Friday, November 22, 2013

Musings: Fake Out

After a chilly, star-dense night, the morning dawned thick around the edges, with orange gilded cumulous clouds consolidating in the east and a thin layer of fleece floating above the summit of gray-green Waialeale. Overhead, next to a waning moon, Jupiter gleamed gold, then white, then finally faded in the bright light of day.

Remember how I told you how The Media Consortium, a group of supposedly independent “news” sources, was planning to send reporters here to give folks “honest, fair, and accurate journalism” about “pesticide-based pollution, GE food, corporate influence and other important topics?”

One of those first reports is now posted on the Truthout website, under a donation appeal that reads: Truthout doesn't take corporate funding - that's how we're able to confront the forces of greed and regression, with no strings attached. Instead, we need your support: make a donation today by clicking here.

Like I said before, mainland groups are using us and this issue to raise money.

Anyway, this “honest, fair” report quotes only pro-2491 activists Malia Chun — reportedly the sister of newly-appointed Councilman Mason Chock— and Josh Mori. Some of my favorite laugh-out-loud comments and assertions:

"Because there is no disclosure, everything we say is not based on fact," Chun says.

Stands of genetically engineered corn are not what you would expect to see on a tropical island that once hosted sugar cane plantations and has kept its population happy for generations with coconuts, breadfruit, taro and papaya.

In the past months, the drama around Bill 2491 created thick tension on an otherwise tight-nit island of 67,000 residents.

Yes, we're tightly bound by those

Reports like this are what made me shudder when I read Gary Hooser's Star-Advertiser commentary, reprinted on his blog:

Their communications and public relations budget is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars as demonstrated by the number of radio spots, newspaper advertisements and direct mailers.  They hired prominent community leaders, conducted unethical “push polls”, and employ an army of industry bloggers and social media experts that attack the credibility and integrity of their opponents at every step.

Gary, surely even you can see that both sides are actively engaged in propaganda campaigns.

I think people do want truth. But all we seem to get are fakers and fake outs.

For a dose of truth, consider this:

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the so-called “Apology Bill” — Congress' big “yeah, we admit it was totally illegal for us to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy and colonize the Islands so hey, brah, sorry 'bout that.” 

And that's as far as it went, even though Sen. Slade Gorton said at the time

"...the logical consequences of this resolution would be independence."

In a recent email, Hawaiian national Pilipo Souza shared his frustration over the nothingness that followed the apology, sharing a quote that activist Russell Means issued during one of his many visits to Hawaii to advise kanaka on sovereignty issues:

"Native Peoples of the Americas will not know Sovereignty until the White Man admits they are not Free!"

But for some reason, none of those independent media outlets seem at all interested in covering this core-truth issue in Hawaii. I've been pitching them for decades, and all I've ever gotten is a big yawn.

Here's another bit of fakery, from an article buried in The Garden Island about how Mayor Bernard Carvalho has decided to locate the adolescent drug treatment center on Grove Farm land along Maalo Road. 

Hey, isn't that where the dump is supposed to go? What a great plan: Put the throw-away kids next to the rest of the island's discards. Still, I suppose it is a step up from the late Mayor Baptiste's plan to rehab the old dog pound, which the Humane Society had declared unfit for its strays. Anyway, here's the rest of the fake-out: 

Kimberly Cummings, a certified substance abuse counselor and program director at Women in Need, said the facility would also serve both boys and girls to ensure all adolescents are given the treatment they need.

All adolescents in need? Then how come it's only got beds for up to 10 kids? And it may not have even that. The actual number of beds will depend, according to Dr. Gerald McKenna, on "what the community can tolerate."

There will be no limit, however, on how much rubbish can be dumped in the same community.


Anonymous said...

Joan- I admire your independence and spirit. Your basic sentiments seem to be with the anti-GMOs mobsters/league and anti-everything crowd (Hooserites, so to speak), but somehow you are attempting to expose the hypocrisy and corruption in all sides. Usually, the Hooserite types will condemn, persecute, gossip about and try to hurt anyone, with any means possible, who has a contrary opinion. We will see if these evolved individuals have a power of understanding with you. I doubt it.
The GMO growers will deal with the Kauai law as they see fit. Many people think they should sue to protect property rights, but they may be waiting for the State to sue the County first.
Wherever they put a drug rehab is fine. Rehab is better then Halawa.
As far as the Apology Bill goes, the Hawaiians must come together, stay together, keep focused, there are too many conflicting groups and a lot of the "black crab in the bucket" syndrome.
Paid activists and their minions will do more to harm any movement. Many people seem to forget that there is a specialness about Kauai and that are Kauai's people, they are smart li'dat, and will see thru a bunch of conceited newcomers.

Anonymous said...

maalo rd...its been a long time for me (60s?) that i went that way....i remember if you go way up you can turn right and end up in anahola, and if you go left, you end up by kahili.....nice wide road for the most part and some bridges here and hole on the way and a powerline station on the wailua side...i did have to go up maalo to JC's (james carvalho)for some sandblasting a few years ago and his yard is just before the first graveyard. and i heard there is a shotgun range further up but was expensive. lots of land up there . i found it odd tho that, according to county records, a big chunk, if not all of the acreage is zoned residential. maybe im seeing it wrong.....
Selected Parcel 380020020000 (Click for Card)
Property Class Single Family Residential
Acreage 5341.49
Physical Address MAALO RD
PO BOX 662069
LIHUE, HI 96766
Total Market Value $ 9,076,200
Total Assessed Value $ 3,689,100
Total Exemptions $ 0
Total Net Taxable Value $ 3,689,100
Improvements on Parcel 1
Total Improvement Area (sq ft) 6,312
Two most recent parcel sales
Date Price
12/27/2006 $ 61,255,500
07/06/2001 $ 18,000,000

Website last updated November 22, 2013
GIS Maps last updated November 19, 2013

thats an overview, but i would scrutinize what little the county website has to offer; like why is zoned residential...???? losing more ag land are we ???......aloha dean

Anonymous said...

For everyone's information, if I am not mistaken, that land may be being donated by grove Farm for the project.

I can assure you, that it is not prime ag lands. And I believe it may have a dual distinction, or may even be open, although I am not sure about that.

I, like you, Joan, agree that putting our kids next to the dump is a slap in the face to them. It may also be very harmful to their health. How can we fight for 2491, and then say "Oh hey, let's put these recovering children next to a dump", after we just raised a stink about pesticides? That certainly would be extremely two faced of us to do that.

I fought hard and went to many meetings to try and get the home put in the Lihue area, next to the hospital and other services, as it makes more sense and is more centralized. But the elderly community didn't want the kids there. At one point I asked them: "Why are you afraid of your own grandchildren?".

Most were appalled that a drug treatment center would be put there. But as was so aptly pointed out to them, there are drugs all around them today. A treatment center to help youth is better then just allowing our youth to waste away on ice.

It is such an amazing strain on families here, to help and see their recovering children when they are on another island, and it is hard for the kids as well. It is better to be home, among people you know. Although for some, getting off the island is the best thing, for others they need the support of their families.

And I agree about the size of the facility. It is far too small, just like our homeless shelter, which only houses 20 people. It needs to be three times the size that it is. But that takes money, and a will of the community to accept it.

I believe it needs to be a real facility with at least 50 beds. A proper, clinical environment, interspersed with opportunities to learn skills that will help them in the real world and build up their confidence.

I don't think people really understand just how at risk our youth are here. It is much worse then all of you think it is.

As for the whole "Media consortium thing", well, yanno, whatever. Even though I am a 2491 supporter, bigtime, I am not about to go and rush to get myself on camera. They can come and find me, as others have if they want my comments.

It does take money to produce stuff though, so if its a non profit I don't see what the harm is in asking for a donation. However, these days, if I donate anything it would be to relief for the Phillipines. There has to be a higher purpose for these media stuff if I am going to take it at all seriously.

There is no real "Leader" of our movement. Those that say they are, have run certain portions of it, but we all act as individuals. When I go into a movement, I prefer to do it as an individual not under some "leadership". Gary and Tim didn't start this movement it started years ago.

It started before the younger guys were involved in it. It started with some old battle hardened moms who saw an issue. Women, essentially. It was grassroots, and I prefer it to stay that way.

Good post Joan, you bring up many very good issues that should be discussed out in the broader community.

Anonymous said...


Also, I am no "Hooserite". I do not put people on pedestls like that. If they do the will of the people fine, if they don't your out. I don't care who you are.

As for the Apology Bill. I met the former president personally, and I can tell you that man was sincere. However, Russel Means is not representitive, and many tribes have condemned him, and his actions.

It is up to the Hawaiian people themselves to solve this issue. They are smart enough to do it. Everyone can be supportive, but it is time for everyone to just back off, and let them do as they see fit. Much like how the above commentator stated that the seed companies will do as they see fit. And the people will do as they see fit. Each will do as each sees fit. We will just have to wait and see how everything pans out in the end.

It is an interesting time of history, isn't it? Lucky live kaua'i. Luck live, period.

Anonymous said...

That land is not Grove Farmʻs. It is part of the land taken from the Kingdom at the time of the overthrow.
It is still leased land that was illegally converted to ʻownershipʻ at the Bureau of Conveyances in the turmoil at that time. Oh, itʻs also called theft. Grand theft.

Allan Smith is one of the biggest roaches on this island.

Anonymous said...

Let’s look at the score card…….the 2491 veto was nixed by the County Council. Gov. Neil has the nerve to come over here and call us drama queens for the override on the veto. He thinks that with a “voluntary” state program the pesticide issue will be cleared up. Give me a break! Does he think we are idiots? What good will a “voluntary” state program have for the pesticide issues on Kauai? I voted for him once…..I will never vote for him again and will make sure my efforts go to campaigning against him whether it be another Democrat, Republican, or Independent in 2014! Neil have you ever thought about retiring on the Westside of Kauai? How about a field out by PMRF?

Anonymous said...

I think itʻs time to get drama on the TPP. If anyone realized how bad the Superferry was, this is the one that wheres the crown.

Anonymous said...

What is "TPP"?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why has no one requested or even discussed a Health Impact Assessment?