Friday, July 13, 2012

Musings: Clearing the Air

The rain that came in the night, and left, was back and looming as a charcoal smudge on the horizon when the dogs and I made an early trek to the beach this morning. Squalls split off and headed north, and then the gray mass started moving toward us, turning white as the first drops hit the water, then us.

Now that the rain has literally cleared the air, it seems timely to clear the air in a figurative sense, too. So let's start with the complaints that Darla Abbatiello-Higa made against KPD, since they threw the county into such an uproar and the investigator's report is the sole item before the Police Commission in a special meeting this morning.

I don't know what the report says, because it's confidential, and even though the county has more leaks than the S.S. Minnow,  as one friend astutely observed, nobody has leaked it yet, at least not to me.

But I have learned what Darla alleged in her complaints, and sorry to disappoint the more prurient among you, but it has nothing to do with sex. Seems Darla wanted to transfer to a different division, Assistant Chief Roy Asher said no, Darla pushed and Roy made his index fingers into a X. Shoots, for all the drama you would've thought he'd dragged his finger across his neck...

As for Assistant Chief Ale Quibilan, his alleged offense was saying one of Darla's Explorer Scouts looked a little momona. As in fat.

Anyway, Darla took her gripes to Chief Darryl Perry, who suggested mediation, which she refused. He then asked her about the Explorer Scouts program, as he was in the process of preparing the county budget. She apparently took his inquiry as a threat that if she didn't go for mediation, he'd cut funding for her program, so she added him to her complaint.

Since the county has no Human Resources Department, county administrators advised the Chief to hire an outside investigator to check it all out. The procurement process requires three bids, so Assistant Chief Mark Begley was assigned to work on it. He supposedly was busy with other stuff, then took off nearly the entire month of December, so the process got delayed.

Darla, apparently feeling like her internal complaints were being swept under the rug, then went directly to Mayor Bernard Carvalho. The rest, as they say, is history, and it's still being played out. The Police Commission, using $10,000 allocated by the County Council, has hired special counsel to bring suit against the Mayor. Commissioners want a judge to determine whether Bernard actually had authority to suspend the Chief, who had decided, with the approval of the police commission chair, to work from home to protect himself from further complaints.

And now — get this — the Council is being asked next week to approve another ten grand so the mayor can hire his own special counsel. I could be wrong, but it seems that if County Attorney Al Castillo gave the mayor that shitty advice, he ought to be the one to defend it.

Meanwhile, Begley and his captain, Hank Barriga, have been out on medical leave all this time — leave that was approved not by their boss, the police chief, but by the mayor's assistant, Gary Heu. Yeah, seems the two men coincidentally fell ill right after the Chief returned to work, and Begley was facing an administrative review for insubordination. As you may recall, Begley was the one who refused the Chief's direct orders to return his gun, badge and other gear when the Police Commission had told the Chief to go back to work.

Gee, when it's all said and done, how much do you suppose this sandbox saga is going to cost the taxpayers?

Moving on to other matters, John Burger, the Navy-paid environmental shill, I mean coordinator, at PMRF, felt compelled to clear the air about a petition that's being going around in opposition to the Navy's plans to beef up ocean training around Hawaii and California. In an email sent out to the Kauai Conservation Alliance, John sought to reassure everyone the Navy isn't really going to “deafen 15,900 whales and dolphins and kill 1,800 more," as the petition claims. 

Seems the Navy actually wants to kill 300 marine mammals every year, and harm the hearing of another 1,900. Thanks for clearing that up, John. I feel so much better knowing only 300 animals will be needlessly killed and another 1,900 harmed so the Navy can wage war on Hawaii nei.

Btw, folks, did you know that as part of this ramped up training, the Navy also plans to use Kaula Island, that haven for sea birds near Niihau, for live fire training? And operate its giant Osprey helicopters here on Kauai? That's why it kinda made me gag when I read those letters to the editor from the chumps who were raving about all the aloha that PMRF shows the community by staging a free fireworks show. Boy, some people can be bought off cheap.

And finally, county spokeswoman Beth Tokioka sent me an email to clear the air following my post yesterday about Tommy Contrades getting fired from his position as manager of Capital Improvement Projects. First, she noted that the Council, not the mayor, approved the position. Which is technically true, but Bernard dreamed it up and asked for it. Then she wrote:

Second, although the Mayor was grateful for Tommy's hard work over the past two years in getting the CIP program management initiative off the ground and laying a solid foundation on which the program can move forward, he decided to take the position in another direction. We spoke to Tommy and he agreed to allow us to disclose this information in order to dispel any rumors that he left on bad terms. He also asked us to convey that he enjoyed his tenure with the County and was very grateful to the Mayor for allowing him to be a part of his team.

No doubt. Where else would he legally have made $90,000+ for each of the past two years?


Anonymous said...

The KPD episode is so petty. Everybody needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

So Beth emailed you regarding Tommy but mums the word on the Mayor's'alleged gas theft? the world turns. Regarding Darla, nothing open communication and mediation could've addressed except that any delay in resolving an issue is perceived as a repeat of her first case. County in serious need of an HR dept!

Anonymous said...

Is police commission televised?
Curious if you are proven correct, or if there was more.

Concluding that only the police commission can suspend chief is not so obvious -- since commission is volunteer, only occasionally meeting. Not sure they should have control over day-to-day employment HR type decisions.

Whoever gets that new HR job better have 2 PhD's and be an HR veteran from Beirut.

Joan Conrow said...

To 1:36 -- Beth did response on gas issue later in the day, and I updated the post: We have participated in an audit of the County's fuel use system, which included questions about the Mayor's fuel use. The administration has cooperated fully with this audit. As explained to the auditors, the Mayor has followed fuel use practices that date back at least to the 1980's. We have not been apprised of the current status of this inquiry or its referral to another agency.

To: 1:40 The report was scheduled for an executive session. I think we'll all be curious to learn if there is more!

And word has it that Janine Rapozo is being tagged for the HR job.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday TGI ran a piece that stated that the lawsuit against the Navy has brred them from using sonar.

So whatʻs up with that, they just go ahead and use anyway for their stupid cock race games?

Anonymous said...

Yeah cause she is so qualified for the position, curious Joan, I heard that terrible rumor too.

Fing sad they pick family and friends over educated and qualified but that is all you will get from this administration.

Anonymous said...

Mediation could have solved lots more problems instead of throwing money at those who question anything....

Taxpayer money that is...#13 up next week at council.

Anonymous said...

Another Bozo? How many Bozo's are there in the Kings court? One to change the light, another to flush the toilet, one to make paper copies, one to cut grass, one to tell people cut grass, one hea and one ova dea. Sheeesh

Anonymous said...

So the rumor is true that Janine Rapozo will be the new HR director? My friends who work in the county said, she is not, but one of the HR managers under the HR Director, formerly the Personnel Director. I could be wrong. Ms. Rapozo is the wife of the mayor's campaign manager and the current Parks and Recreation Director. See the connection. It's nepotism to the max.

Anonymous said...

hire the incompetent family members - or those who will go with the flow, instead of standing up and saying HEU YOU ARE WRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

Janine Rapozo the one who use to manage the Kauai Bus and prior to that the Film Commission where she majorly f#*ked up w/ a big client? She got moved to the Kauai Bus after that fiasco. I heard from a bus employee that under her management there was serious personnel issues and one of the drivers was filing a complaint against her. What qualifies her for HR Director aside from her husband being Leonard who rumor has it, intends to run for Mayor after Bernard? Hire someone who has HR experience and knows the laws, otherwise its another Mike Dahlig or Ian Costa/Imai Aiu catastrophe. Bernard since you have Beth read this blog for you, let it be known there are those of us who are appalled by your hiring practices and want you to hire the best qualified applicants, NOT your campaign mgrs wife.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Rapozo is the mayor's right arm. She has her sight to be the HR Director, but she can't because she is not qualified. The HR Director is appointed and maybe removed only by the Civil Service Commission, not by the mayor. I don't think the mayor is that stupid (or is he, really?)to make the same "mistakes" like what he did to Ian Costa, formerly the planning director, and recently to the police chief. Removing the current occupant of the head of Personnel/HR will be chaotic, and will add more suits to the county, and will cost us, the taxpayers millions of dollars in settlements.

Anonymous said...

Get this one, Janine's sister was married to Roy Asher!

Anonymous said...

If the chief won't discipline his officers for tasering people or shooting an unarmed man who is standing on his own roof, he sure ain't gonna discipline them for gestures and mean words.

Anonymous said...

You must connect the dots or the people and now you shall know why Kauai is so screwed up. The leadership on Kauai are all related, they're inbreeding for power and control. I think they believe that they are Gods and feel that their dirty blood must rule.

Anonymous said...

The Chief may stay or shall go.

Have we seen any improvement with the fight against ICE on Kauai?

Has Crime risen on Kauai and how many burglaries go unsolved?

Do criminals that have friends and family in office getaway with criminal activities?

Have we seen an unsolved murder get solved?

Has KPD really improved or is it all talk?

Is is time for a new Police Chief and a new command group at KPD or are we satisfied with these men?

Decision make or break a community, you must put aside your feelings and perceptions from speeches to see the facts (If they show you the facts).

Anonymous said...

It's how it's always been, Now It's time for a County Manager!

We need a County Manager!

Not some crooked lame duck croonie!

Anonymous said...

RICO blackboard pictures keeps on growing, familiar faces in this MAFIA.

I wonder if these people were stealing GAS also, one thing the US government has is cameras at their fueling stations and a person who logs in fuel use during only specific hours of operation.

This probably would help curb the gas theft, it's just a suggestion and may or shall be used but its how we've been doing it since the 1980's excuse in a valid argument.

Anonymous said...

Judge ruins career because he believes one girl her ear get licked.
Larry had help me plenty.
I don't believe.
I hear that haole judge neva say not guilty.

Anonymous said...

They actually have two people who record the fuel gauge, license plates, time and date, vehicle information, and name and driver's license of individual.

This is all recorded on a camera so theft can be deterred and if theft occurs they have video as well as written records.

If Kauai had qualified people this policy and procedures would have been a standard.

Hiring family, friends, and campaign managers- NEPOTISM DOES NOT WORK

Anonymous said...

Come on how many FORMER planning commissioners have county jobs now?

Competent people, no way, we gotta keep it in da family.

Come on Bernard do you really thing that no one is paying attention - oh other than the Feds investigating you and your family and friends. You don't even know who to trust anyone - keep looking over your shoulder, they all might no be your 'friends'.

Anonymous said...

Family and Friends, Inc. aka the County of Kauai. Hired by the mayor: the campaign manager, the wife of the campaign manager, the boyfriend of the director of communications, the girlfriend of the mayor's father, to name a few. If we want this unethical pratice to continue, reelect the mayor in 2014. God bless the County of Kauai.

Anonymous said...

They STINK with foul play and corruption - I hope for our community's sake that there are people investigating they vast corrupt practices and bullshit lies.

Please clean up your stinky asses you holes.

Anonymous said...

May 25, 2012 Kauai Prosecutor Under Investigation

Jun 11, 2012 159pmis comment

"A source inside KPD told me that the investigation by the police commission against Quebilan, Asher, Perry was completed. The accusations by Darla was confirmed by the Police Commission."

How is KPD, The Mayor, The Police Commission, The County Council, The PA, The HR department, and The County Attorney going to cover this up?

Stay Tuned for the next episode

KamaKele said...

accusations by Darla confirmed...and those accusations are that one AC made a x with his fingers at her, and another AC said one of the kids in her program are kind of chubby?

Yea, how will they ever cover it up?!? Darla's a bitch and this island would be better if she was thrown off it. She makes up crap so she can sue for millions of taxpayer dollars, which she shamelessly takes.

the mayor was a retard for taking her side on this, but he did it because he thought it'd be a good way to get at Asher and Quiliban, whom he doesn't like. He thought the Chief would back him up, and the Chief has more spine then that. Before that incident, the Chief and Shaylene were enemies. Now, because of the mayor, they're friends. who'd have thought?

Anonymous said...

Kamamele - you are incorrect (no surprise) Darla's partner threatened her life because she would not take drug dealers money. She would not follow the path of corruption (like the ones you are supporting).

Therefore you are part of the problem too.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Darla got Ale to steal cosmetics from Ala Moana Longs and that Roy complained because she wouldn't share so the chief told Darla to give Roy some blush and Darla went to the mayor and the mayor told Roy to stop being a panty which prompted an EEOC investigation for sexual orientation discrimination and that uncovered a Sandusky like plot involving every county official except the park maintenance worker at Black Pot. Sick bastards.

Anonymous said...

whoever that idiot is that think Darla wouldn't "take drug dealers' money" is a moron. Darla doesn't work on Vice, never has. Either you like to make shit up, or you are listening to someone who does.

She's not cop enough to even sniff a drug dealers' ass.

Anonymous said...

I gues you would have to read the book KPD Blue and ask other officers and former officers of the truth on that matter.

If you like smelling a drug dealers ass, you are an ass for taking the cash to protect that ass. It's all considered DIRTY

Anonymous said...

Darla was a vice cop. From KPD Blue:

Abbatiello was one of only five women officers on the KPD and the first ever to be assigned to the Vice Squad. Given the troubled history of the Vice Squad, her assignment was a highly mixed blessing.

Anonymous said...

"you like to make shit up"

I guess you can't read.

Anonymous said...

Tony Summer likes to make shit up. KPD Blue is NOT a credible source.

Anonymous said...

"Before that incident, the Chief and Shaylene were enemies. Now, because of the mayor, they're friends. who'd have thought?"

Hmm a common enemy as the sole basis for a new friendship. Exactly why I can't support either one of them and am voting for KOLLAR.

Anonymous said...

Darla was a vice cop. Mel should sue Tony Summers because KPD Blue sure made him look bad.

Anonymous said...

My question is was Mel the sgt on duty at the time when Machado sexually assaulted the female at the old lihue police station?
Did he do anything about the incident when the female reported it?
Did he watch and play along and act like nothing happened?

It sure looks like a Paterno/Sandusky Penn state scenario.

What about the cop that was pulling girls/ladies over and if they wanted to get out of the ticket all they had to was be his sex slave.