Sunday, July 21, 2013

Musings: Catch Up

A poinciana tree, so vibrant it appeared ready to burst into flame, rivaled the cloud fire above the horizon as the day dawned this morning. Ultimately, the tree triumphed, its orange-red blossoms still raging even as the color drained from the sky.

Remember that so-called “mob robbery” at Polihale that was splashily reported by The Garden Island last month, based on the second-hand account of a woman whose brother was supposedly there? But it seemed suspicious to the cops because no one filed a complaint, prompting folks to claim the cops were covering for the “bad guys?”

I've been meaning to tell you that I found out what really happened.

Seems a bunch of young adults from North Shore threw a birthday party for a woman out at Polihale and it turned into a real rager. People were drinking and drugging, the music was blasting super loud and guys were racing their trucks up and down the beach. After midnight, one of the westside aunties went over to party central and politely asked them to reduce their noise, as other campers were trying to sleep.

The drunks got smart and said essentially screw you, we wanna party.

The aunty then called some guys in Waimea, and they came out to break up the party. A few fistfights ensued, but no one was seriously hurt, and some of the revelers had their gear confiscated in the process. As they fled in the night, they left behind a lot of trash.

The episode wasn't haole vs local, because there were plenty of locals in the party crowd, nor was it North Shore vs westside. It was a simple matter of respect vs disrespect. The revelers knew they'd behaved disrespectfully to both the place and the aunty, which is why they left with their tails between their legs and never filed a complaint with the cops.

Oh, and since we're playing catch-up, the well-paid private attorneys under contract to the county have filed motions to dismiss Councilman Tim Bynum's civil rights suit against former Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho, planning supervisor Sheilah Miyake and Kauai County. So it's cost the county $461,000 just to get to this very preliminary point — a point that is still far from where Councilman Ross Kagawa wants to go:

This is a time when we need the truth to come out and we need to go to trial for this case,” he said.

Wasn't he the guy who ran on the platform of fiscal responsibility? Not to mention that legal actions so rarely have anything to do with truth or justice, but who has the most money to burn.

Witness Jimmy Pflueger dragging out his criminal trial for years and then getting a plea deal that allows him to plead no contest to one count of reckless endangering, while his corporation [wtf?] pleads no contest to seven counts of manslaughter and pays the state $50,000 for each person who died when the Kaloko dam failed in 2006.

I can't see anybody represented by a public defender getting a sweetheart deal like that.

Anyway, Jimmy is set to be sentenced in January, where the 87-yer-old could get a year in jail, which is doubtful, and/or community service. Perhaps he'll be allowed to work it off at his car dealerships, much like former state Rep. Roland Sagum was permitted to do his rock theft community service with the Royal Order of Kamehameha. 

Lady Justice may wear a blindfold, but don't go believing she's actually blind.

Getting back to Tim for a moment, I was glad to see his new property tax reform ordinance actually prohibits people who are running a vacation rental from also claiming a homeowner's exemption for the property. That's a no-brainer that's taken the county how many years to correct? 

And finally, I'm hearing Councilman Gary Hooser currently does not have the votes to pass Bill 2491, the ordinance that deals with restricted pesticide use disclosure, buffer zones and an EIS for the GMO crops. Only Councilman Bynum is solidly on board. So no doubt the rhetoric will ramp up as both sides seek to convince the other five.  Given what's been printed and said thus far,  the public hearing on July 31 promises to be pure theater in the best tradition of Kauai public hearings, which makes the KCC Performing Arts Center an apt venue.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to see signs proclaiming “GMO Free Zone” popping up along roadsides. What, really, is the purpose of these signs? What do they mean when they're stuck in someone's yard? That you've agreed to an inspection to ensure that you don't have a GMO ingredient in your pantry?

I've seen just one place where such a sign seemed appropriate or made any sense: near the packing shed on Lee Roversi's farm, where it serves to inform customers of her organic growing practices.

Otherwise — and I'm someone opposed to GMOs — these little proclamations come across as visual pollution akin to campaign signs. Please, resist the urge to contribute to this blight.

Or as a friend noted, in jest, “You can get one, too. But you have to attend an orientation first, like buying a time share.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information regarding the Polihale action! I live in Waimea and we asked around about what happened. No one seemed to know what took place, but thoughts were that it was not a big thing as was reported in the paper and that the place is now overcrowded with a lot of junk going down. On Ross, i sometimes am very disappointed on his outlook and his not checking on things people tell him (grumble about) before taking it up at meetings.
How do we get people to become aware of the gmo, pesticide problem?

Anonymous said...

I have heard the same with regards to the Polihale incident.

I never believed that Kauai could find anyone worst than Dickie but Ross is like a crash dummy. Does he suffer from brain damage?

The Bynum retaliation is what it is and the Good ol boys and girls won't give up without a fight.

Jimmy will get away with a slap on the wrist. A corrupt judge like Valenciano on board he won't do any jail time or community service.

I support Hooser's Bill 2491 but I know that the corrupt council members will vote against it.

The fight to serve and protect Kauai continues... I hope the newly graduated police officers understand the oath they swore and not the good ol boy pat on the back welcome to the life as a Kauai syndicate cop.

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesn't do what I want is corrupt. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

Ross is from Kauai 4th generation, you don't like the people of Kauai, move back. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Take Joan with you.

Anonymous said...

Just because Ross is 4th generation Kauai doesn't qualify him to be a councilmember. He came out of the blue, ran and won, and on what exactly? I never knew his platform, his website offered zero insight into that, so how the hell did this political newcomer win first time out? Must be some well connected people backing him which instinctively, I mistrust. He comes across antagonistic on the council, especially towards supporters of Hooser's bill. I think we know what side of the issue he is on and it's that of the seed companies. I find him inarticulate and ignorant on issues. That counts more than the fact that his great grandparents migrated here.

Anonymous said...

Kagawa says let's get to the truth (which is already well known) in the Bynum case. He wants a trial. But what the County is trying to do is dismiss the case without a trial so no more dirt about Shay, Kaipo and Jake (KPD) will come out. Ross wake up your protecting the corruption!

Anonymous said...

Ross Kagawa is not all there.

If you are reading this Ross, think about it: I wonder if your high mightyness will stand the test of a few exposures about you. Thatʻs how politics work right? Donʻt diss the wrong people, especially the masses.

The fact that we are left with people like him who ʻjust donʻt get itʻ to make important decisions is more scary than the GMOs in a way.

Anonymous said...

Ross, you just don't get it shame on you! Hope you had fun doing your ONE time working for the council!!

Anonymous said...

Wow 8:46 who are you God? Pray for Tim and Gary, they were on the bottom last election.

Anonymous said...

As usual Joan, spot on reporting with regards to Polihale. It was 100% disrespect to people and the aina that caused this problem. The North Shore partiers were given a reminder and sent off with their tails between thier legs and went and cried to mommmy and daddy that someone ruined their little party.
Show some respect and you will receive respect back. Disrespect Auntie & Mother Nature and a world of hurt will come crashing down on you

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the video of the guy smoking ice before the meeting I thought it must be Marion Berry.

There was more to west side fight. An east side thug.

Bynum case is our Vietnam or Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what all you Yukimura fans think of her voting against 2491.

Anonymous said...

The pesticides are scarier than the GMOs. How can that much poison be "applied" without affecting air, water and soil quality? Make those GMO company officials live next to the fields where the dust and pesticides are being blown into people's homes.

Anonymous said...

And where is the Health Department? Governor Abercombie's silence on the issue tells you all you need to know about our governor.

Anonymous said...

I would agree. Ross seems to have a chip on his shoulder. I'm not sure if its racism, but it seems like that plays a part. He's nasty the way he talks to people. He was against the pesticide disclosure bill before it came out. My sense is he's for perpetuation of the GOB and not much more.

Someone should ask Joann to articulate exactly what parts of the bill she finds problematic. Huge disappointment if she votes against. Same with Mel. He sponsored no GMO taro, so one would think he would agree ... but those slick pesticide lobbyists must be confusing the hell out of these guys.

I mean, disclose the poison you're spraying around our keiki - should not be that controversial.

Anonymous said...

JoAnn? She hasn't supported anything progressive for years. She's living off her reputation from 20 years ago.

The truth is already known in Bynum lawsuit. Shay's vendetta and Sheilah's stupidity is costing the county half a million bucks. Thank Maryanne Kusaka for promoting Sheilah to supervisor AND letting Pfluger dig up the spillway.

Anonymous said...

Iʻm tired of dancing around serious offenses already: does anyone have info on a particular councilman engaged in active drug using?

Better respect that office or get the hell out.

Anonymous said...

Just cause you don't like him you make shit up, real cool, I hope you get arrested and charged. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Polihale mess:

"...had their gear confiscated..."

Confiscated gear is gear taken lawfully. Some law, rule, or regulation allows confiscation. Otherwise the gear was STOLEN. No one had the authority to do that.

Anonymous said...

pesticides are a legit problem. GMO foods...not so much.

Anonymous said...

Time to check into our officials affairs, I heard that Hossier is a bit of a slacker on paying his property tax. Lead by example I say!!!