Friday, October 10, 2014

Musings: Water Logged

Watching yesterday's County Council workshop on water use in the Puna (east Kauai) district was kind of like deja vu all over again as I kept flashing back on the GMO issue.

Except in this case, it's about giving the state complete management control over water use in the Lihue-Hanamaulu area.

Now let's get this straight. The state, which supposedly was doing such a lousy job managing pesticides on the westside that the county had to intervene with Bill 2491, is now being asked to assume more control over eastside water resources because the county is supposedly doing such a lousy job managing them.


This bit of twisted logic is the work of Councilmen Tim Bynum and Gary Hooser, the same two men who sponsored Bill 2491. Now they're pushing a petition to have the state designate south Puna, which includes the south fork of the Wailua River and the Huleia River, as a special Ground-Surface Water Management Area.

This designation would require all water users in the area to seek permits from the state Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM) — a process that UH law school professor Kapua Sproat admitted “can be very time-consuming, labor intensive and require the use of legal council.” In other words, small farmers dependent on the East Kauai Water Users Cooperative would be screwed, while the big guys like Grove Farm could still play.

Kapua also acknowledged that efforts to designate similar management areas on other islands have typically been “emotional” and “highly controversial and politicized.”

But rather than learn from the divisiveness that characterized the debate over 2491, Gary and Tim are repeating the exact same tactics they employed then — excluding key stakeholders from the discussion, fear-mongering, casting unfounded aspersions of wrong-doing, deliberately promulgating misinformation, relying on non-expert testimony and failing to begin with any Council consensus.

They started by staging yesterday's totally biased “informational briefing,” which excluded major stakeholders — the county Department of Water, landowners, water users, ditchmen and scientific experts. Instead, the presentation was made by Adam Asquith, who admitted he's not actually a hydrologist, he just plays one on TV, and Kapua, who flew in with her students from Honolulu to talk about laws regarding the public trust resource.

Adam tossed out words like “shocking” and “aghast,” and said water was such an “emotional and powerful” issue that he would read most of his report rather than ad lib, so as to ensure he maintained his scientific objectivity — like he actually has any on this topic. Oh, but first he trotted out his Hawaiian hanai son to do a chant, just to demonstrate his kanaka creds. It's so sad to see him keep using his kid that way.

Adam laid out his interpretation of what's happening with ground and surface water in south Puna before pronouncing that “we have fully commercialized use of our water” for such purposes as homes, hydroelectric power and “corporate agriculture.” Which, presumably, does not include his own taro farm, even though he sells his harvest and employs immigrant labor. Adam then proclaimed “we probably have an issue that needs to be resolved.”

Adam also repeatedly stated that the county DOW was not reporting any of its surface or ground water use to CWRM, as required by state law. Kapua's students also made that statement.

It was not until the very end of the 3.5-hour presentation that DOW reps finally got a chance to speak, at which point they said the presentation had a number of inaccuracies and they are indeed dutifully reporting all their well and surface water use. But by then, the aspersions had already been cast.

By then, Gary had already swallowed Adam's presentation hook, line and sinker, proclaiming it “alarming in many respects.” He then allowed that other stakeolders might have different opinions, before asking Adam — an admitted non-expert — “You believe the evidence and information is clear?”

Yes,” Adam replied. And that was good enough for Gary — even though he hadn't heard from anyone else, including DOW.

And by then, Tim, though equally ill-informed, had passed judgment on DOW: “Our water department knew we had groundwater problems [in Lihue] 10 years ago, that why we built a surface water treatment system. Wasn't that use from day one inconsistent with the public trust?”

I'll just let that hang in the air,” replied Adam.

What Tim either didn't know or didn't say is that system — a cooperative effort by Grove Farm and DOW — was approved by CWRM, which considers public trust resources when making decisions. It's also the same agency that would oversee the special management area that Tim wants to create.

Tim, his eyes glinting, then asked if the public trust resource extended to soil. "If you own the land, does that also mean you own the soil?" he asked. Kapua wisely demurred rather than allow Tim to publicly expound on the ramifications of the government coming in and dictating soil use.

It wasn't until the very end of the meeting that we learned DOW had asked to see a copy of the presentation before-hand, but was denied.

If the true goal of the meeting was to "foster dialogue and education," why wouldn't you share it? Why wouldn't you invite DOW to join the presentation, along with the USGS hydrologists who studied the Lihue water system and the folks who currently maintain the stream diversions and use the water?

Wouldn't you want to get all the facts on the table at once? 

Unless, of course, you wanted to present a skewed version so as to influence public opinion, broadside your opponents and put everyone on the defense trying to refute lies that have already been uttered and repeated and thus ingrained into public consciousness.

Deputy County Attorney Mauna Kea Trask got it, advising the Council that pursuing such a designation is “a big issue. Expert testimony from trained professionals needs to be part of the discussion.”

To her credit, Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura got it too, firmly stating that more time was needed to bring in those stakeholders, and ensure the presence of all Councilmembers — Ross Kagawa and Mel Rapozo were absent, and Chair Jay Furfaro was in and out. Tim and Gary, meanwhile, were pushing to quickly move the petition forward, perhaps because they both rightly fear their time on the Council is running out.

And though Gary is chair of the committee that staged the presentation, he asked Mason Chock to run the meeting. That way Mason looked like the chump behind this one-sided show, rather than the real perps. Mason, when are you going to learn these guys are playing you? They're sharks. They aren't your friends.

A special management area may indeed prove to be a wise move for protecting water resources. Or not. Either way, it's a very big deal, with a lot of repercussions for agriculture and future development, including the Lihue town plan and county General Plan. There's absolutely no reason why the petition should be rushed. 

And there's absolutely no reason why the discussion should be framed by the same two politicians who so horribly distorted the biotech industry's operations on Kauai and polarized the community in the process.

Wake up, people. Like I said, these guys are sharks. They aren't your friends.


Anonymous said...

Kauai has more water than Jehohovah poured down on Noah.
It is all about transmission. LP had 50 million gallons per day for the relatively small acreage that includes the land owned by well known enviro-activist, Bette Midler (sic).
Of Course Aunty Bette is now leasing the land for the very environmental use of Cattle ranching to save on property taxes.
There is water, water everywhere, just ask any of the old plantation guys. It has always been about transmission.
On another note. Most of the AG CPRS are on land that failed as Ag use. These properties are ideal homesites providing privacy open space and good houses. They also are a significant part of all property taxes collected.
Ag CPRs do not always get the special ag rate. They are taxed as regular old homes and MAYBE a portion is cut out for Ag dedication. But the County, smartly and correctly places high values on the houses.

This is all a bunch of BS. The County is broke and continues it's expensive "studies" for the future of Lihue and Southside, pushing walking friendly town cores. Welp, I challenge the Council and all of it's workers, WHEN was the last time anyone walked to get their couple hundred plate lunches they gobble every day, Never. There ain't no food places near by. Shucks Miss Joan, I challenge most of the Council members to walk from their super-expensive historic Chambers to the Round building this 600 yards is too extreme and hot for at least 3 of the more well covered and vocal members.
Much of this brings up a real question. Why the f*ck should the County be delving so deeply into land use when the land they control is already in total disrepair? Anyone try to get a grubbing permit? in the old days you grubbed and all was well. Today, ever since Gary Hooser and Jackpot Bynum sicked their legions of antis out to turn in their neighbor and friends as violators, it is hard to turn a shovel of dirt without someone checking you out. Turn in your Mommy if you think she is a Commie.
The County should mind its own business and get back to basics.

If they want to know about water take a look at the old LP water studies. They will wake you up, especially the amount of ground water and surface water at the Koloa Basalt plateau (no Gary, this ain't in Koloa).
Ask any old plantation manager....they can give more info in a minute than a hundred of Gary's minions. yep, Gary I think your experts have only your and Tim's agenda in mind and is total Baloney.... What has happened/ How can Jay allow such BS to be put on the agenda..? table it Jay, table it. get not be a babooze.

But the real elephant in the room regarding water is...all sources whether on State land or Most likely on private land WILL have to get easements to go thru the private lands to get to the towns...and then the County must deal with the Big land guys for easements etc.....I hope the foul hateful vendetta Gary, Tim, Mason, Jay and JoAnn have left by "outlawing" Big land will not get in the way of harmonious negotiations....Condemnation can take decades. Big Land has rights too. What a joke, we are run by short sighted vindictive Fistees.

Anonymous said...

Ok, some of what you say I agree with, some I don't. Adam for one, is a really good guy. What is the difference between the kids from the kumu's papa (teacher's class) that did a chant, and Adams son? I happen to know the little boy in question, and he is very well versed and intelligent. He also loves to chant, as does his sister, as do most kids who are proud of their culture. So, you are saying that Adams child, who is half Hawaiian shouldn't chant, and he shouldn't ask him too, but it's ok, for say, James "konane" Tokioka to lean on the fact that his child is deaf, and he is a "single parent (insert laugh track here), and he has a Hawaiian middle name every election?

So, how is that "using" a child. That is really not a statement that I agree with. I also happen to know that Adam gives real farmers a chance to farm, and he makes them stick strictly to the rules, and violates no laws.

He does not, to my knowledge "employ immigrant labor", but Joan, didn't you just say that was fine for the Seed Companies to do that a few posts pack, so even if he was, isn't that alright?

On the issue of hey how come we trust the state on this and not on 2491, I do agree with you on that. However, I happen to know that the state technically has more control over the ditches and there are dual and sometimes triple and quadruple land responsibilities within our na auwai, and reservoirs, so it gets very confusing whose kuleana is whose, especially when it comes to clearing and cleaning the ditches, which were maintained by the sugar companies, and have now fallen into the state that we see them now.

Diversions are a huge issue, so I really am at an impasse. Something clearly has to be done, and it will take bucks. Who has got it? Who has got the clout to enforce?

If the state had done better with the issues raised during 2491, I think most would have said let the state handle it.

Me, personally I just want the water maintained, not diverted, and not taken over by huge users leaving none for the rest of us.

I also wondered what happened to Don Heacocks hair. Didn't recognize him. He does look nicer that way though.

I have to confess, I did not see any glints in anyones eyes, but then I came late to the meeting, and missed a lot.

It musta been a really, really big glint.

However, Joan, must we always bring everything back to 2491? I mean can any issue stand on it's own merits, or is it always somehow connected to that?

Also, I agree with the shark statement. But I do not agree that only people with letters after their names know anything about anything, and that only they should be listened to.

That's cuz when you do that, it's kinda elitist, and you stop listening to the people, who actually aren't stupid, and actually know stuff too.

But that's just my opinion. I am not an expert, so it probably doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

It's incredible that the system can be played in this way. There was an article by Peter Adler in yesterday's Star-Advertiser that basically stated that the sunshine law, requiring public notice for all Hawaii government sponsored meetings, be publicly noticed. Because of that there are a whole slew of people showing up at these meetings who are hijacking them to use for their own agendas. One thing can be said about Tim Bynum and Gary Hooser, they clearly understand the process and are milking it to push forward their own agendas. So, please, please, please vote these 2 clowns out at the General Election next month! Exercise the only tool that is available to the common person that can be used to express dissatisfaction with status quo. By doing that we can, hopefully, elect officials who truly represent the concerns of hardworking taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Tim Bynum is really sick and recently rushed to the hospital (last week) perhaps he shouldn't be running for council. Realize it's a private matter but maybe he really shouldn't be running for council.

Anonymous said...

Tim is power mad.

Anonymous said...

Joan please, if you know, tell us how much we DOW water rate users pay Grove Farm each year for the ditch water that they control. How is selling that water to us different than Kauai Springs selling us bottled water. I was told by David Craddick that he was being forced out as director of DOW because Grove Farm did not want to lose that funding. Is Arryl Kaneshiro on the water board? If he is, should he not be recusing himself on any water issues and also AG dedication issues? Maybe that is something we voters should have full disclosure on, before the election.

Anonymous said...

Arry is NOT on the water board.

Anonymous said...

That does bring up the huge issue of recusal. It would seem, now that I really sit and think about it, that Arryl would probably be the first councilmember in history to have to recuse himself on almost every issue, due to conflict of interest. I am afraid that won't make for an effective councilmember. So, perhaps I should reconsider my vote for Arryl. I really hadn't realized just how much he would probably have to abstain from voting on matters, until this particular blogpost.

Unfortunately, on reflection, I like Arryl, but it would appear, now that things are out in the open that he would not be able to be effective because there are just so many issues involving Grove Farm coming up now and in the future, how could he make any sort of a contribution with so much on the agenda involving Grove Farm?

It is sad, because he would be great, but I see now that constant recusals would stop him from doing the fine job I think he could possibly do.

Thanks for opening up my eyes. Now that I think about it, the same would go for several other candidates as well. Sheesh, what are we gonna do next election when there are term limits, and virtually everyone that is running is either involved with seed companies, grove farm or real estate?

Not very many to pick from then, are there?

And that includes the boards and commissions as well. There will soon be no one left who doesn't have a conflict of interest, and everyone will be recusing themselves all over the place, and government will pretty much come to a halt. Ok, that is kinda dramatic, worst case scenario, but the more I look at whose in right now it seems that could be a definite reality


Anonymous said...

Gary and Tim are trying to stick it to Grove Farm any way they can because Arryl got more votes than they did.

Anonymous said...

Since Grove Farm and employees of GF are so intertwined in the economics of our island, shouldn't folks like Kaneshiro, takayama (kauai coffee) upright citizens that they are, reconsider any council and board positions as they are conflicted between what's good for their employers vs the greater good of the island. One cannot be serving two masters and claim to be true to both.

Regarding a child delivering pule in Hawaaian, I commend the child and the child's parents who encourage this. In fact I believe that our school system should expect our children to know by heart, at least one song like Hawaii Aloha, and one prayer to Ke Akua, in Hawaaian. That is a minimal expectation to acknowledge our host culture.

Anonymous said...

Gary is the president of HAPA. He should recuse himself on all issues of agriculture, water, pesticide, land use and GMO that the group advocates.

Anonymous said...

To 2:55, there is a difference between goals of a non-profit and a for-profit organization.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that Gary and Tim use their position to continue to politicize personal vendettas. It's so obvious what they're doing. And Mason, omg mason. They have turned him into a political slut. Was a potentially good catch but gave all away to tim and Gary and lost all dignity.

Arryl is going to make a great council member. All you anon commenters. Relax! Your too uptight.

Remember Gary and tim are not your friends. This is a desperate move on thier part to create problems and fear so people will vote for them. They are political survivors and problem creators. Not problem solvers or solution oriented people. They are out for themselves, not for the community.

Even Joanne is s political survivor. Look how long she's been a council member! 30 plus years! So if you don't like the way land and water or things are being managed or how Kauai is right now, blame her! She's been making choices that directly impact Kauai for 30 years! She is the reason housing is so limited. She is the reason everyone has to drive to Lihue for everything. She is anti development anti services, anti convienence, anti to majority of Kauai's needs and people.

She is for the "already haves everything elitist". She is unrealistic. She is for traffic jams from all directions because everyone in the island has to drive to Lihue to go to costco or Walmart. This is not "green". This is a desperate foolish tragedy.

So wake up Kauai. Gary and joanne have been politicians the longest and dibe the most damage. Time for a change. If you don't like the way Kauai is most likely it's directly related to Gary and Joanne's poor decisions over the last 30 years. They are not your friends. They are political surviving dinosaurs or as Joan perfectly put it, "Sharks".

Anonymous said...

Please read UN Agenda 21. Kauai County subscribes to this policy.

Anonymous said...

4;00 You are correct about JoAnn.
If you know anyone in the Water Dept or an old timer at Planning, ask. She pushed the Yuki Doctrine, just because a property has legal density, the Water Dept could dwindle the density by their "opinion" of water loss in transmission lines. Now, no houses for the regular folks. Thanks to JoAnn.
JoAnn just wants to stuff people into her low income apartments.
She is a sweet lady, but time for her to go.
We need houses for the folks.
Ideally, Hooser, Mason, Bynum and JoAnn are gone. Maybe once we get some folks on the Council who care for the regular people, Jay Furfaro will come around and return to his former self---a good fair man.
Jay used to be a real man. Now he is just Bynum and Hooser's weenie.

Anonymous said...

Arryl's father, former Council Member Darryl Kanishiro, was a Water Board member when many decisions were made favorable to Grove Farm. Former DOW Manager David Craddick's horizontal well proposal for the East Side would have eliminated the County's need to buy water from Grove Farm, eliminated the high electrical costs of pumpingthe requirement to treat surface water while generating revenue from hydro electricity. Craddick was fired and the project is dead.

Anonymous said...

We are all bashing Gary and Tim, but what are we doing to get them out of office? Bash them more on Joan’s blog! Joan and the rest of us have been blogging to deaf ears. Joan’s been doing a great job pointing out how unfair and short sided their proposals are (water / GMO / pesticide / taxes), but we have to point out to the general public (voting public) in a more productive way.

One vote at a time, or one block vote at a time, or even a vote for the people below this two (Tim and Gary) and still not vote for them. This way 8th place to 10th place has a chance to gain ground of the two council members who is making a shambles of our government system.

Here’s something to think about, in any race, track race, car race, horse race and even political race, one has to lose ground before you can catch up, or you have to speed up to gain ground.

We have to sway our friends to not to vote for the two or we have to vote for the other 4 to catch up to Gary and Tim. We all know and can’t deny that Gary and Tim lied to the public and they are still lying to the public in front of the cameras. That’s not fair to all of Kauai. It’s not responsible, respectful to the people of Kauai.

We want them out! Let’s start working, one vote at a time. One friend at a time.

Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

"there is a difference between goals of a non-profit and a for-profit organization."

Not necessarily. They both have agendas.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is a non-profit.

Anonymous said...

thank you to all commenters ( or the same one commenting multiple times) insisting we discredit this one and the other. The more I read the insistence on getting rid of our environmentalists on the council, the more I want them to win…. I can tell it's always the same yada yada jackpot, fistees, yawn. We want labels, we want limited pesticide/herbicides. We don't want that stuff seeping into our aquifers, streams, ocean. It is clear that anyone complaining about 2591 is not keeping in mind that agro-chem does not want to label or allow inspections, or scrutiny. The suspicion alone makes me distrust those against 2591.

Anonymous said...

Gary and Tim. Two of the more conniving and disingenuous dudes to come down our political pike in a long time. Create two special Council committees for yourselves to bash people you don’t like. Cheat- one on taxes, the other on an in house rental and “ag dwelling agreement”; Lie- well it’s all on video; ethical compromises and conflicts of interest - the most recent example is Hooser’s HAPA organization’s sponsoring of anti GMO ads on TV while he and his lackeys mount a four front attack in the Council Chambers with our money “modest amounts”, of course,on agriculture ; histrionic behavior demeaning colleagues and the public- keep Tim well supplied with papers and pencils to hurl around and Gary’s dismissive treatment of opposing testimony and butt-licking of his “witnesses”. The video record of their hearings makes good reality TV of how a noble idea like the Sunshine Law can be miserably debased. That their supporters keep defending them speaks to the supporters’ motives; that they stay on the Council speaks to our resolve to have a truly collaborative legislative body focused on OUR work. Their time has come and gone two years ago.

Anonymous said...

I prefer lap dances and plastic bags; oh, and we no need no stinking solar water heaters; yay!

Anonymous said...

@3:55pm - yes, the goals may be different, but that doesn't mean the goals of every non-profit are good and admirable. Look into the goals and motives of HAPA, and then decide if they are more or less of concern than those of Grove Farm. A conflict is a conflict. I certainly don't want a councilmember hiding under the guise of an altruistic non-profit when it's really a political organization with a very clear agenda.

Anonymous said...

What does HAPA stand for? What is HAPA all about? I thought it was a Hawaiian organization. Well, in my mind, Bynum and Hooser are taking a great chance by opening up this "water" thing. Politically, it really isn't in their best interest, but they are doing it anyway. On the west side of Kauai, we have a lot of concerns about the water distribution, etc. Kagawa and Rapozo came out to speak with some of the taro farmers and toured the area. I remember Kagawa talking about how low the water table in the Waimea River is---hey, way worst than plantation days----where is all the water going! Story is sometimes it's dumped in the west/north valleys and goes to waste. Someone has to look into the water management on the westside!!!! Thanks for bringing the water issue up, even if people will be upset at you, you did it!

Anonymous said...

October 10th at 4:36 if Joann is to blame for the housing shortage why do all of the islands have the same housing problem as Kauai? Not enough for the working class unless you want to work more than one job.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Asquiths so called non emotional presentation fool you. First off Asquith I believe owns no taro patch/lo'i. It's owned by a Kapaa local resident. Though he claims it's his. The water to the lo'i actualy comes by ditch that starts from an intake diversion in the Kaneha area that is owned by DHHL. The diversion was used by McKee Sugar as an irrigation source back in the day.

He's just as smooth as Hooser and Bynum, A non-credentialed self proclaimed expert.

Anonymous said...

@11:41 yes there are water issues just like there are pesticide and Ag issues. Are Gary and tim going about any issue to really reach a solution? Are they latching on to highly emotional issues for political reasons? Are they going about it recklessly because they don't really care about anything other than recognition and votes? I think the answers are painfully obvious.

Water is a huge issue! It's a brilliant political move especially when these two are fighting to stay in. Targeting grove farm is also a slick way to demonized their opponent Arryl who is whooping thier asses in votes. Can't you see how transparent this is? This is a Hail Mary for tim and Gary. They definately know how to make problems and even identify issues. They know how to scare everyone and get everyone emotional and divided. Do they know how to lead in a positive constructive way? Do they know how to take time and do things the right way? Do they really care about the solution being enforced? No! These are the questions that I've asked and the answers have made me choose to not vote for Gary or any of the fringe five. Bottom line. It's all for show and no substance. And furthermore, they are wasting thier time as council members, trying to screw over anyone in thier way, and wasting our tax dollars for these games. But yes, they do bring awareness. Now let's vote for someone sho can actually get something done in an intelligent way.

@2:00 joanne has contributed to the housing shortage and traffic issues on Kauai in many ways. A couple examples. The 4 story high restriction has caused urban sprawl as far as possible And that's all used up. Any vacant land needs to be re zoned in order to built a house unless you can afford a five acre Ag parcel. She made a big box store restriction which is why we all rely on Lihue for everything. Imagine if you could do all your business on your own side of the island. Traffic would be much better. Save money on gas, less traffic fatalities, etc...

Smart development and planning is "greener" than the current situation of fearfull inaction and "preservation". preservation is nice for people who are wealthy but what about the majority of us? Our leaders need to accept this reality and plan for a better more realistic future for Kauai.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first off you are entirely misinformed about Asquith, and since you obviously are not farming out there, frankly you have no idea what you are talking about.

He leases one hundred acres for farming. Farmers are contracted, there are no subleases and you can't live on the land. the water is non potable and there is no electricity. People out there are hardcore farmers, the real deal no wishy washy so called rich pretend farming out there that is for sure. The farmers are locals, and are good farmers. There is about 20 acres there in full taro production, while other land is still being opened up for farming from pastureland, as it was mostly in cattle. The soil is excellent. The water comes from several different directions. The ditch system is overgrown and needs to be cleared, but a few ditches are operating. The gravity flow is very good. This is real farming, and real farmers, there are no violations of anything out there, everything is done by the book, and instead of speculating, why don't you ask to come out and see it? People out there are very nice and accommodating, and Adam is very nice and personable. I cannot understand why he is being villified here. And going on about Kapua, are you kidding? Her family has been farming here for eons, she is born and raised here, a local part Hawaiian who worked and studied hard, and is now a UH Professor, and she is being ragged on? The Sproats are one of the finest, most upstanding ohana on Kaua'i. I have known her since she was in diapers. Maybe some of you are upset because this situation doesn't fit the whole "red shirt hippie" profile you have of everyone. This issue isn't about GMO's. Water affects everyone that's a farmer. It needs to be taken care of like...yesterday. It's probably the most urgent thing going on. This wasn't a Council Meeting, it was a workshop. The kind of stuff the genral public is invited to attend and comment on. There was nothing underhanded going on that I could see. I do not understand why you are all picking on locals and Hawaiians and farmers? Make me understand why you hate them so much! Sheesh! Makes me upset to see ignorant comments about good people on here!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is ragging on Kapua. Nobody is saying water doesn't need to be taken care.

Adam is very nice and personable but he is always looking out for his own interests first. Don't forget he cooked up his own deal to support the Kealanani project in return for benefitting him and his partners, screw the rest of the island.

Anonymous said...

Google adam Asquith and you'll see that he plead no contest to burial desecration to Aunty La France kapaka's burial site and destroying pre historic native hawaiian archaeological sites. Not a hydrologist and not a hawaiian in fact not even Pono. Beat it Adam I don't need you lecturing me about my island and my culture go back Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Grove Farm seems to be a hot topic. Even Andy" I never had a job" Parx is chiming in on the GF so-called tax schemes.
It must be nice to live in Section 8 housing and get free government money. Collecting money after never paying any F*cking taxes in your life.
Criticizing people who work, thrive, contribute and share with each other. Criticizing the very Government that puts the Granola in your bowl. The personification of honesty and integrity.
Gag me with your doppelganger Jerry Garcia's coke spoon.
Shut the f*ck up, Andy.

Anonymous said...

JoAnn has done more for permanent affordable housing and public transportation than anyone in County Goverment. Check the records.

Anonymous said...

Joann made sure the poor people of Kauai pay more to eat each day by pushing and passing her big box bill which halted Wal-Mart's grocery expansion and cheaper food for the poor. She did this to protect her relative's food brokerage business. How can any one be so self-serving at the expense of the poor?

Anonymous said...

October 11 at 3:38 the 4 story restriction was Tony Kunimura's achievement. You must be one of those who believe the history of Kauai started when you moved here 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

8:03 Enough with the disinformation. The ban on all new big box stores larger than 75000 square feet was passed by the the planning commission and the council at the request of mayor Baptiste. This was approved to protect smaller stores in smaller towns from be forced out of business. This ban insures that everyone would not need to drive to the big box stores in Lihue. Kauai's small population can support only very limited number of stores.

Anonymous said...

At 909 actually the four story restriction was instituted by council member baptiste back in the 60s and upheld by Joann ever since. you must be one of those who thinks kausi's history started when you moved here 30 years ago. We've been here since 750 AD.

Anonymous said...

@8:03 the reality of the big box store ban is that it hasn't protected smaller stores or made it so that people don't have to drive to Lihue. It's done the opposite. People can't afford the high prices of the smaller stores. People have to drive lihue for everythibg. Smaller stores like kojimas still go out of business. Kukuiula store has to rent its storage warehouse to crossfit just to scrape by. the Kawakamis sold out to times. Mom and pop stores can't afford to stay in business and the next generation want something more than to serve you. Typical benevolent fear based Kauai political decisions. That why we need leaders like mayor Carvalho and Mel. Even though I don't always agree with either of them I have come to respect and appreciate their brand of well considered and decisive leadership. Not this self serving quavery voiced drivel typical of tim and Gary. Or the weak middle road Joann always takes.

"Good intentioned" political decisions based upon placating the fearful vocal minority has and will only turn Kauai into a climate controlled museum exhibit that the rich can place on their mantle.

Anonymous said...

10:59 I see your opinion is guided by your political agenda. Yes, it is a tough period for all merchants. Big stores like Sears and Borders also closed. To think that allowing a monopolistic store like Walmart to build a 120000 sf superstore would have been good for other stores and reduce traffic is clearly delusional. The low cost at Walmart comes at a high cost like their employees needing food stamps and 2nd and 3rd jobs. Who's the biggest leader about moving U S manufacturing jobs to China and other sweat shop nations? Walmart did not become the largest global retailer without destroying small town America first then moving on to other countries.

Anonymous said...

October 12, 2014 at 9:54 AM
Nope, re-write of bad history.
Wallmart HAD all permits and approvals. If Wallmart pushed it. they would have been able to expand.
Wallmart did not want to be involved in one of JoAnn's emotional issues.
Kauai's people PAY MORE for food because of JoAnn. Plus now that Wallmart and other chains are moving into "organics" at a reasonable price, JoAnn has done a double whammy.
She is a nice little old lady. But when you look at her friends and staunch supporters, many of whom live in Ag Estates, do as Mina with illegal rentals and slew of other favoritisms, you can get an idea,
Shucks Ma'am, when JoAnn was Mayor and her Asst was the wife of the Kauai State Tax Director.....many of JoAnn's critics got walloped with TAX audits..Coincidence? Maybe, but used to be tough in politics, and it still is.
It used to be a few who got the pinch, now with the Bynum tax increases and the Hooser Anti-Ag, we are all potential victims of a Council person's personal agenda....get a grip, Jay...git your Council in line, the County is bankrupt, all the old in-line politicos are disgusted and the fabric of the island is torn... Jay, you said you would support KUALII when you by passed him to put in Gary's hand maiden Chock, will you publicly stand by your statement??

Anonymous said...

We've been here since 750 AD.

October 12, 2014 at 10:09 AM

Your ancestors were late to come here.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the "party"; behind in my usual daily reading of the blog, but wanted to add that Kapua Sproat worked long and hard on water rights for Maui farmers- as an att'y for Earth Justice. She is well-versed and beyond reproach! She was schooled in water rights and farming and Hawaiian practices since birth, coming from the Akana 'ohana on her mother's side.
If Kapua says it's so, I believe her!
Pat Hunter-Williams

Joan Conrow said...

Pat, I share your respect for Kapua, as well as her sister Stacy. My post was not intended as a criticism of Kapua's outstanding work on water rights. It was a criticism of the approach taken by certain Councilmen in beginning dialogue about this important issue.