Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Musings: War by Proxy

Is it possible for the uber-rich, the 1%, to “do good” with their money? Of course. But that's not what happened when they began bankrolling the anti-biotech movement in Hawaii.

They could have used their immense wealth to support any number of positive initiatives — environmental and health studies on the impacts of seed companies, community dialogues on concerns surrounding biotech, organic ag parks, farmer training, small farm start-up loans.

Instead, they chose to wage war, financing groups that furnished a manifesto, targeted an enemy and served up charismatic personalities eager to vilify, dehumanize and promote “group think.”

It started with the January 2013 statewide Hawaii SEED tour, featuring Andrew Kimbrell, Makana, Walter Ritte and Vandana Shiva. She was the one who characterized the seed companies — and by extension, all their employees — as pure evil and issued a decisive call to action: expel them from your Islands.

And it's ending, as expected, in the courtroom, with no actual or concrete gains yet realized, and the very real possibility that none ever will be.

Like all wars, it has produced a battlefield strewn with casualties, survivors suffering from PTSD, a highly polarized population and deep, lingering hatreds and mistrust. Like all wars, it was carried out by commoners, many of them passionate, highly idealistic and young. And like all wars, it was orchestrated by powerful players who use others to implement their political agendas while they remain safe, standing in the shadows.

Throughout the drama driving Kauai's Bill 2491 and Hawaii Island's Bill 113, I kept hearing people say, it didn't have to be like this. We didn't have to launch a war before we gathered any evidence of wrong-doing, sat down to talk with the alleged perpetrators. We didn't have to deeply shame local people who are working in agriculture by accusing them of poisoning the aina, sickening their neighbors. We didn't have to indulge the holier than thou sanctimony that arises when one group is labeled totally wrong, even evil, by another group that presents itself as pure, pono, righteous.

But some folks wanted war, and Councilman Gary Hooser, with his million little fists, his outreach to the Center for Food Safety, was most certainly one of them. And now we're discovering, through the identification of wealthy mainland funders, some of the others.

I'm bringing this up not to bruise or bash, but in hopes it will get people in our community to start thinking, questioning and healing, rather than marching in ideological lockstep, engaging in the “group think” of totalitarianism that promises only more ugliness and pain.

Is it right for offshore money to assume such a compelling role in shaping Island politics, without ever being identified? Is it right for anti-GMO crusaders like Nancy Redfeather, Walter Ritte, Jeri Di Pietro, Nomi Carmona and others to function as lobbyists, without ever registering as such with the Hawaii State Ethics Commission, or disclosing their sources of funding?

And lest you question whether they have played that role, just check out this clip of Andrew Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety, who congratulates Nancy for being an "incredibly effective lobbyist in the Legislature. She has done amazing, amazing effective things on that.”

Is it proper for groups like Hawaii SEED — and the mainland foundations that support the anti-biotech movement — to engage in overt political activism, while still maintaining the tax protections of a 501-c-3? Should all the political activities of big money be scrutinized equally, or only the right-wing Koch Brothers?

Is it appropriate to demand total transparency from biotech and its well-funded pool of lobbyists, lawyers and PR flacks, when Hawaii SEED hasn't even filed a 990 return since 2011? And that was submitted two years late. Or that unofficial groups like Ohana O Kauai, SHAKA, Babes for Biotech and all the others should be collecting money for political activities without ever disclosing any of their funding sources, revealing how much they brought in, or how it was spent?

In other words, it is OK to operate under double standards that allow the full truth of this  situation, any situation, to be obscured?

Is it acceptable to wage war by proxy? Is that what this community really wants?


Anonymous said...

Thank Joan! So true! You made my day! Please reveal what you already know. It's a grim reminder of what is truly happening to Hawaii. ALOHA

Fern said...

Woah! Your on a good one with this financing thing - aren't you!?

Firstly, it didn't start in January (lol) in any way shape or form, well maybe for you, but we were already writing Bill 2491 in January.

Thank God there are people willing to donate to fund things like this event you mentioned to get the other peoples opinions and their other views available to people on the ground here, that would have only been exposed to the biotech propaganda otherwise...

Im trying to understand here, so Syngenta can spend $25 Million in 2012 alone battling Atrazine researchers and pushing propaganda about being totally safe and discrediting anyone who says otherwise (obviously not worth reporting on)... cause that is their corporate interest at stake, I mean thats pretty important right! But groups that help pull off large scale events with donation money like that in January to bring awareness to the other side and the opinions of the leaders opposing this industry and their monopolisation of seed life and chemical pushing... they have no place speaking.... and if funded by someone other than (who again?) it must be sinister in some way.... ?

There have been all kinds of gains already in the last year, and its a shame you cant see them! The ripples of the social education and changes we have made on the ground this year will continue and provide much more to our community in the near future.

What exactly are the 'strewn causalities' you refer to? PTS? Really? PTS Joan... over the right to know, buffer and study.... Really?

Highly polarized? Deep, lingering hatreds and mistrust? Towards who? Agri-chemical corporations that were misleading and lying to our community a year ago and have been caught out in their lies? Why wouldn't the community mistrust them?

Or towards community members? I hope that you don't have these feelings over this issue and if you or someone you know does, maybe I can help? Thats horrible that someone would experience PTS and these feelings you mention, especially towards community or its members trying to protect the health of their land and families and build a better future.... ?

There was no one standing in the shadows in November 2012 when we started having meetings with Gary Hooser... We just wanted answers. There was no outside person, people or organization helping. No one would get back to me, no one would listen. There were 20 of us on the side of the road in Sept 2012, we worked hard REALLY hard for a year, with no funding, with no real outside help. We got the wider community involved, the word GMO went from something no one knew to an issue our island is starting to get a grasp on, starting to understand.

So say whatever you want and add drama to the scene where ever you feel you need to up your ratings and roll around in the attention this issue brought forward. Enjoy it, it's obvious you do.

The reality is - I LIVED THIS from beginning to today and I can share with you the truth about how little help we had, how hard we worked and what we were are trying to achieve. It seems to me that you are missing the point of all this and getting caught in things that really have to relevance to the on the ground changes you are seeing here.

Anonymous said...

9:30... When the court decides you will know then if all that hard work that you did was worthwhile. Joan is saying what a lot people don't know about the anti's. I am sure she truly believes what she is saying. So do you! Are you denying what she has written? You youself don't know anything about GMO..your knowledge about GMO probably comes from Google or supposed know-it-all person...and there are many!

Joan Conrow said...

Fern, the propaganda war did begin in earnest in Jan 2013. And if you truly are unaware of the ugly fallout from your 'movement" then it's also no surprise you are oblivious to how this was orchestrated. I suggest you get out of your bubble and your echo chamber and see what's really going down.

Anonymous said...

Joan, educate us! What's really going on? Come on, lay it on the line----line by line----what am i missing? Something about all those rich folks spending money on the cause? What about Kimbrell, Danvana Shiva, Walter Ritte? You mean they are not the people i think they are? Do they have other motives? YIKES!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The wealthy and zealous nutjobs can come to Kauai or any place they want to push their agenda du jour. This is America.
Kauai is fertile for outside influence. First off, it is in Hawaii a real headline, in itself. 2nd, you have a good hardworking population base that minds its own business and just works and tries to raise their families with a cultural tradition of not being a pushy loudmouth. 3rd, you have an increasing wealthy new population that is trying to get "back to the land or nature". 4th, you have a combination of wealthy (primarily Haoles), who have made their gajillion dollars on Kauai and now have a need to get back to their lost hippie naturalist ideals, There is also one pile of newcomer youngsters, who just want to be cool, in the anti-ag group. Most of these long term Haole bigshot proponents of stopping big ag, have themselves made their bucks in real estate, development or tourist activities. This less than "environmental career" is OK for them, but not for you. Now, these self described "Kamaiiana" can relax and snipe at other businesses. Their bucks are in the bank (or real estate)
And the 5th reason, outsiders can control. We have a few Council members, who feel that they are now "Statesmen" above the local needs. These Statesmen, need the abject idolization of frenzied many fisted followers, they need the glamor associated with national groups, they need the power to fight the Bogey man that they see in Big Ag and Big Business. They have forgotten that Kauai is made of individuals, families, rich and poor, local and Haole, they have forgotten that as Government officials they need to act in a reasonable manner to assure that the County of Kauai can fulfill it's service to as many of it's residents as possible. Not just the groovy Back to Earthers.
Methinks, the Council would at least listen to the locals-

Anonymous said...

9:30 Fern, anti-Big Farm has been a fat dribble on the bib of many groups for decades. Perhaps, the beginning on Kauai was a just a few antis, but believe me, several of your leaders have been licking their chops waiting to get into this social engineering issue for years.
Can I get a waving little fistee please?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joan for your quest to bring out the real story.

The fact that Fern can't even see her role in the attacks on her neighbors and fellow community members is astonishing. She can't recall how she on social media called the employees who work for the seed industry as stupid and uneducated, how she brought thugs to the council hearings to intimidate and harass seed company employees under the guise of "ohana security", how her and her group would take public testimony and edit it to harass and belittle the testifiers that dare defend their work and the safety of it, let's not forget her "shame" banner. The list goes on and on. "presents itself as pure, pono, righteous" The fact that she cant see (or maybe rather refuses to admit) how she has led and done more to tear this island apart is amazing. Granted she had help, more and more as we are finding out, thanks in part to your blog. Like you said, it didn't have to be this way, but this is the path they chose and they should be responsible for the part they played.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Excellent piece. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Joan, speaking of echo chambers, your comment section sure seems to have more than it's share of paid trolls.

Anonymous said...

2:43 ahh yes! When you can't actually refute something, cast out insults and troll accusations. That is tactic #2 in the handbook I believe.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!How this started is immaterial compared to what it has become. Kauai is a pawn and will become collateral damage in the fight to force the 600,000 maize farms and 450,000 soybean farms of this country to grow food to the CFS (at least 3 Kimbrells on the payroll), Earthjustice, PANNA et al. designs- both what we can eat and how it is to be grown. And these non-profits don’t grow squat to feed anyone, but they feed off the people who do. I have run down the rat holes of Vandana Shiva, Gilles Eric (The Ratman ) Seralini, Tyrone (No ‘Nad Frogs)Hayes, Don Huber and some others cited as credible scientists and found what sure looks like showboats and charlatans with advanced degrees. Unfortunately, what could have been an illuminating discussion was an endlessly looped chain of claque-dominated 3 minute orchestrated recitals of internet and Facebook-poached diatribes that debase the meaning of testimony- proof that something is true or exists. Perhaps we deserve no better. After all we hired the stage managers for the farce. On the positive side, at least the renowned scientist, Rosanne Barr, stayed at home.

Anonymous said...

Guess I can't start my post with a "Thank You" or I'll be called a shill.

You do great work Joan, keep it up. This piece sums up what we've all been thinking. It is a real shame that Fern et al. can't see that they are all puppets in the game.

Anonymous said...

The people who know and support ag in Hawaii is fed up with the kind of tactics of the Hooser and Fern club. How many times have the red shirts accused others of "poisoning the aina" then turn around and smoke? They they say that birth defects are from the seed farms. Birth defects that have been around for centuries but to this group, correlations means causation. They they hype their credentials to make them sound more legitimate. Puhleez.

Using lies and disinformation is shameful when it makes laws. Those that stand by it, including Hooser, Hooser Jr, Fern, and Barca should be held accountable for all of the crap that they spewed out at people and bombarded the social media with. It's all there for all eternity to see forever with their names attached. Saving the aina with lies is the norm around Hawaii apparently.

Anonymous said...

The problem is.......we do not have the decision makers to talk to to make nice or anything else.....the Board of Directors and the them face to face. They hide behind their desks smoking cigars, watching us all tear each other apart.

The Big Boys sit and wait, hire lawyers and instigate.

We grovel in the "trenches" good or bad.....ready to die for our causes and opinions, as the "collateral damage" piles up.

The best marketing and mind control specialists and lawyers win.

Its an old strategy....divide and conquer.

Its all smoke and mirrors.

Dr Shibai

Anonymous said...

Fern and those like her are the reason the bankrollers of this circus came here, because they knew they could play on the emotional culture.

It is good that you are calling out these 1% do-gooders, but a deeper dive needs to be done & point out that those behind this are also the leaders of the organic industry.

Anonymous said...

These are extremely important topics, and thank you for reporting on them, Joan.

I think that the people of Hawaii need to start demanding transparency and accountability. There has been a deliberate spread of misinformation, slander, and libel with terrible consequences.

Those responsible for financing this need to be exposed for who they really are. I commented last time and I will again, that at its root much of the financing is coming from the organic industry, natural food stores, and others who profit by spreading misinformation and fear. Those responsible need to be exposed, and held legally accountable for all of the damage that their work has caused.

And no, these organizations should never been classified as tax-exempt non-profits.

Please keep reporting on this issue, it is important and needs to be brought to light in Hawaii.

Chuck Lasker said...

The "sweet little innocent Fern" act is getting old. Those of us who have been on the receiving end of the vicious ongoing personal attacks she has helped coordinate know better.

I appreciate you trying to figure out how to get Kauai out of this "war," but I don't see it happening. In fact, I only see it intensifying with the increased intrusion of mainland organizations who see Hawaii as an excellent fundraising opportunity as well as an opportunity to get federal legal "defense" funds.

Anonymous said...

There is a poem by Rudyard Kipling that I think would resonate with you.
-a desperate local with (I’ve been told) limited education, opportunities and money

Anonymous said...

Either you hit a nerve with these latest posts or the spring thaw has awakened them all from winter hibernation because they are suddenly all over your blog (at least you know they are reading it). They’re also in the newspaper again, with Anne Punohu mis-reading an article in TGI misrepresenting the ongoing lawsuit written by, unsurprisingly, Chris D’Angelo. You’d think they have another campaign lined up for 2014. Oh, wait….

Anonymous said...

Pile on the brown man's burden,
compel him to be free;
Let all your manifestoes
Reek with philanthropy.
And if with heathen folly
He dares your will dispute,
Then, in the name of freedom,
Don't hesitate to shoot.

-H. Labouchère.
...a dreadful person but insightful poet.

Anonymous said...

Aloha. I am Anne Punohu. I misread nothing, and don't go lumping me in with everyone else you people keep bashing on here.

It takes a lot of guts to bash me as an anon.

Apparently you can't read either, as that is exactly what the headline said, and implied.

I, unlike others am not "sweet".

If you want to bash me, do it in person.

My email is Email me, lets meet, and then let's see what you have to say. I don't do discourse with cowards that hide behind a computer screen.

Bring it on.

PS chuck lasker you have a lot of nerve, since I met you, was "sweet" to you, and then, you decided to bash me behind the computer screen.

The epitome of either a coward, or a classic internet troll with a dual personality.

Your opinions mean zero in my book now.

Keep typing stuff out, people. Means nothing unless you can face the people you are bashing.

Its sad to see grown men (and manther women), stroking their tiny, flaccid little egos trying to get an internet troll hard on.

Grow up people.

Joan, I got mad respect for you. Don't care what your opinions are or what you type out. First ammendment rights and equality and all that.

But, I draw the line at not giving people equal time. If you are gonna allow comments that bash people, you need to allow equal time for them to bash back. But whatever, its your blog, your hale, your rules. I respect that.

I just wanna make things real clear. If your posters are gonna start in with me, I WILL bash right back.

With as much aloha, as you give me,

Anne Punohu

Joan Conrow said...

"you need to allow equal time for them to bash back."

I do.

Anonymous said...

Anne Punohu

Thanks Joan. That's why you have my "Mad Respect.". Just expect me to be posting, when they do it. And I am not going to be "sweet" about it, either.



Anonymous said...

Haha. Did anyone associate AP with "sweet"? I remember her insults and trying to insight a riot with the ag people outside several of the hearings. Bravado and integrity are not the same thing.

Fern said...

Love all the spineless anonymous, no basis claims, you all show your true colors for attacking me rather than addressing the questions and comments. Especially because I'd really like to understand!

Joan, the propaganda war against our community began well before Jan 2013. I can show you some of the great emails my college age siblings have received from Monsanto over the last 4 years. Talk about propaganda! But it didn't start there is what I am saying, we were already well underway requesting the information we were trying to get and because of the constant walls that we were getting were already underway constructing the foundation of our right to know, because they simply would not tell us.

Major 'fallout from our 'movement? Can you explain in actual examples please?

Its laughable that YOU are telling ME who orchestrated this as if you were there and involved.

Regardless of who jumped in to support us in fighting the response to our bill, it wasn't orchestrated by any outsiders. We were trying to get a bill passed that the agri-chemical biotech industry decided it was going to fight with lies, exaggerations and fear about job loses. We were 5 people with the help of a single council member that was willing to listen. I showed up at that first hearing June 26th to hundreds of enraged employes I walked passed them as they stared me down. I was intimated, threatened and flipped off. Called names and attacked, for what? For trying to find out what is being done here, if they and their families are safe, for trying to get the records of the experimentation happening in our backyards. How dare I question right?....

Who caused that divide? Me for asking the question, or these corporations for perpetuating lies and creating hate and fear among their employees by playing on their limited understanding of the situation (Which by the way is a similar statement to the one that 'anonymous' mentions in her post) and I stand by it, our community is uneducated about this issue and so are many of the people that work for these corporations, thats why they were telling me that there is no difference between GMO and hapa mixed race people!!! It's not the communities fault its uneducated its been manipulated and lied to!

I suggest you get out of your bubble and look into the truth of what happened, not perpetuate negativity, personal attacks and mistrust while you attempt to create a divide, then blame it on others.

Tell me whats really going down? Who has really been harmed by Bill 2491? What catastrophic fall out are you all referring to? I would be fine with taking accountability where it is justified...

Maybe instead we should look at the lies and perpetuated propaganda these corporations have flung our community, to justify and explain their research stations and why they should function without providing the additional information and protections our county is asking for. Or you can spend all day attacking me for daring to ask, you all seem to enjoy that more than meaningful conversation or debate.

Fern said...

Glad I could astonish you Anonymous. Oh and I recall. Like I mentioned above I stand by the lack of education our community has on this issue, twist and turn my words to suit you all you need. Many of the on the ground sprayers that I spoke to are uneducated about this issue and the corporations have used it to their advantage and I find it offensive, its your precious corporation my dear who has treated our people like they are stupid.

Thugs? LOL? Wow. Kirby Kester and I stood on the steps while I was flipped off and sworn at by about 5 big local braddahs in blue shirts at one of the first hearings. He went over to have a word with them right after, apparently that kind of behaviour wasn't encouraged, regardless, they are misinformed and their anger mis-targeted but hey I wouldn't even call THEM thugs. One less our fathers in Ohana shirts, would love to know where your accusations are targeted.

Many videos were done and edited on both sides, few I had any involvement with at all.

Isn't the shame banner good! Glad you like it. It's on the way to Switzerland to be held out the front of the Syngenta Headquarters! The world will know. The world will know that the biggest most profitable chemical corporations in the world are suing our county for the right to spray restricted use pesticides in unknown amounts at unknown times up to the boundary of our schools and homes without study and without disclosure. The world will know and the people will decide. Pono will prevail.

The plantation era the toxic chemicals, the overthrow of this kingdom, occupation and experimentation of this land by big corporate and military interests have torn this island apart long before you ever relocated here to take from it what you can and conduct your research.

And Chuck Lasker ... Get a grip. You have been nothing but a jerk throughout all this. Receiving end of your own bounce back is where you are! I have never played any roll in any "vicious ongoing personal attacks" that you accuse me of helping to coordinate", so point finger all you want. I don't even know you, couldn't point you out on the street, what would I and why would I waste my time attacking you? You don't even make sense. You treat people like crap for being concerned and you make people feel horrible and have caused more personal and malicious attacks than anyone on either side of this debate and (from what I see of you online - which is all I know of you) you seem to like it! I don't care what you think, because you have demonstrated time and time again that you don't care what anyone else does either, or how people feel, or even if we talk about the point. It was YOU Chuck who attacked me last year personally and in anyway you could and you don't even know me. For many of those times I didn't even know, and couldn't even defend myself if I wanted. Thats how you like it. You do a perfectly good job at exposing yourself and your true nature, so keep it up and Im sure the attacks on you will too, but I have NOTHING to do with them or you, so please turn your finger around and point it back at yourself.

At least you have the guts to say who you are.

Anonymous said...

Joan this shit happens all the time. We're not the first community in the nation to be torn a part by the biotech industry, nor will we be the last. Frankly, I'm tired of being a pawn in this battle and I remove myself from it. I won't depend on the fake state of Hawaii or the chemical corporations to do the right thing. The common denominator is $$$ and the working class everyday people suffer. People need to realize that politicians (government) will not take care of us and we have to do it ourselves. One by one, family by family, affect the change in your life and multiply that tenfold through family members and friends who want to be the change they want to see.

Why should multi-national corporations be able to bully communities into accepting their agenda but small communities cannot fight back with help from outside resources? I don't understand what is wrong with that? Whatever the agenda is of some in the movement, I remain committed to my Hawaiian roots of protecting the 'aina from all kinds of destruction whether it be biotech bullies, over development of our fragile resources, McMansions on farm land and mini-resorts plastered all over the north shore. If you call yourself an "aloha 'aina warrior" than you need to include anything that threatens generational survivability of humans and animals throughout all of Ko Hawaii Pae 'Aina.

"Organic" isn't a bad word. It is the way our kupuna ate for thousands of years prior to the industrial revolution. It wasn't that long ago that one could get fresh milk and butter from their personal diary cows that ate grass in the pasture and didn't have genetically engineered corn or soy feed, antibiotics, or human growth hormones in their system.

The organic industry is growing for a reason. People are rightfully concerned about the health implications of over exposure to pesticides in our food chain. There is only one agenda for most people and that is good health. Healthy environment, healthy families.

I'll farm the land, feed my family the way that is pono for me and hopefully others will want to support that endeavor by buying locally grown food from me.
I have no faith in the current political system and truly believe we cannot affect change that will not just benefit the wealthy, well-connected few.

Joan Conrow said...

Anonymous 2:04, I share many of your concerns, views and cynicism about the system and its flaws.

I commend you for growing organically, and living what you believe.

In regard to your comment:

Why should multi-national corporations be able to bully communities into accepting their agenda but small communities cannot fight back with help from outside resources? I don't understand what is wrong with that?

There isn't anything wrong with it, per se. My point has been we just need to be upfront and honest about who is funding this so we can also examine what their motives might be, and whether they truly have the best interest of our community at heart.

Anonymous said...

Joan, if people want to know about motives, ask them, face to face, person to person, eye contact to eye contact. That is my personal belief on the best way to communicate with each other.

But, if people can't even have an internet dialogue without the fur flying in all directions, and body parts laying all around, and someone keeping tabs on who got the snarkiest comment in or got the best dig in on someone, how in the hell can we have a civilized discourse.

What you are seeing, Joan, is the implosion that had to happen. The whole ball of wax is hitting the fan at once, from all sides, and it is an even bigger mess then we ever could have imagined.

When we all just couldn't accept that we had been lied too and duped by these companies, and used as pawns, and we didn't paddle the canoe together, when we allowed them to come in here and divide us along color lines, racial lines, ethnic lines and socio-econimic lines, we reached a matrix where there is no going back.

If people continue to swallow the blue pill, there are some of us who refuse to bow down and live our life out in wet little pods of our own making.

Some of us are brave enough to get out there, and do whatever it takes to break the stranglehold that these gloating, bloated companies have on all life on this planet.

That is why countries that usually are brutal to their citizens, such as Mexico, and Russia, even ban GMO's. Because even them with all of their brutality against their own people don't hate them enough to feed them GMO's.

Apperently we are ALL willing to continue to be pawns. ESPECIALLY those who side with the Chemical Seed Corporations.

I at one time, held out hope for people just giving up all of this ridiculous rhetoric, and seeing everything for what it is, but they don't.

My eyes have been opened and I am not about to shut them.

And if you, coward anonymous hiding behind your name think that you saw me, little old me, one single solitary woman inciting a riot, well god bless ya, you lived to tell your grandchildren that you survived the terrifying Anne Punohu in all of her glory, on that fateful day, when Anne Punohu incited a riot. LOL. Moronic buffoon.

As I recall, we were even treated to a special chorale ensemble, by the Blue Shirt Choir. I jsut offered to conduct it for them. I was trying to collaborate. Somehow, it got twisted into I was inciting a riot. Lol. Childish lunacy.

Seriously, as I said before, grow up. Put your name on your posts. Lets see who YOU are, and how YOUR personal behavior stacks up to anyone elses, and who funds YOU, and who backs YOU up, and what YOU stand for. Let's put YOU under the microscope and see what we find. (meaning the spineless posters here who hide behind anon and spew out snark and vociferous bilious statements that have no basis in facts)

If this isn't an accurate assesment of you, little anony"mouse", then just know that you are just an uber- moron like the rest that have fionally hit a wall here. A wall where we are sick of taking your insults, BS, crap, and stupid theories and ideology.

So, in the future, like I said if your gonna mention MY name, yeah I am NOT sweet. Never said I want4ed to be. I am tough, baby. GMC kind of tough. Ford steel kind of tough. I have been forged by this island. I have put my blood sweat and tears into this land as a REAL farmer, a REAL worker, I have given birth here, buried a child here, I have been there lived it done it I wear slippahs NO ONE owns me, and I dont join any group I dont have to I have a mind of my own and i can think just fine.

And I frankly think, Anonymous that you are a moron.


whew...that felt great!

Chuck Lasker said...

Anne - you play the victim card, saying "we are sick of taking your insults." And then within one comment here you've said these things about those who disagree with you:

* Moronic buffoon.

* Childish lunacy.

* grow up

* spineless posters

* anony"mouse"

* uber- moron

* And I frankly think, Anonymous that you are a moron

You and Fern have proven Joan's point in spades here. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know how a GMO Free group is only about the right to know? That is hilarious. Maybe if that was the true intent, the group's name should have been changed.

Why do people like to stay anonymous? Hmm... When you're out there, you get death threats, hate mail, nasty messages. That includes Dustin Barca sending some of them himself.

Such a highly regarded and respectful group those GMO free folks are. Can't forget how they want to burn down crops or destroy equipment!