Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Musings: That's Their MO

So today we have Dylan Hooser in The Garden Island talking about what an honor it was to represent Hawaii at the Democratic National Convention, yada, yada, yada.

Meanwhile, he's prominently featured in a news clip with Chelsea Lyons Kent, who is standing next to former Gov. John Waihee, and behind Sens. Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono, flipping the bird as delegate votes are announced for Hillary Clinton.

Dylan laughs and smirks at her gesture, like a kid who has just seen someone throw a spitball at the teacher.

Wow. Immature, much? Talk about sore losers among the Bernie brigade. Where's your dang “shame” banner when we really need it, Dylan?

Kent lost her DNC credentials when she refused to apologize for her childish act. According to an email from Hawaii State Chair Tim Vandeveer:

After consulting with the party leadership that was gathered on the convention floor, I made the decision to revoke this member's floor pass for the evening and provide her an opportunity to apologize for her actions in exchange for being allowed to attend the rest of convention. She was unwilling to do so. Therefore, her floor credentials have been revoked for the duration of convention and she will no longer be a part of our delegation.

Delegates of both campaigns have expressed their shock and disappointment at the incident and have asked me to stress that this in no way reflects the sentiments of the rest of our delegation, regardless of their candidate affiliation. This incident notwithstanding, we have had an excellent convention thus far.

Kent used GoFundMe to raise money for her trip to the DNC, but from the recent comments left on that page, it appears her actions have generated blowback:

Neil Carmody: What a shameful disgrace you are! You should return every dime and go back to wherever your no class I joke came from. AUWE!

Anna Peahu: You're an embarrassment. You don't deserve a single cent raised on GoFundMe. Do the right thing. Refund everyone their money and apologize. You're a disgrace!

Reinaldo Pacheco: You just wasted 85 people's money and embarrassed a state you aren't even from. Keep your disgraceful actions away from Hawaii.

Kent's obscene gesture reflects poorly on the Aloha State, but mostly on her, and also Dylan, was was fully aware of what went down, and even bragged about — wow — getting on TV:
So these punks are the “seeds of the revolution?” Their juvenile behavior is reflective of what Dylan described as “our progressive values?” 

As I've pointed out repeatedly, none are so regressive as the new “progressives," like Kent (in the middle) and her fellow anti-GMO activists, who have been pulling cheap stunts like this for a while now:
And few are more hypocritical, as evidenced by Dylan's quote in the paper:

“It's not about unity. It’s about respect and patience with each other.”

Yeah, tell us all about that respect, Dylan. But then, what do you expect from a guy whose father, Councilman Gary Hooser, has twice told other elected officials to “bite me” when he didn't get his way? 

As the old saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

In other news, Earthjustice is back on the money trail, suing the state health department and Agribusiness Development Corp. over a westside ditch. Of course, there are lots of questionable waterways on the island. But Earthjustice likes to sue government entities. That way it can collect its $650/hour fee — even if it does not fully prevail in the legal action — from the taxpayers.

As ADC's Jimmy Nakatani previously explained, the agency didn't renew its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit because the health department wants it to work out a memorandum of understanding on water monitoring instead.

And as he also previously explained, ADC is continuing do water monitoring, just as it did under its NPDES permit.

Earthjustice knows this. But that doesn't stop attorney Kylie Wager from making stuff up:

It’s bad enough that ADC thinks it’s above the law. It’s even worse that the Hawaii Department of Health, the agency charged with enforcing the law, is giving ADC a pass, leaving communities and visitors at risk.

So do attorneys have to take special training in inflammatory rhetoric in order to work for Earthjustice? Or do they just pull it out of a can?

This lawsuit is simply another way to smear the seed companies and mess with westside ag. Because Earthjustice is not seeking anything more than what is already in the works: Monitoring and permitting.

But hey, if EJ can sling a little mud at "big ag" and make a little dough in the process, mo bettah. Because that's their MO.


Unknown said...

Did Donald Trump pay for Chelsea and Dylan to attend?

Anonymous said...

Chelsea set up a gofundme campaign. She should return the funds to the donors.

Anonymous said...

We should go fund Chelsea back to Texas. Her unwillingness to apologize shows no aloha. These Bernie supporters who were so worried about the super delegate process not reflecting the polls or voter wishes seem not to care about what the polls results were anymore. -Hillary clearly won the polls, however Tulsi and others are still championing Bernie... Guess they're ok with over riding the polls if it's for their cause (even though Bernie wouldn't win anyway.) And that's how Trump could become president.

SJ Fichtman said...

When I first got word of this idiot stunt by this chick, I was outraged not only for the party, but for anyone who is required to represent Hawaii at national forums. We will be known as the state that flipped the bird, and then laughed at it, when a major political party for the first time in American history nominated a woman as it's candidate for the highest office in the land.

Anonymous said...

Tulsi says "it's a movement based in love. ". lol!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the precious moment provided by Mini Hoose and Chelsea Lyons Kent who has lost her credentials for the duration after refusing to apologize. The moment is at the end of the video.

Staged over the shoulders of both Senators and a former Governor by two capering fools who have an enormous notion of self entitlement and poorly informed appreciation of adult behavior and decorum, I hope this action is not the hallmark of "progressive activism". At any rate their party memberships should be forfeited. They do not belong with the adults and they are carbuncles on the state body politic.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what Tulsi as a weekend warrior supports and defends.

Anonymous said...

Tulsi is a publicity seeking fake.

Anonymous said...

This "alt-left" movement parallels the "alt-right" movement, all form, sound and fury; little substantive knowledge of the Old Left of the 1930s, the New Left of the 1960s and the strong history of progressivism in the US--from Fighting Bob LaFollette to Norman Thomas to Eugene Debs to Upton Sinclair and so many others.

These alt-lefties feel they have discovered radical politics, that they alone hold the torch for freedom and justice and nobody else has been as righteous as they. Truly arrogant and uninformed.

As Karl Marx once said, history repeats itself; first as tragedy, then as farce. Past left wing movements fell victim to fratricidal infighting and whatever capacity they might have had to make change was diminished by the sectarian warfare. The fight over who is more progressive is an old one. Again they are repeating bad history.

Chelsea ought to read about people like Dorothy Healey, who went to prison for her beliefs back in the dark days of HUAC and the red purges. It might illuminate for her how people of principle truly behave. Still, those old commies had an enduring influence on our society: schools were segregated when I was a kid; in 2008 and 2012, we elected an African-American president. Gays were deeply closeted when I was young; today, they can marry. MLK was right, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

To them I paraphrase what Jon Stuart said to the Trumpsters: You don't own progressive politics. Talk to your elders, those of us who marched, got gassed and have spent a lifetime fighting for social progress--especially those in the civil rights movement whose dignity and discipline were exemplary. And I don't mean Gary Hooser, either, a failed wannabe capitalist who came late to progressive politics.

And what's with TGI? Is it the house organ for the Hooser dynasty? Or maybe they can't distinguish between Dylan and Gary, as the heir apparent seems to be transmogrifying into his father, paunch, bluster, tacky shirt and all.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea Lyons Kent Is entirely representative of her ilk.

Anonymous said...

Where did Schatz get the idea Hawaii has 100% renewable energy?

Anonymous said...

I would encourage the Democratic Party of Hawaii to refer to the Charter and By Laws of the Democratic Party of the United States. Article 1, section 7 regarding codes of political ethics.

By the definition of these rules, both of these individuals should be removed from any office they are holding within the party. They can continue to be members should that be the agreement of the party, but not representatives of the Party in an official capacity.

Governor Waihee I would hope that you would file a complaint against their actions with the party, and follow the by laws in dealing with this unacceptable behavior that offends the people of Hawaii and our state. May I add, Governor our apologies to you, and our Senators for having to be the subject of this PERSONAL interests of these delegates, who had no regard for the party they represent, or the islands that we all love. I am proud of the Democratic party of Hawaii. I think about our late Senator Inouye who would be so embarrassed to see this disrespectful action happen on national TV at a Convention he sat proudly with our delegation wearing flower leis and being so proud of our island home, Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

By the time Earthjustice gets done mucking around in the westside water da kine they will probably ensure sustainable ag never gets developed there.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that their goal? Besides lining their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Front page of the Garden Island newspaper - SAVED BY A SHARPIE, was interesting to say the least. Dylan Hooser is told by the security of the party he wasn't allowed to bring the signs he wanted to wave into the building. The result of his childish behavior waving shaka signs on National TV, disrespecting the security guidelines of party officials, trying to get noticed so badly on TV because its about him not the party he represented, and laughing at the gesture that was made by Miss Lyons, is proof enough he simply is a person that cares only about himself.(wonder where he got that from? Self comes first attitude!) Your position in this PARTY is not a joke, Dylan. It is a serious matter when you represent the people of this party, the rules, and commitment of the state of Hawaii. You need to accept the rules that govern the organizations you represent, or did the Kuleana Academy have a course on how to go against respecting the guidelines of organizations you take an oath of office to honor? Or do you simply not care? I had hope for the man you could become. Not so sure now. With no respect, no honor, you have nothing in Hawaii(or anywhere for that matter) anyone would want or care about listening to or wanting to stand at your side. Want to be standing next to the likes of Chelsea the rest of your life with values your child could aspire to learning from? Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Isn't most politicians?

Anonymous said...

Science like GMO Science says so

Anonymous said...

Looks like CSpan investigated and took over Chuck Laskers CSpan post and deleted Hoosers name. Good for CSpan and shame on Lasker for going out of his way to slander the young hoos

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Martin Luthor King,or Nelson Mandela, or any other prominent human rights activist ever giving anyone the finger in public, even when threatened with physical violence and jail. Instead of having the decency to apologize, this immature embarassment of a delegate delusionally believes that she is "fighting for the revolution" and pats herself on the back on her facebook page for having the "courage" to hold up her middle finger on national TV! And shame on Dylan Hooser for aiding and abetting her behavior. These two actually think they're pretty cool! Talk about costing their "movement" credibility!

Anonymous said...

Not only was Dylan Hooser standing next to Chelsea but it looks like he moved his head out of the way to give her the space to get that Bird right where it was .

Anonymous said...

Instead of innuendos about Dylan Hooser, how about words straight from his mouth from Civil Beat: "The son of Kauai Council member Gary Hooser said on Facebook, ʻThe finger move was lame. And inconsiderate of how it might reflect on the rest of us. Some of you think it’s funny. Try living in my shoes. People who already dislike me and my family just get to use it as ammo to undermine a lot of hard work we have done in our stateʻ."

Joan Conrow said...

Come on. Just watch the video. His actions speak louder than his words.

Anonymous said...

Way to go. Of all the important issues we face in the coming elections, and this blog chooses to highlight someone shooting the finger? What about all the misdeeds of Hillary and the DNC? What about all the important issues the candidates are avoiding? Arenʻt those more worthy of your consideration?

Anonymous said...

Just watched the video of the finger-flipping over and over while stopping it. Everyone, including Dylan, seems to be looking up, perhaps toward a screen or stage, and reacting to what they are seeing there by smiling. Dylan does look at the finger-flipper, but to say that is the reason he is smiling is presumptuous. Watch the video carefully before making assumptions. He may be smiling for a completely different reason. Only Dylan knows why he is smiling, and the best way to find out why is to ask him. Best not to let our dislike for someone color our ability to be objective. I am completely neutral in this issue, and have no need to show this man in either a negative or positive light. Just looking for facts. His smile may not indicate approval as implied by this blog. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh Come On! Girls just wanna have fun. So what if Baby Hoos' side squeeze flips the public, the bone? Baby Hoos is pretty dense, but eventually he fingered out that the middle finger is bad behavior, even for a Fistee. Of course, after the Kauai antics of Baby Hoos prototypes at the county building, Ms Lyon's erect digit shouldn't be a surprise. A Fingering Fistee is she.
The Garden Island continually surpasses itself with idiotic stories. As has been said before, there is a strange relationship between the Big Fistee and the GI. How much press can one man and his manchild get?

Anonymous said...

If I could, I'd give you the middle finger everyday Joan.

Anonymous said...

Obama likes to give the finger to everyone that disagrees with him. Must be accepted now among the slow-witted.

Anonymous said...

in some cultures the middle finger is a sign of unity, love and hope. while some may see this as a vulgar gesture there is no reason to presume it to be anything more than a misunderstanding of the uninformed electorate and the people who wish to discredit such a profound representative of our great state.

John Kauai said...

I found the civil beat comments on this "event" interesting. Thought you folks might also.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah trust the state of Hawaii and trust the county of Kauai yeah yeah

Haven't the people learned from the Kusaka/Pflugher fiasco?

EPA calls for warning signs on Kauai beach
Rick Daysog
Jul 27, 2016 09:35 PM
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Environmental Protection Agency is calling on the state to post warning signs at Kauai's Mahaulepu Beach, just upshore from the Garden Isle's gold coast.

For the past two years, testing at the beach and the nearby Waiopili Stream found extremely high bacteria levels. And environmentalists said it was caused by human waste.

"The rates were 40 or 50 times what the water quality standards are supposed to be. And we found that it was chronically polluted, more than 90 percent of the time," said Stuart Coleman, Hawaii Islands regional manager for the Surfrider Foundation.

"Higher up in the stream it gets up to 200 times what the water quality standards are."

The EPA's move comes after the Surfrider Foundation and the citizen's group Friends of Mahaulepu have unsuccessfully lobbied the state Health Department to post warning signs since 2014.

"It was really disappointing because everything we looked at and what we've all been very concerned about is that stream is really polluted," said Bridget Hammerquist of the Friends of Mahaulepu.

The state said it still talking to the EPA and hasn't yet decided whether to put up signs.

It said a study in March couldn't find whether the contamination was caused by humans or animals, which carry a lower risk.

But EPA said the state's study wasn't thorough because it didn't look close enough at a former solid waste treatment site as a possible source.

"There was a former sludge dumping site where they were taking municipal waste and processing it out there. And that went on for 11 years," said Coleman.

Anonymous said...

Read Gary's recent post on his blog at:

"PLEASE CONSIDER NOT USING ALL 7 COUNCIL VOTES. Your ballot will say “Vote for not more than seven (7)” and does not require you to cast all 7 votes. Remember that your #5, #6, or #7 votes could be the same vote that beats your top choices!"

"I appreciate those who choose to plunk for Hooser and especially appreciate good ole mom for not casting the one vote that could beat me. However in general I am most interested in voters understanding the system and voting for the candidates they believe in and support, however many that might be."

He's getting desperate. He's asking the people of Kauai to give up their right to vote for anyone but him. I'm sure it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Going after Dylan Hooser for happening to be next to Chelsea Lyons Kent giving the finger is completely unfair.
Any excuse to write the name Hooser with negative context, I guess.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that competing mobs is the way Kauai works. Every issue. Every time.

That said, Chelsea Lyons Kent, what an embarrassment you generated.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Donald Trump just invited Russian KGB to hack into and breach US computer systems for his political gain.
What next? Will Trump call for another attack on US soil to show how much we need him to prevent such an attack?
The guy just INVITED cyber espionage from a hostile nation. He should be prosecuted.
Now that deserves Chelsea Lyons Kent's finger.

Anonymous said...

Former Dope Dealin' Dylan ( alleged former dope dealer, caught , but not prosecuted) SAYS “The finger move was lame. And inconsiderate of how it might reflect on the rest of us. Some of you think it’s funny. Try living in my shoes. People who already dislike me and my family just get to use it as ammo to undermine a lot of hard work we have done in our state.”
Dylan, it ain't always about you and Papa Hoos. But as a fact, between your bad behavior at 2491, yo' Dad's "Bite Me" remarks coupled with your and Papa's bad manners and arrogance any comment about the finger flipping is OK. In fact, This Bird is for you.
Your cute li'l smirk after you saw the finger on TV, your happy reaction shows approval, but who cares?
What does reflect on your Dad, Papa Fistee is his Tax Cheating (he gets tax clearance BUT DID NOT PAY THE DEBT, Get Taxes uncollected), His disregard of thousands of voters, his focus on one issue, his grand-standing and his Council Table manners toward the other Council People.
But the biggest deal on Da Hoos is HOW HE TREATS the workers and others in the Council Room when the cameras are off. He treats people like sh*t unless they are "somebody"...Just ask any of the underlings or unseen workers. Thye really hate 'em. A real pompous ass.
And Dylan, if you ever get to make any money harvesting the the thousands of Sunshine Shells that you harvest off of our reefs and do not pay GET tax, you will see......The STATE NEVER gives up on the GET...but somehow your powerful father got the Tax Bosses to let him off. GET for others has always been a "a Tax That is never compromised by negotiation".

Anonymous said...

If Dylan thought the finger was wrong he should have moved away from Chelsea, not laughed and huddled with her. He never said
anything until he started to get heat. Tyoical CYA and play the victim.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Gary denounces the "Super 6" in his blog and on Facebook, but encourages his followers to pick the "Onerous One." Go figure. Don't know if I've ever met a bigger hypocrite in my lifetime. Dylan is running a close second. Bynum and Furfaro are 3rd and 4th. And you saw what happened to them. Can't wait for November.

Anonymous said...

Joan I am going to say it again, please seek treatment for your affliction and obsession with Hooser. This is a close friend who has over the past year grown to be afraid of you and who you have become. Please see a professional for help. Love.

Joan Conrow said...

You're obviously not a close friend, 10:07, because all my close friends -- at least, those who care about Kauai politics -- understand and support my strong focus on Hooser. They, too, have seen the damage he's caused and want him gone.

But you might want to seek help for your delusions and twisted attempts to impersonate a caring person.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...papa Hooser will make it all go away for baby Hooser just like he did with the drug Hooser is a worthless tic turd like his father.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the opportunity to comment. As I observed and read one commenters post about Mr. Hooser and his blog that he has I was curious so I followed the link. In reading what he writes is very interesting. He believes in a political revolution. Never before in Hawaii have I heard of this. He endorses 7 candidates for legislative positions that they each are running for in the State. And yet I read somewhere that he opposes voting for all 7 in the council race. My neighbor and I started to discuss this issue along with the finger pointing and how his son was in the area when this girl did her thing. What's a common denominator is they all are Bernie Sanders supporters. So now I can see why Mr. Hooser gets targeted. That's a shame because at my age nothing phases me anymore. But I will share that having given my right to vote I have been doing so for over 65 years and this is the first time I am seeing a candidate running scared. Everything that Mr. Hooser posted in his blog about voting in the upcoming election makes no sense. Our forefathers fought so we could exercise our right to vote. Why would you try and play a game with numbers. I thought it was always, "May the best man/woman win". Even my neighbor said he is running scared and the last election my neighbor supported Mr. Hooser. But she said she and her husband cannot this time. Over these past few years she felt that Mr. Hooser caused too many problems and it didn't get the County anywhere. I hope and support everyone's right to vote how they want to. And I think I'm joining my neighbor cause she has these signs in her yard and I think I'm going that way too.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to see how the red shirts want you to stop writing about Looser! lol Keep holding his feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

According to Cataluna's article in today's SA, Kent works for Hooser's campaign.