Friday, March 11, 2016

Musings: Fakers

I noticed a quote on Kauai Councilman Gary Hooser's blog site that sheds some light on his delusions of grandeur:

“Come to the edge.” “We can’t. We’re afraid.” “Come to the edge.” “We can’t. We will fall!” “Come to the edge.” And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew. - Christopher Logue (b.1926)

Except in the case of Gary and his red-shirted followers, it's more like he threw them over the cliff and they drowned, like the lemming “suicides” faked by a Disney crew.

Because the report from the Joint Fact Finding Group on pesticides has shown their litany of claims about poisoning and birth defects and cancer clusters and dead soil and contaminated streams to be fake.

As Scott Enright, director of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture so astutely observed:

“The heated rhetoric of the testimony of Bill 2491 [the GMO-pesticide regulatory bill approved by the Council but overturned by a judge] made a case that the west side of Kauai was drenched in pesticides and that there were these amazing environmental and public health concerns that could have easily been substantiated. A group that took a real critical look at it decided that none of that could be substantiated.”

Yet Gary and the red shirts have been telling that fabricated story for some time now, and they're still sticking to it.

Take this quote from Fern Rosenstiel: "We waited years, the report from the JFFG has only further reinforced our concerns, they are real. Pay attention."

Gary's HAPA: "After years of waiting, the Joint Fact Finding Group (JFFG), a group convened by the State and Kaua‘i County, has validated community concerns about the biotech industry impacts on Kaua'i."

And Gary himself: "It is a tough road to go down but we must say no to industrial dairies and to large scale pesticide intensive research crops that provide zero food for local consumption while polluting our environment and damaging our health." 

So how, exactly, do you deal with a group of demagogues who have caused so much trouble and heartache in our community?

Especially when they refuse to admit they were wrong, or even acknowledge this JFFG statement: “The information we assembled does not show that current pesticide use by seed companies and Kauai Coffee plays a role in adverse health on Kauai.”

Especially when the 2014 Council elections, which saw the anti-GMO candidates trounced and Gary straggle in last, proved they do not represent a majority view.

Especially when they show they intend to keep whipping up fear and hysteria.

A case in point is today's article in The Garden Island, in which the usual suspects — Earthjustice, Hawaii SEED, Pesticide Action Network, HAPA — demand the EPA immediately investigate the incident where Syngenta field workers were exposed to pesticides. It prominently featured the usual overblown hyperbole by grandstander Paul Achitoff of Earthjustice:

“Time and again, Hawaii authorities have turned their back on Hawaii’s residents and farmworkers in favor of agrochemical companies.”

Never mind that the state DOA had an inspector on-site when the incident happened, expedited its review and has already sent its report over to the EPA for further review.

Meanwhile, Gary was blithely spreading rumor and innuendo on Facebook:
I checked with Syngenta, which Gary also could have done if he was interested in getting the facts. I learned that 34 people were working in the area, though not all entered the field before the posted re-entry time.  All were given the option of going to the hospital for evaluation. Ten chose to do so and were transported by private vehicles. None were transported in ambulances.

Two of the 10 were immediately released as the physician determined they hadn't been in the field. Of the remaining eight, five were released later that day and three were kept overnight for observation. Everyone returned to work, and the attending physician did not recommend any follow up care. 

Some of the 10 were contract field workers from California who had been employed under a fixed term. They worked another two weeks, completed their contract and went back home as scheduled. 

Like I said, Gary could have ascertained the facts before spreading rumors. But then he wouldn't have been able to falsely portray Syngenta as first poisoning, then abandoning, its poor migrant field workers.

So again, how do you deal with folks who have demonstrated they value deception over honesty, fear over reassurance, chaos over order, a tyranny of the minority over true representational democracy?

l think you just have to recognize them for what they are and make decisions based on the greater good, rather than the demands of people who have shown they will stop at nothing to advance their own narrow agenda.


Anonymous said...

"How do you deal with folks..." (Gary Hooser) You vote him OUT!

Anonymous said...

Well first of all we vote him out of office...

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes!

That's the question of the year (hopefully not the decade); " do you deal with folks who have demonstrated they value deception over honesty, fear over reassurance, chaos over order, a tyranny of the minority over true representational democracy?"

There are so many worthy local causes that desperately need the attention of a committed and passionate group with lots of time and energy on their hands. I hope these folks will see the light and begin to tackle the issues that will truly benefit Hawaii's people and the environment. Probably not likely since there's not a lot of sensationalism involved.

Anonymous said...

On another note, He blames the state DOT, the administration, and the legislature for the road mess on Kaua'i. bruddah was in the senate for 8 years and the majority leader and he couldn't do shit...too much day guy.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:36am sorry, "dat" not "day"

Anonymous said...

He had been in both the State Senate and State Government and couldn't get it done. Now he is trying to get rid of an industry by using Google fear an innuendo and flat out lying. We need to vote him out this election.

Anonymous said...

Why are they hiring people from out of state to work the fields?
I thought they we're all about creating jobs for the local community?

Joan Conrow said...

As I noted, only some of the workers were out of state. They hire out of state temporary workers when they can't get enough local labor. Getting field labor is a problem all over the world.

Anonymous said...

@10:46- The unemployment rate on Kauai is less than 5%. Combine that with the fact that all four seed farms need workers at the same time and you create a labor shortage. No one seems to be complaining about all the construction workers all over the island that fly over every week and go home on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the usual gang of alarmists are now demanding that EPA investigate the Syngenta incident. They well know that EPA devolved this type of thing to the states, and as it happens, the state was at Syngenta when the workers entered the field shortly before the label re-entry time. EPA requires a higher standard of evidence than do-for example, the people who passed and have defended the anti-GMO ordinance now languishing at the 9th Circuit. How much will we have to spend fighting windmills while Hooser and his devotees continue to spread scary prevarications resulting in unfounded demands? WCMS stinkweed $50K; defending a flawed ordinance- up to $250K; JFFG $100K; untold thousands for security, overtime, venue rentals, etc. for the stagy public "hearings" and Punch and Judy shows at Council. It's time to use the hook in this vaudeville show.

Anonymous said...

11:49 AM, yeah I thought it was pretty interesting also to read the article in TGI today about the Syngenta incident, what an AMAZING coincidence that this happens right after the JFFG report is released!

Anonymous said...

I work at one of the seed companies and we have offered open arms to anyone wanting to visit our site on any day to see our entire operation, and Gary Hooser has never taken us up on it. Why is that? Yet he claims we are hiding everything from the community when we are not. Come on Gary Hooser, man up, grow a set, and show some testicular fortitude. Take us up on our offer to find the truth and facts about what it is we do here. Then again, maybe you enjoy lying to the few people that you were lucky enough to get votes from. I hear you would really like to fill the west side of Kauai with huge resorts after you oust the seed companies. COME ON GARY...WHAT SAY YOU? I KNOW YOU READ THIS.

Anonymous said...

most of us (silent majority) don't see it. but if you've been in a conversation with someone who does not want to lose in a conversation, they'll do anything to deflect the conversation to another topic because, they're done with the one they just lost at.

the group(s) are trying to fine tune their arguments after continuing their failed attempts for the past soooooooooo many years. Now they're trying to pin point the exact chemicals they want to research and point fingers at agencies to deflect the blame (by inserting assumptions).

lose the conversational battle on one topic, switch to the next topic before anyone says "I thought you said!" this is what Loosher and the gang's tactics have been doing (especially in the past year or so) and we all don't see this subject jumping.

it's so freaking irritating when people do this topic jumping because they had enough of the previous conversation.

Enough already, Kauai just stopped 1.6 million dollars worth of drugs from going to OUR streets, OUR friend and families, OUR kids. Let's put your trust fund money to this battle, this drug "IS" killing more people on this island then pesticides. freaking heart attacks (no heart explosions), body function shut down. Freak you asses (loosher / HAPA / bitches) turning the blind eye to the worst epidemic that Kauai is facing right now!

but then again, Meth is made up of pesticides / biotech chemicals. Let's get it going, Trust fund babies!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:31 PM - Well said. Lets spend all this money on a real problem killing our family, friends, and neighbors. Lets get these drugs off our islands. Then again, Dylan Hooser might stand to lose some income if all the illegal drugs are gone. For those of you who know...know that daddy Hooser made the record mysteriously disappear for little Dylan. JUST SAYIN...

Anonymous said...

Fed up with Hooser and his nonsense. Does nothing positive for this community. 9:36am you called it perfectly. His record of accomplishments for Kauai is disappointing!
Time for a change!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote from the big fists blog. Fucking guy reads poetry? Where is this blog? Are there more pretty poems? Lol

Anonymous said...

Joan are you proud of who you have become?

Anonymous said...

8:51am...I agree...Can we do it in the PRIMARY???? If only..

John Kauai said...

Well, having read the report only through page 10, most of the comments here are Bullshit.

I'm not saying that the report supports Hooser, but it is a long, long, long way from refuting him.
It all depends on which sentence and maybe which punctuation mark the reader depends on.

There are many sentences (and I'm afraid that I do mean just that small of a fragment of the report) that suggest the county was NOT wrong to pass 2491/960 and to demand that the state do more.

There are also many sentences that try to suggest that there is no problem.

In other words, $100,000 was pretty much wasted in generating this report if people are going to pick out only those fragments of the report that support their "side".

Perhaps the "Accord" process is crap, but I have no good suggestions on where to turn to get better information.

Anyway, I'd suggest commenters try to wade through this. I know it will take me several more days.

Anonymous said...

Trust fund babies all over Kauai are the meth, crack, heroin, cocaine, pilligers, and weed addicts.

Joan Conrow said...

6:17 -- Only someone who knows absolutely nothing about me as a person would ask that question! Yes, I'm very proud of who I am, how far I've come and the rewarding, happy and satisfying life I've created.

John Kauai -- It's not surprising that you find sentences that support the county passing Bill 2491/Ordinance 960. Five of the eight JFFG members were active in supporting Bill 2491, so their beliefs are reflected in both the language and recommendations of the report.

Anonymous said...

Who were the 5? I though was supposed to be balanced?

Anonymous said...

To 6:17, I hope Joan is proud, because I certainly am proud of her, an thankful for her work. Clearly, the voice of truth makes some people profoundly uncomfortable.

Joan Conrow said...

Doug Wilmore, Lee Evslin, Kawika Winter. Louisa Wooten, Kathleen West-Hurd

Anonymous said...

We're proud of who you are too, Joan!
You're an amazing woman and our community is so much wiser because of you.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen West-Hurd? Never heard of her. What makes you think she was a redshirted fistee?

Joan Conrow said...

Thanks, 8:22 and 9:16! I appreciate it.

9:30 -- Reports of her actions and comments during the JFFG process, especially in regard to the Waimea Canyon School incidents, defined her as a supporter of the bill.

Anonymous said...

But aren't ALL the politicians self serving liars? OK, maybe the Bernster is authentic but he is a socialist.
But on Kauai everyone in elected office even the Prosecutor are about keeping their asses in a government chair.
The days of higher calling seem remote.

Anonymous said...

"Some of the 10 were contract field workers from California who had been employed under a fixed term." How many of the 10 Joan? You are avoiding this question because you know the answer is 9 of the 10. You frame every word to protect your masters. You are a miserable fake. To think that I used to think of you as a friend.

Joan Conrow said...

Uh, no, 12:03, I didn't know the exact number, or I would have used it. But I am very relieved by your assurance that you're not in my circle of friends.

John Kauai said...

11:53 Bernie is a "Democratic Socialist". This is a very important distinction that should not be so easily dismissed as you do in your post. Social Security is "socialist". Medicare is "socialist". Unemployment insurance is "socialist". The police and fire departments are "socialist".

These are responsibilities that are assumed by the government because they are "natural monopolies" (which I'll explain) or because society (meaning you and me and everyone else) recognize that "we are all in this together" and we don't want to leave anyone behind. The motivation for this could be as crass as just not wanting to see homeless people walking down the street. Or it could be because it is the "Christian" thing to do. (Depending on which Christian sect you support.)

"Natural Monopolies" include services such as the Fire Department. Do you really want to have the Fire Department run by "market forces" where you purchase service from any number of fire companies that might be distributed around the island? You have heard of homes that did not have the proper medallion burning to the ground because the wrong fire company was called or because the subscriber was a week late with his last payment, right?

KIUC is another example. Do you really want two (or more) sets of power lines distributing electricity across the island?

The point is that some services make more sense if the government runs them. That is Democratic Socialism and FDR was a Democratic Socialist.

On the other hand if your goal is to scream at the "others", "You're stupid" so that they can scream back, "No, you're stupid", then certainly you should not support a Democratic Socialist, but rather a Fascist like Trump.

I would prefer to find some way of compromising since I belong the Church of the Rodney King with the catechism "Why can't we all, just get along?"

John Kauai said...

Gosh Joan,

There are reasons to not want to ingest GMO crops.

That does not mean all GMO is bad.

Being a consumer, I want to know what it is I'm eating so that -IF- I eat GMO wheat and find myself suffering from Gluten Intolerance, I'll be able to purchase a loaf of bread that isn't GMO and/or isn't sprayed with glyphosate.

I do not (believe) I have gluten intolerance and so I consume whatever bread. But I have friends who do have the problem and so avoid all bread.

I am NOT saying glyphosate or GMO is the cause, but gluten intolerance is rising among Americans. Why?

Given the failure of the Accord negotiations to provide an answer (neither the Blues or the Reds are satisfied), why is it so important that the DARK act be passed? Let consumers know what it is they are eating. If you want to eat glyphosate, go for it. If you don't, then you can pay more. Where's the problem of finding a compromise?

Anonymous said...

Nice retort, Joan, to that Hooser-loser @ 12:03. He doesn't stand a chance trying to argue logic with you. What's the matter 12:03? No more brains?

Anonymous said...

Mahalo, Joan. Shine some light and the roaches scurry for cover. John Kauai, you really need to read more than 10 pages before commenting and calling bullshit on people, but thanks for being honest about it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, 1:55, what a snot you are.

Anonymous said...

Then buy organic.

Anonymous said...

You are our hero Joan! Don't let those former fair weather friends get you down. Just cause the lefties and greens have turned their back on you, doesn't mean your not loved! Those of us that appreciate science appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, John, there is no biotechnology enhanced wheat on the market. So if you have a problem with wheat or with gluten (the protein in several grains including wheat that must be eliminated by people with celiac), it has nothing to do with modern science. However, biotech scientists are working on the development of gluten-free wheat, which will be a blessing to us who have family coping with celiac disease. Go science!

And btw people who claim to have a reaction to wheat in general and/or gluten protein need to give up beer and other grain based alcohol. Gosh, that might improve the level of discussion on some blogs!

Big mahalo to Joan for her thoughtful and informative blog. I look forward to every post.

John Kauai said...

12:27, my comment was on both GMO and the use of glyphosate and the issue of wheat got bound up in that context and was not clear.

Wheat is sprayed with glyphosate before harvest. There are several web sites that explain this. This one may be the most neutral I've found.

This one expands on the possible negative effects and includes statements from people in the wheat business that it is impossible to find wheat not sprayed with glyphosate just before harvest.

I believe I've been clear enough on my positions that folks would not believe I would come out against the development of gluten-free wheat. But, I also point out that it may not be the gluten causing the problem, but the glyphosate or perhaps a combination of the two. Funding for a thorough study of the question is lacking.

The Accord report stated several times that there is a lot of missing data so coming to a conclusion that GMO is safe and/or that the pesticides being used on the West Side are totally safe is irrational. Likewise, it is irrational to assume the opposite. So, I advocate finding out.

Which places me in conflict with those who don't want to find out or insist that all the studies have been completed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with John Kauai that I am in conflict with people who do not want to find out or insist that all studies have been completed but i don't think that there are many of them. I have farmed for most of my life and know that studies about the effects of pesticides on our lives are ongoing and extensive. I think that where there is a disagreement is who should be conducting the studies. I think that our county leaders priority now should be the roads, sewage and waste systems and leave the pesticides to the Federal Government and as designated state systems for review.

Joan's point about our county leaders that use the public's fears and their positions on the Council as a bully pulpit that further their political careers is a disgusting abuse of their positions.

Anonymous said...

Fear sells. Fear and porn drive the internet.