Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Musings: Crazy, Wonderful

Lying in bed, waiting for it to get bright enough to walk, I slide the arrow that allows me to unlock and enter that blessed/cursed world of the smart phone, checking out today's edition of The Garden Island until I can't stand it anymore and have to get up and out and into the real world.

Mahina, full, plump, round and white, crowned by Jupiter, is peeking, peeping, through a mound of yellow-infused black clouds piled atop Makaleha, a glorious sight that causes me to say aloud, “Oh, my God!” — not OMG! — and the dogs and I set out excitedly, walking along a wet road in dim light, roosters crowing, crickets chirping, birds rustling themselves into sleepy song, bees already up and buzzing, though it is cool and damp and dark, because they labor longer and harder than even the Chinese factory workers who made my i-Phone, for no money, no glory, no praise, just the collective sake of the colony.

As I walk, immersed in all this splendor, I think of how Hoku Swartman really did hit the nail on the head when he pointed out the hypocrisy of so many in that “sea of white faces” who opposed Omidyar's resort plans, seeing as how they were the ones who built the big houses that now line Hanalei Bay and the highway all the way to Haena, driving up property values, driving out the locals, driving on the beach, adding their silt and shit to the mix that is now killing the coral and smothering the reefs.

But somehow he comes to the conclusion that the way to solve all those woes is through yet another big development — one that sure as hell won't bring back the locals or the fish, though it will make his wife, the developer's rep, a pile of money.

I shift mental gears to the statements made by defeated — heck, let's be honest here, disgraced — Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho, who has cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and we ain't done yet, vowing to spend her last three days in office — not that she even comes into the office, so she'll get her boy Jake Delaplane to do it — waging her vendetta against Janine Rapozo and the mayor just to prove she's not waging a vendetta. Huh?

I shake my head and think, how fricking oblivious and hypocritical can you get, accusing another politician of  “abuse of power” and “creating a hostile work environment by engaging in retaliatory actions” when you yourself are the queen of EEOC complaints and being sued for retaliation, abuse of power?

Reflecting upon Shay's inanity — OK, insanity — actually causes me to laugh out loud, which briefly gets the attention of the dogs, who quickly return to the business of sniffing out pig trails in the wet grass.

Then I flash on the Pacific chorus frog that jumped out of a Christmas tree, one of thousands of dead trees shipped to the Islands each year, bringing with them slugs and brown recluse spiders and other assorted pests that help to make Hawaii the invasive species — and thus endangered species — capital of the world, and in the process, destroying what's truly unique about this place so that the people who live here can "celebrate" like everybody else in America.

And though my mind is reeling from the human craziness, as I pass the reservoir, where a Koloa takes flight into a sky that is streaked with the first silver rays of dawn, Bruddah Iz slips into my head and sings, “What a wonderful world.”


Anonymous said...

Imagine a prosecutor complaining about having to work in a hostile work environment. "All these people I try to put in jail are so mean to me...."

The Grand Jury says no probable cause, and the Attorney General says no probable cause, but Shaylene gonna re-charge it and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt?

Yep. Sure she will. Poor prosecutor.

Shouldn't she be in the office making the files all organized for Justin?

Anonymous said...

Seriously Joan? Sometimes you really want to make my head explode.
You know that article you are talking about written by Hoku? The one "hitting the nail on the head?"
Are you seriously that nieve?
You are the one of those white faces in the crowd.
You moved here years ago and now talk shit and protest any kind of potential economic development on Kauai.
YOU are the one that needs to take a long look in the mirror.

Joan Conrow said...

Mmmm, yes, I have been looking in the mirror, which is why I used the phrase "hit the nail on the head."

And pushing more and more development just keeps perpetuating that dynamic.

Believe me, we all need to take a look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Hoku Swartman is equally hypocritical as he gathers scraps to build a pile of shit for his conscience to be able to justify his take of the big pie to be developed.

What he DOES NOT understand is that the ʻjobsʻ he has high hopes for will be pawned off to the Mexicans or some private no bid deal.

At the beginning of his letter, I agreed wholeheartedly and have been saying the same thing for many years but as I read on, I got sick.

He has unearthed a completely new hypocritical justification that is just as or more vile and contemptible than the North Shore Transplants.

He sounds a little like that other hypocrite, Mililani Trask with her whining, woe is me pleading for the PLDC that otherrrrr Staaaattes are doing it sooooo whyyyyy donʻt weeee?

Makes me gag and sounds like the pathetic talk show hosts for the Hawaiian shows (2 of them) that wallow in the self pity pleading and begging to the occupier and thief to correct the problems. Seems like theyʻd almost rather have it this way; what would they have to whine about if not. They give credit to the wrong sovereignty people, they dont acknowledge the legalities of what and why things are still occuring but they have plenty of opinions and the same ones they re-hash year after year.The same wrong misinformed opinions.
Sickening. NO wonder the sovereignty canʻt shine its light. These crabs wonʻt let out of the bucket.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 12:05 PM, I donʻt agree with you.
Joan is tantamount to a Hawaii National in her efforts and dedication to Hawaiian rights and much more that I wonʻt bore your small head with.

I would like to know what you have done in furtherance of the truth being told for Hawaiians.
Oh yea, and actually comprehending the issues. lol. That last one should be a real conundrum for you.

Anonymous said...

Let's get it straight about Hoku Swartzman and his wife...she is using his family connection to win acceptance of this project by the community. He was raised on Oahu. His grandmother's roots in Kalihiwai doesn't make it ok to commodify the very place you claim to love. It doesn't matter who is doing it, or who got theirs and so now it's my turn to get ours, it all sucks. Hanalei as I knew it in the early 60's is no more. Can we turn back the hands of time, no but we can try to stop the unrelenting development of that once quaint and picturesque town. There is such a thing as loving a place to death, especially when the almighty dollar enters into the equation.

Anonymous said...

You are small brain can't comprehend this conundrum. Please fill me in on what Joan (the Hawaiian National) has done for Hawaiian rights. Please be specific.

Anonymous said...

1:55. Try google

Anonymous said...

Wow! Try google? Can't even back up your own claims? And I have the small brain? Was it too much of a conundrum for you?

Anonymous said...

Hostile much?

Anonymous said...

1:52 PM, very well said.

I always get suspicious when someone does the pedigree justification that a right- minded-person would not have a need to do.....because what they are doing is right.

Anonymous said...

TO: small brain, that was not my reply to you. It was someone else.

I never said Joan is a Hawaiian National, did I?

She behaves as much as a loyal citizen of a country would especially in her ability to comprehend the trickle down affects from International Law to the state to this pathetic little county government. I would guess the intricacies of International Law might even be simpler than this state and county.
That has a lot to do with the stateʻs illegal and unjustifiable existence as a de jure governing entity.

I wonʻt go on because Iʻd bet itʻs putting you to sleep.

With respect to Joan, she has written some articles about reinstatement that soared so far above most heads that it should have been published in more suitable venues such as The Nation magazine, TIME, etc. Not knocking the weekly, but Joan can offer more on a world-wide scope than what gets read by a bunch of drunk tourists and ʻstupidʻ and disrespectful transplants. That when they donʻt comprehend something because their little brain is getting too much pressure from thinking too hard, they choose to denigrate.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just try to get along, stop the "small brain" talk and be more accepting to other points of view....just a thought!

. said...

Natives UNITE!! As long as we've been here for more than two years we know best how this place should be managed.

No more haoles! More mahalo rewards point!

Anonymous said...

God had to separate nothingness into light and dark. They both exist. Indeed, the presence of both is what gives us form. We cannot walk in the light without the dark. Don't get too sad about the dark stuff, the evil stuff. Fix it and fight is, but don't let it bring you down, cause its just as much a part of reality as the rest of it. Be the Buddha.

One Nation One Law 50 said...

"That has a lot to do with the stateʻs illegal and unjustifiable existence as a de jure governing entity."

I've heard the arguments that support the above statement but they ring hollow.

Going by the definition below I can't see any entity other than the State of Hawaii being the legitimate sovereign and de jure government of Hawaii. Maybe you could say the State of Hawaii is the de jure/de facto government but there is no practical distinction between the two.

A de jure government (government of law) is an organized government of a state which has the general support of the people.

I'd like to see a Statewide plebiscite on the issue of reinstatement and settle the issue.

Also, on this subject.

Anonymous said...

It's the last full day of Shaylene's term! What kind of madness can we expect from the Dynamic Duo and the Top?

Anonymous said...

From the Dec. 2, 2008 Star-Bulletin on Sahy/Bernard's Inauguration...

""I wish to acknowledge my Cabinet," he said of his numerous appointees he called his "team members." "I'm proud of them," and proud of new county Prosecuting Attorney Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho - whose husband, Destry Carvalho, is the new mayor's cousin, Carvalho said.

For the first time, native Hawaiians are the mayor, prosecuting attorney, Council chairman (William U. "Kaipo" Asing) and police chief (Darryl Perry) of Kauai County, Iseri-Carvalho, who was also sworn in, said in her remarks."

So how did that work out for y'all?

Anonymous said...

One Nation One Law:
You donʻt know what you are talking about so please stop talking.

But I will share and hope to enlighten:
de jure |di ˈjo͝orē, dā ˈjo͝orā|adverb

according to rightful entitlement or claim; by right. Often contrasted with de facto.

de facto |di ˈfaktō, dā|
in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not: Often contrasted with de jure.

De facto means in place but NOT lawful. It is NOT by right.
Since Public Law 103-150 actually re-confirms the inherent sovereign (that being the kanaka maoli) still holds rightful claim to the Hawaiian Islands, the de facto status is nothing more than a government that is in place...not rightfully.

For the US to be the lawful owner they would have to have title to the lands. They do not.

There is a thing called Perfect Claim - Proper Claimant. The kanaka is the proper claimant.

Could a Japaneses National be a proper claimant to US land?
Could a US National be a proper claimant to Japanese land?

Also you never answered a question I posed to you several blogs back. Now I know why.

Anonymous said...

WHY? Do you think abercrombie has to force something like the PLDC?

uh duh. Can you figure it out yet?

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Shay, Jake, and of course Charley. May you rest in peace and give us some peace whereever the Hell you end up!

Anonymous said...

Many more names to add to that but It took these people for the rest of the state of Hawaii and the rest of the world to recognize that Kauai has SNAKES.

Anonymous said...

You think Chinese factory workers don't work for money?

Anonymous said...

And wear a helmet next time you go out drinking!!!

Anonymous said...

You laugh out loud thinking of Shay while on your morning walk? Who's the crazy one?

Anonymous said...

Eh, chinese workers work for the love of producing all those shiny playthings for all those demanding, needy americans. Don't you know. Aue.

Anonymous said...

What is Aue? Do you mean Auwe?

One Nation One Law 50 said...

"One Nation One Law:
You donʻt know what you are talking about so please stop talking."

I know what I am talking about. Sorry if what I say doesn't fit your creative narrative of Hawaiian history. I guess you rather cling to victimhood status versus looking forward and moving on.

De jure de facto, it hardly matters cause it is what is is and it is not ever going to be what is was.

Regarding Public Law 103-150:

3/31/2009 U.S. Supreme Court in Hawaii v. OHA, 129 S.Ct. 1436,1439-1444 (2009) reversed the Hawaii Supreme Court’s injunction against sale or transfer of any ceded lands until claims of native Hawaiians against ceded lands are resolved. Decision by Justice Alito for unanimous Court holds :
Operative clauses of 1993 Congressional Apology Resolution created no substantive rights;
State Supreme Court’s conclusion (that the Apologu Resolution’s 37 “whereas” clauses clearly recognize native Hawaiians’ “unrelinquished” claims over the ceded lands) is wrong. The 37 “whereas” clauses would “raise grave constitutional concerns ” if they purported to cloud the State of Hawaii’s absolute title to the ceded lands.
Pursuant to Newlands Resolution (1898) Republic of Hawaii ceded and transferred to U.S. “absolute fee and ownership” of all public, Government and Crown lands “without reserve.” In 1900 Organic Act reiterated that U.S. acquired absolute fee, and declared that on effective date of Newlands Resolution, and prior thereto, the Crown lands were property of the Hawaiian government “free and clear from any trust of or concerning the same, and from all claim of any nature whatsoever. ”
The State of Hawaii in its brief had argued that the Newlands Resollution (1898) and Organic Act (1900) “extinguished” and “foreclose” any Native Hawaiian or other claims over the ceded lands that preexist the date of annexation. ”For decades after Hawaii was admitted to the Union, the State had undisputed authority to dispose of the ceded lands as it deemed appropriate so long as it satisfied its “public trust” obligations, which run to all the citizens of Hawaii, not just to Native Hawaiians.”

This landmark unanimous decision of the highest court has now finally adjudicated this major issue. Native Hawaiians have no claim over the ceded lands arising out of events before Annexation in 1898. The ceded lands are held by the State of Hawaii in trust for all the people of Hawaii, including but not limited to Native Hawaiians.

One Nation One Law 50 said...

To correct my spelling from the previous post:

De jure, de facto, it hardly matters cause it is what it is and it is not ever going to be what it was.

Also, in regard to the comment about "ʻstupid and disrespectful transplants". It sounds like if someone does not agree with you they are stupid.

If you show some respect you are more likely to get some back.

I support individual Human RIghts and believe in being courteous to all.

Real respect is generally something that has to be earned.

You don't get it just by being local.

Anonymous said...

I love it when people say ʻbe respectfulʻ and in the same breath advocate for more human rights violations and perpetuation of the fraud against Hawaiian people.
The Dis-respect lies with you.

As to your cut and pastes of the Apology Resolution conclusions, there have have been none. The only argument with respect to the Apology Res. is a weak unsubstantiated little disclaimer at the very end which all people like you (lacking basic respect and consideration of another peoplesʻ lands) grab onto for dear life.

I could bet that if the tables were turned and it was your property youʻd be crying like an american banshee. In this case, it is NOT your property or interests .....and youʻre still crying like a banshee.

Iʻm sure you really struggled over a response to me, and itʻs easy to see you donʻt have the intricacies of the knowledge necessary to effectively argue against.
Good luck with that.

One Nation One Law 50 said...

"As to your cut and pastes of the Apology Resolution conclusions, there have have been none."

Your response along with most of your statements are non sensible.

The US Supreme court decided unanimously 9-0 that the apology resolution was wrong and non binding. It also ruled that all ceded lands had clear title and that Native Hawaiians have no claim over the ceded lands arising out of events before Annexation in 1898.

That seems pretty conclusive to me.

By the way my ancestors were way more screwed out of their land and lives than yours were and more recently as well. I choose to look forward versus piss and moan about the past. You'll be a happier person if you make the same choice. Unfortunately you seem well mired in your victimhood status.