Thursday, April 11, 2013

Musings: Curbing the Abuse

Good news! This blog's “Abuse Chronicles” series has caught the attention of Kauai County officials. The 11-part report has detailed possible fraud, zoning violations and other irregularities in the approval of more than a dozen North Shore vacation rentals — with more segments still to come.

You can learn more about the issue and what can be done to clean up this mess by tuning into KKCR from 4-6 p.m. today. I'll be discussing this issue with various county officials, including the prosecutor, planning director and hopefully some members of the Council, as well as the community.

County Prosecutor Justin Kollar has expressed interest in conducting an investigation into the abuses and pursuing criminal charges where possible. He'll be on the radio show talking about his concerns. Justin also will be asking the County Council to approve a budget for his office that includes funding for a currently vacant deputy prosecutor position that will be assigned at least part-time to zoning enforcement, starting with the TVRs.

The county Planning Department, meanwhile, is currently taking steps to get its TVR files in order. Planning Director Mike Dahilig will call into the show from 4:30 to 5 p.m. to discuss what his office is doing about this problem.

Some of you have expressed your anger about these abuses and asked what you can do to help right these wrongs. As a first step, you can contact the County Council and ask them to please approve Justin's request for funding to pursue criminal prosecution of these violations. If you send one email to it will reach all members.

And remember to check out the show from 4 to 6 this afternoon. Tune in to FM 90.9, 919.9, 92.7 or listen live on line here.  


Anonymous said...

Wow - didn't think this day would come! At least a FIRST step towards the many other twists & turns of our system and mindset of our island.

We will keep our ears to the ground and write letters to Council as you suggest. Thank you Joan and the others who prefer to remain in the background in this critical & long overdue investigation of TVR abuses.

Anonymous said...

Mahalo e Joan! Email sent on behalf of the prosecutors request!

Anonymous said...

I hope Justin and the Council can do something. I don't have any hope for planning dept.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job

Anonymous said...

People won't pay bribes, if government officials won't accept them. Start the easy way. Get rid of any crooked officials or inspectors.
I agree with other commenters that the Planning Dep't seems beyond repair. After all that has happened there, has one person has been fired? If its true about inspectors signing documents that were false, how do they keep their jobs? What other employee can falsify documents that result in disaster, and keep their jobs? Management should be managers, not protectors of the lower employees.
Don't count on the Council to do anything but talk and stall, and maybe hand a plaque to some old dude.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if reimbursement of cty atty fees could be part of the fines or settlement process so net costs to tax payers would be minimal? If can, why not approve the funds? Is the homeowner the bad guy or is it the county? If homeowner, then they get stuck with atty fees, right?

Anonymous said...

bribes in the form of food and alcohol don't count!

Dahilig was brought in to clean up and he hasn't done anything to stop or prevent any of this stuff from happening - don't see him doing much at this point and time.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this broadcast -- and have used my Facebook page to urge others to listen in also.

Go get 'em, Joan!!

Anonymous said...

Shine the light, and watch the roaches scatter. This is what it takes on Kauai.

You can forget about ethics, morals, civility, or inspiration.

Expose the criminals through the media, and the fear of investigations from the outside makes some of these guys more honest.

No one in all the corrupt depts. of Kauai give an ioda that the quality of life for so many people are compromised. Only out for themselves, and whomever they spend Christmas and 1st baby birthdays with.

Anonymous said...

County, State, and the Feds should go after all these white collar criminals.

Rackets is Rackets, it doesn't matter if you plant naupaka to cover your dirty deeds.

john Wehrheim said...

Great show Joan! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

great show - unfortunately Dahilig signed off on those inadequately submitted applications and permits so perhaps he is not doing his job he signed off on all those.

Anonymous said...

I love that guy who called in yesterday, he sounded like he woke up with his LA-MALIBU postcard blinders over his eyes, and he suddenly thought he was home. I guess that's why he's not a social worker anymore!

Then there's the other guy that called in nine times, after each martini. He obviously wasn't listening.

I thought Justin handled questions very well.

Maybe KKCR should enlist call screeners to weed out repetitive obnoxious callers and preserve the discussions on the issue. Kane had some other irrelevant agenda.

I look forward to many more shows with Joan at the helm because she's the only one who digs harder at the issues and provides the evidence.

Good luck Joan, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

great show yesterday, the issue is very deep, please keep on it and maybe just maybe change will happen before the next tsunami. If not, the county may have to go bankrupt because they will not be able to ever pay the claims for the lost lives. I really wonder how the county permits or could permit visitors to stay in places that are not safe.

Joan Conrow said...

Mahalo for the all the positive strokes!

Anonymous said...

these corrupt planning department
employees .cosistantly screw up
they dont know their job.and the inspectors are worse..
then there is the water department
over a year and thousands of dollars to get an extra water meter
i was told they dont care ..and if you bug them they will move you to the bottom of the pile
adding another months just starting..i dont post who i am because im already on their speed a trouble maker just for expecting them to do their job. since the get paid alot
they think just showing up is enough..............

Anonymous said...

here is another inept utilities
utilities company .........cheating you on solar energy credits..i caught
the meter now i have my billing cycle..which before they could not tell me...and i can see how much im cheated out of monies
for my surplus electericity i just getting started