Friday, June 3, 2016

Musings: Sellin' and Shuckin'

Gosh, Kauai Realtor Neal Norman has made more money hawking "da aina" than anyone else in the state.
Guess the commissions from all those top-dollar celebrity second homes add up.

Meanwhile, the company he works for, Hawaii Life, has now extended its reach from the North Shore out to the westside, where it can work its gentleman's estate magic on more ag land:
So now that Neal is #1 – in real estate sales, anyway — and Hawaii Life owner Justin Britt won the medical marijuana dispensary license, do you suppose they might do a little sumpin' for the community? Maybe set a good example?

Like removing the sand bags from that beautiful beach in front of Neal's Haena home.

Kauai County and the state Department of Land and Natural Resources allowed the landowners to install a sandbag revetment in front of five contiguous oceanfront lots. The county issued a Special Management Area emergency permit for what was supposed to be a temporary fix.

[t]he expiration date shall be December 12, 1997; and the permittee during the one year timeframe for this authorization shall prepare a shoreline survey and work to resolve the shoreline emergency through the appropriate permitting process.”

But they're still there, deteriorating into ocean debris and accelerating erosion along that coastline, as Neal and his cronies merrily make a fortune in real estate.
Back in March, the state went out to set the shoreline for that stretch of coast. It confirmed that the rotting sandbags are, indeed, smack dab on the public beach. As state surveyor Reid Siarot wrote me in an email:

The shoreline for KA-405 was determined using current and historical shorelines and delineated along the top of bank and 2008 and 2010 certified shorelines.  The geotextile sand bag revetment was identified on the makai side of the shoreline and the shoreline encroachment must be resolved prior to the chairperson certifying the shoreline.  The [landowners'] surveyor has not submitted the revised maps and has not resolved the encroachment with DLNR.

So how long do you suppose Neal and his neighbors will drag this out? Another nine years? What will it take to hold his feet to the fire, and remove that mess? Where's the outcry from all the aina saviors on the North Shore?

The other day someone left a comment about how I'd supposedly changed since they'd worked with me on shoreline protection issues. I knew they were full of it, because almost nobody has actually worked on shoreline issues. Oh, they love to talk, but it's been a handful of us keeping it front and center. And we haven't gotten one speck of support from the 2491 loudmouths, like Felicia Cowden, Fern Rosenstiel, the Hooser clan or Dustin Barca.

Have you ever seen The Garden Island report on shoreline issues, other than Terry Lilley's wild ravings about the reef?

But just the other day, one of Dustin's pals, Jesse Steele, sent me a nasty message about how I could take my “writing skills and shove them deep” because my words are “irrelevant to the cause” — what, the self-aggrandizement cause? — and he was tired of me “writing shit” about his friend Dustin.

You mean, like how Neal's wife and agents from Hawaii Life helped bankroll Dustin's failed mayoral campaign?

Do you suppose that has anything to do with the unwillingness of the 2491 crowd to speak up about wealthy landowners taking over the public beach, gentrifying the aina that they dream of turning into small organic communes? It sure seems like those topics would be relevant to a legit "aloha aina warrior."

But hey, we know the score. Even if they don't.


Anonymous said...

People are always going to make money in real estate; some more than others. No real need to get mad at that whether on Kauai or in Nebraska. Every real estate agent on earth is making money.

I agree that the shoreline is another issue and something needs to be done now. Cannot believe the permits expired in 1997 and nothing has been done..... Oh wait I forgot about Coco Palms and the decades of nothingness; nevermind

Anonymous said...

I just looked at Barca's Facebook feed.The man is delusional, incoherent and sadly heading toward some kind of psychotic break. How can RVCA use him as a spokesperson? I just saw some crazy exchange about Zionism, the King James Bible, pedophilia (because you know, he reads a lot--although fails to specify what exactly he reads, although it appears all he reads are conspiracy websites). How this fellow has any legitimacy with anyone (except maybe a mental health professional), is mystifying. Shudder to think that he was actually advanced as a mayoral candidate!

I'm glad he has friends; if they were good friends, they'd encourage him to get the help he so obviously needs. Sad to say, mental illness can hide in plain site here on Kauai, what with all the self-described healers, shamans, mystics, wizards, intuitives and assorted other necromancers. You really have to go off the rails to stand out, but I think Dustin has. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Barca and his crew are sold out cheap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kusaka got more and Yukimura pimped Kalihiwai like a BOSS.

But they should learn from the best of them: Ron Kouchi is a str8 P I M P.

These new kids on the block are phony lip singers.

Aina Warriors < Mandinka Warriors

Kunta Kinte is rolling in his grave listening to these pretend warriors.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the council considers turning the rest of Lihue into a large Hanamaulu.

Anonymous said...

Hello more spoiled, entitled, self-absorbed rich white folk.

Goodbye local families.

I think I've become a racist. A haole one. It's embarrassing to be a haole these days.

Anonymous said...

Neal Norman did not have anything to do with those sandbags being put in. His house wasn't built yet. It was just an overgrown lot that he did not own yet . The sandbags are actually in front of his neighbors houses and not his.

Joan Conrow said...

@12:51. What are you, his spin doctor? Neal and his wife are listed in state and county documents as parties iin this shoreline case. He has been fighting their removal.

Joan Conrow said...

As I previously reported regarding that stretch of shoreline:

All five lots have changed hands — some of them multiple times — since the temporary sandbag revetment was installed.

One of the owners is Neal Norman, who acquired a lot for $1.35 million in 2000 and then sold it to his trust for $3.5 million at the end of 2008. How much of that increased value was due to the protective revetment, and the loas of public beach?

Anonymous said...

All races have spoiled, entitled, self-absorbed rich folks.

Anonymous said...

And he sold a 20 acre organic farm in Kilauea Farms that is pumping out organic ginger still to this day without one spec of pesticides that you seem to think is the only ingredient needed to insure profitability in agriculture.

Anonymous said...

I knew Neal before he was a successful Realtor. He used to drive a beat up truck and was always covered in dirt. He is a hard worker and apparently married well as the connections to most of his clients are through his wife. Clearly, he backed a poor mayoral candidate in Barca and appears to have an agenda on the no-GMO and anti-pesticide issues. I don't find too many altruists in the world these days, so it's hard to fault him for making decisions in his own best interests. That being said, he needs to remove the sand bags and let nature restore the shoreline.

Anonymous said...


and all other R zoned residential neighborhoods too.

Anonymous said...

Neal is a hard working man. He has a brilliant personality and is a real green grocer type farmer. He may have come to Kauai to escape the "Squealing" he did back in Florida and he may have done many questionable real estate deals on the North Shore, but that is in the past. Can't you forgive?
The company he works for Hawaii Life is another story. They are true elitists and arrogant SOBs. The foray into Medical Marijuana is the prelude to being the "in place" hemp grower when Hawaii legalizes dope in the next few years. Why do you think an upstanding Kawakami tried to get the permit? Kawakami thought he had it in the bag, since his group had a State Rep (now running for Council), a State Senator, the father of a Councilman, a well placed and extremely wealthy attorney and many others part of the group. How Hawaii Life got the permit is a wonder.
With A&B hiring Hawaii Life to sell their West Side lands and the link to Marijuana, it causes one to wonder...what the f*ck is a solid, god fearing, honest man like Tom Shigemoto of A&B hiring dope dealers to do the land sales? Tommy we are beginning to wonder.
A&B hires Hawaii Life to sell their lands after Hawaii Life is the main money behind Da Hoos, the Anti-Ag law, Barca and others who want to shut Big Ag down. What kind of weird world are we living in? Rewarding millions of dollars in commissions and helping the people who tried to shut you down.
A&B should really think this out. Hiring dope dealers and Fistees. So Tom Shigemoto, after Hawaii Life funds Hooser, Mason and JoAnn and perhaps you get your Ag lands shut are you going to explain this to the stockholders. Is it guilt by association? Yes Sirree.
There are many southside Brokers that keep their mouths shut, support A&B and don't sell dope.
Shame. Maybe A&B made a backdoor deal with Neal, Hawaii Life, Hooser, Barca etc to leave the Coffee Fields alone. Or maybe A&B made a deal to have the weed grown on their other lands. I don't know, but if my memory serves me, A&B Board of Directors are a very caring group, who put Kauai first. And NOW they support Anti-Ag Dope Dealers. This island gets crazier by the day.
A&B holding hands and supporting the very people who want to shut them down. Holy Horse Sh*t Batman, A&B gets the gift of a lifetime having the County approve Kukuiula with its multi-million dollar lots (hundreds of them) and instead of making homesites for the locals down in Poipu where the locals work...the County allows A&B to stick the locals out in B*ttF*ck Egypt, so they have to drive miles to work and live in the dust downwind of the Coffee fields. And now A&B funds the folks who caused the greatest County strife in decades. Tom, Tom Tom.....bad decision.
Something stinks. Poke my eye out with a roach clip..A&B and the Dopers. M'God, Judge Duncan MCBRYDE is rolling in his grave, knowing his lands are in the hands of dope dealing gourmands.

Anonymous said...

So where the hell's Caren Diamond and Earthjustice attorney Isaac Moriwake? Must be Fisti Friends with Norman.

Joan Conrow said...

@4:18. where's Caren Diamond? Who do you think has been dogging the issue all these years?

Oh, and 2:09, love the way Norman gets a pass because he sold an organic farm 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan,

I've got to disagree with you on this one. I met Neil when he first arrived on Kauai and have known him off and on since. Yea, he can be a bit arrogant, he is a hardworking, decent guy.

I am totally in agreement with you on Da, Hoos, 2491, Barca and the fistees, and would not give a dime towards any of their causes. However, just because the Hawaiilife guys do, it doesn't make them bad people, just people I disagree with on that issue.

Come on, Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

This is how the GAME is played on Kauai.

If you all forgot about the pill mill funding by millionaire wakeboarders from Florida, then let me remind you that nobody said SHIT. Everyone was quiet while people was getting real sick and dying from the pill mill overdoses.

The ran raping/dope pool parties on the Northshore and who was going to them?

Yeah people know you sly fuckers was going.

This might be old news but it correlates to what is happening now.

They recycle and reinvent their pimping methods then run game until they get popped like the drug front business that was selling coke in their BACKYARDS bathrooms.

Holy shit liquor control and KPD didn't know about this and only the Feds knew about this? Come on people, just as long you know who to let you get away with the racket and you pay them some side cash then all is good even when going to court you get protected.

Kauai is still the Wild Wild West of Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

oh brother...the stench of all this proves putrid face value. Neil's a pig regardless of his grand illusions of self productivity, creating revenue, etc. BEST states realtor...waste ones jealous of his selling homes to the rich haole "without spirit" as its all his jewsih breed. They all flock to his conniving ways. when first on this island he sold salsa and pakalolo in a shack before meeting his rich wife. cheated on her, burnt many without a care..hes cavalier and entitled and noone really gives a fck.
self congratulations while promenading as if he's royal blood is pure comedy and pure kukai.
Just as he's known for making money selling homes is all true, the rest is equally true. not worth the $.
Hawaii Strife with matt and justin showing their true colors in the news...try watch what gets pulled out from the septic realm coming soon. we won't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

It's not Caren's job to do this. It's the state and county's job. Caren has already done more to protect our shorelines than the state and county combined in the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

June 3, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Love your style.....

Anonymous said...

June 3, 2016 at 12:31 PM

You're an idiot......Ashamed of your race? Get a grip. Who beat you mentally when you were a kid?

Anonymous said...

June 3, 2016 at 3:12 PM

Entertaining to be sure but nonsense just the same. Yeah buddy it's the Anti Ag Dope Dealers out to get us....Fool.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of ignorant racist ne'ele old fuck heads in here....get a life you idiots. Jeweish Breed? Racist. Haole? Racist. You're all like old jealous racist complaining hags.

Anonymous said...

"no ones jealous of his selling homes to the rich haole "without spirit" as its all his jewsih breed."
@June 3, 2016 at 8:04 PM that is some fucked up shit. Dis the man for being a douche, not because of his religion.

Anonymous said...

@4:18 pm

Caren Diamond is a gem. She has been instrumental in the successes of many debacles in the past and present. I have seen her at numerous council meetings doing what is necessary to keep Kauai as it should be. Kudos to Caren, "please keep up the good work".

Anonymous said...

Hawaii Life has the Brydeswood Ranch listing only because the listing agent, Susan Higgins, moved over to that company from Sleeping Giant Realty, where it was previously listed with, after briefly working with a south side Remax office. It has absolutely nothing to do with weed.

The lots aren't selling anyway because all of the yoga studio patronizing Buyers want to be on the North Shore. It was originally listed with Susan at Sleeping Giant back in 2013. Susan Higgins is a decent, honest, and humble person, which I assume is why she has been able to take the Brydeswwod listing to two different companies she has worked for.

And the only reason why Justin Britt, not a Hawaii Life, won the weed license was because his group kissed way up to the unions, who own all of Hawaii's democrats. The end.

I would have thought that the Kawakami family would have put kissing major union ass on the top of their to do list, but apparently they did not...

BTW- The weed outlet will be in the Lihue Industrial Park conveniently close to the car rental companies.

Also: Neil Norman is about 100 miles from being a genius. He is loud and arrogant when he is at his best...He does exhale carbon dioxide, which is good for plant life, but other than that, he has no other contributions to society or redeeming values. If he is covered in dirt, he should shower more frequently..

Thanks for your awesome Dustin Barca and Terry Lilley updates Joan. That's the good stuff! Those two couldn't shut up to save their own lives. They just keep on giving! You should check out Terry Lilly's FB timeline too.

Anonymous said...

1:25 A person is known by the company you keep. A Realtor is known by the Principals and principles of their brokerage. Ms Higgins may be a paragon of virtue, but if she chooses to join a company that is so Anti-Ag, Anti-local and is part of the Weed dealers...she could lose business. And in this case, she should.
If A&B chooses to fund Hawaii Life, in spite of their actions against Ag then it is OK as well. It is their choice. But now, A&B and Tom Shigemoto are funding the Anti-Ag brigade. Give ammo to your enemy so he can shoot you.
Many times a seller may prefer an individual agent, but will not list with them because of their company's reputation. Tom is a loyal guy, but now A&B is aligned with the biggest Hooser/JoAnn/Mason supporters and huge donators to the Anti-Ag groups.
So Tom after you put money into Da Hoos' pocket and he and his minions try to force A&B, GF and G&R to stop Ag...what then?
Choice and consequence.

Anonymous said...

got to hand it to you joan! talking shit about barca get's old; now give it to jesse. he's only trying to bring a little culture back for his generation; restore the lo'i, malama heiau, sail the wa'a. what the fuck do you do, bitch?

Joan Conrow said...

I know what Jesse is all about. I've helped him and his pals (aside from Barca) plenty over the years. Which is why his comments showed a complete lack of aloha, appreciation and respect.

Anonymous said...


Aloha na hoaloha, just writing a few Hawaiian words don't make you righteous or Kanaka. But what's ironic is you and your friend Mr B talk shit all the time. So I guess you can dish it out but can't take it. Just remember too many dips in the cool-aid pond causes dementia.

Anonymous said...

You're correct. The 2491 crowd does nothing about our beach access problems in my Kilauea area. The refuge Noaa had lie about their fencing. Now a very important heritage Hawaiian trail is closed off. Yeah get one access point but that is not the point. Whe they promise one thing but do another is the problem.
Where's Fern Rosenthiel now? Dustin Barca and others who are supposed to be the "aina protectors".

Smh more like no kea protectors. Pick and choose

Anonymous said...

9:02 comes bearing peace signs and a" fuck you do bitch"?

I really do love when these ah people get so angry and spout without any care of being wrong, they will go to the end like this and it is a fun spectacle.

Its scary how normaly well adjusted grown- ups refuse to admit they are wrong !! And Kudos too everyone else that wieghed all the data and came to the logicle conclusion that a vocal minority can create undue havoc.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people who are against pesticides knew what they were doing.

People for pesticides are confused about this being against AG.

The massa's got the animals in cages bickering about who's shit their stepping on.

Joan Conrow said...

@10:50. It's incorrect to characterize this as people being for or against pesticides. At core, it is using fear of pesticides to rally people against GMO crops, so it is very much anti AG, versus those who resent scare tactics and the attempts by people who don't understand a type of AG trying to restrict and/or control it.

Keith said...

The very essence of the "fact finding process" was never realized. I am sure as many others have come to the conclusion that this process was NOT about finding out the facts and reporting but rather how they can prove what they already concluded as a problem. I am truly upset that we have spent $175,000. I am glad that even with their bias they have admitted that they can find no proof of a problem. Given that conclusion I say get off your white horse and start farming, or get off your ass, because you are no white knight, but rather a silly man on a donkey.