Friday, October 17, 2014

Musings: On My Critics

It's been amusing to witness the efforts aimed at trying to make me stop dinging Councilmen Gary Hooser and Tim Bynum.

Like this Anonymous comment:

Joan. As a friend you should know people are talking. There are two stories going around. Sometimes they are intertwined and sometimes separate. Your fixation on Gary is attributed to either a jilted lover situation and/or your involvement with Jerry O. In any case, it is obvious to all that you [sic] entirely too obsessed with bringing Hooser down and it has to be personal. tc

Love affair with Gary? Gack. And while Jerry is one of my favorite people on the planet, we're not “involved" and I drew my conclusions about Gary without any influence from him.

Of course, I knew it was a fake because my real friends don't talk to me via anonymous comments. And anyway, they're pretty much all cheering me on to bring Hooser down. They know I've gone after Gary for legitimate reasons: he's a bullying liar who has seriously damaged Kauai County in his egomaniacal bid for political acclaim and national attention.

Still, it's odd that folks who consider themselves “progressives” resort to tired old stereotypical scenarios in trying to explain away a reality they refuse to see. Kind of like the commenter who attributed my disdain for Council candidate Felicia Cowden to us having “competed for the same guy.” WTF? It's like they can't imagine that a woman could possibly have the brains and discernment to identify disingenuous and dangerous politicians; it must be a bad romance.

But then, that's been my problem with many of the Bill 2491/Hooser/Bynum/Barca supporters. They fancy themselves progressives, but they've behaved so regressively that they've set progressive politics in Hawaii way, way back. And they don't even see it.

Which brings me to an email sent by a reader who urged me to stop “flogging” Gary and Tim:

Seems to me that the facts indicate these guys are sober and serious long-time public servants, with extensive histories of hard work and constructive legislation for the betterment of our island. With an election looming, it's also important to remember that both are progressive candidates: look at their whole track records, not just the issue on which you disagree with them.

Mmm, what's progressive about using lies and fears to spark a mob action, divide the island and pass legislation that is overturned while setting a legal precedent for state pre-emption?

As for track records, Tim's includes gutting the TVR bill to remove inspections and allowing TVRs on ag land, while Gary's includes dumping his Kauai Senate seat and powerful role as majority leader to make a doomed-from-the-start run for lieutenant governor, and then dumping his post at OEQC (after making all sorts of promises he couldn't deliver and leaving the staff there to clean up the mess) to get back on the Kauai County Council and issue his call for a “million little fists.”

Throw in Tim's lawsuit against the county, quavery victim voice and petty tantrums, Gary's penchant for deception and smug smarminess, and their current effort to remove 24,000 acres from ag dedication and it's a no brainer: those two faux progressives have got to go.

Then there was this Facebook message from a woman I know from yoga:

It's like you have a personal crusade going against Gary and Tim. Why not work it out with them and resolve it. Communicate with them personally.

To which I replied:

There is no way to "work it out" with Tim and Gary. I have communicated with them personally. They won't even acknowledge the wrongs they've done and the harm they've caused. One can't "work it out" with people who are in denial and who continue to do the same bad things, like lie. My interest now is in ensuring that as many people as possible know what they're really all about.

Which brings me to mayoral candidate Dustin Barca. It's apparent from this new “Fightland” video, which was also posted on the Surfer magazine site, that his candidacy isn't about serving Kauai, but getting exposure for himself and his anti-GMO message.

The video is filled with Dustin's bullshit — “Waimea Middle School, 50 kids falling down having seizures and bloody noses from pesticide exposure”; “We have the sickness, the cancers, the birth defects, but we can't prove the link because we don't know what they're spraying” — but fails to mention Bill 2491 was overturned by a federal judge. Instead, it claims “local politics have left it at a standstill.”

Most telling, however, was the revelation that as a “grom,” Dustin was taken in by the Northshore Oahu Wolfpack, a “notorious group that enforces the line up at Pipeline and other surf spots, sometimes through violence and intimidation.” Yeah, despite all of Dustin's rhetoric about love and respect, he just can't escape his thuggish roots. Dustin's the fist behind the “fistees,” folks.

The video, which curiously focuses on North Shore Kauai landscapes rather than the westside, features footage from the Haleiwa evict Monsanto march, where pro-surfer Kelly Slater weighs in with the comment, “Humans are kind of messing with science.”

It closes with a tagline that shows the wrong date for the general election, and then a shot of Dustin, front tooth missing, sitting on his board, wiping his nose. Classic.

Returning to my critics, there was also this Anonymous comment:

You really need to lighten up Joan and get back on track. Perhaps a long vacation is in order. People are talking and say you have gone way, way over the top and are "no longer the Joan we used to know and love". Truth - but am sure that is one thing you do not recognize any more. Sad.

Gosh. Abandoned by people who never knew me, and never loved me, but only liked me so long as I was writing what they wanted to hear. I can only take that as confirmation that I'm on the right track.

P.S. A real friend just emailed: "You forgot to mention that it's your head injury that led you to abandon the cause." 

Oh, yes, how could I have forgotten the theory advanced by dear Felicia, that I must have suffered a traumatic brain injury? Must've been the "GMO implants/GMO virus" that caused it to slip my mind.  


Anonymous said...

I still love you Joan and hope you never feel compelled by your critics to change the way you write. Let Gary, Tim, Mason, Joann and Jay have it, they've made bad decisions and compounded them with more bad decision. You've always been upfront and honest about what we've discussed and you get it. You really do. Besides this is YOUR BLOG, do as you please. People don't have to read it, but your critics are somehow unable to. Carry on!

Not Tim Bynum said...

You really need to learn ur plase, missy. Garry Hoosier is a GOD and attacking him is attacking the Aloha spirit. Why do you hate Aloha!?!

And while ur at it stop attacking me, too. You tussle with Timmah, you get a wad o paper thrownatcha, maybe even a soot to boot.

You owe Me and Garry and Mason your vote because we serve you! So vote!

Anonymous said...

Yes Joan! You nailed it again. I am with you all the way on this and applaud your efforts to bring Hooser down. You are the bomb! Oh and I heard another story about the reason you are so focused on him. Others are saying it is a "woman thing" and you were jealous of the red shirt hotties and tired of being called auntie. These people are crazy Joan. Thank you for bringing sanity to the conversation. There are many of us out here who cheer you loudly ever time you take a shot at that dirt bag.

Anonymous said...

True words are not spoken very often, so some people are offended. There is the other side and this reader thinks your writing is excellent, and truthful and more importantly thoughtful and incredibly important. You sound rested, reasoned and right to me and plenty others who not only enjoy reading your blog but are inspired by it. It leads to thought not just mantra. It seems the truth and goals of this movement isn't clear yet. Like wtf, our most progressive leaders just got preemption in the state of Hawaii with the inept bill, why do their supporters still think they are worthy?

Anonymous said...

Everyone is called Auntie here, it is a sign of respect, we all either die young or get older, only a stupid young person with little life experience would think it upsets any of us.

Dawson said...

It's fascinating how the faux progressives regress to old-fashioned sexism when a female journalist strips bare the motives of their male demagogues. Fascinating... and revealing.

Anonymous said...

Joan you are definitely on the right track. Thank you for shining a light on all of this BS.

Anonymous said...

Keep going, Joan. Being attacked personally means that your facts are correct, so keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Joan, someone needs to tell the truth about the fistee politicians & wannabees and I'm glad it's such an articulate and reliable journalist as you. Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

Joan thank you for your comments. you and a lot of us locals are sick and tired of these idiots running our county into the ground they seperated our island and we need to peace it back together peace by peace. i have a great suggestion if the mainlanders don't like how we do things here go back NOBODY asked you to come here and please take gary, tim, joann, felicia, dustin and jay with you they have caused enough disfunction here on kauai.The people will speak in the election and vote Bernard,Derek, Jimmy,Dee, Mel, Ross, Arryl, Arthur, and Billy

Mukai said...

Sexism and ad hominem attacks are the refuge of the weak and the wicked. Stay strong. Illegitimati non carborundum.

Anonymous said...

I have never had the honor of meeting you, Joan, but even still I've heard rumors that you no longer live here, that you are tired of the acrimony and that you are writing all your blogs from the Mainland.

What's that quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt? Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

I think that encapsulates a lot of what is going on here. Tragic if it wasn't so utterly farcical.

Anonymous said...

I heard you were in witness protection on the mainland.

Truculent said...

The next three candidates in line, KipuKai, Darryl and Mason may not be to your taste. But over T&G, they're Kennedy, Lincoln and Roosevelt.. Everybody please vote and please vote a full ticket.

Anonymous said...

I just hope you keep on writing. Kauai needs good journalism like yours. We need the truth. People like Gary rely on the people who remain unaware reading only the crappy biased garden island news paper, confused and easy to manipulate. The people who spread and believe rumors about you are so invested in thier faith of Gary and their identity as a "red shirt" and all the f ing lies that they cannot see the truth for what it is. They would rather believe that you are a paid shill, something is wrongs with you, that somehow your corrupt, or minimize you and degrade your character than see the truth and realize they are wrong. That being said, I haven't heard any rumors about you. But nobody would talk to me anyways because all the same stupid shit has been said of me just for trying to spread truth and reason. I'm so glad to know that there are intelligent, sound minded people out there. When I read your blog, it reminds me that things will be ok. That everyone isn't crazy, and that there are other people (you and many of your readers and commenters) who are good, environmentally conscious, critical thinkers, truth seekers, able to admit when they're wrong, reasonable people. It actually restores my faith in the people of Kauai.

Mahalo nui loa Joan!

Anonymous said...

9:05 etc.
yep- Perhaps the sexual allurement of the author of an intelligently written and intriguing blog has gotten to you.
I don't have a clue what Joan Conrow looks like. I do not even know if she exists, is a woman or an invented web presence.
But I have lived on Kauai a while and have seen the basic character of the island get hi-jacked. A legion of well intentioned new comers have plagued the County. The holier-than-thou attitudes and disrespect for anyone who disagrees with them.
Gary and Tim have used this new presence and their mainland attitudes to push marches, mobs, hysteria and social division.
It is sickening, the resentment toward haoles (haoles get lumped together, by these new comer's behavior) is getting stronger. The old regular business owners, old school politicos and legions of locals will come out to vote and put an end to the dishonor and vendetta targeting the Hooser/Bynum/Chock trio have done.
As far as the alluring Joan living on the mainland, who gives a sh*t, she knows more about what is going on on this island than Jay Furfaro, his own self.
Shucks Ma'am, I am a hopin' Joan is attractive. I too have imbedded fantasies about intelligent sharp woman-folk.
Joan Conrow Thank you for your blog.
It is tough getting blasted by the "beautiful people" who usually support da Hoos, Jackpot Bynum and their handmaiden, Mason Chock

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Barca because He's the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Barca is a joke. "Dah, I beat da guy dat drop in on me, brah. See, dat quelify myself for da big show in da big line up, brah." What a f808ing joke. A choice between a budget as big as the mayor's waist or a bruiser. Ummmmm, still thinking....

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you confront the rumor regarding Jerry head on Joan. That talk has been going around for months now. Must go back to your posts when you used to go for early morning walks with "farmer Jerry". When you became so anti anti-gmo some were thinking Jerry had "undue influence" on you. Good for you to put that stuff to rest by speaking to it directly. When are you coming back to Kauai? We miss you!

Anonymous said...

The reason for such markedly regional support over this issue is due to the high school like peer pressure system already in place on the Northshore. There are subtle and not so subtle ways to put you and keep you "in the fold" of group think there. Some of the not so subtle methods are also at the high school level such as the catty oersonal and unfounded remarks reported here today. If you were fortunate enough not to experience this in high school, then change the analogy to any high school movie! There's nothing new about this and the message remains the same: Your level of maturity is measured by your response to peer pressure!

Pete Antonson

Anonymous said...

1:58 p.m. When you use my quote, please use it in the politically correct way. make your claim and back your claim up with your justification or logical reasoning why you chose your candidate.

I gave my explanation, i opened myself up for any negative comments, or a open discussion.

it's good you chose who you chose, that's your voting rights, but be a responsible voter and back up your claim, such as facts, in which i did.

Please continue your "He's the lesser of two evils" with your justification / facts.

Thank you from one of the silent voting majority.

Anonymous said...

As my grandad used to say, Gary and Tim are more useless than tits on a boar.

Anonymous said...

@10:36 pm, wasn't it Eleanor that said liars should be run out of town?

Anonymous said...

Joan, I do not know how your readership stats have changed, but I cannot go into a serious business office now where management is not cheering you on. Everyone is concerned that this council will actually destroy our jobs, homes, tax locals off the island all for millionaires and the hippie toadies that share their far left bizarre views. Now if only Bernard would slash the County budget. Stop hiring. Move people a around if you have to. Stop the taxes. We are pau. Our kids are fleeing. The County is destroying us.

Donna said...

I wish there was a LIKE button for the majority of these replies and a DISMISS button for all of the rest. For the blog itself, a LOVE button! Joan, your blog is like a good book that I can't put down. I can't wait to read the next "chapter"!

Anonymous said...

10:36 sounds like Bynum himself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you don't know what Yukimura, Kusaka, Baptiste, and Carvalho has done to this island, tax payers, and it's citizens then you haven't lived here that long or you have not been paying attention.

This blog and other blogs about Kauai and Hawaii has grown in popularity since 2008. This is when KPD Blue came out and all the dirty laundry started to hang out on this Blog and as well as other blogs.

This blog is POWERFUL. If you don't know-then just ask disgraced former Kauai county prosecutor Shaylene Iseri Carvalho how skrong the words are written here on this bloggydog. Ruff:Oh Oh Cistaro just killed another dawg.

Anonymous said...

Gary, who now is now known as the lower case "gh". As history has shown us, using initials only for your name emphasize fame, importance and yes, even imortality. ala JFK, LBJ and so on. Gary uses lower case to show his creativity. But upper or lower case, for Gary to identify himself by his initials is testament to his upper case EGO.
Anyway, gh recent blog shows the voter the meanderings of a "slate or plunk" voting technique.
I thank him for slate is Rapozo, Kaneshiro, Kagawa, Perry and Brun.....Kipukai is on the bench until he clarifies his position.

Anonymous said...

Slates are for sheep.

Anonymous said...

Total support for you Joan!

Anonymous said...

8:18 p.m. if you don't vote for 8 and 9, you won't get 6 or 7 out.

Basic math.

6 and 7 has to lose ground, and if 8 and 9 don't get your vote, then 8 and 9 won't gain ground.

do the math on paper, you'll see it.

Plus, he's a FAIR thinker / action person.

Anonymous said...

8:18 p.m. continued. 8 AND 9 HAS to beat # 6 and 7 in votes, in order to get both of them out.

Anonymous said...

1014 if you don't vote for a solid 3, Mel, Ross and Arryl, they could be in for a surprise.
The 4th could be Perry or Brun to have a Council that cares about locals.
I am open for education on this. The Hoos and Bynum forces are engorging their members.
A plunk vote will help one person, a slate can help the whole island.
Suggestions, please.

Btw Miss Joan, the combination of your outstanding reporting and writing creates a plethora of comments. These comments are a good part of the whole....congratulations, a greatn formula. Now how to make money? I have sent some...but you deserve plenny.

Anonymous said...

A million Loves.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant post. One of many. I'm a fan. You tell it like it is- unclouded, sharp as a laser, hard as a diamond.

It helps to repeat "what other people think of me is none of my business". It's a bastardization of a quote attributed to I'm not sure who. It's especially helpful when those making the comments are closed-minded nincompoops.

But think about this- are these the real progressives? Are the 'peace and love' anti-war, anti-government, pro freedom demographic of the 60s now the jack-boots, arguing for ever more aggressive government interfering in every part of our lives? Ought to be careful. The pendulum will swing.

Winston Churchill famously said:
“Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.”

Gary, Tim and the entire "movement" are truly old liberals- unenlightened ones at that.

But those are only labels. 'Liberal' is rebranded as 'progressive', like 'global warming' is rebranded as 'climate change'.

I don't think the private sector wants them either.

Dawson said...

I don't think the private sector wants them either.

One good quote deserves another:

You don't know what it's like out there. I've worked in the private sector. They expect results.
-- Dan Akroyd, Ghostbusters

Anonymous said...

7:39 a.m. you're right about voting for the top three also. i'm under the assumption we were going to vote 1,2 &3.

in joan's previous blog, i stated that, pick you top ones and at the same time 8 through 11.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is in the administration not in the council. Too many employment related suits.

Anonymous said...

Council approves budget.
Council approved big Cash Gift to Tim Bynum.
Council passes laws that are overturned in Court...IE Illegal laws
Council passes laws that raises rents on Renters. IE Bynum/Hooser
The Admin may be hiring too many....but ALL the ills are at the Council's doorstep.
There is no leadership, no backbone...only 2 Council members have the locals in their hearts...the rest pander to the "new way of thinking"
Kauai is lost if the tutus are forgotten.

Chuck Lasker said...

The Fightland video opens with Dustin Barca on megaphone: "All you corrupt f*ckahs. This sh*t's over."

Then at 0:20, Barca, also on a megaphone, says, "Let's keep it respectful."

To the anti-progress crowd, "respect" is only for those who agree with them, the rest deserve violence, hatred, personal attacks, lies and defamation. Watching your comments go from "we agree with you, friend," to "we hate you, traitor," has been very familiar, as I've gone through the same thing from the same people. They're classic narcissists.

Keep up your commitment to intellectual honesty, Joan, while I don't always agree with you, I respect you, in the true sense of the word. And you've altered my opinion on many issues.