Thursday, May 10, 2012

Musings: Duck and Cover

“It looks amazing,” enthused Dan, one of those empty-headed announcers over on Hawaii News Now.

“Yeah, it's pretty cool stuff,” gushed government propagandist, I mean, “broadcast journalist” Ramsay Wharton, who then proceeded to give Raytheon's SM-3 Block IB's kinetic warhead a glowing, and totally unquestioning, plug.

The news: PMRF launched another missile from Kauai last night and Raytheon's gear shot it down. Ramsay's spin: Gee, isn't war and America and all that exploding stuff grand?

Almost as an aside, Ramsay — a failed GOP Congressional candidate — tosses in, “Now Russia threatens pre-emptive strike over that planned U.S. missile shield....” with absolutely no follow up.

Let me get this straight. It's supposed to be a defensive tool, but it's provoking saber rattling? Sounds effective. So does that mean Putin will "hit" Kauai in the preemptive strike, since we're the center for these test launches?

I know, I know. Quit asking questions. No one cares. PMRF brings money into the economy, and that's the only thing that matters.


Anonymous said...

Joan, you're a brilliant writer. No one likes or wants war. We still, however, live in a world in which killing is considered by many to be the best tactic to get what they want. It's no Putin we need to be worried about...the Russians are not stupid enough to start a global thermonuclear war. The North Koreans, and the Iranians, however are. It won't take long for them to develop a missile that can hit us, or the mainland. The subject project is a necessary evil, so to speak, so long as that status quo prevails. We cannot stop war by ragging on the military. We cannot make things better by throwing verbal darts at the media (don't forget you're media as well, although a step above most). The changes have to be much more visceral, and so long as we have ignorant, bigoted schmucks in our own society...and their counterparts in others...who are not called on their BS, we're gonna have to have Raytheon's "toys."

KamaKele said...

Joan I think you live in a fairy-tale world where everybody wishes nothing but love and respect for their fellow man regardless of what country they come from. In your world, there really is no need for a standing army, big guns, missiles, and missile-defense shields.

Anonymous said...

Paranoia breeds defense contracts.
Invest in bombs and missile companies and your Wall St. stocks will always be safe.

Its a never ending cycle of escalation and money making.

The "fairy tale" is that one day with this protocol we will have peace.

No just more investments in killing machines.

Control the masses with paranoia so that the people in control and can stay making more money at our expense.

Dr Shibai

Anonymous said...

War. What is it good for? Defense contracts; election treasure chests; Swiss bank accounts. Are your pockets stuffed with war money? Too bad. You must be one of those 99 percenters.

Anonymous said...

We are sitting ducks in the middle of the pacific because we are inundated with U.S. military installations. Mass military build up makes us less "safe" and more of a target. Where else would the "enemy" want to hit than one that is as militarily strategic as Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

99 cent burgers? Get outta my way!

Anonymous said...

Actually Kamakele, it's not a fairy tale world but a nightmare world where the uber rich global military industrialists foment and manufacture conflicts and conflagrations around the world to sell their wares and reap massive fortunes.

KamaKele said...

foment and manufacture conflicts...did anyone foment or manufacture Syria's response to peaceful protests? No that's happening right now. Go ask those citizens if they'd like to have some big guns and a trained army protecting them.

You think its fomentation and manufactured, but you only think that way because you are safe now. And you are safe now only because we have a trained, dangerous, effective military deterrant.

Point to me one time in the entire history of this world where there was not major conflict and war. It happens, for all different reasons, but it happens to this country A LOT less than other countries, and you should be thankful for that.