Saturday, September 19, 2009

Musings: Speaking of Crazies

The night was filled with dreams so detailed and vivid that I was tempted, upon awakening, to slip back into that place, but I’ve learned from experience that my acupuncturist was right when he said that if you sleep too long, you actually feel more tired, because your body’s not getting enough oxygen. And sure enough, as Koko and I went out walking in fresh, cool air beneath a brightening sky, my head cleared and my energy soared.

Koko was feeling especially frisky, beefing briefly with a small Chihuahua-mix and lunging at large, noisy trucks. Waialeale was wearing a cap of gray-white clouds, but Makaleha was clear and bold, her slopes turning a shimmery green-gold when the sun rose, shooting up strobe light rays to announce the grand opening of another fine Kauai day.

As we walked, I noticed plastic bags that once held veggies and candy and The Garden Island’s Wednesday shopper and ice — the cooling, not smoking, kine, though likely some of those were lying out there, too. And I thought of how difficult/impossible it will be to rid our planet of the scourge of plastic bags — yet another legacy of our convenience-driven, materialistic, don’t give a rip about others or the earth society.

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Apparently the Mafia has been involved in a lucrative scheme to dispose of toxic waste, some of it radioactive, by sinking ships loaded with such cargo in the Mediterranean Sea. Italian prosecutors say some 32 vessels may be involved. According to an article on

Officials said Francesco Fonti, a former member of Calabria's 'Ndrangheta crime group, had disclosed the location of the ship to authorities.

Fonti said he used explosives to sink the vessel, along with two others.

Al Jazeera's Claudio Lavanga said investigators believe the mafia began sinking ships when the European Union introduced wider restrictions on toxic waste disposal.

Lavanga said the restrictions have made the process of waste disposal expensive and lengthy.

The blog Ensaios Imperfeitos has more:

Greenpeace has worked to trace the trail of large Cargo Ships that have disappeared from international circulation. Between 32 and 41 such ships are thought to have been sunk in international waters between Italy, Greece and Spain, but mostly along the Italian coastlines. Then, in 2005, a mafia “pentito” (one who repents) named Franceso Fonti testified of his involvement in the sinking of three specific ships called the Cunsky, off Cetraro, the Yvonne A off the coast of Maratea in Basilicata, and the Voriais Sporadais, said to be off the coast of Metaponto in Basilicata on the Ionian Sea. All are international tourist destinations with large fishing industries.

The pentito Fonti stated that wastes that he dealt with came from Norway, France, Germany and the United States.

Ya know, that’s the problem with nuclear energy. It’s got that nasty little disposal problem. But hey, given the right spin, even that toxic source of energy could be considered “renewable.” Just ask California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a Wall Street Journal blog reports:

Since nuclear plants don’t emit greenhouse gases, nuclear proponents have been hollering for their inclusion in federal renewable-energy rules. As it is, both state and prospective federal rules limit “renewable energy” to solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass.

If Gov. Schwarzenegger does brand nukes “renewable energy,” it would be a huge lift for nuclear advocates in the Senate who keep pressing Democratic leaders to offer more support for nuclear power as part of the big energy bill.

The friend who brought the dumping story to my attention noted:

Just when ya think the crazies have done it all, a new twist of profit and the "no consequences" aspect of their psychopath pattern emerge.

Speaking of crazies, it was good to read that former cop Joseph Bonachita has been indicted on terroristic threatening and weapons charges for allegedly breaking into the home of “South Park” creator Randolph “Trey” Parker — I didn’t know he lived here — and threatening him and Lauren Kagawa — Bonachita’s former girlfriend, who was later found dead in her driveway — with a knife.

The Garden Island reports that “Bonachita has not been identified as either a suspect or person of interest in the ongoing investigation” into Kagawa's death.

Well, maybe he hasn’t been identified, but garans he’s a person of interest. Another creepy aspect of this case was previously reported in The Garden Island:

In 1999, while Bonachita was still a KPD employee, he was accused of sexually assaulting his former sister-in-law, charged with eight counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault, but pleaded no contest to and was found guilty of two misdemeanor charges of second-degree violation of privacy and open lewdness in a plea agreement.

That plea agreement resulted in the dismissal of charges of kidnapping, family abuse and second-degree terroristic threatening, in another case against Bonachita.

As terms of the plea deal, Bonachita agreed to submit to sex-offender treatment. Court documents indicate he had a dating relationship with the victim before the alleged sexual assault took place.

“Defendant (Bonachita) is not likely to engage in a criminal course of conduct,” wrote Bonachita’s attorneys, June C. Ikemoto and Erick T.S. Moon, in an order granting a deferred acceptance of no-contest plea signed in October 2001 by 5th Circuit Judge Clifford Nakea.

It kinda makes you wonder two things: How is it that a person can remain on the force, and be allowed to voluntarily resign, when he’s involved in such crimes? And how do attorneys Ikemoto and Moon feel about helping to set this guy free?


Anonymous said...

From sexual assault and kidnapping
"violation of privacy and open lewdness"

Wow. Thatʻs some creative plea bargaining. What a grand disservice to the ʻpublic safetyʻ they are permitted to perpetuate.

Anonymous said...

And how do attorneys Ikemoto and Moon feel about helping to set this guy free?

the check is in the mail

LoF said...

thankfully you can't defer a no contest plea twice and you can't defer a no contest plea to violent crimes. there is not lesser included non-violent crime for terroristic threatening or weapons violations.

Anonymous said...

Do you suggest that criminal defense lawyers should not rigorously defend their clients when there is a possibility that the defendant might reoffend 10 years later. Shouldn't the prosecutor (who was that?) feel worse? Or wait, maybe Bonichita is the criminal and he is responsible for his own conduct - what a concept.

Anonymous said...

Anon aez: From sexual assault and kidnapping to:
"violation of privacy and open lewdness"

How about from "sodomy" to "tailgating to close"?

Little has changed since KPD officers assaulted Monica Alves?

Ladies be careful out there!