Friday, July 29, 2016

Musings: Birds of a Feather

Turns out little Miss No Class with her finger in the air, Chelsea Lyon Kent, the woman who experienced brief notoriety flipping the bird at the DNC, works for none other than Councilman Gary “Bite Me” Hooser.
My, my. Birds of a feather do flock together.

But it's just a total coincidence that Kent and Baby Hoos (Dylan), were standing right next to each other on the DNC floor, and giggling about her cheap stunt. Uh huh.

Curious, how the Hooser men seem unable to take any responsibility for their behavior, or their associates.

Which leads us to Daddy Hooser's pal over on Maui, Rep. Kaniela Ing.

First, Ing has an uninsured vehicle. Then, when he's cited for that violation, he blows off a Feb. 18 court appearance with the lame ass excuse that he was in Honolulu and gets a lot of mail at his Maui address so he didn't happen to notice the summons.

Really? He hasn't caught up with his mail in six months? Ing also claimed, according to the Maui News, that he paid a fine for the ticket but didn't realize a court hearing had been set.

Hey, if he's truly that checked out, ya gotta wonder if he's qualified to serve in the Lege.

Then when Ing gets popped for contempt of court, and his transgressions become public in the form of a warrant for his arrest, he comes up with the cockamamie tale that he was originally cited while fixing his inoperable car on the street outside his Kihei home.

Truly? You expect us to believe that? Especially when the police report says he was ticketed while turning onto South Kihei Road from Welakahao Road in Kihei. Ing also reportedly had an expired safety sticker and the vehicle tax was delinquent, but he never got busted for that.

Maui News reports:

Separate from the no-insurance citation, court records show Ing's car was ticketed for delinquent vehicle tax and no current safety check five times from Nov. 19, 2015, to May 19. Fines of $140 for each of the five times the car was ticketed are still due, according to the court records.

His excuse?

Street parking is not allowed on this island, but in some neighborhoods the cops don't really enforce it. Our neighborhood is one of those where they didn't and all of a sudden they did.

Even though that is no excuse, it doesn't explain why he's never paid the fines.

Returning to the Maui News:

After reading about Ing's account of the no-insurance citation, "the officer who issued him the citation is very disappointed and looking forward to going to trial, when the accurate depiction of what happened in that encounter will come out," said Barry Aoki, Maui Chapter chairman of the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers.

Sadly, his outing isn't likely to happen before the primary.

What's interesting about the Ing case, besides the blatant shibai, is how his followers — many of them seeking every opportunity to stick it to HC&S and Monsanto for real and imagined transgressions— are defending him. He's a victim, they say. He's being set up by his evil opponents.

Uh, what's wrong with just taking responsibility like a grown up?

Then there's another of Hooser's buds, Sen. Russel Ruderman, over on the Big Island. Civil Beat tells us that Ruderman wants to continue working at the state level to "help Hawaii produce more of its own food locally."

But then it shows us a picture of him standing in the produce aisle of one of his organic grocery stores, which is loaded with imported apples and pears.

If he's so big on local food, why not buy fruit solely from Big Island growers?

Councilwoman Margaret Wille, Hooser's equivalent on the Big Island, weighed in on the Senator's behalf in the comment section:

Ruderman listens to all and is not a pawn of the ol’ boy network. He seeks substantive improvements in many areas and is a star voice when it comes to protecting diversified indigenous agriculture – and not allowing the state to be taken over by GMO corporations and their allies.

Yeah, he's too busy letting it be taken over by Center for Food Safety, Earthjustice and the mainland-funded anti-GMO movement — even as Ruderman and Wille stick to the fairy tale that they're supporting “home rule.”

Meanwhile, Ruderman took money from the A&B PAC and Hawaii Association of Realtors. No old boy connections there. Nope. Not a one.

These people are such phonies.

Ruderman also pats himself on the back for “voluntarily” instituting a $10 minimum wage at his stores. Gosh, how big of him. The richest man in the Lege is actually kicking down 10 whole dollars an hour to his workers. You don't get much more magnanimous — or progressive — than that.

I wonder how many are on part-time, so he can stiff 'em on health insurance.


Anonymous said...

These are our role models?
This is turning into the bizarro world.

Thanks for outing them, Joan!

Please, everyone, vote in the primaries on August 13, and make sure we elect and retain leaders we can respect and be proud of.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Thank you Lee Cataluna. Thank you Joan. I was wondering why Gary was so quiet about this incident. Turns out he is her boss. Can it get any worse for Gary? Is this who we want to represent us on Kauai? Absolutely not. And he wants voters to "plunk" for only him? This guy is too much. He needs to go. And he needs to go SOON!!

Anonymous said...

Your role models?

You must have very low standards to consider them role models.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at Gary's campaign spending report. This is the breakdown of payments from the Friends of Gary Hooser to Chelsea Kent:

5/10/16 $128.30
6/1/16 $240.00
6/15/16 $280.00
6/30/16 $720.00

Total in last reporting period: $1,368.30

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? You couldn't make this stuff up even if you tried. I wonder if Gary is aware of how bad this looks? I wonder how he will respond. I'm sure he will blame someone else. He will play the victim again. Some words of wisdom for Gary Hooser:

“Goodbyes are one of the hardest things about life. One way or another people were always leaving... Always moving on.”
― Karen Kingsbury

Anonymous said...

Gofundme! $1368.30 is a lot of Money for one person. It is an extension of G.H. showing us the finger if Chelsea received that much from G.H.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what?

I'm 1:19 and they sure aren't my role models!

What I was trying to say was that our elected officials SHOULD be role models, but sadly are far from it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that shows the "finger" on national TV should apologize to Kauai and the entire State. as that gesture is a poor reflection on all of us here. I'd like to hear from Gary or his supporters to really find out if they're proud of their DNC representative. If the "finger" was in protest, how come she looked so happy doing it? NO CLASS.

Anonymous said...

So if you donate to gh you donate to her and that finger is actually yours as well. The shame should be included. Haha

Anonymous said...

Politicians should never be considered role models. If you knew the dirt on half of them then you'd probably rethink about ever calling a politician a role model.

Anonymous said...

The poor judgement of Baby Hoos, Dylan Hooser's babalouie Chelsea Kent ISN"T the fact that she fingered the nation whilst squeezing in next to Waihee, Schatz and Hirano..girls will be girls and maybe she got caught up in the moment. The real sin here is that Baby Hoos, Dylan Hooser disavowed her.
A friend sticks by you, thru thick and thin, finger and fistee, high and low etc.
Dylan dumps her, leaves her dangling in the wind. Papa Hoos doesn't come to the aid of his friend/ally/consort....Both of them Hoosers leave the poor misguided girl alone and ostracized by the press and public.
Sure she made a mistake, sure she embarrassed Hawaii and sure, she deserves the criticism.
But think about it. She was abandoned by those closest to her. Discarded.
A friend would say something like "My friend Chelsea made a mistake. We do not condone her fingering the world, but she is really a great Gal. We will counsel her and teach her better manners, but please don't judge this hard-working dedicated Democrat for a split second lack of judgement. My son and I apologize to the people of Hawaii and The Democratic Party, but we still consider Chelsea our friend."
Da Hoos would dump anyone. His son appears to be the same sort of betrayer. Of course, one would think Baby Hoos would have slithered into adulthood by now, but he clings to Papa Hoos, hoping that he can follow in Daddy's footsteps and be a politico.
Shameful act by Chelsea....the integrity of friendship broken by Papa and Baby Hoos. Run for the hills my boy, abandon your post with the threat of enemy fire.
What ever happened to take a bullet for your buddy and "never tell stories out of school".....

Anonymous said...

Gmo and pesticide companies are a "poor reflection on all of us here" more than a middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Not shocked. Turns out less than great minds think alike too. Who could figure. Once a Looser always a Looser. GO VOTE!

Anonymous said...

7:49 p.m let's get the facts first before you make your remark.

7:20 p.m. is correct about friendship.

Kent shows her true colors by being a sore loosher. Looking at the selfish picture, instead of understanding the big picture of the political process.

You're trying to deflect the focus of the current topic.

Blame everyone else. Really easy to do. YEAH!

Your best bet is stop commenting n let this topic end. But you let people like me to add my 2 cents.

Look at lee's review, there's more people condemning kent's actions instead of defending her. The ratio is like 8 - 1 (condemnation) the last time i looked.

Hey! Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Since moving to Kauai I arrived during the period of the GMO issue and the way it played out. The person who was head of the council at that time got the boot in the that election because of his selection of a rookie council member who decided the fate of the measure that regulates GMO on Kauai. Well that led nowhere cause it went to court and got overturned by a federal judge. But what keeps reoccurring is this Hooser person and his son. What saddens me is that I'm from Oklahoma and I love it here on Kauai and I have my beliefs but I'm in someone else's backyard now and I plan to stay but what I will not do is try to change someone's way of life or culture. This person Hooser, who or what is he fighting for? He reminds me of these protesting type of people always wanting to change the world with no real solution. I'm starting to think there is a link between the movement of progressiveness, Hooser, and the finger pointing girl for some time now and it just did not pop up overnight. Looks like they've known each other for a while and they belong to the same movement. I've seen this kind of relationships before where I'm from. I don't think this person should be on the council. I live in Princeville and I'm going with my neighbors who say they are not buying into Hooser's explanation that he gives. I sure would hate to be him. Seems like he has a big target on his back.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news out of Europe is how the Russians are using propaganda and money to fund US and UK anti-groups (and to get Trump elected).

Anonymous said...

This is a telling quote from David Brooks' analysis of the two conventions: " The Sanders people have 90 percent of the Democratic Party’s passion and 95 percent of the ideas. Most Sanders people are kind- and open-hearted, but there is a core that is corrupted by moral preening, an uncompromising absolutism and a paranoid unwillingness to play by the rules of civic life." In short, Brooks paints a pointed portrait of the Chelsea Lyons Kent her fellow travelers. The Sanders' wing does not need and should not tolerate these aberrant jerks and should purge them quickly before they irredeemably taint the Hawaii Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

From Gary Hooser's Facebook page this morning:

Once again my son Dylan Hooser makes his dad proud.

“I do not support such behavior nor do I condone it,” Hooser said. “I chose to conduct myself with aloha by showing shaka. I was born and raised in Hawaii and this was supposed to be a special moment for all of us in that picture and for everyone back home." Dylan Hooser in todays The Garden Island newspaper.

I know Chelsea Kent and she has worked for me doing data input and helping to organize my campaign data base. I have always found her to be professional in her work, passionate in her politics and genuine in her personal demeanor. It is my understanding that she was an incredibly valuable volunteer community organizer for the Bernie Sanders Campaign in Hawaii. She made a very bad choice in my opinion and I have expressed my thoughts on this topic to her.

I also am a Bernie Sanders supporter and believe our country and our state desperately does need a political revolution and that revolution is possible now if we all focus together on making that happen. For the record I will be doing my best to help defeat Donald Trump and yes, I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

It is time to move on.

We have plenty of real issues in our state and plenty of other people to shame for the real and tangible harm they are causing to people and the environment.

The people that truly deserve our attention and our public shaming are those enablers in our own state legislature that allow our public waters to be stolen on Maui and contaminated on Kauai. We as a state say NOTHING when our state legislature refuses to regulate PAYDAY LENDING in Hawaii which daily rips off the very poorest in our community. We should be shaming those lawmakers who criminalize people for being houseless and waste millions of dollars on pork barrel projects rather than invest in affordable housing for local people.

Yes there is no shortage of objects and actions that deserve shaming in our state. But I for one think it is time to move on to more productive use of our time and energy.

Viva La Revolution!

--Gary Hooser

Joan Conrow said...

Yeah, Gary always has imagined himself as Che. Delusional.

Yes, there are plenty of lawmakers who deserve our attention, most especially Hooser for lying and causing real and tangible harm to so many people. No one in the Lege has enabled water to be "stolen" on Maui or "contaminated" on Kauai. More Hooser hyperbole. .

Anonymous said...

Joan with your help we can take this guy down.

Anonymous said...

Hooser and his constant bullshit spin.
Wonder if Center for Food Safety writes for him; sure sounds like it.

Robin Clark said...

My letter to the GI, which will probably go unpublished.

Give Her The Boot Gary

Chelsea Lyons Kent is upset that she is not receiving aloha from those of us in Hawaii who are appalled at her obscene gesture as seen worldwide by those watching the DNC. As she claims she is receiving more aloha from the mainland I suggest she consider going back to where she came from. I am sure Donald Trump has a prominent position for someone with her digital talents.
As for Dylan Hooser, his belated rebuke is completely understandable. After all he has no choice as Lyons Kent is a paid political operative in his father's increasingly desperate campaign for reelection to the Kauai County Council. The remaining question is whether the senior Hooser will have the integrity to give Lyons Kent the boot.

Anonymous said...

Why would Hooser give Kent the boot, she's one of his kind.

Just like his son. If there's any question about Dylan's phoney excuses and distancing himself from Kent now, check out the video with his own gleeful, congratulatory yippee when he sees on the screen what Kent had done.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the issues, we do need campaign finance reform, banking regulation reform, affordable college education, and on and on. I watched the DNC and yeah, it's all good if you have a job that pays the bills or mommy and daddy can support you or give you a million dollar starter fund, but for millions of others, it's miserable. Our infrastructure is crumbling, climate change is an even bigger threat, murderous terrorists make headlines all over the world and we're still a huge military presence in the Middle East. So, no, it ain't all sunshine and roses. Kent is just another stupid distraction for us to argue about. She should apologize and get it over with.

Anonymous said...

Trump / Putin 2016!

Anonymous said...

"The buck stops here". Those were the words Harry S. Truman uttered when he replaced Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the midst of the Korean War. What it means is the boss is responsible for those under his command. Hooser has not done so and continues to pander himself to outside interests. There is a limit to the amount of bullshit one can say without repercussions. You've reached that limit and you'll deservedly get what you will get in the elections.


Manuahi said...

Both Gary and Dylan Holder are cowards for not standing up for their friend. And we should trust them to stand up for us? Right? These are two self-service creeps with only false aloha for anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

I just gave the finger to someone riding up my ass. It felt good. You should try it sometime.

Unknown said...

With all due respect, the Kent incident is not about the Hoosers. News Flash: Not everything that happens in this world is about the Hoosers.

And the comments about Senator Ruderman are a new low for this blog. He is one of the best state legislators we have. He is kind, smart, thoughtful in the positions he takes, and genuinely cares about his district and his constituents. Island Naturals is a model business based on values we all share.

How about you folks focus on electing someone like him - someone who gives a rip about you and Kaua'i.

Joan Conrow said...

The patronizing tone of your comment belies respect, Marjorie. so why even start with that phony qualifier? No, the Kent incident is not about the Hoosers, but it does involve the Hoosers and their "up yours" style of politics.

I get that you're a Ruderman supporter. But it's hardly "low" to point out his blemishes, such as his endorsement from a crackpot like Wille and his focus on organic AG at the expense of conventional farmers in his district who are not feeling the "care" that you profess he feels for all his constituents. He's a pawn of Center for Food Safety. And a business that pays its workers a measly $10/hr while greatly enriching its owner is hardly the value-based model "we all share." Who can live on $10/hr in Hawaii?

But at least you didn't try to defend a responsibility-dodger like Ing, even though he's part of the Hooser-Ruderman-CFS ticket!

Unknown said...

Actually, I support Ing too. But more to your point, why not not go after the issues and debate me and others who disagree with you without attacking people personally. My respect for others is not phoney, I just happen to disagree with you on mostly your tone and attitude towards others, and not so much on many of the issues, to your amazement perhaps.

Joan Conrow said...

I do go after the issues, Marjorie. However, it is not possible to separate the issues from the people/personalities involved. When a politician or other person is behaving dishonestly and harming others, there's nothing wrong with calling them out. You raised no issues to debate, only your objections, in a tone and with an attitude that I found offensive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joan, many people like Marjorie give you a hard time, please know that there are as many or more of us that actually like your tone and that you are brave enough to speak the truth however uncomfortable for many. I adore your writing and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Council race predictions:

Hooser is throwing Mason Chock under the bus and his plunking message will backfire bring both of them down. Kuali'i will likely fall off because he's shown how little he understands about how government works based on all the crappy bills and resolutions he's initiated. I admit Apalla is a long shot and Yukimura is far from a shoe in at the #6 spot. On the other hand, the top five are almost guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Hoos has enough votes to make 6 or 7. Council will remain unchanged, and like now it will remain unable to do anything except posture and bicker over small issues with subtle racism in the subtext.

Anonymous said...

Change Apalla for Kipukai Kai and I'll agree. KIpu Kai has been a solid council member and gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

It won't be the exact same council. Kawakami will take one of the 7 seats and become chair. He will learn that it's not easy being in charge with 6 other strong minded people and will show that he doesn't have the leadership abilities that people seem to think he has.

Anonymous said...

We need to elect at least 5 council members that can actually sit down and work together toward acomplishing a common goal. There's more than 5 well qualified council members on the ballot that would prioritize housing, traffic and the environment as their top three proriorities.

Anonymous said...

"I just gave the finger to someone riding up my ass. It felt good. You should try it sometime."

Sounds pornographic. Big difference between what you did and Look At Me Chelsea did. Now, instead of Bernie getting screwed by the DNC, the story is her middle finger. But the main thing is that she had her day of fame.

Anonymous said...

Hooser hired this woman to do a few days of data entry, she flips the bird on tv and all of Hawaii and Kauai goes ape shit and blames Gary's poor judgement in having her work on his campaign. Derik Kawakami's campaign manager (and police commissioner) gets busted by the FBI and goes to jail for running an organized sports betting ring and not a peep out of anyone criticizing Derik and certainly no righteous indignation. Oh wait there is more. Not only is he the campaign manager for a member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, not only is he a police commissioner, and not only is he busted for BIG MONEY gambling by the FBI, but his dad is head of the Kauai Community Federal Credit Union. But Joan will only go after Hooser. Whats up with that Joan?

Anonymous said...

"The people that truly deserve our attention and our public shaming are those enablers in our own state legislature that allow our public waters to be stolen on Maui and contaminated on Kauai. We as a state say NOTHING when our state legislature refuses to regulate PAYDAY LENDING in Hawaii which daily rips off the very poorest in our community. We should be shaming those lawmakers who criminalize people for being houseless and waste millions of dollars on pork barrel projects rather than invest in affordable housing for local people."

So, instead of staying in the state senate and working on these issues, Hooser lets his ambition and ego get the best of him and gets his okole handed to him in the Lieutenant Governor's race. Then he gets on the council and tries to force the county to regulate matters that are clearly state issues. Why didn't he stay in the senate and push legislation to address his concerns?

Anonymous said...

Aloha 10:58, this is Bradley Chiba. You are correct that I was Derek's campaign manager and a police commissioner at the time of my arrest. However, it appears that you do not know that the FBI conducted an intensive investigation into my wrong doings. They concluded that neither my dad, Derek, or any commissioner/official of KPD knew of my actions. You are more then welcomed to contact me if you want to discuss this matter further. In the meantime, please refrain from attempting to drag my dad or my friends reputations through the mud. Aloha

Anonymous said...

Right on Bradley.
Your friends never abandoned you.
The parallel that a Fistee tried to make as to the juxtaposition of you, Mr Kawakami, Da Hoos and Ms Lyon is this.........
Da Hoos (and Baby Hoos) washed his hands and ran like little f*cking scared girl with the when Ms Lyon's finger poked out.
Derek stood by you.
Friends and family stick together, we all make one handles the mistake is the test of a real man.
Papa and Baby Hoos got their thongs twisted into tight little Fistee knots whilst running away from former ally, friend, confidant, travel partner and Ohana member Chelsea.
Gary, how fast can you and Dylan dump a friend? How you tried to dismiss your relationship and distance yourself from this poor girl is disgusting.
Perhaps, you can discuss this on your next "from my backyard" hyperbole.
Running away from your problems is a race you can never win.
Saying that Ms Lyon did a little work for your computer input, my f*cking ass Gary...Lies on top of betrayal.....she was in the "circle".
From friend to fiend in a a finger snapping second.

Anonymous said...

We keep voting for these left wing control freak nut cases, and keep getting the same results. How can thst better?

Anonymous said...

She saw the emails, proof that her candidate got screwed and lost her mind. Kind of like extremist behavior if you grow up in the suburbs. But that's where it starts, people. So if your neighbors act suspiciously, or are Hispanic, Asian, African, Muslim, or any of the "others", call the authorities. But leave those white women alone. They've got enough on their plate.

Anonymous said...

10:58 - Bradley stood tall, admitted his wrongs and took the penalty that came with it. He didn't throw anybody under the bus. And yes, those of us who was paid a visit by the FEDS found that there was no one else involved and like Brad said he stood alone. So what you posted you are comparing apples and oranges. Hooser comes no where near Brad Chiba. In fact Gary and Dylan wouldn't last a day if they had to go through with what Bradley had to go through. So your post is moot.

Bradley, you continue to stand tall. We are here to back you up. No let these Hooser wannabes get to you. This election will be his farewell number. Trust me. He doesn't know how to cope with simple things in life. He is too busy butting into everybody's business on all islands throughout the State.

Anonymous said...

While I am no fan of hooser I cannot understand how someone so highly connected in the Kauai political and business community can run a gambling operation so big that it brings down the FBI on it, and yet "no one knows anything" except the guy running the operation. I agree that Mr. Chiba seems to be a standup guy as apparently he stoop up and took the hit and did not rat out his friends who all clearly knew what was going on. This island is way too small.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Mr Bradley Chiba, You are a man of true character and class.

Anonymous said...

Back to the focus on Kent and the millennial thinkers. I know most of you think highly of Gabbard. That's fine. Her actions and talk show's she's a class act for this group. But!!!

When Dan Inouye was on his last leg, he chose Tulsi over Mufi. Out of respect, all of Hawaii honored Dan's wishes.

I'm looking at her actions at the national level. Popular nationally, But does absolutely nothing for Hawaii except, Talk. Excellent speaker, the best.

Doer? remains to be seen.

Her actions at the DNC, and where she stands for representing Hawaii , and what she has done for Hawaii. I'm not seeing it. I'm wayYYYYY, the minority in liking her representation. But I've been watching her actions instead of her words. And, she's not one that has been watching out for Hawaii's interest. she's been watching out for her own interest. Just like the Millennial's.

I don't care what you all think about this post, But! I know what I'm seeing. Good for pointing out the problems (talk). Poor in fixing the problems and working with others to fix the problems (action).

Dan was the man in taking care of Hawaii! Who's going to build themselves up to be a comparable leader for Hawaii. So far is see 2 trying, 1 died, 1 for their own personal gain.

Like I said. I'm way the minority in liking what this millennial is doing. I voted for her the last time (out of respect). You choose who you want, up to you. I'll vote for someone who's trying to build relationships on the hill to get money and things for Hawaii. Theoretical popularity is not needed for this level of politics.

There I said it! good luck all!