Friday, December 23, 2011

Musings: Varying Versions

Clouds drifted overhead like gray ghosts in a somber pre-dawn sky, but all that changed when the sun began to rise, infusing the world with yellow, and then rose, until the trees shone red with alpenglow and then a shower blasted through, leaving sparkling diamonds on the ironwood needles and an iridescent shimmer on the mist-shrouded face of Makaleha.

Now that's the Kauai version of a winter wonderland!

I noticed the Associated Press/Star-Advertiser today finally released its version — though it lacks all the juicy backstory — of the Superferries-to-Navy story that I had on Tuesday.

Which leads me to Linda Lingle's quote in a New York Times article on the “unease” of Democrats in Hawaii that attempts to portray her as a more viable Senate candidate than I (and many of those leaving comments on the story) believe she is:

“Anyone who tries to tar me with what’s happening at the national level will run up against the reality of my own record in Hawaii,” she said.

Yes, Linda, and that's precisely why you won't be elected. We all remember the reality of your record in Hawaii, as so perfectly personified by the Superferry shibai.

I also saw that KITV yesterday had its version of the tsunami debris story I reported on Dec. 14 for Honolulu Weekly. Not to get all cocky, but I love it when I beat the MSM!

Everybody's downplaying the threat of radioactivity in the debris, just as they are with the continued fallout from Fukushima. Yet I recently read an article published in the International Journal of Health Services that estimates “14,000 excess U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks after the Fukushima meltdowns.”

But a reporter friend who specializes in nuclear issues said that version's not legit:

"The "14,000" figure is getting very wide publicity in America - without any explanation.

It has the effect of "re-setting" the later 35,000 excess deaths and even later 100,000 excess deaths figures to the minimized number 14,000 number from 7 months ago.

It is a complicated scam worthy of the devious nuclear industry in America.

It is the last thing Americans will remember before the holiday forgetful period.

A bad hand [Fukushima] very well played by the pro-nukers fighting for their jobs. Now the dead and maimed count can soar and couch potato Americans will not have a clue.

It seems the study was based on very early findings, and subsequent data shows a much higher mortality rate, like into the 100,000 range. He said it's all based on a simple tactic: Denying doesn't work. You have to minimize.

Meanwhile, I'm amused to hear the cheery radio ads — funded by the Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) campaign portion of the Federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, through the Center for Disease Control — urging folks to exercise, get healthy and eat right. That's great, but what about the pesticide-laden, genetically engineered foods that the government not only allows, but refuses to label?

And finally, if you've got a few minutes to spare, this video serves as a solid reminder that even small acts can make a big difference. Or as the friend who sent it noted:

Remember, the real St. Nick does not wear a Red Suit, just red blood. The Lord puts us in different circumstances in our life. In some situations, we can do something better for others and in most situations just being thankful for what we do have and can share. Please do not deny yourself your makana [gift] of being blessed right at this very moment.

Ain't that the truth!


Anonymous said...

Lingle was a disaster for Hawaii. Teacher furloughs, ignoring environmental rules are just two of the egregious disasters we will always remember! Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

another video; better music but similar message

bee the change

Mauibrad said...

Yes, it was in the 100,000 or more range in the U.S. and as the event at Fukushima is still not contained it will keep going higher without the explicit evidence being linked to Fukushima except eventually in Japan where the figure will go over a 1,000,000 within a few years and will eventually be undeniable there in Japan. We'll probably not hear the truth in the MSM in the U.S.

Nuclear power is what allowed Japan to grow to the size of economy that it is and is about 20% of the electricity generated in the U.S. and worldwide. There are those who believe the economic system could not lose that 20% and remain intact, and so they will lie, steal, and cheat to deny even the most immediate dangers of nuclear power as in Fukushima or anywhere else in the world.

Mauibrad said...

New York Times Dec. 26, 2011:

Report Condemns Japan’s Response to Nuclear Accident
Koji Sasahara/Associated Press
Published: December 26, 2011

TOKYO — From inspectors who abandoned the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as it succumbed to disaster to a delay in disclosing radiation leaks, Japan’s response to the nuclear accident caused by the March tsunami fell tragically short, a government-appointed investigative panel said on Monday.


And devastatingly, the government failed to make use of radiation data to predict the movements of the radioactive plumes released from the plant to warn local towns and direct evacuations, the report said. The failure helped expose entire communities to harmful radiation, the report said.

“Authorities failed to think of the disaster response from the perspective of victims,” Mr. Hatamura said.

[That's because the authorities are more worried about the affect on the economy than on the victims, even if it is well over a 1,000,000 victims and half the country's landmass affected.--MB]