Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Musings: Certainly

Gosh, it's almost like the end of the Cold War.

With Bayer poised to gobble up Monsanto in a $66 billion merger, the anti-GMO groups are losing their common enemy. No more moms, marches and memes against Monsanto. They'll have to come up with all new shirts, slogans and slurs.

Because a company that makes familiar products like aspirin, Coppertone, Flintstones vitamins, Alka Seltzer, etc. just isn't gonna engender the same hatred as the oft reviled and defiled Monsanto.

Btw, it's pronounced BUY-er, not Bare.

Now we'll see if the regulators go along. Especially since the mergers between Dow Chemical and duPont and Syngenta and China Chem are also pending. One thing is certain: big changes lie ahead for the agricultural world, and some of them are going to trickle down to Hawaii.

Here's another thing that's certain: The antis can't abide any sort of intellectual challenge.

Which is why Hawaii Center for Food Safety Director Ashley Lukens got so fricking freaked out at the prospect of independent videographer Bronson Kaahui showing up at tomorrow night's Food Babe event. So she sought advice from that most credible and reasoned of sources: Facebook.

Barbara Heil BarryHe tries to bait people then twists their comments all-around. Very offensive man.‬ It's best not to talk to him at all, ever.‬

Mitsuko Hayakawa‪ Bronsanto is still at it? He's a mental case. He'll start asking people questions and try to make us look stupid.‬

Leilani Maui86 um!!! Don't even think twice. I can gtd you he will disrupt your event!! He is a plague (mahaoi) nosey & pilau. Do yourself a favor and keep him out!! 

Michael Greenough‪ Be ready for this fool to do something stupid, and then pepper spray his ass.‬

Leilani Maui‪ Bahaha!! No pepper spray Taze his Okole one time!!‬

Michael Greenough‪ Leilani Maui - taze will land you in jail here in Hawaii.‬
Leilani Maui‪ Okay pepper spray him then Taze um, hee hee he won't see it coming.‬

Leimomi Kekina‪ False crack um 

Marcus C Barnespass out air horns to blow in his face and drown out his fuckery.‬‬ Your event is not one to be protested against. You are not the impregnable establishment. If he is corporate funded, HE is the establishment disrespecting and oppressing the grassroots. I will personally venmo you a donation for air horns to blast his ass back to the blogosphere.‬

And these guys claim their movement is all about aloha. Sure. Whatever you say. Though I'm pretty certain it's not.

Plus they obviously have no clue that Ashley, CFS and the rest of the antis are operating on that dirty corporate money that is so disgusting — until it's in their pockets.

Then there was this from Malia Chun's mom:

Lorna Cummings PoeCoconut‬

I especially loved this one, from the GMO Reaper who crashed an ag forum last week:

Geoff MorrisDude is a clown. Don't worry about him he's a nobody.‬

The voices of tolerance were few — and unliked — amid the hate, violence and racism:

Christopher Kasak‪ I like him. Anarcho-Liberatian and reason driven Socratic methodologist. Plus he's kinda a smarmy punk, so I vibe with him there as fellow outsider. Keeps ya honest. We probably could benefit from him reining in Food Babe. Certain things that we could go 9 rounds over, but I don't have as much online time. On others am right there with him, i.e. Sovereignty. The opposition you see voiced here let's you know he gotta be doing something right. Schedule a debate. I think we would be well served seeing you and he go at it.‬

Well, we know that ain't gonna happen. Ashley does not engage. Remember Molokai, where she stopped the meeting rather than answer questions from seed workers there?‬

Meanwhile, one Council candidate campaigns in his own deluded world: 
Like so many who subscribe to magical thinking, he has not yet learned that believing it does not make it so. Even if it is underscored in red.

On a related note, Lanny Sinkin, official runner for the self-proclaimed King of Hawaii, Edmund K. Silva, Jr. , has issued a proclamation from his highness calling for people to be allowed to co-mingle freely with dolphins. He was responding to a proposed federal rule that would restrict such activities, on the grounds that besotted humans are loving the ceteceans to exhaustion, and death.

As Sinkin noted:

We do not have to wait for an extra-terrestial civilization to interact with us in order to learn how to relate to intelligent life other than our own.  In fact, learning to relate to the Dolphins might be good training for later interaction with extra-terrestial civilizations.

Dolphinville is the loose confederation of people supporting the continued learning process offered by swimming with the Dolphins. I had the additional honor of addressing NOAA as an Elder of Dolphinville. A website has been set up to share information relevant to the Dolphin/Human relationship.

Poor dolphins. Now they have to not only survive us, but enlighten us? How about if we just learn how to relate to our own intelligent life, sparse though it so often seems to be?

No one can say for certain, but I tend to think the dolphins would prefer to be left the hell alone. 


Anonymous said...

Dept of Health and Human Services-Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry response regarding Pat Gegen's letter is in the above link.
Pat sent a letter to this Federal Agency regarding all that there cancer on the Westside and whatnot.
Da Hoos should read this. I still hear Gary is going to go into big time real estate sales whether he is elected or not.
Gary's supporters are a real who's who in expensive Ag estates and these owners probably feel sorry for the fella.

Anonymous said...

These same people calling for Bronson to be 86-ed also cheered on Geoff Morris when he crashed a private event claiming he had "first amendment rights." My God. The hypocrisy is just unbelievable.

John Kauai said...

Today is "Stop the TPP day"
Call Congress and ask them to ensure the TPP is not passed.

Schatz: 523-2061
Hirono: 522-8970
Gabbard: 541-1986

Anonymous said...

@ 1:04PM - I was gonna say the same comments from these FB folks, could be used towards Geoff Morris HA! :)

Dave Smith said...

So Ashley's minions are in favor of violence toward a member of the media. That puts them in some mighty fine company. Trump and Putin come immediately to mind.

Anonymous said...

What did I tell you all about drug companies and seed companies?

Edumucate urselves

Anonymous said...

New slogan: Bayer, a tough pill to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Bigpharm know that the seed company will find a "cure". No competition when.

Anonymous said...

God bless Bronson, he's doing God's work.