Saturday, March 8, 2008

Superferry Audit Delayed

Poinography! has a post today about the delayed Superferry report from the state auditor, who apparently hasn’t been able to get all the info she needs from Attorney General Mark Bennett.

I don’t think the resistance that state Auditor Marion Higa is facing comes as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Lingle Administration’s stance on the entire Superferry issue. From the get go, Lingle and her staff have done what they pleased with impunity, and they still are.

The question now is whether the Lege will push Lingle and Bennett to cooperate so the audit can happen. But seeing as how lawmakers caved in to Lingle's demand for a special session to get the boat up and running quickly — so it could operate fitfully and nearly empty before landing in drydock with serious damage — I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Why would they be eager to have their misdeeds revealed? Especially if they can get away with stonewalling.


Doug said...

Mahalo for the link.

[p.s. Maybe you mean "impunity" where you wrote "immunity?"

Joan Conrow said...

Thanks, Doug, you're right. The impunity comes first, then if they get caught, the immunity.