Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Musings: Winter Solstice

I happened to open my eyes at a fortuitous moment and look out the window to see the golden glow of the rising moon and so I had to go out and look at that bright crescent bravely holding up and illuminating the dark whole, and from there it was down to the beach for a shimmering sunrise and shivery swim on this blustery Winter Solstice morning.

I was reading the “weekly weather report” on the The Cosmic Path website and found this most interesting description of the day's significance:

In a nutshell, on the Winter Solstice the Sun at its max reaches its lowest point on the horizon in the northern hemisphere. It appears to “stop” for three days and on the 3rd day (Dec 25th or so) begins to slowly rise day by day until it reaches its highest point on the horizon on the Summer Solstice. This event is the description of the Christ, only here we are not talking about a person, we are talking about light and consciousness rising.

Sorry to have to break the news to anyone who thought Jesus was actually born on Christmas Day. But now you know the allegorical roots of that enduring story. And it does make sense, considering that plants and animals, including people, were tuned into the return of the light long before Christianity was ever invented. And it's always easier to get people to buy into something new when it's rooted in something familiar, old.

So what stories have you been telling yourself lately, about who you are and what you can and cannot do and why the world is the way it is and your particular personal role in the overall scheme of things? Are they true? Do they serve you well? And if not, can you let them go?


Makaala said...

The REAL reason for the season!

Anonymous said...

I try not to listen to the stories I tell myself, but darn it I just can't help myself. I try to change the stories, but I only know so many words. Who's listening anyway?

Anonymous said...

Yes and more.... the three wise men and the eastern star they follow is a constellation. The crucifix too, a constellation in the sky and reference to Jesus as a fisherman is referring to his birth in the sign of pisces.
I hope that christians not be offended but that they could come to understand the mysticism and root of the religion. Jesus was/is real. The story revised a bit too many times. In celebration of the season of all!

Anonymous said...

provocative blog entry, joan. i shall think about it...