Thursday, November 21, 2013

Musings: Staring Down Illusions

In recent days, my musings have turned to the interconnectedness of things, and by this I don't mean ecosystems, but human systems. I've been thinking a lot about the few who control so many — often by perpetuating the illusions of choice and popular will — and why they want this control, and how they get it.

As so often happens, when I start pondering something, information comes my way that shines light upon it.

Which is the case with this graphic, sent out of the blue by a friend, that depicts the corporate centralization of so many consumer products. Click to enlarge.

Then another friend sent a link to this video, “Defense Against the Psychopath,” which explains why certain individuals are driven to gain power. It also shows how their followers help them achieve control over other people and social/political agendas. It was fascinating to see so many correlations to local events and personalities. Recognize anyone?

So what it leads me to is this: What do you — and I — really, absolutely know to be true?

And are you really so sure you can tell the good guys from the bad guys?


Elaine Albertson said...

Yes,I can usually tell the good guys from the bad guys...but then, I'm a retired behavioral scientist (ie., profiler) and so it's not rocket science for me. I can also see how folks get flim-flammed by the manipulators...of all flavors. They are told what they want to hear, what appeals to their fears and foibles, and so become rabid supporters of "the cause" without actually checking the facts and vetting the people to whom they're giving their allegiance. All that said...I'm glad the bill passed. While I do not see biotechnology as inherently bad (only what some entities are doing with it), I have no love at all for the huge agrichem corps, or for any mega-corp for that matter. We lost our national claim to "free enterprise" as intended by our founders a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Stockholm Syndrome I believe has a lot of relevance here - substitute "entities" with captor. Elaine I am very interested that SS is a debatable and under-researched condition, does this resonate at all with you?

In Sebastian Junger's "War" he speaks of how "the defense of the tribe is an immensely compelling idea, and once you've been exposed to it there's almost nothing you'd rather do".

I shared this with a behavorial specialist who's field of study has been extremist groups and he had this to say, "Junger's quote is certainly applicable and in an interesting coincidence, I've been researching the culture of eco-militancy for the last nine-ten months. You point out a theme that seems to repeat in the eco-militant world: often times, activists who engage in violence do so not from a long-standing ideological commitment to ecological or animal rights causes, but from social bonding and youth-driven anti-authoritarian impulses."

Combine with social media, a dash of activist narcism and we're only one remove from modern day Witch Trials...

Elaine Albertson said...
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Elaine Albertson said...

OK...fat-fingered the last one...

Anon 9:21 - If you care to repost with your real name, I'd be happy to engage. I don't engage with anonymous posters anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you prefer not to engage the thought I shared, not sure why but have a nice day...

Anonymous said...

What Influences our Beliefs about Health, Eating , Feeding, Politics…..or anything?
How Do You know What You Know?
What we perceive to be the Truth about what is Healthy, what religion is true, how we behave, what political views are righteous, climate to Eat and Feed Might Not Be True.
From our “programming” by our parents and culture, religion, teachers, authority figures, doctors, movie and TV heroes, Wall Street Ave marketing, and personal Life experiences…
……we make Conclusions about Reality.

In the process of living life…
We Adopt Myths, Half-truths, and Lies…as Reality

Dr Shibai

Anonymous said...

Google "Wetiko" and you'll understand the vampiric underpinnings of the post Columbus Americas....

Anonymous said...

Socrates often said that he knew nothing. When a friend told him that the oracle @ Delphi said that he was the wisest man on Earth, Socrates was dumbfounded. He personally visited the oracle to confirm her statement. When he asked “Am I the wisest man on Earth?” She replies, “Yes.” He then blurted out “But I Know NOTHING.” Apparently, the oracle just smiled.

Thoreau quipped, “What is most of our boasted so-called knowledge but a conceit that we know something, which robs us of the advantage of our actual ignorance?"

The socio/economic/political quagmire that we are in is a reflection of human nature. Are there really ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’? Is there a guileless, perfect human adult on Earth? We are individually (& collectively) either moving towards Light or darkness.

Speaking of the ‘system’ or Establishment, the whole thing is identical to the game of Monopoly – right down to the fake money (‘the Fed is as federal as FEDEX’). The name of the game is consolidation (the pic in your post graphically illustrates this). The ‘game’ is dominated and controlled by a de facto oligopoly. The possibility for genuine reformation of the system seems unlikely, if not impossible…

But… you DON’T have to play the GAME! You can simply walk away from the game – the world of $-making. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” No doubt, the less one ascribes and partakes of Caesar’s system, the less one needs to render unto it.

Individually, we need to take full responsibility for our lives: all of our choices. The choice is yours to either play the role of the victimized, hapless ‘consumer’ caught in the cesspool that is the status quo, or live a life of integrity, virtue. All of the ‘evil’ elements of the current system need support/allegiance. By not supporting them – monetarily and otherwise – they will disappear like a mist vanishing in the sunlight.

It’s time to be authentic… to be real… and stop playing the game, like proverbial actors on a stage.

“There can be only one permanent revolution—a moral one: the regeneration of the inner man.” ~ Tolstoy

Anonymous said...

I think we are all in need of a support group for dealing with the 2491 activists and its misleading leaders/ false prophets/ psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

For the most part we view the world and perceive our reality thru the eyes of a modern american and see things as either rosey or not based on our personal circumstances. The garments of life might have changed some through out time but what is going on now is no different than at any other time in history.
As Sting said "There are no political solutions".

Anonymous said...

"It is not up to man who is walking even to direct his own steps."
-- Bible

"We're all Bozo's on this bus."
-- Firesign Theater

Anonymous said...

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.

~ Cicero - 55 BC

Anonymous said...

Truth - in accord with fact or reality, genuine.
"The truth is what is" Aquinas
So I sit down for a little bobble on Kauai and I get an eternal question. So let's speak of the Council and truth.
Our Council when they say things, they may really believe it.
"no, that dress doesn't make you look fat" "we will vote with 6 members" and "I will still love you in the morning"
To bring this question up in the backdrop of the bizarre recent council behavior is poignant.
Mel is the only one who stayed true, said what he meant and did what he said.
The others are as Iago- betraying the trust Kauai places in them, while trying to maintain reputations of honesty and dedication. All the while dancing to some foreign Kool Aid inspired voting melody that makes no sense, creates division and is irresponsible - to everyone.
It would be better if at least there was some aroma of truth instead of the foul stench of betrayal.

Anonymous said...

the wise ones are to be found with our ancestors, the indigenous ones (not all) who left tons of knowledge for us to follow, we need to use our conscious minds and leave our egos in the wind! What am i thinking---i don't think humans can actually do that.

The chart just tells me that all those foods have high fructose corn syrup as one of its ingredients.

Anonymous said...

You can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor.
I did not have sex with that woman.
We will vote with 6 members.
This bill isn't about GMO.

Truth- Today is a new low for Kauai politics, until perhaps tomorrow.

Unknown said...

This is why I try to actively support the true independent food companies, both personally and at my stores, Island Naturals. Some companies are still true to their original vision, like Bronners, Nature's Path, Eden Foods, Organic Valley, and others.

Anonymous said...

Elaine get over yourself. I guess you're too high makamaka to respond to someone that posts anonymously. oh right i forgot you like to brag about your degree haha.

did it ever cross your mind that maybe post anonymously because they work for the county and don't agree with the mayor and dont want their names published. did it ever cross your mind? sorry we all cant be so snobby and have all the free time on our hands like you do.

hows about you just beat it if you can't hand anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

Joan, I do not know if you are aware about the "GMO Label" project. If you ever shop in Hoku Foods, you can see many products there, that have gone through rigorous standards to have the "GMO Free" label on them. You can look up their website, and download the standards for yourself.

Basicly, I have learned now to eat whole foods, stay away from packaged foods, and shop locally grown and made products as much as possible.

I try very hard to only shop at local businesses, and promote businesses that hire Kaua'i people.

Is hard, but after a while, its easy to do. I have to be extremely frugal with my dollars and do without a lot of things, but its worth it to me to be free of that map you put up there.

Thanks for the great topic of discussion.

My answer is"Truth is in the eye of the beholder". I am not sure who said that though, but that is a saying I have always heard and liked.

Anonymous said...

Senator Mike Gabbard is proposing legislation to require disclosure of pesticides used and buffer zones! But Senator Clarence Nishihara is proposing legislation to specifically preempt counties from regulating pesticides. If Gary was in the Senate, he could be helping Senator Gabbard push his legislation. Instead, we're headed to court.

Anonymous said...

Gary didn't cut in at the State leg. Instead of trying to work together with the other senators, he was always working against them...just like what he's doing on Kauai. He HAS to be the center of attention and is willing to bull doze through anyone to get the council chair seat.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Ruderman. Open up a branch of your expensive emporium on Kauai- but not in my neighborhood. Maybe Princeville or Kilauea. You can hire your old buddy, Jennifer Ruggles, and put her to productive work practicing what the two of you preach- selling costly substantially equivalent (to GMO's) food to your well heeled clientele. Get them out of the store where I shop; they spend too much time reading labels. In the meantime, stick to your own district. We are represented well enough without your poaching. Joan, you should charge for commercials. Given his margins, he can pay plenty.

Anonymous said...

Like your thinking processes, 10:10 AM.

And didnʻt Socrates also say that in some respect he could be considered the wiser man in that he knew he knew nothing.

Anonymous said...

5:48 PM. Have you ever considered why Gary had to work against the other senators so often?
To this day, and I donʻt know about you, but I testify every year on over 80 bills, there are very few things to agree on or senators to agree with.
Get real. Do the dirty work before you speak.

Anonymous said...

Elaine Albertson, have you ever considered you are just another by-product of the system you speak about?
You say you are a ʻprofilerʻ, so by what standards do you profile? Theirs, correct?

Anonymous said...

9:30 Part of passing any bill at the STATE is having a relationship with your fellow legislators. Gary was seen early on as a power grabber, self seeking and not to be trusted (to be associated with lack of TRUTH)
Slickness, shallowness and disingenuous. You will see.
I am anti-GMO and support the new law.

Anonymous said...

Biotech/chemical companies like Dow lied about agent orange and somehow had enough influence to use people like human guinea pigs even here on Kauai. Can you trust them when they say don't worry? Can they buy influence today to apply pesticides regardless of the concerns of residents most affected by their operations? Apparently. Shame on the governor and legislators who allow this to happen. And Senator Kouchi, I don't think Jesus would side with Dow or Syngenta over the people.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be disrespectful or mean, but anyone who expresses their disdain for mega corporations, yet post comments on a blog website that is likely backed by a large corporation, and doing so on a computer also manufactured and sold by a MEGA corporation, is a bit of a hypocrite in my opinion. Anyone with a cell phone,computer,ipad, etc. who posts on facebook, youtube, or blogspots are direct contributors to these mega corporations. As much as I would love to be a part of a some of the recent causes that have surfaced of late, I know I could never be able to do so without contradicting myself because I am a consumer through and through. I understand why some have issues wih large ag corporations, but realistically, without mass production of food we wouldn't be able to sustain our population, especially in this age of excess when everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW. I'm definitely no expert, but I think perhaps a lot of GMOs were created to sustain certain crops, and to help other crops flourish to keep up with consumer demand. We may not want to admit it, but we ALL contribute to it in some way, and I feel the best we can do is make changes in ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions before blaming someone/somthing else. Much respect and aloha to all.

Anonymous said...

What do I absolutely know to be true?

Well yes we are all Bozos on this bus, but I subscribe to the maxim that both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the universe by the human nervous system, and that neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other.

Anonymous said...

Elaine Albertson, your comment basically disgusts me. You point finger down at people for what YOU perceive them to be doing and at the same time clumping anyone with a voice or a desire to speak against something as idiots.
And all this is done looking at the needle of YOUR compass.

My suggestion to you, study up. You could start with a view of Matt Damon reading Howard Zinnʻs thoughts on Civil Disobedience NOT being a problem: the real problem is (and this is where you may find yourself) Civil Obedience.

Anonymous said...

I am amused by the appointment of the new Vice Chair Council Member Mason Chock.

He is inexperienced and voted himself as Vice Chair?

His sister is an activist for the bill 2491?

His girlfriend sued Big Island County for being fired at the Elections Department.

He sued Kauai County while in the Fire Department.

Shame on you both for taking money from tax payers. You call this leadership? Your appointment into office was fixed because they knew you would have voted for the bill to be passed. Your dirty laundry is being aired out because Kauai has the Right to Know your true colors. This system is very crooked. Kipukai was voted by the people and should have been appointed. From now on your personal life will be public. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

The alleged quote from Cicero is completely bogus:

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.

Please, folks, when you see a quotation from a famous person which is so perfectly reflective of your own political viewpoint, take the time to Google it first. Otherwise, instead of promoting knowledge, you are spreading ignorance.