Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Musings: No Clarity

The stars were blazing when the dogs and I went out at about 5 a.m., and I'm pretty sure I saw Mars, glowing red, not far from the bright beacon that was Arcturus. But within 40 minutes, the clouds were blowing in and the stellar clarity was quickly lost.

There hasn't been much clarity about why Roy Asher and Ale Quibilan, both assistant chiefs with Kauai Police Department, were placed on leave.

The first I heard about it was at 4:48 p.m. yesterday, when someone left this comment on Monday's post:

KPD suspends Asher...

"hahaha you ain't got nothing hahaha you ain't got nothing" -Roy Asher


I immediately contacted Chief Darryl Perry, who said that Asher had not been suspended, but he could make no further comment.

So I checked with Beth Tokioka at the mayor's office to try and find out if the leave was indefinite, paid, or whatever, but she replied with an email stating:

Per instructions from the County Attorney's office, we are unable to release additional information on this matter.

Next it was on to sources, who said the issue is being kept very quiet, with rank and file also in the dark. But it apparently has something new to do with Darla Abbatiello, the police officer who won a $980,000 settlement against the county after claiming claiming that her civil rights and the protection offered within the Whistleblower's Protection Act were violated.

I don't imagine too many tears are being shed over Asher, who has been carrying on a vendetta against Kingdom of Atooi over their badges. But I have a small soft spot for Quibilan, who at least had the brains to check with the chief before the cops served a warrant for my arrest on trespassing charges stemming for an August 2008 protest at the Naue burial site.

Now, I understand there are laws governing employee privacy. But it seems to me that if the cops and county can release information that seriously smears someone, such as the announcement that Oklevueha Native American Church minister Shane Johnson was arrested for two counts of first degree Promotion a Dangerous drug, second degree Commercial Promotion of Marijuana and three counts of Drug Paraphernalia, even though he has never been charged with a crime, that we the people ought to be informed about what's happening with KPD's top brass.

And finally, for those of you who have seen some of the videos that parody the “shit” that various people say, here's one on “Sh*t People From Hawaii Say.”

Don't expect clarity unless you understand pidgin!


Anonymous said...

No tears shed for Asher as previous commentor says its his bad "karma" coming to bite him in the ass. Ale on the other hand is surprising, but u just never know. What was the outcome of the meeting w/ the police commission re Johnson? I thought maybe a complaint was made in regards to that case.

Anonymous said...

Why all the secrecy? We still don't know the full story on Ian Costa FBi investigation either. What happened to transparency in government? Can't the Freedom of Information Act be invoked?

Anonymous said...

We have to keep on asking about ES 177, Rapozo probably spilled the beans and ratted out many of the dirty cops that are still employed as kpd officers.

We have to impeach the mayor and his staff for the blatant furlough lies, fraud, waste, abuse and the nepotism that saturates our dysfunctional county governance.

We have to ask for a proper investigation on the cover up of the unsolved murders on Kauai. We need to criminally prosecute all those involved in the Pluegher debacle.

We have to find a real police Chief that will go after the Kauai Drug Lords production, manufacture, and distribution of ICE.

We need a proper investigation on Monsanto, Syngenta, DOW pollution and toxic waste products. Ag land should be Ag land, not Gentleman luxurious mansion fake farms.

We need a County Manager that will evaluate and reevaluate county employees qualifications and job performance. We need to be fiscally responsible by contracting county jobs instead of hiring another incompetent family member or friend.

Problems Identified, any solutions? 2012 fix Kauai

Anonymous said...

The formerly known "Armand" Asher is long overdue for justice, he's simply a jerk that uses his badge to screw with folks and his rank to bully his subordinates. I always suspected him of being an Al Qaida "sleeper cell" terrorist, but that's just me. Quibilan's rather likeable status is a smokescreen to a true asshole. He is like a mole that hides in the ground when trouble is present the emerges during the darkness to kiss ass. Both are rubbish that are long overdue for an attitude adjustment...karma

Anonymous said...

And now Chief Perry, that must be one heck of an employee complaint.

Anonymous said...

So paid leave, going to guess this has something to do with either sexism or racism.

Sexism, so how many women are in supervisory positions in each department? How many women have been promoted, let's say, over the past 5 years. Now replace women with people of a different race, now answer those questions Mr Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Appointed positions don't count because none of them are qualified to hold the jobs they have.