Thursday, May 23, 2013

Musings: Damage Control

Planning Director Mike Dahilig was a no show at the County Council, and the Council wasn't pleased.

“The Administration has decided to say let's do damage control and not give anyone an opportunity to expose more,” Councilman Mel Rapozo said. “That's what it is. It's clear and plain.”

The Council was scheduled to question Mike about about his plans for TVR enforcement — a presentation Mike cut short two weeks ago when he dashed off to catch a plane.

Instead, the Council got County Attorney Al Castillo, who said he had advised Mike to skip the session. If Mike did attend, Al said, he might need to invoke the Fifth Amendment.

Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura hotly contested whether Mike could refuse to answer any questions, even those that didn't deal with a possible Council investigation into TVR abuses.

Mel said he had never before seen a department head fail to show up. “That to me is disrespectful, to say I'm not coming to talk about anything.”

Chairman Jay Furfaro advised Al to confer again with Mike. But though the agenda item was postponed for a few hours, Mike came.

Instead, the Council got Deputy County Attorney Ian Jung, who pressed for an executive session (ES) to “explain the legal complexities of the TVR law” before the Council engaged in open discussion on enforcement.

Mel was dubious. “The appearance is like we're kind of hiding something.”

Ian said that anything discussed in public could be used against the county, which is currently being sued for denying one TVR permit on ag land, and holding contested case hearings on other denials. “We have to formulate a valid position before we engage in open discussion so we have a strategy for litigation,” Ian said.

Councilman Gary Hooser noted that litigation was always going on. Typically, the County Attorney typically sits next to whomever is being questioned and interjects if things start to stray. “Why can't we do it that way?” Gary asked.

To which Ian replied: “I want you to understand there are concerns here and I would rather do that in private.

Ian said it was important for the Council to be aware of the all the legal issues “before engaging in open dialog and criticism of the planning director and criticism of the Administration for not going after TVRs. Because we are. We're enforcing to the point of pending applications, getting through that batch before we move on. Things move in steps.”

Mel said the day's events “make it clear the 3.17 (Council investigation) is needed. This problem is bigger than I think we all even imagined. It bothers me tremendously that this body would be disrespected.”

“It's sad we can't talk to our planning director about a front-burner issue in the community,” Gary said. “It seems something big is out of whack in this county. We should ask the mayor to come forward and take responsibility and brief us in the future.”

JoAnn also expressed disappointment at how things had unfolded. “I'm very bothered by the way the Administration has been responding. It's both disrespectful and not very artful and not very diplomatic.”

Mel said the Council had merely wanted to ask Mike, “What's your plan? When's it going to happen?” Instead, Mike "went running to the county attorney" and the discussion was moved to a closed session. “And in the meantime, the public gets left out.”


Anonymous said...

So they assisted Bruce in writing his Application and a few other selected ones but not everyone was given the same 'template' (and then wrote the corresponding Directors report recommending to approve) and now the cats out of the bag, they messed up big time and are being sued for their dirty deeds.

Are we suppose to be surprised here?

How much is this inexpereinced guy and his incompetent staff going to cost us this time?

Mayor are you going to sing us a song about it to make it all go away?

Anonymous said...

At least Shaylene bothered to show up - and then refused to answer questions.

Anonymous said...

How long is the county of Kauai going to listen to bad legal advice from incompetent attorneys? How many generations? Ian's bad decisions enabled these TVRs on Ag land. Of course he is going to stick by his decision.

Is the Planning Dept under Dahilig still processing TVR permits?

Anonymous said...

Sounds, looks and smells like a cover-up.

It would be funny if we all didn't end up paying for their incompetence.

This is called maladministration.

Anonymous said...

It's so abundantly clear that illegal and/or incompetent actions have reoccurred so many times over so many years that only someone complicit with the problem, or a complete dolt, would ignore it. The oldest trick in the book of "red herring-ism" is "Oh...we need to analyze the implications of this in private before we discuss it publicly." That tactic cannot be allowed to prevail any longer.

Anonymous said...

Whores, whores, and more whores.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the mayor suspend the chief of police for similar insubordinate actions? Will he suspend this department head also? Or will he turn a blind eye? After all, the mayor did say, he is the chief executive officer of this county and he is ultimately responsible?

Anonymous said...

Here is what was said in Executive Session - You (Council) cannot do this investigation, it will expose the county to a tide wave of lawsuits, HGEA will sue us, the public will hear about the maladministration, the favoritism, the bribes, the incompetent staff and we'll be paying from here to kingdom come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and whatever happened with KPD Officer Mark Beagley, and Lt. Shibua, and their complaints against Chief Perry. Weren't they kicked down the road by Chief Perry?
Then there's Darla.

God, these people are costing us so much frickin money. People are stuggling just to get by, paying taxes, and these wages go to this crap?

Bull doze the whole trashed system, and bring in a totally new crew. Nothing will change otherwise.

And, we have to pay for these b*ll sh#t games they play.

Andy Parx said...

Malcolm Fernandez (head of Personnel at the time) refused to appear before the council just a few years ago... as a matter of fact it was Mel who demanded he show up

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It sure seems like you have a lot of free time, Joan. Can I please ask how you make a living?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Joan writes this blog to expose the malfeasant behavior of our elected officials and their lackeys.

Anonymous said...

You do realize you are stuck with those irresponsible civil servants right? No matter what they do, they are protected and untouchable.

It might be possible that they be transferred to another department, with the same pay grade, but then you get, yet another department filled with incompetent flesh sucking leeches.

Mike tried to figure out how but lack of management experience or any other disearnable skill (other than pointing his finger) has led to this unexposable nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Time for a new mayor. But who?

Anonymous said...

Such bullshit! Nothing but cowards and incompetents. Fucked up big time and now the cover up begins. Time for the County to come clean. Start by cleaning house. First to be fired Ian Costa and Imai Aiu. Demotions/suspensions for inspectors and Public Works employees who failed to do their job. The union has no legs to stand on if the employee was negligent in their duties and caused harm to the county and taxpayers. They aren't scared of lawsuits, they are scared of loosing their gushy jobs. Mike should resign and leave Kaua'i with his tail between his legs. He's in way over his head but hey the only qualification for a job in the County is to be a friend/crony of Bernard. Three Costa brothers working for the County now, 2 in Park's and Rec.

Anonymous said...

Shredders in realtors offices working overtime.

Dawson said...


It sure seems like you have a lot of free time, Joan. Can I please ask how you make a living?

Now, now, no worries. It's only issues of the common welfare and chronic corruption -- nothing that would concern you.

Go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Its mind blowing.... Planning isnpectors sign off on rich north shore shore houses approving things that don't even exist. Then Inspectors and prosecutor in the meanwhile charge Bynum with tax wasting BS. Other are suing the County for wrongful TVR denials. The Director might take the 5th. People are tired of the arbitrary planning inspectors on Kauai. Its so arbitrary who gets what.

The Mayor and the Planning Department gotta go. That department should be be rebuilt from the ground up, but the current dysfunctional council is not the right "body" to oversee it either - with Bynum and Ropozo feud in there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It sure seems like you have a lot of free time, Joan. Can I please ask how you make a living?

May 23, 2013 at 3:35 PM

You've got to be kidding me..."Can I ask how you make a living?"

May I ask how you can be so niele?

Having a lot of time on hand?

Isn't there house or yard work to keep you busy, clean out your car/truck, put the trash out, contribute your time to the community in some volunteer work.

What cha gonna be asking next--a run down on someone's bathroom schedule?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You do realize you are stuck with those irresponsible civil servants right? No matter what they do, they are protected and untouchable.

It might be possible that they be transferred to another department, with the same pay grade, but then you get, yet another department filled with incompetent flesh sucking leeches...

May 23, 2013 at 5:30 PM

It hurts, but this is the truth. The wash just keeps spinning.

The working girl on Kauai said things would never change. She is right, and smart to go for "work" in the legal system.

Flat out truth--things won't change. Fates are sealed in high school days. Then, nothing changes, and this is as far as the maturing goes.

And, no matter how much protest or exposure, these high school prom queens and kings rule Kauai.

The end

Anonymous said...

The former high school prom queens and football captains get the county jobs with benefits. The haoles complain about it. Some things don't change...

Anonymous said...

why is there no accountability of these cretins - using county (taxpayer) resource for personal use (no GPS or audit on county vehicles), using county (taxpayer) computers to search endlessly on sites like Craigslist or other non-job related sites, spending time in places like Tip Top or Starbucks and being paid by the taxpayers to do so? Going home for lunch (in taxpayer vehicles)?

Who will make this cycle of abuse end because we are the taxpayers paying for this abuse?

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think a recent past director also needs to be questioned. He now with Parks.

Anonymous said...

Look at all our problems: appointed by the mayor...appointed by the mayor, and appointed by the mayor. Seems we can address all these issues in 2014 when we get the chance to vote out the mayor...and by proxy all his corrupt cronies

Anonymous said...

It's hard to deal with, but I agree with the numerous comments that things won't ever change on Kauai.

Good luck untagling the compressed layers of emeshment, corruption, and deep, dark secrets. Won't happen.

There's an understanding among the locals, no matter how much the haoles complain and expose the misdeeds.

The working girl gotta know some of these secrets, so what's she get? She gets a job at some Tom, Dick, or Johns office typing court docs, and making the same fat salary the once upon a time court admin. now makes w/ d county--that is since canned by EEOC for sexual harassment at the courthouse.

No, things will never change; whores will just keep getting promoted.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some people are green with envy. Maybe if those folks could keep a job and pay their rent on time, life would that much more bearable.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, stop paying taxes until the abuse stops. Just stop paying taxes.

Im not interested in paying the salary of whores truning tricks and criminals doing the bidding. Who is?

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares. For one, you can't even spell.

Anonymous said...

Lenny and Janine gotta go with the mayor. 2014 is just around the corner. They hurt lots of people.

Anonymous said...

In previous times:

The air is crackling with tension. The time for questions has arrived. Jake rubs the perpetual five o'clock shadow on his chin. Shay straightens the carnation lei that matches her pink jacket. JoAnn, the one person certain to question Shay about POHAKU, has her hand up. Mel clears his throat.

Mel: I've been informed the county attorney is conflicting out on the POHAKU program. Until special counsel can be appointed, we won't talk about it.

JoAnn: POHAKU is in the budget. I have a right to ask about it. I don't understand the basis of the ruling.

Mel: It's not my rule. It's the county attorney's opinion.

Al: Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo, prudent for CA's office to declare conflict, mumbo jumbo.

JoAnn: I want to ask some questions based on public information. I don't see how my rights can be curtailed on that.

Mel: I know people think I usually don't agree with the county attorney's advice, but this time I do. But just so everybody knows, I didn't request that advice. It was given to me.

Al: I don't want to go any further in potentially violating my client's rights.

JoAnn: Who is your client?

Al: I represent the whole county.

Mel: He advises me and I control the discussion on the floor.

Tim: If we would've had those executive sessions on POHAKU that we keep putting off, would we be in this situation?

Mel: I'm gonna be the judge here. That's speculation. Nobody can answer that. If Al can answer that, I'm gonna take him to Vegas with me.

Anonymous said...

Well there it is in the comment of May 28, 2013 at 7:14 AM.

Puppet Masters, and well rehearsed plays. Different players stage the games. Some are bold, some are demure, others zip their lips. Perks motivate.

Yeah, meet at my place for a beer, set for life county/state employment.

Impropriatous conduct, halloween color themed front-POHAKU, post self-taken photos on hottest female on Facebook (chronic case of narcisism--middle-aged cons, criminal histories as long as your arm, can never be reformed, but you want to be just like me).

Rice cookers, breached dams, client lists, retaliatory dismissals, evictions, and animal abuse, but be envious...everyone wishes they had it in them to reach the goal of a heavy criminal history to call their own. Tough goal to reach on Kauai. Corruption, laziness, and incompetence usually get in the way, but you did it!

Is it any wonder a retired jouralist for a HI newspaper wrote a book 'bout Kauai.

Keep writing, blogging and exposing. The 33 year employed DA for Brooklyn, NY, stated that his job is the only job that a person gets to do the right thing, every time.

Anonymous said...

So this is what Shayme is doing these days; the woman is a sociopath. This is not a glib comment, but a fact.

We work hard, pay taxes like decent people do, and this is where our money goes! HTH can we stop this?

There's got to be a way to initiate a new law that when these creeps in county/state position decide to start screwing over each other, the cost comes out of their pockets, not ours.

Kapa'a Middle School Principal Aiwohi FINALLY INVESTIGATED. Story in TGI today. It took an uprising, petition, and a lot of noise to get this guy out of the way. The damage he has done, and the victims with his name stamped on these people's back.

From the Garden Island news, Tuesday, 05/28:

"Earlier this year, eBossWatch chose Iseri-Carvalho as one of America’s Worst Bosses of 2012.

The online company tracks bosses who have cost their employers substantial financial losses because of lawsuits. The company ranked Iseri-Carvalho 39th in a list of 50 worst bosses in the nation.

Complaints against Iseri-Carvalho or the OPA resulted in at least $228,000 in settlements in 2012. Thounsands more were spent to secure special counsel."

Anonymous said...

Can't the wash cycle every make it to rinse and spin? Not in some cases.

"I didn't do it! I didn't do it! Look what they are doing to innocent me?

No one is buying what your selling.

This type of sociopath always on their back, will try and turn the real world side ways, and lie through their teeth.

The record speaks for itself; there's no turning back the hands of time. Can't be reformed, up to old tricks, nothing has changed.

Bring in the bulldozer.