Sunday, February 22, 2015

Musings: Be Afraid

Kauai is getting so, well, weird.

Or as a friend aptly described the creepy vibe:

The level of hysteria that buzzes like EMF around this rock.

Take the folks in Wailua Rise, who are already convinced a heinous neighbor is deliberately poisoning pets although Penny Cistaro, the Kauai Humane Society director, says:

“The thing with antifreeze is it doesn’t need to be intentional,” she said.

Vehicles leaking antifreeze are as deadly to pets as someone leaving it out in bowls to kill unwanted animals. Older vehicles that haven’t flushed the cooling systems are especially dangerous, she said.

Sure hope they don't string up a neighbor only to discover it's one of their own cars doing the deadly leak.

But that's Kauai. Jump to the worst possible conclusions first, then maybe ask questions and possibly even gather some evidence way later, after everybody is all freaked out.

And be sure to blame someone else, rather than take any personal responsibility, like keeping an eye on your cats, instead of letting them just roam.

Another example is the dairy at Mahaulepu, with a fear-frenzy fueled by Chris D'Angelo's lazy reporting and a steady stream of misinformation that opponents shovel out like the manure that has them terrified. Meanwhile, they continue to gobble dairy products produced elsewhere. Hello!

If you believe the increasingly frantic letters to the editor, the manure is now not only going to "destroy the reef" and "poison the groundwater," but contaminate food for miles around with E.coli — even food eaten from containers, because a toxic fly might land on it, ya know — and sicken the children.

Which leads us to the laughable quote of the week, written by Beverly Ellu, who is currently living in San Jose and about to grace us with her fulltime presence in a Poipu condo, which she and her husband bought because they believe Kauai is still the “true Hawaii:”

Everyone needs to push to stop this and keep the Poipu area pristine and ensure an ongoing economy in tourism.

I hate to break the news, Bev, but Poipu is not pristine, even compared to a shit hole like San Jose. And "pristine" and "tourism" are contradictory terms.

But agriculture is the new bogeyman and your neighbor is for sure out to get you and your pets and especially your kids, whether it's with fireplace smoke or Roundup or antifreeze or stink eye.

So be afraid. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Nope Ms. Joan. Kauai may have it's share of hotheads, but overall this is a mellow place. Most people are live and let live.
Anyone can dress, talk, act or do pretty much as they please. No body don't mind nobody's business.
That being said.
There is a new stew of people on Kauai. Some of the long-time Haole's. many who have "made the money" in building, real estate or tourist activities (these are the only places to make any dough on Kauai) are feeling "Local" enough to put in their 5 cents. They have enough dough, so the economic ramifications don't matter. These old-time Hoales and the new "Love Hawaii" transplants are smart, conniving and know the ropes.
The will organize against a suspected pet killer. dog barker, chimney smoker, ag grower, water user, house builder, cigarette smoker, hot dog eater, dairy milker, or pertneer every other thang that they do not like.
They gots Da Hoos, who will brandish his Council sword and lead.
But take away the Fistees, Hooserites and Bynum types----including the super hypocrite big time realters like Bali Hai and Hawaii Life....Kauai pretty much is "live and let live" and we smile and help our neighbors. Kauai Style. Just don't go put a log in yer fireplace next to my hale...I'll sue you.

Anonymous said...

Yep ! Another outsider telling us what is best for us. Amazes the shit out of me that people feel they can come in to our island, towns, neighborhoods, to show us the way.

For ALL you no class people. Before you fix us, fix yourselves.

Anonymous said...

A solid foundation for this lunacy has been laid over the past few years by the anti-hydro, anti-smart meter, and chemtrail crowd(s). God help us all.

Anonymous said...

most people who complain about others were the ones everyone was complaining about a few years ago. Kauai is Kauai. Quit whining, or leave. That's my motto. If you don't like how we do things here planes leave on the hour.

But instead people dig the heels in and think we are gonna change on the dime. And then they complain about the new planeloads of people out to "Change Kauai.".

So dumb. Pretty soon we will just be another Waikiki. And then they will complain about the new guys who just got here that want to "change everything".

Not grown here, guess what you were flown here, and are part of the problem. No matter who you are. Even grown here is part of the problem because they suck into all the Starbucks, Ross, Home Depot, Walmart, Kmart get a bigger boombox for your high lift truck, let's look like Restaurant Row fashionable, heavy makeup fancy dressing high heeled manicure crowd, and fake little ghetto outfits while blasting ghetto music at mach 10 from the new truck. Seriously come on. Its everyone.

Everyone wants the "Lifestyle" now. Pandora's box has been open. Locals are just as susceptible to the development bug as any newcomer. More so.

Adam and Eve have eaten the apple. There's nothing left but to make applesauce and hope for the best, peeps.

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

i was sickened by the poisons sprayed at the hyatt golfcourse, my kids too, were exposed to pesticides from the landscaping. Hyatt, please come clean and release your list of pesticides and the dates and times sprayed. And what kind of reentry time is there between restricted use pesticide spraying in the rooms and the housecleaners cleaning and someone(maybe with children) staying there? And the landscaping, please release your list.

Anonymous said...

Well, that does it! No more antifreeze! We need our Sista Fascista, Joann, and her worthless drone, to lead the charge. Will it be anti-antifreeze or bantifreeze?

Anonymous said...

At 3:41, what pesticide does the Hyatt use in their rooms? and how is that different from using any other sort of chemical product in your own home? Although I agree with your opinion of notification from Hyatt spraying, I think you might have an increased susceptibility to the chemical they use, because I (and thousands of others) have golfed there without any ill effects. If there is a medical susceptibility to the tiny amounts of pesticide chemicals drifting, may I suggest living in any of the other communities on this beautiful island that aren't next to a golf course?

Anonymous said...

Why do the seed companies get singled out when the golf courses use the same poisons?

Anonymous said...

Golf course maintenance men and golfers have the highest levels of cancers, using tons of restricted use pesticides atour "pristine" resort courses.

Anonymous said...

6:56 Total BS, Golf course workers do not have higher rates of cancer.
Neither do the sabedong gang workers from the plantations.
Go down to Kekaha Senior Center and talk to the folks....Paraquat for breakfast, Dursban for lunch, Chlordane for dinner and then a swim with the kids in the brown pesticide ocean. These old fogies are doing jumping jacks at 90.
Lies, lies, and statistics.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in the country in my youth my farmer neighbor told me he thought someone was poisoning his dogs. I asked him, when you sprayed your fields after harvest what kind of poison/herbicide did you use. His response .... Paraguat. I responded, You let you dogs run free when you spray. I see them following your tractor when you spray. Don't you know that dogs lick themselves, duhh.

Anonymous said...

Gary? Are you playing golf again? Tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

TGI is also foisting recent airport arrival Terry Lilley, self described biologist and harasser of humpback whales, who claims among other things, that one mile from shore, he was "electrically shocked" by a military ship while on a "research" dive, had a massive heart attack, and swam one mile to shore, and then rushed to the hospital, where he was told that he would die.. Lucky for him that he's the worlds most interesting pain in the ass..

On Sunday , I saw the jackass and his fellow "researchers" speeding across the water to within 50 feet of a pod of whales spouting, the whales submerged and went about 300 yards to evade them, and when they resurfaced the jerks went right on top of them. An hour later he's posting on Facebook that the whales followed them for a half an hour.

Please expose this fraud more, before more copycat "researchers" clutter the waters and do some serious damage to the whales and their young.

Anonymous said...

I live in that neighborhood where the animals are disappearing. It's not a transient area.

Most people live here a long time and know other people's pets. We don't have rusty leaky cars out all over the place - most are garage kept. Though the animals could have drunk from "leaky" fluid. There are many pools in the area and it would be easier for these pets to drink from them as they are so common.

When the same pets have been seen around for a while and suddenly a rash of them end up dead something is wrong.

Having a cat roam a 5 house area for 8 years does not give anyone the right to poison it. No more than a sexy dress gives the right to a rape.

And yes, it is bad to think the lowest common element but when you have people in a close community like this watching, you know when sh-t feels wrong. Accident or not.

Joan Conrow said...

Thank you for your comment. I agree completely that nothing gives anyone the right to poison a pet. My point was only that we are all responsible for our pets, and when we allow them to roam, there is the potential for them to get in trouble.

I'd be very interested in hearing more on how you all are interacting, now that one person in a neighborhood of five houses is suspected by the others of killing pets.

Anonymous said...

I personally have no idea who it is. Most the neighbors, like I said, have been here ages and ages. So it is odd that we have this rash in the last month of dead pets when for all the years we have lived there there were none.

Kelvin Peat said...

Hey 6:19 paraguat really, try your story again but this time use the proper word paraquat with a q not a g. Also the next tapestry of lies you create should include some facts. Paraquat is a pre harvest chemical used to artificially ripen or mature a crop. When I read about a farmer that would spray a preharvest product after he harvested his crop it makes me wonder why? Why would someone waste money like that...or why would someone waste my time with a made up story that is a fabrication designed by the industrial media machine being steered by the anti's.
Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf!!!
Shame on you 6:19, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Paraquat was used on the sugar cane fields pre harvest to dry the plant, and though outlawed in the US, Hawaii was allowed to continue its use on cane.
Pesticides have been used in abundance here in the islands as long as white men been here doing business . Paraquat was used for decades, agent orange was tested in Wailua before being used in Vietnam and heptachlor was widely used on the pineapple fields. Alan Faye had an article in the opinion page of GI today, and he erroneously says the people chased the cows out of Moloaa, when it was the toxicity of the cows milk that led to the shutdown. The cows were being fed pineapple tops, the pines were sprayed with heptachlor to control the ants, and contaminated the milk as the pesticide was found in the milk, leading to the loss of the cows and milk.
I am not in favor of pesticide use, but let's not pretend Kauai just got toxxxic. It has been that way a long ime, but is nowhere near as polluted as places where most of the anti's come from . The islands as pristine is an illusion.

Anonymous said...

7:27 -- The Moloaa dairy was shut down after Peter Guber filed a lawsuit over discharge into the stream that comes out at Papaa Bay. They couldn't get the water up to federal standards and had to close it down.

Anonymous said...

10:25, can you post documents that back up what you are saying?or else i'm gomnna call it cowshit.

Anonymous said...

I as well as many others, see dipshit Lilley speeding by in his lil red rocket zodiac, in a "no wake" speed limit. Video recordings of this nuisance have been forwarded to proper DLNR officials. If you witness further violations by this asshole, please try to capture it on video and do the same.