Thursday, January 31, 2013

Musings: Looking Good, and Not

Such splendid scenes — Jupiter sandwiched between Makalii and red Aldebaran directly overhead in an inky sky ablaze with sparkling stars; Waialeale frosted like a cake with pink-purple piping as Makaleha blushed rose in the first rays of the sun. Lookin' good!

What doesn't look so good is Prosecutor Justin Kollar hiring County Attorney Al Castillo's wife, Genalyn, as a receptionist for the Office of Prosecuting Attorney. Especially when Justin was repeatedly accused, during the bitter prosecutor's campaign, of being Al's boy.

What looks even worse is Al being involved in a settlement with deputy prosecutor Becky Vogt — who sued Shay, but was chosen as Justin's second deputy — while his wife is working at the OPA. Even if she isn't being directly supervised by Becky.

It all creates the appearance of cronyism and conflict of interest — and gives their enemies ammunition.

In this case, former Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho, who showed up at yesterday's County Council meeting with her longtime henchman, Jake Delaplane, inexplicably in tow. There, she spent her six minutes waging the kind of attack that Shay does so well, full of hypocrisies, paranoia and half-truths (maybe quarter-truths), played for the sake of the TV camera.

Shay alleged Becky's suit was totally without merit before claiming, as she has ad nauseam, that she was victimized by Al, who “went on a rampage” to settle the other EEOC claims that beleaguered employees had filed against her in an attempt to make her look bad. Waaah! Yawn.

Shay went on to up the ante by saying:

It is my opinion that the County Attorney (CA), Justin Kollar and Becky Vogt concocted this scheme to sway the election in favor of Kollar with the promise that she would be rewarded not only with the gigantic pay increase she was desperately craving, but also a supervisory position with the 2 year minimal experience she possessed, even though several attorneys in the office that were retained by Kollar had 20 years of experience over her.
The Garden Island reports Becky got a $25,000 settlement, which seems like a lot, considering she ultimately got a promotion and a $10,000 annual raise, and took a prolonged paid sick leave while other deputies slogged on through the ugliest last days of the campaign. 
Anyway, Shay, who conveniently forgot she promoted newbie Jake over far more seasoned deputies, went on to make some other claims about Al supposedly thwarting investigations and engaging in secret negotiations. She then delivered her final jab, accusing him of settling with Becky in exchange for his wife getting a job, before winding down with a satisfied smile.
Councilman Gary Hooser suggested Al be allowed to respond, saying the public had heard just one side of the story. “Some of the allegations are serious,” Gary said.

“I refuse to dignify any of the allegations made by Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho,” Al said.

Which is fine, but it didn't look so good when Al refused to answer publicly whether his wife works for OPA and is supervised by Becky. Because that is public record. Even Council Chair Jay Furfaro chastised Al, saying he was being disrespectful by not replying.

“I'm very disappointed the County Attorney has chosen not to answer a simple, basic question,” Gary said. At which point Al finally acknowledged that his wife does work for OPA, though Becky is not her supervisor.

Of course Councilman Mel Rapozo gleefully jumped in the fray, getting in some serious digs at his old enemy Al and accusing him of conflict of interest. 

Although frankly, it doesn't look good for Al to be handling a case involving the OPA when his wife works there — especially when the county had hired special counsel to deal with it.

Mel also questioned whether Councilman Tim Bynum has a conflict of interest, since he is suing Shay and the county, which prompted Tim to say he'd gotten clearance from the Board of Ethics.

Of course, Mel conveniently forgot his own longstanding conflict of interest when he was actually working for Shay, but still voting on OPA matters and doing battle for Shay at Council.

Ugh. Is it any wonder that people have no faith in our county government? Could you guys at least try to make it look a little less sleazy?

Speaking of which, the mayor has appointed his boy John Isobe, the former director of county Boards and Commissions, to the planning commission, a supposedly independent body. As if. I mean, come on. There weren't any other suitable candidates?

Like I said, none of it looks good. Because it isn't.


Anonymous said...

No not good, but perhaps the beginning of the end for the uproar, turmoil, injustice, damaged careers, and massive abuse of power all caused by a narcissistic bully. Even the people who supported her were damaged. The long nightmare is finally (close) to over.

P.S. Jake in tow....hilarious. What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

One thing you got to say for Mel. Loyal to the bitter end.

Anonymous said...

john SOB, wow a new low

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how people can disregard the fact that AL was probably the biggest Kollar supporter throughout his campaign - publicly out sign waving and donating heavily to his campaign. And now his wife is working for OPA? -- after three qualified Native Hawaiians were terminated when Justin took office. How can we be sure that she is even qualified for the position when she can barely speak English?

If that doesn't scream wrongdoing, I don't know what does. Wake up, Kauai and smell the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Ah Shay....saving up a couple of months of pent up anger and only you can dish it out. How is it working for you, Shay? Why would Jake still be on this island? You would think he would be somewhere else trying to get his life back on track. It makes me sad when I think of what a mess you two created for yourselves and especailly for those around you! You two suck!

Anonymous said...

Joan, please answer me this. If Shay was saying half-truths (or quarter-truths), why did Al refuse to provide contrary information to the Council when given the full opportunity to do so immediately in front of the camera? Why was he trying to hide the fact that Justin hired his wife? Was it his guilty conscience? Was it that he knew he was being exposed for getting a political payback for his open and aggressive campaigning for Justin? Also, if Shay was being untruthful in her testimony, why in the world would she demand that any settlement be denied? And why would she want this case to go to trial if she has something to hide?

Hanalei Kid

Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers, please watch the meeting at:

Scroll to 7:28:47 to watch the segment. Watch it carefully then post your comments. And try to be objective. The question is:

Would you hire Al Castillo to represent you? Really?

Would you hire Justin Kollar to represent you? Really?

Anonymous said...

So let me get the facts straight:
1. Vogt doesn't get a raise and takes a long (how long?) sick leave until the election is over.
2. Sues the county for discrimination (what kind of discrimination?)
3. Gets promoted to 2nd deputy supervisor and a raise as a reward by Justin Kollar
4. Gets a 25k bonus from Al Castillo, who's wife was hired by Kollar
5. Jake is still Shaylene's lapdog
6. Castillo settled all the complaints against Shaylene pre-election helping sink her campaign

Is anyone even CLAIMING that all of this is a coincidence?

Miss n-e-thing?

Anonymous said...

If i was in Shaylene's shoes, i would fight for my reputation which was ruined in the past election---she must be telling some truths or she would be "lolo" to openly express what she did yesterday. They put her in a corner, and like the fighter she is, she will fight back---i don't blame her for fighting back and give her credit for being so brave and strong! Justin should not verbalize why Vogt was hired---people heard him at the airport---it wasn't a good reason he gave. I believe she exaggerated a lot--so much junk going on. Susan, you must be a better reporter on these issues, can't be so one sided. KARMA!

Joan Conrow said...

Hanalei Kid,
I don't know why Al didn't answer. Like I said, it didn't look good.

No doubt there are some shards of truth in what Shay said, which is why I gave her credit for a half or a fourth. But the biggest lie is the one she perpetuates: that she lost the election because Al was out to get her. Shay lost the election because the voters, confronted with countless examples of her poor management, decided to give the job to someone else.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a little tea pot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my stout. When I get all steamed-up hear me shout, 'Tip me over and pour me out!'"

So this is the "Shaylene Warning" given on her FaceBook page. Now we know. Shay is back in a wrath as warned.

I don't know. Maybe let Costello's wife stay with the OPA. At least she is polite and pleasant when she answers the phone.

My gosh, try call the OPA when Shay's gargoil was at the gate. It was like trying to get past dumpster dogs.

But, yeah, what is going on? Too cozy? Maybe.

Kollar's card is the humble card. I'm sorry, I just don't take this guy as sincerely humble person as he claims. Kollar seems to quietly meter weighed out communication. Transparent, he says. Try and get a straight answer out of him at times, and watch his hand go out straight in front of him to distanced from issues he certainly is versed on, but wants to avoid. And, then? diverted to another person.

Public servants? Can anyone remember this is their duty?

The fringes of society probably getting all excited again that there is hope for them in a County slot.

Anonymous said...

A Commission against Corruption would send all of these SOB's to federal prison. Now is the time for Kauai to END the Powers (GOBAG) reign of terror. All of these suckas are terrorists working for syndicates.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. The vote was not for Justin. The vote was against Shay. I think I like Justin but I don't know him well enough to make a judgement one way or the other. He seems genuine but only time will tell.

Al's a fool to even have considered putting his wife anywhere in the county but the OPA was beyond dumb. But then wasn't he the one that said "shall" meant "maybe" or "sometimes"? Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it's critical we keep electing "locals" to all offices because we know outsiders are spawn of the devil..........

Anonymous said...

@4:18pm - it isn't about local or not, it should be about "most qualified for the job". If a local and or non-local apply for the same job and both are equally qualified, I'd give it to someone I know has roots here and isn't going anywhere soon.

Anonymous said...

Justin and Al should've learned that appearance IS everything. Just goes to show how arrogant County employees can be when they think they are above scrutiny. My opinion of Justin is "too soon to tell". I will take a wait and see approach and give him time to prove himself. As far as Shay's concerned, get over it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Al settled or helped to settle Becky’s case when he shouldn’t have even been a part of it. Council members please hold him accountable. I am sorry he is the man who is suppose to give our county legal advise. I know he gets mixed up in, what is right and wrong, but legal and illegal too? Scary.

Anonymous said...

Shay gave fat raises to rookies and Charley the Blogger, and named Jake her first deputy when he barely knew how to find the courthouse. Justin, well, he's learned from Shay and Al, two great role models. Shay, with Mel's help, is going after those two with a vengeance. You know she has loyal eyes in the OPA. Should be a good show and we can look forward to Joan's posts.

Anonymous said...

"loyal eyes in the OPA..." I very highly doubt that.

Anonymous said...

" I think I like Justin but I don't know him well enough to make a judgement one way or the other. He seems genuine but only time will tell."

Let's look at Justin's first two months in office:

Reassigned the Hilario murder case from 30+ year veteran John Murphy, who has had the case from inception, to Melinda Mendes with only a month to prepare for trial. John Murphy is a great attorney and is still with the OPA. Trial started on January 7th. It should also be noted that Hilario's grandmother was a very STRONG supporter of Justin Kollar. Is this a wise move? Does he REALLY want justice in this case?

He has has declined to prosecute 84 cases involving 65 defendants.

He terminated 11 qualified employees of which 10 were long time residents.

He has hired the wife of County Attorney Al Castillo as a receptionist with no qualifications.

He has replaced a process server with Eric Skinner, who was arrested by KPD for impersonating a law enforcement officer.

He has replaced a Law Office Assistant with the wife of Defense Attorney Craig DeCosta.

He has declined prosecution in the fuel theft case involving Janine Rapozo.

Joan, maybe you can use your investigative skills to look into these "accomplishments" and report back to us with your findings.

Anonymous said...

"He terminated 11 qualified employees of which 10 were long time residents."

How many were Shay's relatives?

Anonymous said...

"How many were Shay's relatives?"

One was a relative. Is that your major concern? Doesn't his other "accomplishments" concern you? Really?

Anonymous said...

When your definition of "qualified employee" = "supports my campaign and is local but doesn't know how to do anything," then i guess yes, they were qualified.

I heard she had a law clerk that had never went to law school. And the stories i heard about the process servers were unbelievable but somehow i found myself believing

Anonymous said...

"I heard she had a law clerk that had never went to law school. And the stories i heard about the process servers were unbelievable but somehow i found myself believing."

First of all, a Law Clerk is not an attorney and does not need a law degree. The Law Clerk simply assists the lawyer and IS NOT required to be an attorney. Secondly, she only had one process server so apparently your source of information is bad. In any event, her process server was never arrested for ANY crime, much less for impersonating a law enforcement officer? He also maintained a 98% service rate which led to a conviction rate of over 95% of all felony cases.

Please check your source. Justin's office has declined many cases, causing the victim's to never see justice. Pretty sad day for Kauai.

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord get this one a warm baba and a blankie (orange and black naturally) cause someone is cranky and needs a nap

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mel her process server? I thought he was accused of a crime so he had to leave KPD?

Anonymous said...

Al didn't just support Kollar. Al hand-picked Kollar to run against Shay. It started when Shay prosecuted the mayor's father for a crime. The mayor told Al to get somebody and get rid of that bitch Shay. Kollar owes the whole election and his current job to Al. Now Kollar hired Al's wife.

Joan you blinded yourself by taking sides on this election. If it was anyone else you'd call it what it is: political spoils.

Anonymous said...

With some of the crap it seems the last admin was filing as criminal cases, good thing Koller dismissed a bunch.
Probably wounded duck cases from the prior administration.
Hilario's grandmother...... really? Gimme a break. You are honestly suggesting Koller would throw a murder case as a thank you for Hillario's grandmother? And insulting Ms. Mendes abilities in the process.

Anonymous said...

Also notable, the rumor is that the Prosecutor's office is paying Shay's old "process server" to stay home.

Even when he was required to work for his county paycheck he couldn't serve a glass of water if he was standing at the kitchen sink, but for some reason he's still on the county payroll.

Anonymous said...

Shay sure as shit has loyalists in her office who will have no problem feeding Shay and Mel insider info. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Keep him from doing all the crap that she did.

Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" person that made comments at 11:37 and 12:44 are none other than Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho herself. I know this. I worked with her for years and have read enough of her emails to know exactly how she writes and thinks.

The statistics she's using to justify her points...the talking in not-quite complete sentences...the half-truths...the intimate knowledge of the 11 people that were let go...the indignant self-righteous tone...I've seen this all before.

Shaylene, I know quite well that Lea Young was so pathetically unqualified to be a law clerk that it was laughable. You had her working as a middle-person between the attorneys and the process server duo of Eric and Makana (call Makana an investigator if you like but he never investigated anything). Neither of those guys listened to anything John Burgess said because they knew they were untouchable...your pets. So they sat around all day either in Jamie Chong's office or at the front desk bothering whoever happened to walk by, or driving around the county vehicle on personal errands. They freely admitted taking sick leave to go work on their truck for days on end.

As for Jared and Lance, they were promising attorneys that only needed the proper training and guidance to become really good, and instead they got you: by the end, they cared nothing for justice.

Kai Lawrence is the only 1 out of those 11 that really cared enough to be a good prosecutor. Luckily for him he hadn't been under your foot long enough to be poisoned by your attitude and misplaced priorities.

Jake Delaplane...i can't figure out if he is yet another promising young attorney that got ruined by you or just an idiot that doesn't know when to abandon the sinking ship.

To the people that think there are still "shay" loyalists in the office, let me assure otherwise. Everyone present from the last regime now knows what it is like to finally be able to breathe. And it feels good. We no longer call in "sick" just to avoid her toxic presence because we can't stand being there. We don't immediately flee the building at 4:30.00 anymore, we'll be there till 5...5:30...7...8...however long it takes to get our work done; because we don't fear being forced into one of her pau-hana's at Kalapaki Joes anymore.

You can say whatever, WHATEVER, you want about Justin or anyone else...but I for one know that our county and victims are in much better hands now. Our prosecutors have real leadership in one Kevin Takata, a career prosecutor that actually knows what it means to be a prosecutor, and an example that the rest of OUR office can learn from. And Justin brought him here instead of appointing some gullible, inexperienced goon "yes" man like Jake Delaplane, because Justin actually cares more about victims and justice than power, ego, and personal vendettas.

Anonymous said...

Explain why the attorneys who have decades more experience were passed over for Vogt. Somebody told Shay about Al and Craig's wife, and good for them. Justin may never approach Shay's level of questionable practices but he's made some odd personnel decisions, as Shay mentioned. Hypocritical on her part? No doubt, but it was true.

Anonymous said...

We don't immediately flee the building at 4:30.00 anymore, we'll be there till 5...5:30...7...8...however long it takes to get our work done; because we don't fear being forced into one of her pau-hana's at Kalapaki Joes anymore.

Wow. That is so, so sad. No employee should have to go through that.

Anonymous said...

Craig's wife worked at OPA for 10+ years as a top legal clerk. Sorry but it was a real boon to that office for them to hire her back.

Anonymous said...

If only the public defenders were so fascinating and controversial, instead of just quietly doing their fuckin jobs, you'd have twice the gossip.

Anonymous said...

After watching the Shay/Jake show/rerun (of the recent Council meeting), it was obvious to me that Justin made a big error in hiring Al's wife. I am disappointed that he gave Shay the ammunition to use in a public forum......what a mistake!

Anonymous said...

Only if the Public on Kauai knew how BAD/INCOMPETENT a few employees in the Public Defenders office are then it would be a huge story also. Maybe I should rent a cruise to a third world country.

Anonymous said...

What will Jake Delaplane do now? His professional reputation will precede him that he was joined-at-the-hip with one of the Nation's worst Prosecuting Attorneys, and for the rest of his professional days. Little Kauai hit the national news with this one.

You would think this would be enough to give Shay and Jake something to think about and change their ways. What does Shaylene do instead? Continues to tear down and burden the community like a hoodlum.

Bet Jake isn't laughing in the face of victims now, and rudely whispering like a bitchy female when others walk past him at public establishments. Unbelievable this guy.

Anonymous said...

don't insult females by comparing them to jake delaplane

Anonymous said...

Jake's the man! He does a great job of carrying Shay's purse. Takes the wheel when she's seeing double, pays her tickets when she speeds. Whatever happened to Charley the Blogger?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, two comments have Shaylene's earmark. Good grief, Shaylene, while you're at it, would you like to mention your prosecuting your long ago boyfriend, Rego, and the hell you put this guy through? You're married now; you have a husband. Move on! Zanger saved Rego.

So, was Hilario's grandmother really a strong supporter for Kollar during the elections? If so, there would be cause to be concerned that justice is served in Hilario murder trial.

Eric Skinner charged with Impersonating an Officer, but courts dismissed. Skinner is an edgy, easily angered, moody, kinda guy. I wouldn't want him taking care of process of service if I were the D.A.

Sorry Shay, but your boy, Mel, was hit with much, much worse charges than Skinner. All had to do with Mel's misconduct as a KPD Sgt., and during the detainment of prostitute, Monica Alves. It was disgusting.

98% service rate leading to 95% conviction rate? Yup, Shaylene--no doubt.

I don't know if either could serve up a glass of water over a sink. The 3 ring circus lives on.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many comments when the subject is Shay. I thought we were ready to move on. She can testify all she wants, but its history already. Al, you should've seen the writing on the wall when your wife took a job at the OPA.

Anonymous said...

1. Shay hired Jake as her FIRST deputy who has less experience than Becky (the current SECOND deputy)
2. Mel had a conflict of interest being on the Council and working for Shay at OPA; how was he ever allowed to vote on OPA agenda items?
3. So what if Al's wife was hired as a RECEPTIONIST at OPA? Shay hired the treasurer of her campaign AND her niece. Hypocrite much?

THANK YOU GARY for giving Al the chance to say his side of the story even if he chose not to. At least SOMEONE on the Council is open to hearing both sides.

For those of you that say "3 native hawaiians" were terminated when Justin took office, I bet you have NO CLUE as to the work they did not do in that office. Try asking current employees how those "native hawaiians" performed in their duties while getting those $30k raises by Shay; 1 year straight out of law school and making $80-$100k a year - HOW ON THIS PLANET ARE THEY QUALIFIED????. Yes I'm a supporter of native hawaiians, but it don't mean a thing if those native hawaiians arent pulling their weight in workload; just because you're hawaiian doesn't mean you get special treatment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments 10:06AM. Truth. Well said.

Anonymous said...

10:06 AM - Yes, thank you for your comments. I am native hawaiian, and I agree with your comments. Just because of my heritage I do not hold that as a crutch nor do I expect any special treatment. If anything, it forces me to work harder to show that native hawaiians are hard working and smart people. I don't expect any handouts, I want my work to speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

Native Hawaiians are way better than the Filipinos who ask for one vote for one county job, or the Haoles who complain about everything like they are so much smarter than everyone else. They ain't!