Thursday, February 2, 2012

Musings: Under Control

So the drama at KPD grows, with Chief Darryl Perry joining his two Assistant Chiefs, Roy Asher and Ale Quibilan, on leave. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Michael Contrades was named Acting Chief and the county is saying only:

This leadership structure will be in place until the investigation of an employee complaint has been concluded. No further information will be released, as it is a personnel matter.

I was told yesterday afternoon that the Chief initially was placed on leave on Tuesday morning and sent out an email to that effect to the police department. But it was followed later in the day by another email saying he was back in. And now he's back out. Good grief.

Bet he wishes he'd taken that good job as chief of Honolulu Police Department instead of sticking with this rinky-dink operation. As a cop friend noted, “Perry's a good guy, but he'll never be able to get that place under control.”

Unlike PMRF, which is steadily intensifying its control on the westside. As I write in the current Honolulu Weekly, the Navy has grabbed — as in totally off-limits to civilians — five miles of public beach between Polihale and Kekaha. Of course, that's not new news. But what I found interesting is that the Navy won't say why, when meanwhile, military bases on Oahu have not engaged in similar heavy-handed closures.

“As a matter of policy, we will not discuss specifics related to security requirements,” wrote Petty Officer Jay C. Pugh, PMRF’s deputy public affairs officer, in an e-mail. “We will not comment on, or offer comparison to, the specifics of other installations’ shoreline policies, but will state that PMRF’s mission and capabilities are not like other shoreline installations.”

So doesn't that then make you wonder just what is going on over there, what mission and capabilities are so secret, so sensitive, that people can't even walk on the beach, fish from the shore? Or is it all just a shibai smoke screen to cover up what is essentially a taking of an undisputably public resource?

Unfortunately, we can expect no help from the state, which in 2004 agreed to lease the Navy an additional 270 acres of land — crown land, I might add — on the mauka side of the base — for gratis rent, no less. The Navy claimed it needed the acreage to expand its “anti-terrorism buffer zone.”

As part of that action, the state also gave the Navy control over another public resource: water. As the staff report to the Board of Land and Natural Resources states:

The additional lease area the Navy is requesting includes the Mana shaft, which is the potable water source for PMRF, and the ditches and drainage pumps that keep the Mana Plain viable for agricultural purposes.

The state was only too happy to pass on the costs of maintaining that water system to the feds, ostensibly to protect “prime agricultural lands” in the Mana plain, the bulk of which are being used to raise GMO crops in the Navy's "buffer zone."

The staff report also characterizes the closure of five miles of public beach, including the requirement that anyone wanting to access the other two miles pay $25 per year for a criminal background check and enter through the base, as “reasonable” and representative of PMRF's “good faith efforts.”

The Navy thinks it's reasonable, too. When I asked PMRF why the beach remained closed, when the Navy surely was aware that the public would appreciate the return of lateral access, I got this response:

PMRF holds members of the community in the highest regard, and among many on the West side, that feeling is mutual. We have several multi-generation families working at PMRF, and majority of our workforce are long-time Kauai residents. We're confident the community is also appreciative of the ongoing kokua provided by PMRF to the community ranging from disaster relief to community volunteer partnerships.

In other words, we're providing jobs to locals, so shut the fuck up.

I also had to laugh a little when PMRF, which took heat in years past for launching rockets from the sacred Nohili dunes that are now closed to the public, portrayed itself as working to “malama the environment:”

In addition, a significant conservation opportunity has been created by post 9-11 requirements.  Fish counts conducted pre- and post-9-11 (years 2000 and 2006) by two PhD Marine Biologists/Professional Scientific Divers confirm a quantifiable improvement in the average size, population and diversity of recreational and commercial species in the waters immediately off-shore in those areas closed to public access; three honu nests have produced offspring in the last two summers, not previously observed on these beaches for many years; Hawaiian Monk Seals regularly haul out and honu bask undisturbed; low-lying native near-shore vegetation (pohinahina, naupaka, ilima papa) are thriving; and iwi kupuna burial grounds and Nohili are not disturbed by off-road vehicles or camping activities.

Additionally, Kauai aquatic and marine professionals have commented that this undisturbed shoreline and near-shore littoral zone is creating a "time machine" laboratory that is accessible to researchers -- recovering through the stages of western contact, eventually to even pre-Polynesian conditions if allowed to continue.

This prompted Dr. Carl Berg, a Kauai marine biologist, to wryly observe:

“If we accept his argument, then what would be best for the environment, fish stocks, turtles, aquatic life and birds is for them to stop all military activities and removal all personnel. With no base there we would increase our security, because no one would want to invade or attack the empty sand dunes.


Let this serve as a reminder that once the military gets its foot in the door, it keeps pushing for more. And that's something to keep in mind as Sen. Inouye seeks to make sure that America's expanding presence in the Pacific means increased militarism for Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

The military in general, has a very bad environmental pollution history, and continues to do so at our expense. Even if they leave now, it will take many generations to clean that place up.

Because "jobs" are listed as one of the main reasons for welcoming the military to Kauai, many have "bought" that belief to our detriment.

Besides being a play ground for the Navy elites to stay there, smoke their cigars, discuss war tactics and get drunk, the missiles stashed at PMRF have made us a number one military target for all who hate us.

....and the list keeps growing.

Dr. Shibai

Andrew Cooper said...

The reasons for restricting public access may be arguable, but the effects of closing off access can be real...

I have a good friend in Tucson who routinely does biological contract work and wildlife survey work for the USAF on the huge practice ranges in Southern Arizona. Areas closed or having had restricted public access since the 1940's. The military uses the wide valleys, but generally left the mountains alone. He often comments that the mountain ranges in those areas were the most pristine and biologically rich areas of the Sonoran desert. A marked contrast to similar terrain outside the ranges where public access and grazing represented an ever increasing use of the land.

Anonymous said...

"Disaster relief?" Sure...they've got a massive runway, and a port. They also shelter their own people in their own shelters...there's no "extra" resources for community relief.

Re KPD...I agree that Chief Perry is a good and honest man, and that he took on a huge task by coming to KPD. He thought about quitting once, but stayed. Hope he can weather this, and clean out the muck.

Anonymous said...

More concerned that public access has been LOST at places like Papaa, Na Aina Kai, Secrets Beach than the more remote and less used West side.

Anonymous said...

If you're calling Kauapea "Secrets" you don't deserve to go there.

Anonymous said...

F to U, I'm not preventing access to public beaches. Dumb bunny. Who cares what you want to call it, you DO know where it is that I'm speaking of, right?

Anonymous said...

9:36 nothing better to say? Good, nothing worth hearing then.

Anonymous said...

Brah another screwed up shibai mess at Kealia Beach.
A visibly drunk County worker, two KPD officers, Lenny Rapozo, and a couple other county workers at the scene.
Shibai these guys get easy jobs,I hope Rapozo put county worker on paid leave until the truth comes out.
That guy on the little red go cart is drunk every day at Kealia Beach.
Drug Test County Empployees!!! Oh yeah we don't have a human resources dept so let's just promote the guy then.
gosh golly george no need tgi

Anonymous said...

Fire da Cronies Bozo and all the clowns, we need a new circus in Kauai Town.

Anonymous said...

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bernard, get out of the dark.

Anonymous said...

TO: February 2, 2012 10:25 AM
Hey, punk shit, come out from behind ʻanonymousʻ so I can stick it where your dumb bunny is.
You are probably one of those losers that had to sign up with a military or military civilian job cause no one else would hire you.
Thatʻs the problem these days...low IQs, high libido, and dirt ugly pigs wearing uniforms. It makes their little pigglies feel bigger.

You could never in your lifetime hope to be anything like Joan. Sheʻs got more courage than all the scared punks in uniform; why else do they attack unarmed citizens: no challenge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joan for the facts.
We need to start doing something about this taking. Weʻve just been bogged down with so many other trespassing situations.

BTW, the FEDS admitted they donʻt have any jurisdiction on these lands...again. It was in the denial to KIUC for their permits.

Anonymous said...

It was through Executive Orders that these lands were stolen.

I bet no one knows that Executive Orders CAN be rescinded?

Anonymous said...

February 2, 2012 2:25 PM

dumb bunny thinks I'm an uneducated military male - ha,ha.

Out of all of the statements you could make the one that you decide to throw sh@t at is that?

really what is the real name for the beach fronting Na Aina Kai - which is by far a less common one than using Kaupea.

I'll bet my degrees that you are less educated.

Anonymous said...

February 2, 2012 2:25 PM

I so hope to never be 'like' anyone, especially someone as unique as Joan.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can use this to help...with the hard names...

Anonymous said...

"Facts and truth really don't have much to do with each other." - William Faulkner

Anonymous said...

reading the agendas and minutes @ seems that this stems from a notarized complaint filed 11/18/11.

Anyone know anything?

Anonymous said...

I bet no one knows that Executive Orders CAN be rescinded?

February 2, 2012 2:32 PM


Anonymous said...

Boy, you sure have a lot of varied opinions on the the PMRF land grab and the KPD intrigue!
Regarding boils down to those "arrangements" between state and federal insiders who can wave their magic wands in the "interest" of whatever!
And, with the KPD intrigue, it's who you know....what you know...who's giving...who's taking...and keep your mouth shut, or else. l

Anonymous said...

TO: duh, February 2, 2012 2:32 PM

Got you curious enough to look something up, huh, duh?

Anonymous said...

February 2, 2012 5:21 PM

actually, I read the press release back in December.

Homer says:

Anonymous said...

God, you small island bozos....crazier than shit house rats...

Anonymous said...

Hostile work environment, mmm, systemic problem that appears to be the case is many departments...what could fix that, mmm, proper training for all employees by, mmm, a real human resources department.

Seems Bernard's personnel department can't even count sick or vacation days, frightening that they are responsible for training anyone for anything.

Anonymous said...

This County needs an HR Department real bad

I'd trust Darla any day over Chief or Asher.

Anonymous said...

Is or should there be disciplinary action for employees who are late to work?

The answer is no, because no one in any department has had any actual manager training!

So when an employee expresses a disparaging remark about a women or another race, different than there own, nothing is done because no one has been trained on how to discipline?

That is correct! No one in the county gets 'written' up. It is a free for all work space with no oversight.

Anonymous said...

So Darla Abbatiello supposedly filed some complaint/reproach about two co-workers/supervisors at KPD The chief should investigate but instead goes public and claims that those two officers are "beyond reproach".
Perhaps Mayor is right.

Anonymous said...

They are all Bernard's Departments, so they all all his responsibility (or problem).

Everyone loves Bernard's appointments, they are all so competent. Ha, ha.

How many transfers away from these appointed minions, depends on the department.

Anonymous said...

Together We Can... Together We Can... e komo mai Together We Can!!! Come on sing with me Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mayor usurps planning commission then usurps police commission.

This GOB will be re-elected?

Enjoy the next six years.

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit those are the two agencies that need usurping.