Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Musings: Over It

After “much soul searching” — and an absence of other job offers — Kauai County Councilman Gary Hooser has decided to honor us by seeking another term.

But there is a catch. We must send money. Now.

In an announcement made Sunday — yes, he and Hillary — Gary informs us that his campaign bank account is “literally at zero.” And, it seems, the solidity of his constituency is rather Jell-O-like:

“So I begin today rebuilding my political base and campaign infrastructure in order to ensure a successful election in 2016.”

Gary starts with a bit of backstory: 

A few months ago I mentioned to a friend that this might be my last term in office. I have served for over 15 years and perhaps it was time for me to move on [yes!] and pursue other avenues of service, [except neither the governor nor Center for Food Safety offered a job], perhaps even travel the world [except that costs dough he doesn't have] and relax a little bit.

People often inquire as to what my plans are the future. Will I run for re-election to the Kauai County Council? Will I seek to return to the Hawaii State Senate [like he has a prayer of getting elected]? Will I retire from the political world and focus on my work with the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action [which he's been doing while collecting a county paycheck, 'cause there's no dough in HAPA]?

Faced with all those options, Gary has decided that “if the community support is there [don't bet on it], I will remain in office [what, you were thinking of leaving early?] and run again for re-election in 2016.”

Gary then takes hat in hand and tells us:

Those of you that follow elections know that it was by the slimmest of margins (82 votes) that I was successful in 2014.  I take full responsibility for those results and blame only myself for not working harder at the grassroots level to stay connected with Kauai residents. [Because he thought he was so dang popular that all he had to do was appear on the ballot and the votes would come rolling in.] I will not make that mistake again.

If we give him another chance — and money — Gary promises us he'll be working on "keeping property taxes for homeowners from going up once again,” though he opted to testify at the state Lege rather than vote on his own tax bill at the Council. He'll also “push hard on near-term traffic solutions,” which are actually the kuleana of the state DOT, and “bring some sanity and reason to the B&B/HomeStay debacle now enveloping our county,” though it's unclear where he stands, and all the action thus far has come from the Administration.

And lest we think he's done meddling and fear-mongering, he reassures us:

I am a long way from being done dealing with issues surrounding the impacts of large agrochemical companies in our community.

Oh, joy. Never mind that his efforts thus far have divided and polarized the community, and heightened the anxiety of residents, while achieving no real results. As in nada.

But that's all somebody else's fault. Most recently, the big bad House Agriculture Committee, which refused to pass his flawed disclosure bill requiring only farmers to reveal every herbicide and pesticide applied.

In fact, Gary tells us on his blog that he is fed up with “industry” — because, just like him, “they lie, they mislead, they obfuscate and they manipulate the data” — and the Lege. So fed up that he's challenging “any member of the House of Representatives to debate the facts."

Surely at least one of you on the House Agricultural Committee feels strongly enough and knows the facts of the matter well enough to articulate your position to the public?

I am over it.

And Gary, we are so over you. But unlike you, we won't resort to such clever retorts as “bite me.” Instead, we'll just say, keep looking for another job. 

Because you're gonna need it come 2016.


Anonymous said...

Just like Hillary - I don't want to watch this person age in office. Like my nieces say -" they smell like old people "

Anonymous said...

He's "fed up with industry"? Unless it's benefiting him! Everybody needs to realize that this "anti this" and "anti that" is an industry in itself. Everytime there is a new cause to protest for people like Gary and Walter Ritte and Dustin Barca start begging for money or selling shirts and fattening up thier bank accounts. This is as much an industry as any. Except It's sleezy, opportunistic, unregulated and in the name of "good" vs "evil" so the misinformed don't question it. People supporting them volunteer thier time, market via social media for free, donate goods and services and give thier money away. Nobody is checking to see exactly where it's going or being spent on. So far thier has never been a victory for thier missions. They choose loosing battles, divide communities, fear monger, victimize, and collect money. They are Hustlers. Reminds me of the evangelical preachers that used to be on TV.

Allan Parachini said...

This announcement has to set some kind of record for announcing early for reelection in a county council election in a remote, rural county. Two years before the fact? Send this go Guinness. It's a sure fire world's record.

Anonymous said...

We gave him money when he ran for Senate. Then his ambition got the best of him. Maybe he's qualified to be on the council. We won't donate to his campaigns again.

Anonymous said...

lol so this is where pre civil rights aging republicans go to post stuff

How's that Nixon thing working out for ya?

Very mean spirited article. Such a disappointment

But it is an opinion piece and not reporting. Guess you are lilly white and right again, aren't ya?

I suppose this comment will go in the dust bin like any others that don't extoll your "virtue".

Are you back from gloating over the poverty you saw in India and your lack of helpful rhetoric,like did you build a school feed the hungry prevent trafficking or god forbid save the intenet?

While human rights issues abound in India and the press is strangled in India I guess you could only see one issue. On your paid junket tour you only gave a one sided opinion piece.

Anyone who would pay for that is a blind fool. Or a one sided amoeba who sees it's industry shrinking away because people aren't blind fools.

This game goes both ways,unless your kettle is shiny don't bitch about what is in someone else s pot.

Seriously get over yourself. Words have power, and the power is usually to backfire in your face.

You have a mission in life. To destroy a woman from India and a man who holds public office in Kauai, and to support corporation s, greed and the spraying of innocent people eon the Westside, Eastside, and Lihu'e with RUP's. And those were local people too.

You are a paid schill,or a zealot who will do it for free. Opinion is not reporting Reporting shows a balance and lets the reader determine the opinion. Opinion shows only one side and does not allow the reader to formulate their own ideas on the subject.

So do not call your "writing" reporting. Call it the jealous rage fueled ranting that it is. you,Ms..Conrow are a nasty piece of work.

I challenge you to print this btw. For balance sake I doubt you will though. You can dish it out but you can't take it.

Joan Conrow said...

Mmm, what was that you were saying about "mean spirited" and "jealous rage fueled ranting?" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Joan speaks the truth. Gary must be crazy if he thinks he can get enough votes again. He lost some of his closest followers during his smoke ban controversy. People are starting to see his true colors (finally!). His multiple trips to the Capitol lobbying for HAPA while he missed important County Council meetings shows just where his heart is- in promoting himself. Don't waste your time Gary!!!

Anonymous said...

" Words have power, and the power is usually to backfire in your face."

That's what happened to you 10:51. You're trying to bring down Joan but you come across like a raving maniac. Get some help.

KanaHawaii said...

Councilmember Hoosier needs to honour the entire State of Hawaii by graciously removing himself from the political stage in Hawaii. He is not assisting anyone with his injections on the GMO debate at the statewide level. Truly politicians like him reactivate their Real Estate Licenses and go out and sell a few houses to keep food on the table and the lights on at home. And, to Gary, leave the issues that you have so passionately debated to people who can be trusted and not prone to "Bite me" comments in our state legislature.

Dawson said...

Good Lord. Hoosier really is in love with himself.

And here I thought it was just a summer thing.

Anonymous said...

Hooser is a politician. Just like the other notable politicians on the island and across the world (Yuki, Rapoozo, Kollar, Carvalho, Kouchi - all of em - regardless of affiliation) they are all cut from the same mold - driven by weird notions of power as success.
The motto is always the same: "What are you going to do for me today?" It's never "Thank you for what you have done for me." from a POL. Its always, "What are you going to do for me next. Best not to donate your hard earned money to any of them. If political wind changes, they will turn on you - guarans.

There is a reason folks hate politicians. It is because they all act like politicians. Hooser doing the same thing now is just another slightly disgusted yawn.

Anonymous said...

@10:51 your wrong! And one example of how your wrong is your assumption that we who read Joan and post comments are all "pre civil rights aging republicans". I for one am a 31 year old woman who is a democrat. Nothing Joan wrote was a lie. Its all true about Gary. She speaks for the silent majority and we are mostly silent because we are tired of being harrassed by your type. What you wrote is a perfect example of how dillusional, self righteous and mean spirited people like you can be. Thanks for posting the example of what a Gary Hooser supporter sounds like. You only make him look worse and Joan look better. Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

To 10:51 "'unless your kettle is shiny don't bitch about what is in someone else s pot."

Pot-kettle-black !

Anonymous said...

Hoosier is a sly buggah. He makes sure his attendence is just under the worst offenders like Kagawa. Joan why are'nt you reporting on Ross missing almost every single budget meeting? He is working full time for the state DOE and for the council and getting retirment points for both. The big fist also knows people are watching his travel spending and so he has stayed below almost everyone else (as you earlier reported Joan). But keep it up Joan, your constant attention is for sure driving the guy nuts if nothing else. And your reporting on good and positive things being done by the GMO guys in India is much needed to educate all those crazy internet green whackos.

Anonymous said...

Smokestack Lightening striking home.,

Anonymous said...

10:51, you are a fricken nut case. Joan Republican? It would break her wrist to check that box.
She just tells the truth as she sees it. Many here disagree on specific issues with Joan. I am much more conservative than Joan but like Tulsi, for instance.
But Joan cares about things like mass starvation(GMO), and stupid impositions on basic living like fireplaces, I us, and irrational taxes (Joanne Yukimura's specialty) designed to punish.

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite posts:

"Words have power, and the power is usually to backfire in your face" and
"Smokestack Lightening striking home.,"
Neither make sense but both are hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

April 14, 2015 at 10:51 AM
How's the medical maryjawanna been treatin' ya?
Gary has lost face in the State Senate and has no respect from most of his fellow Council people.
Gary's tactics are to divide and try to conquer. A failed tactic.
He does have a lot of support from the wealthy new-comers. These new-comers have no family ties to Kauai and want the island to be their own little paradise. They do not care that locals have to make a living.

Gary's "Bite Me" comments to Mr Tokioka are vile.
Gary has a huge retirement plan from his years at the State and County. He is set.
What used to be a pretty good guy has turned into a real asshole. An arrogant f^cking asshole.

Anonymous said...

10:51 Like it or not Ms Joan's blog is required reading for many Kauai folks.
One can only guess at how readers are out there. I venture 4,000 regular perusers.
And yes, there is power to her pen.

Anonymous said...

Gary- Will Rogers says it best-
If you're riding' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there.

Anonymous said...

Smokestack Lighning refers to a classic blues song by Howling Wolf. It is a harmonica and guitar symphony. But the lyrics are appropriate for Hoosiers idiocy. Worth a listen. Covered many times by the best. Once heard. Not easily forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Joan I don't understand why you print comments attacking you. If people don't like your blog they don't have to read it. We don't need to read their hateful rants. It's OK to delete.

Anonymous said...

@8:11 AM, I think it is giving people enough rope until they hang themselves with it. Notice how the tide turned against the anti-GMO folks in the last election?

Anonymous said...

@8:11 AM - I have no problem with Joan's detractors commenting here as long as they are civil. It helps to keep the community dialogue going. Where else does one have that? The GIN used to post comments several times a day, but now I figure have cut back on personnel and only do it once a day. That hinders the dialogue and therefore the GIN has lost community voice. Thank you, Joan for providing this forum. Sometimes I don't agree with you, but that's life....and freedom. Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:11. If she is going to bat she has to learn to catch. She can handle.

Joan Conrow said...

8:11 -- I have no problem with people expressing different points of view. I welcome that dialogue in comments. But I agree with 9:33 that they should be civil.

As for the full-on attack comments, like yesterday's 10:51, I typically print them because they illustrate the hypocrisy and projection of the people who write them.

Anonymous said...

Joan ! I have strongly disagreed with u on many subjects and strongly agreed with u on many subjects which is why I like ur blog. U are not boring!