Monday, December 5, 2011

Musings: On FEAR

So much of what's being fed to us these days is Fear, with a capital F.

But what is fear all about, anyway?

In the absence of wild animals preparing to devour us, or a crazed ideologue hunting us down with a Predator drone, it seems so many of our fears are based not in any real danger or threat, but in our thinking, which is lost in those places that don't actually exist: past and future.

So I liked the way author Susyn Reeves, who was recently interviewed on New Dimensions, developed some reverse acronyms intended to “reframe fear so we don't have to be afraid.”

Here are four that she created:

Forgetting Everything's All Right

Failure Expected And Received

Finding Excuses And Reasons

False Evidence Appearing Real.

I'm sure the many clever readers of this blog can come up with a few more. Have at it!


Anonymous said...

Forego enslavement and reinstate!

Anonymous said...

Fricking Ego annihilated rejoicing

Anonymous said...

Feminine energy aids restoration

Anonymous said...

funless egos anticipating redemption

Anonymous said...

Joan, don't miss out on the lunar eclipse coming this Saturday morning ! (sorry for being off-topic...)

Jeremy said...

Feeling Everything Aloha Related

Anonymous said...

Fun Erases All Rage

Anonymous said...

Forgive Enemies And Relax

Anonymous said...

Felling Everything All Right

Anonymous said...

Fear is a tool
for manipulation of the "masses"

Big Pharma pushing vaccines and drugs
Politicians pushing war

Fear keeps one in "their heads" and not in their Hearts.

Dr Shibai