Monday, April 14, 2014

Musings: Eclipsing

Out on the mountain trail, seeking birdsong, green ridges, ohia lehua.

Less than a mile in, hopes and wishes rewarded.
Clouds drift over the sun, pile up on the peaks.

Clear skies aren't likely for tonight's eclipse.

Mahina will reveal what she wishes.

All we can do is look up, look within, and strive for balance.


ink stained said...

Re lunar ponderings,
Alexandria needed to have cleaned her typewriter keys, another skill long forgotten.
There's blue cheese, goat cheese, Edam cheese and cream cheese, but is there any green cheese besides lunar green cheese?

Anonymous said...

My husband spotted your beautiful musings earlier today, I followed the scent. Lovely 'ohia, and full mahina poetry. We sat her too, and wish 'ohia bloomed closer by. From ke'ia, Mokihana