my land. You should do the same if you don't like it. I Loved Guam and I still do but my land is here. You can Love Hawaii and you will be treated so well here (as long as the fear and hatred dissipates) but if you don't like what's happening go back to the U.S. Take up arms.

By the way there's a really cool blog and I hope you don't mind if I provide a link to it. It's a blog by Ken O'Keefe. It's great! He talks about Kanaka fighting with "Weapons of Aloha." I thought it was great. Here's the link:

Ken O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

It's ludicrous to say "race is not an issue" while pressing for a race-based government.
And I'm surely not going to leave Hawaii because some delusional people call themselves a "legislature" and pass silly leftist resolutions.

awolgov said...

Aaron Stene represents the mindset of the foreigner whose intent is ʻtakingʻ. They say they are concerned about "the best interests of everybody else" when in fact: they are only concerned about what might be taken away from them personally. Isnʻt it the Hawaiians that have given, given and given so much that now that they have nothing left, you are afraid they make take what is theirs?

But isnʻt it also amazing that having almost nothing left, they are still giving...their aloha and their culture? And the ʻStenesʻ even want to take that. In fact there are abundant accounts in the banks named "Aloha" - good revenue. And Kaipos Scents is absolutely correct about the so-called welfare: that is part of the money the ʻStenesʻ stole from the Kanaka.

The i-me-mines are concentrated here because the islands are not a large land mass like the mainland, so they stick out and have a louder voice. Resorts, seaports and islands are known to attract vagabonds, opportunists, people running from prosecution somewhere else seeking new terrain to wield their illicit businesses and then the nouveau riche crowd who made their fortunes from doing despicable things and need an anonymous homefront.

Then you add to this lethal cocktail corrupt U.S. or Hawaiian koko trustees (the latter being the true treasonists) payed handsomely to guard (rob) the Kanakasʻ assets, along with a mind boggling amount of U.S. Govt employees (Senators, etc) employed by a de facto (make believe state) and all of them fighting tooth and nail to maintain the ILLUSION that they are legit in order to hang on to their piece of the Hawaiian pie...well, to the ʻStenesʻ here, you need to know THEY are the welfare recipients. Currently, Lingle and Bennet being the biggest ones. They are the bottom feeders of what belongs, lock-stock-and-barrel, to the Kanaka Maoli.

It is time for the ʻStenesʻ to step back into the shadows and give thanks they have been tolerated for such an abominable amount of time. And educate your dumb selves: THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE. It is about CITIZENRY of the only lawful nation here. Do I need to tell you what nation that is?

Clarification for Stenes: I am not Kanaka.

Joan Conrow said...

Thanks, kaipos scents, for the link to Ken O'Keefe's blog and your thoughtful, akamai comments.

Anonymous said...

KonaK said...

"It's ludicrous to say "race is not an issue" while pressing for a race-based government.
And I'm surely not going to leave Hawaii because some delusional people call themselves a "legislature" and pass silly leftist resolutions."

Once again, race is not an issue. You make it an issue. Once again, I would never demand land in Denmark who possesses Patented Lands and would never accuse them of racism because they would deny me patented lands. I would acknowledge that they are the lawful owners of that land. The lawful owners of the land in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, the archipelago of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina is the Kanaka Maoli.

Your talk is all fear based and it's understandable. That is how the de facto U.S. operates, instill fear.

Also, another de facto U.S. tactic is to discussion an issue that has no validity whatsoever in order to cloud the real issue (just like the Quiet Title suits from foreign land owners that STILL have to call the Royal Patent owners into court. Why? Because they know that the Royal Patent Holders still own the land).

You are but a mere pawn for them. Understand who you are and what you're lawful standing is so you don't have to be in fear anymore.

We have classes on Maui almost every Sunday at the Cameron Center at 9am (where Kanaka can vest up their Palapala Koe Nae) and ends at 12noon at which time there is served a scrumptious lunch. You are welcome to attend. We often have guests from de jure America (they are white and black), especially from Texas. They'd also like to be separated from the de facto U.S.

You are more than welcome to attend. Do not be in fear, everything will turn out, you'll see.

John Powell said...
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Anonymous said...

Lets rewind here. I was born and raised here in Kona and the Big Island. But I'm haole, with no Hawaiian blood.

I'm sure there are a lot of other haoles that have lived here their entire life.

The way I'm reading what you are saying I would have no rights whatsoever under a Hawaiian Monarchy.Even worse I would not have any choice in the matter of saying with or breaking away from
the US.

It is unlikely you'll ever understand my point view. But nonetheless the latter is why I'm hopping mad about this. It is also a huge reason why I'll fight any attempt to break away from the US.

Anonymous said...

There is no fight. Please be certain to aim your anger to the correct parties.

Who fed you the lie? Not us. Yet we are continually blamed for your situation. Look to your government. They created the lie, they lulled you into a false security.

Like I said before, you are but a pawn to them. You would have more rights here in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina than in your own country.

Why do you keep arguing? Come and learn and be educated like so many others are doing.

We have classes every Sunday on Maui at the Cameron Center from 9am (at which time we hand out Palapala Koe Nae for Kanaka)to 12noon (at which time there is served a scrumptious lunch!). Come and join us. All are welcome.

Did you read the news yesterday? About the honorably discharged military men that were injured in battle or training and are now living in homeless shelters and are on the verge of destitution due to the government's delay in paying them monies owed to them?

Again, you are just a pawn that these few wealthy people move around for their advantage.

Do not be in fear. Fear will only lead you into trouble. Know where your lawful standing is and believe me Mr. Stene, you do have lawful standing, you're just not educated in that direction. It's hidden from you, the easier to move you around, like in a chess game.

Anonymous said...

According to what you've said previously I'm not in lawful standing.Even though I was born and raised here.You stated only Native Hawaiians can decide if Hawaii should
break away from the United States.

In my opinion, that is not pono. Every resident living in this state should have the opportunity to decide
either way on this.

Anonymous said...

You have lawful standing. You must first educate yourself of your lawful standing at the country you hail from. This country is Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, always was, always will be. Ko Hawaii Pae Aina has treaties with de jure America which is still honored by de jure Americans. They did not break the treaties, the private corporation United States gives the illusion that ALL of America broke the treaty. Not so.

Once again, we have classes every Sunday on Maui at starting at 9am at which time we hand out Palapala Koe Nae (must be Kanaka)followed by a class at 9:30am. Class ends at 12noon at which time a scrumptious lunch is served. You are welcome to come. We will take the time to teach you what your lawful standing is in your country.

Hawaii will not break away from the private corporation the United States, Military, because Hawaii (de facto owned term), or rather the country of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina never was a part of the private corporation the United States in the first place.

I look forward to seeing you in class at which time you can see for yourself what your lawful standing is. We have many de jure Americans that attend classes.

Anonymous said...

Lawful standing. What is it? It is to know where you stand lawfully. Once you determine that, you can move forth with clarity and without fear.

What is fear? What causes fear? Fear is caused by the unknown.

Mr. Stene, I want you to take a look at some videos of American rural farmers who are undergoing much of the same crap that Kanaka are undergoing.

What is the New World Order? and how does it affect you and your lawful standing? If you think you don't have lawful standing here in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina just wait til the New World Order gets through with you. You'll have NO lawful standing anywhere. Zilch, Nada, Taudsa!

Anonymous said...

The treasonous among us are only tolerated because they continue to be a collection of individual bands of deadbeats who don't get along. They are also the only ones taking this seriously.

Anonymous said...

"The treasonous among us are only tolerated because they continue to be a collection of individual bands of deadbeats who don't get along. They are also the only ones taking this seriously;"

I wouldn't call the foreigners deadbeats. Many of them are really hard working individuals who came to Ko Hawaii Pae Aina to live in a place that they felt was beautiful (I don't blame them, I think it's beautiful here too). And many of the foreigners do get along, I don't know why you say that. And yes they are taking this seriously and I can tell you why.

Many of them are not like the Joe Brescia's (not a developer, not a regular guy, buys and resells for a profit) or the Dowlings or the Castles or the Cookes or the Alexander's or the Baldwin's or the Dole's or the McBrydes, or...

Most foreigners are beautiful people who have come here under the false belief that was given to them by the de facto private corporation the U.S. Military who is also the de facto in de jure America.

And do you think the private corporation the U.S. Military will find a remedy for the foreigners here? No, it (meaning not a living breathing human, incapable of feeling any human feelings) won't. It won't.

Will the humans from Ko Hawaii Pae Aina seek a remedy for foreigners here? Yes, we have already found remedies.